Service is sent to do not do things

Service is sent to do not do things

This newspaper (Reporter Lin Shangjun shared the Alliance Lushan Station Qiu Wei correspondent Zhang Jianwei Xu Hazhe) a big wind, a misty day, the remote island masses cannot go out. How to solve the problem of difficulty in the island service, difficult to do? Zhoushan City Government Service Office cooperated with Zhoushan Office in the Provincial Agricultural Credit Association to carry out multi-scenarios of government and silver, and realize the full coverage of remote island government services, and opened the government service "the last sea". It is understood that the city’s agricultural and communication system has all been opened "Window Office", including 76 parties in the branch level, and 30 partitions can handle government affairs; "Harvest Internet" APP is online. 222, 35 Agricultural Credit Intelligent Cabinet Overline Government Affairs 175. Has been accumulated in June this year.

Zhoushan is the city of Qiandao, many islands and dispersion, except for the island where Zhou Mountain island and 2 counties in the city, there are 64 people in the city.

In the first half of this year, there were 30 government services that were not covered by islands, and more than 5,700 people were resident.

Take the Putuo District Dongfushan Island as an example, the island is on the island to go to the island to do the longest one way for 4 hours. It takes 260 yuan / person, and it takes 2 to 3 days. If you encounter a big fog, the retreat is still extended, the masses do things It is not convenient and time, cost is higher.

To this end, combined with the "three as" practice activities of the party history, Zhoushan City Government Service Office jointly visited 64 live islands in the area, in detail, in detail the demand, transportation, transportation of the island’s resident population. Suitable cases, combing the government service has not covered 30 islands, 17 government service weak islands, government service needs to enhance 17 island. With the support of Zhoushan City and the provincial data bureau and the provincial and agricultural credit association, Zhoushan City has obtained the first "one network" grassroots extension of the provincial pilot, and simultaneously refine the formation of 79 pilot tasks.

Use the ambitious system business network throughout the city’s large and small islands.

Around the "Handheld", "Office", "Self-Carry Office", "Office", "to do" to do ", to achieve depth of government service and financial services, to achieve government service to extend to the door of the masses, so that every island is really Realize "do not do out island".

In order to further enhance the service capabilities, the city also uses the island station village community to master the characteristics of the people of the people, directly to the liaison, the island, which has universe island cadres specializes in the construction of the Agricultural Commerce, and the masses. Suggestions for requests and comments.

In addition, Zhoushan also cultivated the Agricultural Community Members, and 695 Agricultural Credit employees have been organized in batches this year. For example, the Sixth Management Committee set up a harvest station, equipped with farmers and smart teller machines, and the Agricultural-and-service office workers have been serviced one day. Sampling survey shows that since the second half of this year, Zhoushan’s remote island mass is more than 80%, and the per capita saves time for more than two days.

Workers on Yuandishan Island in Daishan County, Zhoushan City, the original application Business, up to 30 minutes.