Shenzhen City opened the first "no classification and no collection" ticket

Shenzhen City opened the first "no classification and no collection" ticket

Original title: The first "no classification and no collection" tickets were severely mixed, the garbage is poor, the garbage classification effect is poor, in early November, Jingbei South community in Luohu District, Shenzhen is still not warned by Huangbei Street. The rectification was punished, the garbage of the community was suspended, and the community property was also "eating" a ticket. Jingbei South Community has become the implementation of the "Regulations on the Classification Management of Shenzhen City", the city’s first residential community that is "not classified and does not charge" is also the first "no classification and no collection" ticket opened by Shenzhen.

  Jingbei South Community is an old community built in the 1980s, with a total of 49 industrial houses, living about 5,000 people.

The annual statistics responsible for collecting the garbage of the community have found that such a large community’s urban waste delivery volume has only 1 barrel, and the classification data is obviously not matching residence. In the face of this anomalous situation, Huangbei Street law enforcement personnel went to the community to conduct traceability and law enforcement inspections.

In the inspection, law enforcement officers have found that there is a case where the construction waste, green garbage, and kitchen waste in Jingbei South community have made many warnings for the property management office, but the problem is still not resolved. On November 7, Huangbei Street Joint Collection Enterprise decided to implement "no classification and do not charge" in the community, and on November 12th, it has issued a penalty decision, and the residential property is issued. A penalty for a fine of 2,000 yuan. "It is not good to do well." Wei Ming, deputy director of the Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Luohu District, pointed out that the community property company and residents will recognize the responsible persons and obligors of the management of garbage classification, respectively. There is a responsibility to do a good job in living garbage.

  Shenzhen garbage classification has been taken into the era of rule of law, and the "unsociated and non-harmonized" garbage classification mechanism has a law, and a fine is a refraction of the rigid means of Shenzhen to use the rule of law. It is the attitude of Shenzhen garbage classification and Bottom line. Article 40 of the Shenzhen Domestic Waste Classification Regulations stipulate that domestic waste classification, transportation, processing units or individuals have discovered that the received domestic garbage does not meet the classification standards, can require domestic garbage classification to deal with managers or collection, transport units Reclassification, not re-class, can refuse to collect, transport, process, and report to the city and district authorities. "Improved by penalty" is effective.

After the "unsociated and not charged the transportation", the power of the Beinan community property actively implemented the main responsibility of the living waste classification and delivery managers. After a series of rectification measures, the situation of garbage sorting in the community is greatly changed, the community property, residents The action now, and now there is about 10 barrels of the kitchen waste collection of the community. (Reporter Lin Qingli) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see.