Trunker fighting | Zuo Zongtang in the northwest (30) 

Trunker fighting | Zuo Zongtang in the northwest (30) 

Dongxu Ten Years (1884) August 22, the Qing court electronically: "The law is in account for the city of Keelung, the Taipei government is tight.

Putang Yang Yuebin to help the Zuo Zongjian military affairs, that is This aims to divide Zuo Zongtang, Mutu, Yang Changsheng and other knowledge. "At this time, Zuo Zongtang is still on the way. After arriving in Fujian, he learned about the truth and made a range of correct deployment. After capturing Keelung on October 2, the French army enclosed Taiwan on October 23, causing the Taipei Prefecture.

Taiwan is the throat of the South and South Seaway, the relationship is very large, but because the law force is blocked, it is difficult to compete.

At the time of the fight against Taiwan, Zuo Zong was in painstaking and operational countermeasures. He urgently adjunished Wang Shizheng to the Fujian, the police Wang poetry and Chen Mingzhi rate "Yujing Aid Tower", playing a fisherman, choosing Luang, south of Luang, North Zhixi Hong Kong is the landing port, in the Night Adventures, Soon, Yang Yuebin has also passed the Taiwan Strait from Quanzhou, arriving in the southeastern shore of the southeastern shore, widely praised.

At the same time as the dedication of the Taiwan front line, Zuo Zongtang stepped up the coastal arming work to prevent the army to attack the West and suddenly committed the mainland. He ordered all the battles, respectively, respectively, the gold medal, Lianjiang, Dongyi, Meihua River, and strictly swayed. At the same time, delegate the secretaries of the stars, in the long gates, gold waves and other important entrances, vertical iron piles, traversal iron, no water.

And set up a machine, turn down at any time, so that I will go into the flight; once the enemy ship is committed, it will put it. In addition, the Meihua Jiang et al. All the above are all under the construction of the gun, and the gunship is arranged, and the soldiers are stationed, and they will be defended, and the enemy will be used. In order to arrange the long door, the gold medal stuff, Zuo Zongtang also ordered the 18th pier cannon to salvage the foot of the horse tail river; and the original artillery will be repaired.

After the argument, the command will immediately remove the seaport waterway, and set water in the coastal cloth, inform countries, the consular of the country, the country.

He visited along the river to see the arming case, the income, all the camps tested the gun, the cannon, the cannon, and the military capacity is very beautiful.

Regarding the income of the soldiers to Taiwan, the "Wang Kang Year Note" volume 1 records Zuo Zongtang "Supervisor Fujian Fun", one of which is written like this: Zuo Wenxiang in his later years, the flange is entered into the sea.

Out of Tianjin, Li Hongzhang and Zhili Governor Li Hongzhang disputes agreement, fen, Zhongdao predicaine: "Old, no longer went to the year, to Tianjin and Li Erqi ribbon, to Jiangnan has to have to have Zeng Jiu Raise.

"The popularity is called the strong beam to fight. It was the two rivers in the country. It is interpreted and handled.

Take care of: "The old nine recognizes my evil? I will not be old nine, the old nine brother is dead, I am the old nine brother (ie Zeng Guofan).

"Zeng Zengyi (Zeng Guofei understood it):" This trip is the sea, the Association is a small brother.

"Talk to Yan, ask the old nine-one life?:" MFO, murderers are hemp.

"Zuo Laugh:" I said that the old nine talents will win. "Zuo Zongtang arrived in Fuzhou," I am worried about my worries. "The day calls in the camp:" The baby is changing, and the food footshew shoes will be won today.

"It’s not full,:" The baby is in Fujian Province, the year of the year ":"

":" Today is not allowed to stay in the New Year, come out, the foreigners take the year to fight Xiamen, the baby is out, I am currently enemies.

"The Governor Yang Chang Yu, the foreigner is afraid of the middle hall, naturally, the middle hall can not go. Zuo Yan:" This words are reliable, I will play Zhejiang, I am afraid of Zhejiang, I am afraid of me, playing with me, sorrowful I am afraid of me, or I am afraid to play.

"First, the foreigners have no heavy soldiers from the city of Fujian Province. By the large brigade, the brigade is bursting Xiamen. It is not until the Xiamen 50 miles. It is used to see the Xiamen coastal mountains and the red banquet. : "China Zuo Zongbiansi is not bad.

"About Zuo Zong Pai Yang Yuebin led the secret to Taiwan’s things. When he sent Yang Yuebin to Taiwan, he was" confidential ", Yang Xin god, for a while, come to Zuo Zongtang’s" disease " .

Zuo Zongpei sent people to provoke.

Back to report: "Yang is serious, do not allow outsiders, only see ‘supply the bait on the side’." Zuo Zongtang suddenly realized, "Yang Yuebin has gone!" He used a "installment". On the way, Yang Yuebin is very similar to the sputum. After arriving at Taiwan, I played a "empty city" of a bluff, making the French people a horror: "I don’t know where this army came.

"In the heroic anti-attacking of my country’s military and civilians, France’s violations of Taiwan have been shameless.

However, because the Qing government’s sales countries surrendered, finally leading to the end of China’s unbeaten, France is not victory.

After the "Medium-French Tianjin Treaty" in the mid-purpose, Zuo Zong is full of indignation, and the Qing court is secretly Chen, "It is advisable to carefully, and the anti-soldiers are difficult to avoid".

Since then, he has repeatedly sparse, asking the Qing court to negotiate with France, immediately return Keelung and Penghu to maintain the integrity of the territory of the motherland.

After the end of the Mid-French War, the 73-year-old Zuo Zongtang is still planning the overall situation of the sea defense, especially the defense and construction of Taiwan. After playing "Please specialize in the Master of the Hai defense", followed by A "Taiwan defense, please transfer Fujian governor to be awarded to the Qing government," further to the Qing government, change the Fujian governor to Taiwan governor, specializing in Taiwan, and ultimately contributed to the implementation of Taiwan.