"Good Heart"?careful!Be wary of "sin" from the sky

"Good Heart"?careful!Be wary of "sin" from the sky

Recently, the "Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China" officially implemented, and my country’s personal information protection rule of law reached a new level.Xinhua News Agency reporter discovered that in many remote rural areas, there is lawless elements to promote medical insurance electronic vouchers, and defrauding the important personal information of villagers, it needs to be vigilant.Be wary of medical insurance electronic vouchers to push new scam medical insurance electronic vouchers issued by national unified medical information platform, which is the identity of the people and related agencies.According to the person in charge of the relevant work of the State Medical Insurance Bureau, through the medical insurance electronic voucher, the participating people can do not need to carry the entity card certificate, you can complete the registration consultation, medical insurance settlement, check the medicine and other related medical services, effectively improve the medical experience of the masses..

my country’s 31 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have supported medical insurance electronic vouchers. According to the "14th Five National Medical Security Plan" issued by the State Council, my country will accelerate the construction of intelligent medical insurance public service platforms such as medical insurance electronic vouchers, and the National Medical Insurance Bureau will continue to promote the application of medical insurance electronic vouchers. The reporter learned that the current third-party channel platform, which has received medical insurance electronic voucher access authorized, for convenient rural residents, especially the long-term rural residents. Village push forms help local people activate medical security electronic vouchers.

The reporter learned from the Guang’an Detachment of the Guangxi Guigang Public Security Bureau. Not long ago, the local police successfully knocked off a unmanage of the village’s important personal information in the name of the village. In the 3 months, the group has been registered with 10,000 network accounts with the mobile phone number and related personal information of 10,000 people, and sold profit. In addition, the individual information they sell is more than tens of thousands of individual information.

Cai Hua, the four brigade of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Guigang City Public Security Bureau, told reporters that such illegal villages have become an important source of illegal activities such as online fraud, gambling, not only alleged serious illegal crimes, but also caused personal information to be cheated. The crime of villagers from the sky.

The strike is a difficulty: the demand is true, the acting is good, the interest reporter investigation found that the criminals often select the far-reaching rural areas, the gang level is clear, the division of labor is clear, the hidden sex, deceptiveness is characterized, and the difficulty is added. Illegal villages pursue real needs and enhance spoof. As of July this year, my country’s medical insurance e-voucher all channel activation users have exceeded 100 million.

However, the current rural areas, especially the rural registration of the remote areas, and activate the medical insurance electronic voucher compared to the city, which is less than the specific conditions, the villagers, especially the middle-aged villagers promote the villages opposite the village, guide the use of medical insurance The voucher has an urgent need.

The criminals play a policy to promote the scorpion, forgery, deceive the village cadres and villagers.

They will be in the imitation of regular team uniforms, with fake working documents, fake medical insurance documents, and use the official slogan of the medical insurance bureau. Zhang An, the vice captain of the Net Anshan Team, the Guigang Municipal Public Security Bureau, told the reporter that most of the people of illegal villages will be located in the village committee office building, some village cadres who are unknown, will be enthusiastic to introduce and organize personnel, and the villagers are really False fault.

To make a case, this kind of unscrupulous group has a special illustrative template for this unmanaged manner. The gang is strong, and the way of committing a crime can be simply copied.

The reporter learned that illegal villages are generally promoted in the county and urban levels, and the criminals are invested in villages.

They play a shot to change a place, the flow commit, will immediately destroy the relevant evidence and continue to commit crimes. In addition, illegal villages will be simple, and people can immediately go with a slight training.

There is a complete black production chain after push back, and the stimulation is huge.

This gang we knocked by us, through illegal villages to push an accounting of 200 villagers’ mobile phone numbers and other important personal information.

Zhang Mai told reporters that the gang’s illegal business is distributed in Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Sichuan and other places. They have acquired personal information and black accounts that are illegally acquired by unroclianted people from all over the world, and they use them for online fraud, gambling. Wait for unscrupulous activities, form a clear black production chain. The police also reminded that the mobile phone number of middle-aged and elderly people in rural areas have not registered online accounts, and they lack the smartphone, the vigilance is poor, and it is an ideal prey of criminals. Strengthen the police, enterprises, medical joints, and the deep public security department website recently published that the national public security organ Netan department combines the special action of net network 2021, severely hit the medical insurance electronic voucher, etc., illegally collect the rural middle and old people Personal information such as mobile phone number and maliciously registered the illegally push gang of trafficking online accounts. At present, there have been 90 cases of relevant cases, and more than more than 60 people were defeated, and more than 550 suspects were arrested, more than 60 people were seized by illegal citizens 10,000 people, more than 40,000 network black numbers.

Experts suggest that the relevant departments have taken measures, establish and improve the intensive mechanism of hitting rectification, and protect the security of the masses. Improve the awareness of the masses and enhance their intelligence services. Currently, proven to prevent telecommunications network fraud and citizen information is an important part of the construction of safe rural construction. The police reminded that the masses should improve the vigilance and consciousness of safeguarding personal information security. Do not hand over the goods such as mobile phones to strangers alone, do not scan the unknown QR code to avoid the machine.

Yao Hua, a researcher in Guangxi Social Sciences, said that most of the victims, most of the victims are rural elderly, and the relevant departments should pay special attention to enhance the intelligent service level, and improve the medical service experience, protect the elderly, especially underdeveloped rural areas. People enjoy the rights of technical dividends. Increase formal channels to promote the activation of medical insurance electronic vouchers. Lu Hui suggested that the director of the Office of the Guigang Medical Insurance Bureau, on the one hand, should increase the medical insurance electronic voucher of the two institutions such as fixed-point pharmacy and fixed-point hospitals to activate the application promotion. On the other hand, the village cadres should strengthen links with relevant government agencies, actively master Relevant policies and information, strengthening the village push team to avoid the risks of villagers. Improve the police, enterprises, and medical contact mechanisms.

Cai Hua suggested that the regulatory agency responds to the operational promotion activities carried out in the region in the regional platform channels, and the relevant agencies should freeze or log out of the malicious registered virtual account. Yang Zhihe suggested, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Information Management, Heilongjiang University, should establish a constant linkage and notification mechanism as soon as possible. Police, the medical insurance department and technology enterprises should strengthen communication, in the Qing Dynasty, the illegal registration account is checked, and the resulting force is formed when the crime association information is cleared, and the behavior of infringement of the information security in time is timely.