Their discussion: "Luo Shen Water" is broken, both inheritance is confident

Their discussion: "Luo Shen Water" is broken, both inheritance is confident

If you are surprising, Ruo Ruoyong, "Luo Shen Water Fu" dancer avatar, or the sleeves dance, or the sleeves are rotated, or the strength, or the whole dance, the whole dance makes the beautiful vision and amazing The visual effect of everyone is unified. Behind this has both a deep cultural heritage, and there is a perfect combination of technology and mirrors, and it is more dedicated to 26 hours of dedication. In addition to "Luo Shen Water", other programs of "Dragon Boat Festival" also make people sigh.

"Dragon Boate", "Lanling Wang into the" Tang Ying "" Tang Ying "," Life "," Beauty ", etc., etc., let the audience have a more profound understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival, but also to Datang Shengshi With a more specific impression, it is unlimited pride and confidence.

In fact, this is not the first brush screen in Henan Satellite TV.

From the Spring Festival, "Tang Dynasty", "Yuan Lan Wonderful Night" from the Lantern Festival, from the Ching Ming Festival, "Chunming Tour" to today’s "Dragon Boat Festival", on the basis of no traffic star, Henan Satellite TV ourselves Created traffic. If it is said that "out of the circle" is luck and occasion, then "breaking the circle" and red is the strength and inevitable. Looking at the show, it is not difficult to find that no matter whether Luoyang should Tianmen or Kaifeng Qing Mingyuan, whether it is Chinese medicine culture or traditional martial arts, whether it is food or apparel, all content has no exception, is a culture, resources and history of Henan Inheritance, it is an interpretation of Chinese traditional culture. It can be said that the real fire "out" is Chinese culture. As Henan Satellite TV is written on its official Weibo, "We must have some cultural heritage, but also have a full cultural confidence."

Fortunately, in recent years, from the "National Treasure" to "China", from "New, the Forbidden City" to "Book", we have seen a lot of similar programs.

These programs are on the basis of respecting history, respecting culture, using the craftsmen to explore the essence of traditional culture, to spread and carry forward the excellent traditional culture as their own responsibility, not only achieve the combination of historical and artistic dissemination, but also inspired the people in the audience. History, traditional culture is loved, and the Chinese culture has continued to go out. "The sacrifice, the dragon is in the sky. Pray, Guotai people An., Miyong Shangjiao. Product, Zhu Yong, the water is the media, the dance is the soul. Respect, the wind, the Shengshi Datang.

"This is a copy of the" Dragon Boat Festival "preview, these contents, there is a track in history and culture. We believe that the thickness of the traditional culture is rooted, using innovative form and ingenuity for traditional cultural cultural, we must It can make China’s five thousand years of civilization more brilliant, so that cultural self-confidence has become the most basic and longest force in the bottom of the heart. (Editor: Dong Xiaowei, Fu Long) Sharing let more people see.