The first bulk billet double arch bridge in Anhui Province has been prototype

The first bulk billet double arch bridge in Anhui Province has been prototype

Hefei online news, on December 13, the reporter learned from the Hefei City Key Bureau that the tourism box beam top pushed the bridge in the Jinjiang Jinai bustling Avenue bridge, which marked the bridge surface construction of the bridge officially entered the right track. Today, the first public rail in the province has now prototype, and it has also created conditions for the construction of the main bridge construction of the Jianghuai Canal. Challenge: Novels in the style cannot be found in the construction of Jiangjiang Jinhuai Bustic Avenue Bridge Project, including the "three customs", including the continuous steel structure of the rail bridge across Fandier, crossing the river, the main bridge, the municipal bridge across the city Avenue steel box beam.

After 12 days of precision construction, Anhui Road and Bridge successfully completed the top push of the urban cross-FRAN Jian Avenue steel box, which is the largest urban steel box beam of the city in Hefei City, and the construction of the main bridge of Jianghuai Canal in the next stage. Condition. According to the planning, the bourgeoising bridge of the prosperous Avenue Bridge is 153 meters long, and the double-layer large arch bridge is combined in the province, and the arch is 44 meters to the current surface. The main bridge has two layers, a width of the upper bridge, and the lower bridge is 56 meters wide. "The bridge is complex, and there is no related bridge type in China, involving multiple system conversion.

Plus urban orbit and municipal road combination standards are not uniform, the coupling effect of the two-layer system is serious, the coupling effect of the municipal orbit is not easy. "The person in charge of the Anhui Luqiao project introduced that due to the same level of rail transit and municipal bridge, the steel structure is high. The styling, the stress and structural system is complex, the type of the bar material is more, the construction is difficult. Outlook: After this bridge lights, this bridge will be very nice to combine the double-layer special arch bridge for the uniform rail. The following is the ground bridge. Future pedestrians can walk on the bridge, and the Jianghuai canal is unbaust in the feet; the above is the same as the elevated bridge and the track bridge. Layers, the track train runs in the middle, the vehicle is quickly passing on both sides, not interferes enough. "Moreover, through the late landscape lighting project, this bridge will look very nice evening.

"Anhui Luqiao project head said.

In order to ensure the quality of the bridge construction, create a conscience engineering, the construction unit is constructed first on both sides of the municipal bridge, and then the intermediate rail bridge is used to ensure the accuracy of the orbital bridge.

The project department also adopts new technology, assembles "simulation" on the steel structure, and intuitively showed the position and error of assembled, according to the position and size of the error, the corresponding adjustment in the stake and the processing stage, and eliminate the error Before assembling, avoid assembled and then processed.

According to statistics, the total steel structure of the main bridge of the Jianghuai Canal is 11,728 tons, and the full bridge is a total of 627 rods.

At present, the main bridge steel structure processing and the lower structure of the bridge have been completed, and the upper steel structure has been hoisted in 319 rods, a total of 6065 tons, and the completion is 51% of the total project. Jinjiang Jihuai Bustic Avenue Bridge is full of kilometers, and it will be an important crossing in the main city of Feixi. Tournamental Jihuai Fantasy Avenue Bridge renderings. The bridge steel box beam top is completed. Hefei Newsletter All media reporter Wu Qi correspondent Huang Wuyi Li Fenglin Song Wei.