Shanghai Taiwan culture exchange: cross-strait compatriots shared "multi-beauty"

Shanghai Taiwan culture exchange: cross-strait compatriots shared "multi-beauty"

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 3 (Reporter Pan Qing) Recently, Zhang Yi, awarded by Zhang Yi, awarded the theme of "Shan Down", revealed the Shanghai Glass Museum. "Taihu Shi", "Taihu Stone", feeling the "self-cultivation" of life, is integrated into the "flameworks" integration of the Eastern New Ink in the Eastern New Ink … nearly 30 glazed art boutiques Let the two-strait glazed art lovers in the mutual.

A series of precious items, documents, manuscripts and other precious items with works, recorded the founder of the glazed workshop and Yang Huizhen, from the movie to the glass, from Taiwan to establish a glazed workshop to establish a Shanghai Liuli House, Shanghai Glass Museum The process also witnessed the efforts and achievements of two artists to give modern art vitality for the Chinese traditional cultural treasures.

"Zhang Yi often said that China’s culture should use the Chinese language to express, the Chinese story should use the Chinese emotions.

Glass is not just a material, which contains the historical blood and cultural emotions of the Chinese nation. "You personally serve as the curator’s Yang Huizhen said. Shanghai, the blue-crossing company, Shanghai, not only attracted the eyes of many Taiwanese artists and cultural workers, but also became one of the most frequently lined-free cities in the branches of folk cultural exchanges.

Focus on different themes, recently Shanghai has several two-strait cultural exchange activities. On October 31, Taiji Cultural Exchange Activity, which was the theme of "two sides of the Taiji", in the mobile phone area, and was held in Changshi District, Shanghai Minhang District. Tai Chi, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Dance … Cross-strait Taiji master "emissions" to discuss, with Wu Shiyou.

120 enthusiasts express their love for Tai Chi with flash.

On-site interviews, online forums invited two sides of famous to talk through the inheritance and development of Taiji culture.

The Chairman of the Minhang District CPPCC, Zhu Xuejun said that Tai Chi is the precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, rich in connotation, full of philosophy, has become a valid carrier of martial arts exchange between the Taiwan Straits.

It is hoped that the two sides of the martial arts people exchanged each other, learning each other, enhanced each other, promoting two sides of martial arts inheritance, revitalizing and promoting China’s excellent traditional culture.

The half-year "Let love see you, you and I will realize the large-scale love charity activities on both sides of the strait, receiving the near future. The event was jointly hosted by the Shanghai Little Blue Art Troupe, Shanghai Xiaoshi Art Troupe, Shanghai Putuo District Suzhou River Culture and Art Festival Organizing Committee.

With the theme of love, the exchange of music is attracted to music, chorus groups and enthusiasts actively participate in the two sides of the strait, gather nearly 100 music video works, and each selection passage is close to 3 million views.

In the end, 20 branch group works were finalized, of which Shanghai Taiwanese business school, Shanghai Xiaoshixing Art Troupe received first prize.

After 10 years ago, after graduating from the Birmingham Music Academy of England, Taiwan’s music man Lin Zhongqi chose to the mainland. He participated in the founding and served as a command-oriented happy horseman choir received the second prize in the event. "For children, music is the best nutrient.

"Lin Zhongqi said, I hope to have the opportunity to participate in the two-strait cultural exchange activities, let the children understand each other in the interaction and enhance emotions.

From the beauty of the glass of glazes, to the beauty of the Taiji, then go to the music of the music.

Digital colored Shanghai exchange activities not only drawn close to the emotional distance of both strait compatriots, but also to share the "multi-beauty" of cultural art.

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