US "Persection" is taken on Mars to the first rock sample

US "Persection" is taken on Mars to the first rock sample

The first Mars rock core collected by "Perseverance" is sealed in the titanium sample tube.

The picture was taken by the Sampling and Cache System Camera of the Mars.

Image Source: NASA official website People’s Network Beijing September 8 (Zhao Zhuqing) US NASA (NASA) Recently announced that "perseverance" Mars detector successfully collected the first rock sample.The sample from Mars "Jezero Planet", which is slightly larger than pencils.The core is now sealed in a titanium sample tube to retrieve it in the future.

The "perseverance" is the ninth detector visiting the surface of the Mars, also the first detector from Mars to supply back to the earth.

It will be brought back into the earth in other Mars probing tasks from the rocks and soil samples collected on Mars.

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