Tu Yu: Artemisinin is a gift from Chinese medicine to the world.

Tu Yu: Artemisinin is a gift from Chinese medicine to the world.

  Tu 屠 呦. (Xinhua News News) Jiangnan’s early summer, under the shade of the trees, a small piece of yellow artememia in the old house, the girl, the girl, the girl, the girl, the girl, the girl, the girl, as if to talk to the tourists She is a wonderful story with Huanglu.

  This is a scene in Yaoyou, No. 26 Kaing Street, Haishu District, Ningbo City. Yao Zhaiyuan is a residential of the grandfather Yao Yanyi and Yao Yao, who is the grandfather, Yao Qing, 10 years of 10 years.

On May 1 this year, the repaired Yaotai became the old exhibition hall of the Tu Yu, tried to the public with a new look. Tu Yu is a lifelong researcher in China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the National Supreme Science and Technology Award winner, Nobel Physiology or Medical Award.

More than 60 years, she has never stopped studying practices in traditional Chinese medicine.

  On October 5, 2015, the Swedish Caroline Medical College announced the award of the Nobelge Physiology or Medical Award to Tu Yu and the other scientists to recognize their achievements in the study of parasites. This is the highest award from the Chinese medicine industry so far and the highest awards obtained by Chinese medicine. Tu Yu said: "Artemisinin is a small step in human conquest of malaria processes, which is a gift from traditional Chinese medicine to the world.

"In the 1960s, in the case of lack of chloroquine anti-malaria, the Tu of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute at the Chinese Medicine Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine was arduous in 1969, in 1969," 523 "office arduous Antimalarial research task.

Tu Yu is the leader of the anti-malaria group of traditional Chinese medicine, and it has never solved the anti-malaria. Since the scientific research equipment at the time was more old, the scientific research level could not reach the international first-class level, and many people believe that this task is difficult to complete.

Only Tu is firmly said: "No, it is only willing to stick to it." To organize Chinese medicine, visit the old Chinese medicine, she brings together more than 640 Chinese medicine single-secret side for treating malaria. In the case where the experiment of artemisia extract is unstable, it is recorded from the "elbow preparations in the elbow" in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. As in uninieving.

"Give a new inspiration of the Tu. By modifying the extraction method of low boiling solvents, the anti-malaria component of Artemisia is enriched, and the Tu Yu’s team finally discovered artemisinin in 1972.

According to the incomplete statistics of WHO, artemisinin as a first-line antimalarial drug, saved millions of lives in the world, and treats hundreds of millions of patients every year.

  After discovering artemisinin, Tu Yu continued to study antimalarial drugs with artemisinin as the core. In June 2019, the Tu Yu’s research team passed through many years, and the artemisan "antlarial study" "anti-drug genesis "The" Treatment of Treatment Means "has achieved a new breakthrough, and proposes a practical and feasible treatment plan for the" artemisinin resistance "problem, and in" artemisinin the treatment of lupus erythematosus "" "traditional Chinese medicine research" Waiting for new progress, obtaining high recognition of World Health Organization and authoritative experts at home and abroad. "Chinese medicine is a great treasure house, artemisinin is exuded from this treasure house.

In the future, we have to make artemisinin R & D, turn the thesis into a medicine, let the medicine have been sick, let Artemisinin better benefit human beings. "Tu Yu said. In the exhibition hall, the detailed text, pictures, video information and precious real things, vividly show the deeds of Tu Yu, and promote the great spirit of a few decades such as the scientific dedication, and encourage the new generation of young people. .

  Love is scientific, to the doctor.

Forwarding and explores the motherland medicine science, it is always a choice of life. The hometown Ningbo left her nostalgia and the nostalgia of childhood. "The exhibition hall allows more new and old Ningbo people to understand the Tu Yu, enhanced love of love and hometown; also let the social atmosphere of advocating science, respecting the knowledge is more strong in Tu Yu’s hometown, and incentive for national science Young people contributing to the career. "Wang Yuanqun, the Jiangxia Street Party Crafts Committee, Jiangxia Street, located in the departure of the old, said. Wen / Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Yu (Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, May 31).