"14th Five-Year Plan" Traffic Meteorological Protection Plan: Establish and improve the modern traffic meteorological protection service system

"14th Five-Year Plan" Traffic Meteorological Protection Plan: Establish and improve the modern traffic meteorological protection service system

Yangguang.com, November 17th news (Reporter Zhang Wuyue) my country’s weather disaster frequently, every year due to severe traffic accidents, serious traffic blocks, traffic facilities have occurred, giving people life and property Safety and economic and social development have brought serious impact.

Recently, the China Meteorological Bureau jointly issued the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport, the National Railway Bureau and the State Post Bureau, "The 14th Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), clear to 2025, focus on roads, railways, Inner river water transport, maritime transportation, multimodal transport five key directions, basically form a comprehensive traffic meteorological service pattern of multi-sectoral coordination, collaborative deployment, collaborative implementation, collaborative guarantee.

"Planning" requires that all departments should conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important instructions of meteorological work and transportation work, to ensure the construction of the comprehensive transportation system of the service, establish and improve the demand, point-to-face combination, characteristics, highlight, deep integration The modern traffic meteorological support service system has strongly supported the construction of strong transportation.

"Planning" pointed out that to construct traffic meteorological precision monitoring system, design traffic meteorological observation network layout program, establish and improve traffic meteorological observation system, enhance traffic meteorological observation equipment guarantee; carry out the risk of traffic meteorological disaster, and investigate the influence of harsh weather traffic, Prepare traffic meteorological disaster risk zones; create high quality traffic meteorological services system, enhance influence traffic meteorological services supply, development of scene-based distribute traffic meteorological protection services; enhance traffic meteorological service support capacity, strengthen traffic meteorological observation information specification processing Ability, build a national integrated traffic meteorological data set and traffic meteorological business support system; promote traffic meteorological technological innovation, strengthen traffic meteorological intelligence aware technology and equipment development, development of traffic meteorological forecasting warning technology, strengthen traffic meteorological standardization system construction; strengthen " A band all the way "Integrated transportation meteorological protection, enhance land transport traffic and logistics meteorological integrated services and maritime traffic meteorological protection capabilities.

"Planning" is issued to deepen meteorological, public security, transportation, railway, and postal five departments.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, five departments will strengthen organizational leaders, establish and improve the inter-departmental joint meeting system, explore the establishment of "Government + Department + Enterprise" traffic meteorological service model and guarantee the investment mechanism, and form a multi-sector participation national traffic Innovation teams in meteorological fields boost traffic meteorological services high quality development.