The first Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference opened in Haikou

The first Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference opened in Haikou

The First Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference.

People’s Daily NAG Hao Rong Photo is one of China’s important overseas Chinese, more than 39 million compatriots and overseas overseas compatriots and overseas Chinese, distributed nearly 60 countries and regions around the world. With the gradual advancement of Hainan’s self-trade and port construction, more and more talents have gradually poured into Hainan, including all kinds of talents who have returned to China, and overseas Chinese children.

It is understood that the General Assembly attracted the adventures of outstanding young people at home and abroad, study abroad, the research institute and the high-tech enterprise representative, gathered with talents and technologies at home and abroad, and built the world Qiong ‘s returning home business platform, building the world youth to focus Hainan The information, services and hatching channels of the trade-wide innovation and entrepreneurship, build Hainan Trade Port and the International Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Ecotics and International Youth Exchange Highlands, and continue to attract young people at home and abroad to participate in Hainan Self Trading Hong Kong Construction.

At the same time, we will make full use of the favorable opportunity of Hainan’s trade-off, publicize the system advantage of the relevant policies and "first trials", and focus on Hainan’s "3 + 1" leading the modern industrial system, promotion of Hainan High-tech Industry Development Layout and Cooperation need. During the General Assembly, "Youth Leaders, Hainan Trade Port," Waiting for important guests as a primary speech; holding the "Hainan Self-Traffic and Hong Kong Policy Promotion Promotion" The relevant person in charge of the President Zhang Yonghe Provincial Department of Health made a policy interpretation; holding the "Qiaohai Youth Investment Project Road", which is subject to a young entrepreneurial project in the Hainan. In addition, the results display activity and closing ceremony will hold a number of project signing ceremony, and synchronize "Hainan International Talents Introduction Partners", "International Cultural Exchange and Promotion Partners" and "Hainan Sea Technological Innovation Ecological Research Institute" unveiling And the issuance ceremony.

The event was guided by the Office of the Overseas China Office of the State Council, the Hainan Provincial Department of Overseas China, and the Hainan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Hainan University of Europe, Hainan University, Hainan Youth Federation, Hainan Overseas Study Commissioner Association, Hainan Province The Commission’s Free Trade Port Working Committee Office, Zhigong Party Hainan Provincial Committee, Hainan Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, Hainan International Economic Development Bureau, Beijing Sea Incubator Science and Technology Association jointly co-organized.

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