Tang Min: Promoting the new development pattern has three major grips

Tang Min: Promoting the new development pattern has three major grips

  China New Network Beijing December 5 (Reporter Liu Liang) International Finance Forum (IFF) Academic Committee "Under the new development pattern, there are three specific starters worthy of attention. First, let the industrial chain of production and life necessities, supply chains to the undeveloped area of ??the western region. He pointed out that the industrial chain of production and life necessities is a labor-intensive product, which is transferred to foreign countries.

Instead, these industries go abroad, it is better to go to the undeveloped regions of China. At present, there are three main advantages in the western region, including some labor can be utilized, while doing so can reduce the transportation and accommodation costs from the Western labor force due to far gatekeepers, and the goods manufactured in the west are also saving transportation costs through China-Europe. .

  The second is to make full use of cross-border e-commerce and new retail models to further open the international market.

He pointed out that although there is a sound that the traditional supply chain is now in the hands of foreign companies, but in fact, China can pass the innovative sales model, it will be moved as active.

In particular, we can make full use of new and retail, new models such as cross-border e-commerce, net red belt, and new models open up new hopes in China.

  The third is to pay attention to the large market of 1 billion low-income people.

He pointed out that there is currently 400 million middle class markets in China, but removes this part of the group, there is still 1 billion low- income people market. In his view, the market of this 1 billion low-income people has great development potential. In the next 15 years, there is a relatively part of the people will become a middle class, the market space is huge.

In order to fully develop the consumption potential of this part of the group, the key is to provide good products and products to achieve the civilization of products and services.

  How can I achieve the civilianization of products and services, he thinks there are two key points. First, remove unnecessary functions in existing products and services to greatly reduce product costs. The second is to aim at the pain points and just need to take a low income population, join these factors to the product. In particular, some products can be designed specifically for rural market groups. In his opinion, he is doing these markets, accounting for it, and there is a lot of development potential.

  (Tang Min, the State Council, and the DPM special in the Central Committee).