[Evaluation Line] The sound of the river: "Lie flat" cannot "lie down", "dynamic clearing zero" is the magic weapon to make victory

[Evaluation Line] The sound of the river: "Lie flat" cannot "lie down", "dynamic clearing zero" is the magic weapon to make victory

  At present, the global epidemic is still at a high level, the virus is constantly mutating, and the ultimate direction of the epidemic has great uncertainty.

The Chinese government has formulated and implemented the general policy of "dynamic clearing" from its own national conditions. Due to the time, prevent and control measures are constantly adjusted to ensure the health of the people’s lives, and the continuous and stable development of the economy and society with good prevention and control results.

In fact, it proves again and again that the "lying" resistance method of "lying down" with the virus cannot be "lying to win", and it will pay a painful price. "Dynamic clearance" is the magic weapon for preventing and controlling the epidemic. The right to life is the greatest human rights. China insists on putting people’s life safety and health first.

A paper published by the "Liuye Dao" magazine in March states that during the period of the new crown pneumonia, the world’s excess death is estimated to be 18.2 million, and the excess mortality rate is every 100,000; ; China’s excess mortality is only 100,000 people.

Scientific research shows that the average mortality of Omikon’s mutant strain is 7 to 8 times that of ordinary flu, and the disease mortality rate of elderly people over 80 years of age, especially over 80, is nearly a hundred times more common influenza.

Since March of this year, the prevention and control of China’s epidemic has undergone a severe test of prevention and control and has achieved staged results. This is due to the general policy of adhering to the scientific "dynamic clearing zero". President Biden announced through the White House official website that the cumulative number of newly crown pneumonians in the United States exceeded 1 million, marking "a tragedy milestone", which is the tragic end of the United States "lying down". Global economic performance shows that "lying down" has no benefit economic improvement.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, China has taken the lead in controlling the epidemic and realizing resumers. In 2020, it became the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth. GDP exceeded 110 trillion yuan, an increase of % year -on -year. In the first 4 months of this year, the total value of foreign trade imports and exports increased by percentage. The achievements of China’s epidemic prevention and control not only maintained their own industrial chain supply chain to maintain strong toughness, but also maintained the stability and smoothness of the global industrial chain supply chain with practical actions. On the contrary, the United States, which is "lying flat", not only has more than 1 million new crowns, but economic data is not as expected.

Related data show that in the first quarter of this year, the US GDP decreased by about %; the GDP increase of 19 member states in the euro zone was reduced by % compared to the previous quarter.

  From the perspective of public sanitation, the whole population is the susceptible crowd of Omikon’s mutant strains. In the absence of any protective measures, the average infected person can infect individuals. After the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, although some Western countries have the world’s leading medical technology, they have chosen "lying", the number of hospitalizations and death cases has increased, and the number of infections has continued to maintain a high level.

The number of new crowns in the United States exceeded 1 million, and more than 200,000 children lost their parents or guardians due to the epidemic. my country has a wide range of regions, a large population, insufficient medical resources, and unbalanced resource allocation.

If you choose to "lie down" and let the virus epidemic and spread large -scale transmission, it will inevitably increase the risk of infection of susceptible people, and it will inevitably form a large -scale rebound. "Lying flat" is not advisable, "lying down" is impossible.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control work is in a critical period and stages. We must strengthen our confidence and adhere to the general policy of "dynamic clearance". In order to win, the maximum prevention and control effect can be achieved at the minimum cost, and the dual victory of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. (Music).