[Review line] Yellow River Network comment: Don’t forget the national humiliation, Yuan Dream China

[Review line] Yellow River Network comment: Don’t forget the national humiliation, Yuan Dream China

This year is an 84th anniversary of the Nanjing Masshache tragedy.

At 10:00 on December 13, the National Memorable Ceremony of the Nanjing Massacre in 2021 was held.

Before and after December 13, Jiangsu will organize 18 mass mission activities in the theme of "Don’t forget the National Shame, Dream China".

(Source: Xinhua Net "The eighth country of public sacrifice will hold 18 commemorative activities in Jiangsu") ") On December 13 this year, it is the eighth Nanjing Massacre National Fighting Day.

The National Secretary, for Nanjing, for China, is a symbol of humiliation, and it is also a scar that never abuses. The establishment of the national public sacrament is to keep in mind the deep disaster caused by the aggression war to the Chinese people and the people of the world. This is not only the best respect for history, but also the best comfort to the dead compatriots! It is also our Chinese attitude we let the people of all countries in all countries and peace! We must remember history, don’t forget the national humiliation, use history as a training, stronger, realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, let the people of all countries and peace of peace.

Remember history, don’t forget the national humiliation. On December 13, 1937, the Japanese invasion of China captured Nanjing. In this month, the Chinese people in Nanjing City were killed, the mountain river broke, and the home broke.

This is the memory of blood and tears.

In order to mourn the victims in the Nanjing Massacre and all the death-making compatriots killed by Japanese aggressors during the Japanese Imperialist War, 2014 Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress will be established as a Nanjing Massacre in December 13 in the legislative form. National public festival day. The establishment of the national public festival is to remember the past, and it is more condolence to the people, and the measures to meet the public opinion are intended to remember the history, told the Death, and wake the people. Do not forget the national humiliation. Today, we live in a peaceful age, but the traces left in the history still appear in front of us, and the fire is bombarded to smash the crowd, sound, two, one, one hundred, one thousand people … Down.

This massacre, violates basic humanitarian, is a brutal cleaning that shocked the world.

Today, whenever we read this bloody page, we will still stab their hearts deeply.

We must remember history, don’t forget the national humiliation, can not forget the history of the anti-war 14 years, the humiliation of the mountain river, the tragedy of the river, the fullness of the sore; every Chinese, you must keep this in mind this unimery History, with the name of the country, the suffering of Yesterday and tomorrow’s dreams, the eternal life does not forget history, keep in mind the national public festival day. Strive for strong map, dreaming of China. Today, the wheels of history have entered 2021, but the anti-Japanese war suffering and blood tears are still in our hearts, the history of the Chinese nation’s grief and anti-antibiotic intertwined history is always in the heart of each Chinese.

While revisiting this humiliation history, we should keep in mind the great history of blood and life, learn and inherit the martyrs, the patriotic feelings of the martyrs, and the people who are responsible for death, the unyielding nationality, not afraid The heroes of violence, bloody, perseverance, perseverance, strong win belief, strong ideals and beliefs in their ordinary and ordinary jobs, increase knowledge skills, temper Germany It has achieved the power of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Don’t forget the national humiliation, dreaming of China.

This year, the national public festival series has two characteristics, one and the content is highlighted.

The second is to interact under the form of the protruding line.

Opposing war, cherish peace, is what the world is needed. At present, the world is facing a large change in the past 100 years, the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, so that the narrow national interestism, the populism accelerates, and the economic inverse globalization is more intensified. To this end, we must not only remember history in the national public sacrificial day, don’t forget the national humiliation, but also in daily life, stronger, round dream China, let the great revival of the Chinese nation soon, let the peace of the salary Let the people of the world to enjoy and peace. This is not only the best respect for history, but also the best comfort to the dead compatriots! Xing Yunpeng Xu Yang.

In the first four months of this year, Hebei Air Quality History is best at the same time

In the first four months of this year, Hebei Air Quality History is best at the same time

  The average concentration decreased year -on -year%%%year -on -year%. In the first four months of this year, the province’s air quality history is best to learn from the "2021 Hebei Ecological Environment Press Conference" held by the Provincial Government News Office. Essence The average air quality integrated index of air quality from January to April of the province was a decrease of%year -on -year; the average concentration was 48 micrograms/cubic meter, a year -on -year decrease of%; It decreased by 4 days compared with the same period last year; cities in the province’s unprecedented districts ranked in the country’s key cities in the country.

  This year, our province will focus on solving the systemic, root, and structural problems of atmospheric pollution, unchanged direction, unstoppable strength, and cure of symptoms. The goals of more than 270 days will make every effort to promote the coordination of carbon reduction coordination.

  Strengthen the coordinated control of fine particles () and ozone (O3), coordinated governance of nitrogen oxides (NOX) and volatile organic matter (VOCS), vigorously promote the implementation of the "ten measures", and highlight the prevention and control of key areas, fields, industries, and periods. Comprehensively strengthen the governance of industrial, facial source, and ozone, tightly twist and consolidate the results of the "post -ten" achievements, accurately cope with pollution weather, coordinate air pollution control and high -quality development, and improve the level of scientific governance.

Seven special actions have been implemented to do a good job in the implementation of industrial enterprises’ full -scale discharge, diesel truck pollution control, dust pollution control, industrial cluster upgrade, catering oil smoke, ozone pollution prevention, and heavy pollution weather elimination.

  In terms of scientific governance, the Provincial Department of Ecological and Environment Innovation and non -on -site regulatory law enforcement methods, and introduced the standards for enterprise pollutant emissions, online facility installation standards, and online monitoring data quality control standards, and standardized enterprises to discharge pollution according to law and enhance the environmental protection governance of the enterprise through standards Level. Establish and improve the all -weather regulatory system, remote law enforcement system, inspection and management system for enterprises, corporate appeal review systems, and quantitative points assessment systems to ensure the implementation of various governance measures.

Establish a smart environmental protection management platform and a remote law enforcement platform, and shift the traditional regulatory and law enforcement of traditional relying on people to rely on intelligent means, and vigorously build a non -on -site regulatory law enforcement model that "everything is not disturbed, has no basis, and is slightly punished." Strengthen accurate management and control, implement classification management, carry out performance grading management of nearly 30,000 industries in the province, and carry out the "promotion A Jin B" action. The list of list companies increased by 35%.

(Reporter Ma Yanming).

Urgent worried that Lhasa Lhasa in Tibet should check the property issues reflected by the masses one by one

Urgent worried that Lhasa Lhasa in Tibet should check the property issues reflected by the masses one by one

The first is about the problem of the water meter replacing the water company.

After verification, in order to completely solve the contradictions and disputes caused by the problems of public water meters and water existing costs, combined with urban water supply "one household and one meter measurement system, metering to households", the community started to prepare to transform the water meter in 2020. The work of the household "work" on October 15, 2020 told the owner of the community to inform the owner of the community to plan to transform the "one household and one table" water meter and need to take a picture and archive the bottom of the old water meter during the transformation. Public announcement. During the period, because some owners did not see the notification of not taking photos and archives of the old water meter bottom, the tap water company did not take pictures and archives of the bottom of the water meter at each household in the community due to the large number of residents of the community. Some owners are controversial about the water costs before the transformation of "one household and one table". To this end, the Lhasa Housing and Urban Construction Bureau has required property service companies to coordinate issues such as the owners of the community and the water meter per household in the community and the water charges of water.

Second, the problem of stopping vehicles in the community.

After verification, due to the earlier construction time, the number of parking spaces for planning and design is small, and the surrounding supporting facilities are not in place. As the number of private cars in the community continues to rise, parking problems in the community are increasingly prominent. Randomly and other phenomena. The Lhasa Housing and Construction Bureau has required property service companies to formulate resolution measures for vehicle parking as soon as possible in accordance with the actual situation of parking spaces in the community to give priority to meeting the parking needs of the owners of the community.

At present, the property company has formed a preliminary rectification plan. It is planned to strengthen the vehicle registration system of the community by re -setting up the community vehicle identification system and prohibit foreign vehicles from entering the community for no reason.

At the same time, the rectification plan is planned to hold the owner meeting in the near future, and it will be implemented after soliciting the opinions of the owners of the community.

The third is the problem of damage to the green belt.

After verification, in the early stage, due to the reconstruction of fire protection facilities and equipment and water meter "one house, one table" transformation project, it caused to varying degrees of damage to the green belt of some areas of the community. At present, the property service company is watering and fertilizing the green plants of the community. After the maintenance work, it is planned to conduct comprehensive maintenance of the green belt of the community in early May 2022. Fourth, the problem of incomplete fire protection facilities.

After verification, due to the inadequate management of the property security personnel in the early stage, there were problems with the loss of fire equipment (such as water bands, fire extinguishers, etc.) and some fire -fighting equipment in some corridors. , Comprehensively investigate the community fire protection facilities and equipment, and purchase the corresponding fire protection equipment as soon as possible to ensure that the equipment equipment of the residential fire safety equipment complies with the "Fire Fighting Law of the People’s Republic of China".

In conjunction with the actual situation of the community, the community fire emergency plan is formulated to further improve the fire safety system of the community. Strengthen the training and education of security personnel in the community, strengthen the awareness of fire safety and security of property management personnel, and ensure the safety of the lives and property of residents in the community.

Fifth, the problem of constant elevator failure.

After verification, due to the earlier construction time of the community, some elevator equipment in the community was large frequency due to aging and damage of accessories and damage. In view of the frequent failure of some elevators, the property service company organized an elevator maintenance unit to hold a meeting in early March, which clearly required the elevator maintenance unit to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the elevator in the community and timely maintenance and maintenance. After comprehensive maintenance, the current elevator failure rate in the community has been effectively improved compared with last year.

In response to this issue, the Lhasa Housing and Construction Bureau has required property service enterprises to strengthen the management and inspection of supporting facilities and equipment in the community, effectively do the elevator maintenance work, and further improve the daily maintenance work to ensure the timely maintenance and maintenance work. And daily life and so on.

At the same time, the elevator maintenance unit of the community is required to do the maintenance and maintenance of facilities and equipment to ensure the normal operation of elevators in the community.

Sixth is the issue of sanitary, messy, and poor environmental environment. After verification, there are 12 and 27 unit buildings in the community. The community is equipped with eight cleaning personnel. Daily cleaning and disinfecting the community channels and surrounding environments.

Due to the large number of buildings in the community, the professionalism and responsibility of cleaning personnel, the phenomenon of environmental sanitation in some areas has not been cleaned up in time. The Lhasa Housing and Construction Bureau has required property service companies to further strengthen the system of cleanliness and sanitation management in the community, and improve the frequency of sanitation cleaning in public regions to ensure the clean and tidy and tidy living environment of the community.

Seventh, there is a bad attitude towards property service staff.

After verification, due to the dispute between the owner and the order of parking spaces, the property service enterprise intends to improve the difficulty of parking in the community through the reorganization of the community vehicle identification system after communicating with the owner. The Lhasa Housing and Construction Bureau has required property service companies to gradually realize the co -administration mechanism of property service companies and the owners of the community. With the guidance and coordination of the territorial department and the street neighborhood committee, assist the owners of the community to set up an owner committee to solve the problem of urgency in the community to resolve the problem of anxiety. Create a good living environment together.

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Dragon lights, fish lanterns, river lights … The way of celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival here is too "dazzling"!

Dragon lights, fish lanterns, river lights … The way of celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival here is too "dazzling"!

  There are three days before the Dragon Boat Festival of the traditional Chinese Festival.

  However, on May 28th, Hule Town, Ningguo City, "Inheritance of non -heritage culture to create an art countryside -7 days in southern Anhui · Our Dragon Boat Festival" series of intangible cultural heritage exhibition has begun.

  There are a lot of "looking at the head" of this performance, followed by Xuan Xiaozheng to see! Packing up "Pillow" at more than 3 pm, more and more residents were gathered on the long table in the center of Hu Le Laoshong Street. Everyone was a group in a group, and they wrapped up the dumplings with a smile.

  "We wrapped the pillow dumplings owned by Hu Led, which is big and flavorful!" The resident Fang Genzhang said, but the work in his hand did not stop, his fingers quickly, and a pillow was formed.

  Sharing long -table banquet Hule Old Street has always had a tradition of long -table food. On the old streets of the bluestone slab, the long stools of the wooden table are neatly placed, and the white flower tablecloth is covered with a blue -bottomed white flower tablecloth. Pillow dumplings, handmade ravioli, mung bean cakes, salted duck eggs, and Hu Le Xiao Bao, old steamed buns and other "debut". With the sweet fruits of sweet fruits on the long table, the fragrance, fruit aroma, and Ai leaves are fused and overflowing, and it is instantly scattered on the entire old street, which makes people mouth saliva.

  The "three lamps" together to attract many photography "big coffee" to gather this time. The biggest highlight is the intangible cultural heritage -dragon lamp, fish lanterns, and river lanterns "three lanterns" staggered. The night was counted, and the lantern was at the beginning. Hule Old Street was decorated with bright lights, and the flowing was colorful and extraordinarily gorgeous. After a while, with the sound of gongs and drums, the golden dragon lanterns appeared on the old street.

The more than ten meters long golden dragon flipped up and down, and lively, the entire ancient town was immersed in a peaceful atmosphere. The most distinctive feature of the "three lamps" is the "fish lantern". Under the colorful fireworks, the magnificent fish lantern teams began to cruise along the village. This 8 -meter -long fish lantern was carried forward by ten strong men, and the children followed all kinds of small fish lanterns. The scene was lively and spectacular.

  "This fish lantern was made from Jixi County to ask the master to guide the villagers. It was also the first time that it performed on the old street. I hope to bring a different feeling to the villagers!" Said Wang Shuzhou, mayor of Hu Lezhen.

  The Dragon Boat Festival is also a traditional festival for praying for health. The villagers came to the River under the Lianfu Bridge, put all kinds of river lights into the river, and pinned their beautiful wishes to pray for the wind and the sun and Guotai people.

Looking at the bridge, the colorful river lights flutter with the water for several times, just like a little starlight bright night sky.

  At 7 o’clock in the evening, the "three lamps" gathered: overlooking from the air, the golden dragon lanterns performed on the Lianfu Bridge, the colorful fish lanterns patrold on the landscape dam, the colorful river lights fluttered on the Xijin River … the atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival festival festivals Pull directly.

  In recent years, Hule Town has been committed to the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage, actively build artistic villages, and use cultural creativity to empower rural revitalization.

At the same time, through continuously organizing a series of cultural tourism publicity and promotion activities, it is continuously called the Cultural Tourism brand, so that the millennium ancient town once became the "Internet celebrity" punch -in attractions and hot spots. (Li Xiaohong and Xu Yan all media reporter Gu Weilin).

Xinhua Full Media+丨 The profit of industrial enterprises in the country in the first 4 months increased by 3.5% year -on -year

Xinhua Full Media+丨 The profit of industrial enterprises in the country in the first 4 months increased by 3.5% year -on -year

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 27 (Reporter Wei Yukun) The National Bureau of Statistics released data on the 27th. In the first four months of this year, the profit of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by%year -on -year, and the growth rate fell 5 percentage points from the previous three months.

However, the operating income of industrial enterprises has increased by%year -on -year, and the profitability of enterprises’ profit improvement is still strong.

  Statistics show that in the first four months, the profit of mining industry increased doubled year -on -year, and continued to maintain rapid growth; the profit of manufacturing decreased by%, and the decrease was expanded from the previous three months. %, The decline is slightly narrowed. In some regions and industries, the epidemic was greatly affected, and the profit growth of the drop -down industrial enterprises was significantly increased.

According to Zhu Hong, a senior statistician of the Department of Industry of the National Bureau of Statistics, the profit of industrial enterprises in the eastern and northeast regions in the past 4 months decreased by%and%, which affects the growth rate of industrial enterprises from the previous three months.

  Affected by factors such as the short -term impact of the domestic epidemic and the more complicated and severe situation of the international situation, the short -term pressure on the profit of industrial enterprises in April was obvious.

In the month, the profit of industrial enterprises decreased by%year -on -year, and the profit of manufacturing decreased by%. Although the profit growth of industrial enterprises has declined, the benefits of industrial enterprises still have the foundation of stable recovery. Zhu Hong said that in the past four months, the profit of industrial enterprises above designated size still increased at the higher base of the same period last year. From the assets and battalions, the total assets of industrial enterprises above designated size at the end of April increased a total of%year -on -year, and the owner’s equity increased by%, all in the past five years, and the scale of enterprises continued to develop. Enterprise resumption of work and re -production accelerate. Zhu Hong said that at present, the emergence of the epidemic prevention and control situation in the Yangtze River Delta region has improved. The re -production and re -production of enterprises is steadily promoted, and the impact of the epidemic on industrial enterprises is expected to gradually weaken.

  "With the general stability of the national epidemic situation, the re -production and re -production of enterprises has been promoted in an orderly manner, and the policy effects of the various policy burden on the market entity will be continuously released. Implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, actively unblock the blocking points of the industrial chain supply chain, help enterprises to relieve difficulties, and continue to create more favorable conditions for industrial enterprises’ operating conditions.

  related news.

Russian Ministry of Defense: The Russian army destroyed about 360 Urpical Destroy Destroy Radar Station in the north

Russian Ministry of Defense: The Russian army destroyed about 360 Urpical Destroy Destroy Radar Station in the north

Russia reported on the 3rd that the Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Konarkov said at a press conference that day that the Russian army eliminated about 360 Ukraine one day, destroyed a group of Ukraine military weapons and equipment and a monitoring Doneds.The radar station in Slavicanco, a heavy town in the northern part of the Ke area.

Konarkov said that the Russian Air Force destroyed 37 military bases, 1 set of Sam-8-type land-to-air missile system, 13 tanks, 4 multi-tube rockets systems, 4 ammunition and 26 vehicles, and 26 vehiclesMilitary vehicles, shot down 3 drones, intercept 3 "tornado" rocket artillery shells.The Russian missile forces destroyed 26 commanders, 122 artillery positions, 537 military strongholds and 5 ammunition warehouses in one day.According to Konarkov, since the special military operations on Ukraine, the Russian army has destroyed 186 aircraft, 129 helicopters, 1087 drones, 328 air defense missile systems, 3386 tanks and other armored tanks, 462The multi -tube rocket system, 1760 field artillery and mortar and 3376 military vehicles.

"Honderden rode tutoring mensen spreken 100 jaar" in universiteiten

"Honderden rode tutoring mensen spreken 100 jaar" in universiteiten

Originele titel: "Honderden rode tutoring mensen spreken 100 jaar party geschiedenis" in hogescholen en universiteiten (Reporter Niu Weikun) "100 rode speech", een honderd jaar oude feestgeschiedenis "VIVID van worstelen voor het cre?ren van geweldige resultaten. Bij de openbare bijeenkomst spreekt Jiaxing South Lake Scenery, Jiang Yingying, Nanchang Bayi, de Memorial Memory, de Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Oorlog Memorial Hall, Li Yang en andere 10 National Red Stories om uitstekende spelers, National Red Tourism "vijf uit te leggen Goede "verklaringen leden, vol met diepe genegenheid, de eenheid van de Chinese Communistische Partij leidt de revolutie van het volk, de bouw, de grote praktijk van de hervorming, interpreteer de grote geest van de Chinese Communistische Partij door honderd jaar en de grote geest van ontberingen en ontberingen.

  Het verhaal van Red Explanation maakt meer dan 500 mensen die aanwezig zijn in het evenement.

Zhang Yang, School of Culture and Communication, Beijing Second Foreign Languages, "Als een nieuw tijdperk van studenten, zijn wij de getuigen van het grote tijdperk, maar ook het succes van de Chinese nationale verjonging, moet bekend staan ??als het feest, kennen De geschiedenis van het land in het tijdperk van een klein jaar, ben ik ge?ntegreerd in het tijdperk van de Yangtze-rivier, en bouw een glorie van de Chinezen! "" 100 Rood Sprekend personeel zei dat de 100-jarige partij geschiedenis "predikte Activiteit wordt georganiseerd door de afdeling Culturele en Toerisme. Van april tot juni gaan de predikingsactiviteiten de organen binnen, betreden de school en betreden het leger. (Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao holding special meetings to deepen meteorological cooperation

Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao holding special meetings to deepen meteorological cooperation

People’s Daily Online, Macau, May 5th (Reporter Fuzi Mei) The Meteorological Department of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Meteorological Department recently held a special meeting of meteorological cooperation in Hengqin to further strengthen the meteorological joint defense report of the Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge. The meeting was held in a combination of online and offline. Xiong Yali, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Bureau, and Chen Baiwei, assistant director of the Hong Kong Observatory, attended the online manner. Zhang Guoji, the acting director of the Urban Planning and Construction Bureau of Australia in Australia, attended the offline meeting. At the meeting, the relevant departments reached an agreement on the real -time communication platform of the establishment of the Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge meteorological service. It is expected that by optimizing the sharing method of the meteorological data of the Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge, it is better to unify the meteorological information and provide a more secure pass for the Hong Kong -Zhuhai -Macao Bridge. Serving precise and thoughtful meteorological guarantee.

At the same time, through the meeting, the Macao Meteorological Department strengthened the meteorological services of Hengqin Guangdong -Australia’s deep cooperation zone in bad weather, further deepening the cooperation of the weather, bad weather forecasts, and collaborative release of early warning information. Exchange mechanism.

In addition, the Zhuhai Meteorological Bureau also introduced the low -carbon ecological meteorological smart service project in Shenhe District, and the participants visited the Meteorological Ecological Monitoring Station of Hengqin Mangzhou Wetland Park.

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"Good Heart"?careful!Be wary of "sin" from the sky

"Good Heart"?careful!Be wary of "sin" from the sky

Recently, the "Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China" officially implemented, and my country’s personal information protection rule of law reached a new level.Xinhua News Agency reporter discovered that in many remote rural areas, there is lawless elements to promote medical insurance electronic vouchers, and defrauding the important personal information of villagers, it needs to be vigilant.Be wary of medical insurance electronic vouchers to push new scam medical insurance electronic vouchers issued by national unified medical information platform, which is the identity of the people and related agencies.According to the person in charge of the relevant work of the State Medical Insurance Bureau, through the medical insurance electronic voucher, the participating people can do not need to carry the entity card certificate, you can complete the registration consultation, medical insurance settlement, check the medicine and other related medical services, effectively improve the medical experience of the masses..

my country’s 31 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have supported medical insurance electronic vouchers. According to the "14th Five National Medical Security Plan" issued by the State Council, my country will accelerate the construction of intelligent medical insurance public service platforms such as medical insurance electronic vouchers, and the National Medical Insurance Bureau will continue to promote the application of medical insurance electronic vouchers. The reporter learned that the current third-party channel platform, which has received medical insurance electronic voucher access authorized, for convenient rural residents, especially the long-term rural residents. Village push forms help local people activate medical security electronic vouchers.

The reporter learned from the Guang’an Detachment of the Guangxi Guigang Public Security Bureau. Not long ago, the local police successfully knocked off a unmanage of the village’s important personal information in the name of the village. In the 3 months, the group has been registered with 10,000 network accounts with the mobile phone number and related personal information of 10,000 people, and sold profit. In addition, the individual information they sell is more than tens of thousands of individual information.

Cai Hua, the four brigade of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Guigang City Public Security Bureau, told reporters that such illegal villages have become an important source of illegal activities such as online fraud, gambling, not only alleged serious illegal crimes, but also caused personal information to be cheated. The crime of villagers from the sky.

The strike is a difficulty: the demand is true, the acting is good, the interest reporter investigation found that the criminals often select the far-reaching rural areas, the gang level is clear, the division of labor is clear, the hidden sex, deceptiveness is characterized, and the difficulty is added. Illegal villages pursue real needs and enhance spoof. As of July this year, my country’s medical insurance e-voucher all channel activation users have exceeded 100 million.

However, the current rural areas, especially the rural registration of the remote areas, and activate the medical insurance electronic voucher compared to the city, which is less than the specific conditions, the villagers, especially the middle-aged villagers promote the villages opposite the village, guide the use of medical insurance The voucher has an urgent need.

The criminals play a policy to promote the scorpion, forgery, deceive the village cadres and villagers.

They will be in the imitation of regular team uniforms, with fake working documents, fake medical insurance documents, and use the official slogan of the medical insurance bureau. Zhang An, the vice captain of the Net Anshan Team, the Guigang Municipal Public Security Bureau, told the reporter that most of the people of illegal villages will be located in the village committee office building, some village cadres who are unknown, will be enthusiastic to introduce and organize personnel, and the villagers are really False fault.

To make a case, this kind of unscrupulous group has a special illustrative template for this unmanaged manner. The gang is strong, and the way of committing a crime can be simply copied.

The reporter learned that illegal villages are generally promoted in the county and urban levels, and the criminals are invested in villages.

They play a shot to change a place, the flow commit, will immediately destroy the relevant evidence and continue to commit crimes. In addition, illegal villages will be simple, and people can immediately go with a slight training.

There is a complete black production chain after push back, and the stimulation is huge.

This gang we knocked by us, through illegal villages to push an accounting of 200 villagers’ mobile phone numbers and other important personal information.

Zhang Mai told reporters that the gang’s illegal business is distributed in Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Sichuan and other places. They have acquired personal information and black accounts that are illegally acquired by unroclianted people from all over the world, and they use them for online fraud, gambling. Wait for unscrupulous activities, form a clear black production chain. The police also reminded that the mobile phone number of middle-aged and elderly people in rural areas have not registered online accounts, and they lack the smartphone, the vigilance is poor, and it is an ideal prey of criminals. Strengthen the police, enterprises, medical joints, and the deep public security department website recently published that the national public security organ Netan department combines the special action of net network 2021, severely hit the medical insurance electronic voucher, etc., illegally collect the rural middle and old people Personal information such as mobile phone number and maliciously registered the illegally push gang of trafficking online accounts. At present, there have been 90 cases of relevant cases, and more than more than 60 people were defeated, and more than 550 suspects were arrested, more than 60 people were seized by illegal citizens 10,000 people, more than 40,000 network black numbers.

Experts suggest that the relevant departments have taken measures, establish and improve the intensive mechanism of hitting rectification, and protect the security of the masses. Improve the awareness of the masses and enhance their intelligence services. Currently, proven to prevent telecommunications network fraud and citizen information is an important part of the construction of safe rural construction. The police reminded that the masses should improve the vigilance and consciousness of safeguarding personal information security. Do not hand over the goods such as mobile phones to strangers alone, do not scan the unknown QR code to avoid the machine.

Yao Hua, a researcher in Guangxi Social Sciences, said that most of the victims, most of the victims are rural elderly, and the relevant departments should pay special attention to enhance the intelligent service level, and improve the medical service experience, protect the elderly, especially underdeveloped rural areas. People enjoy the rights of technical dividends. Increase formal channels to promote the activation of medical insurance electronic vouchers. Lu Hui suggested that the director of the Office of the Guigang Medical Insurance Bureau, on the one hand, should increase the medical insurance electronic voucher of the two institutions such as fixed-point pharmacy and fixed-point hospitals to activate the application promotion. On the other hand, the village cadres should strengthen links with relevant government agencies, actively master Relevant policies and information, strengthening the village push team to avoid the risks of villagers. Improve the police, enterprises, and medical contact mechanisms.

Cai Hua suggested that the regulatory agency responds to the operational promotion activities carried out in the region in the regional platform channels, and the relevant agencies should freeze or log out of the malicious registered virtual account. Yang Zhihe suggested, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Information Management, Heilongjiang University, should establish a constant linkage and notification mechanism as soon as possible. Police, the medical insurance department and technology enterprises should strengthen communication, in the Qing Dynasty, the illegal registration account is checked, and the resulting force is formed when the crime association information is cleared, and the behavior of infringement of the information security in time is timely.

Luzhou Transportation Law Enforcement Detachment Yongdang Highway Services Pioneer Luzhou News Luzhou Information

Luzhou Transportation Law Enforcement Detachment Yongdang Highway Services Pioneer Luzhou News Luzhou Information

  A few days ago, the person in charge of Anhui New Blue Sky Steel Structure Co., Ltd. was troubled by more than 3,000 tons of large steel structure truss due to ultra -wide and long transportation, and may not be able to send it to the construction site of a key project in Jiangsu Province in time. After learning about the situation, the Municipal Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment rushed to the enterprise to work on the spot, and handled the "Pass" in accordance with laws and regulations, which solved the worries of the enterprise.

  Since the beginning of this year, the detachment has taken the opportunity to deepen the implementation of "one change and two for five achievements", based on the concerns of market subjects, strengthen responsibility, actively take the initiative, and continue to create a good business environment.

Through the lower grass -roots level, visiting enterprises, and the person in charge of the enterprise, the owner, and the driver of the enterprise, listen to public opinion, exchange the people’s wisdom, comprehensively understand the opinions and suggestions of regulating comprehensive transportation law enforcement, promoting the quality of service quality, and optimizing the business environment of the enterprise.

In addition, the core work of "preservation of epidemic prevention, unblocked, transportation, transportation, and stability" is taken as the starting point, and the first pass of the "external prevention input" is prevented and controlled by the epidemic.

  Carry out special rectification actions, focus on improving the level of comprehensive law enforcement, and lay the foundation for the excellent environment of the enterprise. Continue to carry out special actions of road remediation, actively create a safe and smooth driving environment, and ensure that the roads are smooth and the safety of people and vehicles. Take road inspections and fixed -point inspections to severely investigate and deal with illegal acts such as passenger cars outside the bus station, and accurately crack down on illegal operations of illegal operations. (All media reporter Bao Zengguang Correspondent Mei Lingli).