The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the context of media integration.

The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the context of media integration.

Original title: The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues with the fissile development of network and digital technology, the new media is increasing, and the traditional publishing industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenge. With the integration of traditional publishing and new media industry, not only put traditional newspapers, journals, books, audio-visual products, etc., launch electronic publications, develop network education products, and also widely applying website, Weibo, WeChat , Mobile clients and other carriers.

However, for the traditional publishing industry, the content is the fundamental, and the ability to produce quality content is always its core competitiveness.

"Content + Technology + Personalized Customized Service" is a new trend in the development of the new media era, promoting media integration development, while emphasizing technology leading and driving, we must always adhere to "content is king", putting content construction is very prominent Location, winning the development advantage in content advantages.

Traditional publishing industry has rich works, content and copyright resources, and the new media industry has a strong technology, platform and business model.

Both sides have a relatively advantage, there is also a more disadvantage, the traditional publishing and the new media industry is not only two camps, and the two links on the same industrial chain, copyright has become traditional publishing and new media industry cooperation Win-win bridge.

Copyright is the core of publishing an industrial value chain, in essence, the publishing industry is a copyright industry. At the same time, copyright is also the foundation resource of new media to survive and develop. On the basis of copyright and protect copyright, fully utilize the copyright resources, and truly translate the content resource advantage into industrial advantages, realize the value of content resources, the maximum economic interest, is the traditional publishing and new media industry integration development face to solve The problem.

Copyright issues For traditional publishing, a large amount of content resources accumulated for many years should be its most valuable core assets.

In order to maintain its own copyright interest, avoid unnecessary infringement, copyright ownership of content resources, strengthen copyright protection of content resources, has become an inevitable choice for traditional publishing industries. In the process of fusion development with the new media industry, traditional publishing needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the following aspects.

First, the type of content resources has a single type of content, and the digital copyright resource is scarce.

Although the traditional publishing agency publishes a large number of books, journals, audio-visual products such as content resources such as journals, the content resources of their works are often short, and the types of rights are more than one. Second, there is no clear copyright ownership, copyright protection is weak, leading to frequent copyright disputes. Since the lack of deep understanding of emerging markets, traditional publishing, online publication, digital publishing, etc. are usually ignored by the extension of copyright, and there is no comprehensive clearness of the copyright. The true belongings of resource copyright, which will have unnecessary copyright disputes. Third, the rapid development of new media has increased the difficulty of traditional copyright protection.

With the rapid development of the new media, each new media user may become a communication person of the copyright work, the digital works are more vulnerable to the traditional publishing form, and the new media infringement has the characteristics of unordance, concealment. Invading behavior is difficult to be confirmed, and infringement evidence is difficult to be collected, objectively increases the difficulty of traditional publishing agencies on new media copyright protection for their own content resources.

Fourth, lack of copyright rights protection power, and take the new media infringement.

Many conventional publishing agencies often have no legal rights in the new media field, and I don’t know how to maintain legitimate rights and interests in the new media field.

At the same time, infringement in the new media field shows the characteristics of technical strength, strong concealedness, and difficulty investigation and evolving, and the duration of copyright infringement is long, the cost is too low, leading to the power of traditional publishing agencies. Even some publishing agencies have taken place in the new media field, and they will directly take the attitude, and even give up the rights of rights, which not only causes huge economic losses, but also has a negative social impact. Protection proposals protecting copyright helps to promote innovation. The protection of intellectual property in the new media environment has become the most common concern in the field of intellectual property protection in the world.

Strengthen copyright protection, promote the integration of traditional publishing and new media, which is conducive to building a benign market competition order, and is related to the global and long-term interests of the development of the industry. In order to better promote the development of copyright protection work in the process of new media convergence, the author put forward as follows.

First, open up the cooperation space of copyright protection in the new media era, and achieve a win-win situation in the game. Explore the effective path to protect copyright in a new media environment, the author believes that the most effective method is actually cooperation, and should emphasize that cooperation is greater than protected. As mentioned earlier, the copyright should be a bridge in traditional publishing and new media industry cooperation.

For copyright protection in the new media field, traditional publishing institutions should not stay in the protection level, passively block the infringement of others, and should take the initiative to work together, that is, actively legally authorize new media to use their own content resources, and develop cooperation through various methods The space, expansion of cooperation channels, and the new media in the game, the collision achieves a win-win situation.

In the new media era, copyright issues are solved, and cooperation is a better choice, and it is also the lowest choice for copyright ownership and network service provider transaction costs. It has saved judicial costs and promotes high efficiency dissemination of content resources. User low cost acquisition content resources, taking into account social public interests.

Second, implement copyright management, with a digital copyright management information system, speed up content resource integration, and promote intensification authorization. The traditional form of traditional publishing institutions in my country is too single, habits of universal combat, and the reader is small, lacks a release plan. In the new media era, the development path of this small workshop will get more narrow, thus integrating content copyright resources, and the intensive development of sustainable development is an inevitable trend in the development of the publishing industry.

Traditional publishing agencies should clearly clear the copyright ownership of the content resources, implement copyright management, with the development and application of digital copyright management information systems, speed up high-quality content resource integration, optimize efficient use of content resources, form in the industry, have a strong impact in this field Force, the business-efficient advantage is published, reached a publishing industry cooperation alliance, unified industry standard, improve industrial chain division, and realize the integration authorization of content resources in new media environments, and then improve the overall quality and market competitiveness of the publishing industry.

Third, set up a special copyright management department to form a professional copyright management team. The complexity and professionalism of copyright management determines publishing agencies that need a professional copyright management team.

Publishing agencies can set up special copyright management departments, and departmental person in charge shall have rich copyright management experience. At the same time, the team components of the copyright management department need to have professional copyright knowledge and good legal literacy, and they can also hire copyright experts when necessary. Copyright protection and management is a long-term, complex, continuous job that requires a lot of capital, technology and talent. Only for normalization of content resource rights, the reasonable configuration of copyright content resources can be realized to realize copyright protection in traditional publishing and new media industry fusion development, realizing copyright value and economic interests of content resources. maximize. (Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. Liling) (Editor: Lin Lai, Liu Jia) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.