Shenyang Disease Control Center reminds: not necessary to go to the high-risk area and its city

Shenyang Disease Control Center reminds: not necessary to go to the high-risk area and its city

  For scientific and precision, do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, continue to consolidate the unprystable anti-optic results of our city, and resolutely prevent the entry of the epidemic, maintain the normal social order and the development of the social economy, on September 22, Shenyang CDC reminds the majority Citizen: Pay close attention to domestic exteriority, not necessary to go to the high-risk area and its city.

  There are unwell symptoms to pay close attention to the domestic epidemic dynamics. It is not necessary to go to the high-risk area and its city, especially do not travel to Harbin, Xiamen, Putian, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou City. If you want to follow epidemic prevention measures, consciously follow the scenic spots, stations, airports and other places to measure the temperature, check code, and consciously wear masks, follow the "limited, appointment, wrong peak" requirements, do not gather, not pile.

Pay attention to hand health, touch less public goods. Do a good job in protecting peace of mind.

Enter the business timeout actively cooperate with temperature measurement, check code, all-way wearing mask, keep a meter social distance, touches the elevator buttons, escalator and other public goods. Control shopping time, preferred electronic payment. Wash your hands in a timely manner.

  There is discomfort symptoms to seek medical attention in time. I have a fever, cough, swallow, fatigue, sniffing (taste), etc. The hospital’s hot door diagnosis is investigated, such as a medical history, the history of activities and the history of activities, and timely detection of new crown virus.

Taking medical processes to avoid riding public transport. Travel returns should be self-health monitoring 14 days vaccination new crown virus vaccine is an effective measures to prevent new coronal pneumonia, but also the responsibility and obligation of every citizen, please meet the conditions that are still not vaccinated to complete the whole process as soon as possible. National immune barrier.

  Risk continues to exist, the risk is around, and the general public should continue to tighten the epidemic to prevent this string, do personal health protection, scientific norms wear masks, especially ride public transport, and wear masks when they act in crowds. .

Continue to maintain safety social distance in daily life, no pile, no gathering, hard-to-hand, Chang Tongfeng, less meals, dining system, enter and enter public places should actively cooperate with body temperature measurement, check health code (trip code), etc., advocate healthy lifestyle .

Keep indoor cleaning, often open window ventilation, and strengthen air circulation. Differential nutrition is balanced, and there is no hustle. Guaranteed enough sleep, adhere to the right amount of exercise. Double holiday travel returns to self-health monitoring 14 days. (Reporter Fanhua) +1.