Real estate, home appliances, building materials have long been unable to communicate, and the foundation of the real estate industry chain can borrow a circle

Real estate, home appliances, building materials have long been unable to communicate, and the foundation of the real estate industry chain can borrow a circle

Red Weekly Special | Liang Apric’s reimbursement after the discoversion, the total reimbursement of a total of approximately billion yuan, released a stronger steady growth signal. From the historical law, comprehensive reduction has a positive role in the sales of real estate industry. In addition, recent regulatory layer release supports real estate financing signals, and real estate industry chains are expected or maintained smoothly. In this context, there is a collective rise in real estate industrial chains represented by real estate, building materials and home appliances, and investors can consider layout the corresponding index fund. Positive information concentrated release Real estate industry chain resuscitation This week A shares trend hot, after weighing on Monday, the Shanghai Composite Index continued to rise. Financial, real estate, consumption collective on disk, especially through deep adjustment of real estate industry chains, and long-lost explosive markets. In the first four trading days, the north to funds were even more than 40 billion yuan, boosting the market emotions.

From the historical law, comprehensive reduction has a positive role in the sales of real estate industry. Through the 2008, the three rounds of comprehensive reduction cycle in 2011 and 2015, the industry sales have been restored after the three rounds of comprehensive reduction, and the duration is about 1 year. In 2019, the first reduction of the sixth round reduction cycle in July 2021 was superimposed in the industry regulation, so the real estate industry benefit relatively limited.

In recent, the industry policy also has a sign of recurrence. Last Zhou Heng Big Announcement After the guarantee responsibility, the two will express the real estate industry, and the supply is clearly referred to meeting the development loan and purchase loans, supports the issuance of high quality housing enterprises, and the demand refers to the focus to meet the first suite, improve the housing Mortgage demand. This week’s high-rise representation of the real estate industry also mentioned that the commercial housing market will better meet the rational housing needs of buyers, promote the healthy development and benign circulation of real estate industry.

The multi-family funds of many household funds have affected the downstream of the industrial chain, and the policy is expected to care and norm the industrial chain whole. From the fundamental perspective, housing enterprises still face some repayment, start and investment expectations will be lagging behind next year and extension.

The building materials and home appliance sections downstream of the industrial chain are relatively more worthy. In terms of building materials, the domestic average price of float glass last week has risen by volume, and it is necessary to support it.

Cost-end fuel, pure alkaline transaction center is moved, superimposed prices have increased significantly; waterproof, coating and other consumer building materials will not change, the income growth of leading leaders in the third quarter is obvious, the income of the next few years is still It is the core logic. In terms of home appliances, the largest weight of the white electricity in October is basically returned to the epidemic. According to the relevant data, in October air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, 4.56 million units, 3.65 million units, increased by 6%, 9%, down 1% in the same period in 2019, and a negative impact of the epidemic.

Earning side, according to Sino Seorakon data, air conditioner, refrigerator, the average price of October before the washing machine increased by 9%, 15% and 10% year-on last year, the price of raw materials is gradually relieved, the product price increase is expected to be significant improve.

The performance of the stock performance is frequent in industrial chain. It is also the whole section of the real estate industry, sales, new start-up and other data pressure, building materials, home appliances, etc. since the beginning of the year. During the process of retroception; In terms of raw material prices also make the gross profit margins of the industry in the industry.

Since the industry competition pattern of different listed companies and the different product line layout, the stock price performance has significant differences. Taking the home appliance industry as an example, the individual white horse stocks decline sharply, the stock price is even near the waist.

In contrast, the Secondary Secondary Refers to Household Electrical Appliance Index has only 10%, which is only 10%, which can effectively disperse risk.

The home appliance industry has long been steady, and the past 10 years has increased by 10,000 home appliance indices, which is the third place in Shenwan.

Subsequent, home appliance quality faucet operation is robust, gradually digesting the price of raw material prices, the current profitability has been improved, and there is a certain rebound space in the industry. With the exponential adjustment and earnings digestive valuation, the current home appliance sector has returned to the mediation mediation. In terms of the building materials industry, there are many parts of the internal segmentation, such as traditional building materials such as cement, glass, have gradually been meticulous in the last three years. In addition, there are many consumer building materials, such as waterproof materials, gypsum boards, hardware, etc., their boom depends on the downstream real estate, and foundation. But even if the downstream demand has fallen, there is still an increase in industrial concentration. Therefore, in the past few years, the building materials industry also wins the real estate index.

For ordinary investors, listed companies in related industries related industries must pay attention to understanding of real estate data and policy changes, but also to observe changes in company demand, inventory turnover, raw materials, and industry competition patterns. There is not small difficulty. .

In the case of industrial chain resuscitation, you may wish to grasp the trend of the industry. (This article has been issued on December 11th "Red Week", and the content of the article only represents the author, does not represent the "Red Week" stand, mentioning stocks only for example analysis, do not do sales recommendations.) Editor: zj.