Suction electronic cigarette or cause osteoporosis

Suction electronic cigarette or cause osteoporosis

  Science and Technology Daily November 24th (Internship reporter Zhang Jiaxin) Recently, a new study on more than 5,500 adult electronic cigarette users found that the use of electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures were highly related, and electronic cigarettes may be opponents. Health is harmful, even if young people are no exception.

The results were published on the 22nd "American Medical Opening Magazine".

  Brittle fractures are defined as hip bones, spine or wrist fractures caused by slight trauma (such as from standing from standing height or lower).

  Since the e-cigarette has been launched, it has been sold as a more healthy alternative and smoking cessation assistance for traditional cigarettes. It contains propylene glycol, plant glycerol, and different levels of nicotine and additives, which produces steam with fragrant.

  This time, the University of Pittsburgh University Medical Center survey conducted a horizontal analysis of the US health and nutrition survey 2017-2018. They conducted a sample survey over more than 5,500 US adult men and studied the relationship between electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures.

  The results show that the crispy fracture of electronic cigarette users is higher than those who do not absorb electronic smoke. The researchers also found that compared with those who only suck the traditional smoke, the crispy fractures of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes were higher. Studies have shown that, over time, young electronic cigarette users may increase the risk of osteoporosis fractures. Therefore, investigators suggest medical institutions, and the potential risks of electronic smoke as brittle fractures should be suggested to include fracture risk into electronic smoke related medical insurance. The researchers said that this is the first time to investigate the relationship between electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures.

This discovery provides the researchers, medical policy makers and tobacco regulators, allowing them to understand potential links with the use of electronic cigarettes and bone health.

  Prior to this, some observational studies have reported the link between electronic cigarettes and various diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease and depression.