[When] the transformation carried ingenuity to create "Shanxi boutique" (under)

[When] the transformation carried ingenuity to create "Shanxi boutique" (under)

Times "Shanxi boutique" public brand, 2025, "Shanxi boutique" brand logo products and services to reach 200. "Six new", to focus on competitive industries and specialty products, focusing on cultivating industry-leading backbone enterprises, small and medium enterprises "hidden champions", a modern industrial clusters as the main "Shanxi boutique" group.

"Shanxi fine," not the government have the final say, but look at the quality of the product, see the consumer acceptance, depending on the market outlook. "Shanxi boutique" public opinion to promote high-quality brand restructuring and development. " Market Authority province two Guoxin An inspector said the first batch of "Shanxi quality" selection, preliminary plan early next year.

Federation is now being established brand building, set up certification Union, to develop "" Shanxi boutique "building plan", first carry out the construction and organization system, to prepare the foundation for the next step of the introduction of quality.

"Shanxi boutique" in accordance with the high standards and strict certification, management system and strong regulation, form 200 or so with independent intellectual property rights, high market share products and services brand.

+ + Third-party certification of government regulation.

By strict certification and establish a group with independent intellectual property rights, excellent quality, good brand effect, significant economic and social benefits of regional public brand.

Strong regulation means taking "a randomized double open" regulatory approach, from the standard, three strengthen supervision and inspection, to form promoted or demoted, survival of the fittest regional public brand for dynamic management of the implementation of certification and certificate tracking.

The role of "Shanxi boutique" Forced enterprise formation, and encourage them to continue to improve the standard of the product.

By building quality, improve product quality, service quality, only quality improvement, and to be more competitive. Therefore, the "Shanxi boutique" is hidden behind a high-quality development, but of the whole process of quality improvement, Forced to come and lead by "Shanxi fine."

"Shanxi boutique" will encourage enterprises to continuously upgrade the quality of products.

"Shanxi boutique" to a broader international market, 90% of general purpose, less than 5% of the standard, only for the German market. German Institute for Standardization has launched a number of 30000 standard, the standard every 10 years, there are nine become EU standards, there are two international standards, ranking first in all the national standards bodies. 5 to 10 years, Shanxi restructuring and development of the window period, critical period, as the "Shanxi boutique" Common brand building, will solve the problem of the province of products and services brand influence to a large extent, the core competitiveness is not strong problem, will also have more and more become a brand in Shanxi, Shanxi, and even China’s gold card. (Meng-ting).