Tibet: Yanghu ecological environment continues to be good

Tibet: Yanghu ecological environment continues to be good

What is the length of the pumping storage power plant for you? How did you run? Xinhua News Agency reporter went into Anhui Xiangshui Pumping storage power station, bringing you to explore. The power station is located in Fuqiao Town, Wujiang District, Wuhu City, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. The total installed capacity is 1 million kilowatts. It has 4 single-machine capacity 25,000 kilowatts reversible water pump hydraulic generator sets, which can be divided into upper reservoirs, lower reservoirs, water supply systems, Subway factory and ground switch station and other parts.

18 Qinghai has to go to the 188-month-old "Mao" in the treatment of neogong pneumonia, which has been able to complete the training in the training site, and complete a move, "Mail beans" will play with the training. " Pulling the war "- is also the" tug "said by the training, is a reward for the" Mail beans "to complete the task.

In the early morning, Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital supported the "Fire" mobile cranks behind Heilong, and Liu Bing and teammates were tightened for nucleic acid specimens. Liu Bing, born in 1997, is a "fire" mobile crankshak laboratory medical team for Heilongjiang Hospital.

After the diagnosis of diagnosed cases on October 27, Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital was first assembled for the medical staff to help the black river.

On 1711, under the joint support of the three-legged railway police in Wuhan, Hengyang and Shijiazhuang, the kidneys donated by the third hospital in Hebei Medical University passed the human donation organ transfer green channel, passed G2055 "revival" high-speed rail The train passed the Wuhan Railway Station at 16:39 on the same day, and the Wuhan Tongji Hospital was sent at 17:32.

According to the latest news, renal transplant surgery has been completed overnight, and the transplanted kidney has been working properly. 17 Recently, Beijing Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou Division Yunding Ski Park has been installed, and the staff is busy carrying secondary plastic in the track, preparing for the upcoming test. 17 Hot Blood War – Peking Wilderness Testation of the Noverend, China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive examination (drone photo) on the Zheng Ji high-speed rail Yellow River special bridge.

16 According to the prevention and control of exhibition in Dalian, Liaoning Province, on the afternoon of November 11th, the five-football team "Falcon" square cabin nucleic acid detection laboratory was put into use in Dalian Sports Center.

"Falcon" undertakes all members of the Zhuanghe City under Dalian, screening nucleic acid specimen testing, with a maximum of 80,000 tubes per day. On the morning of 1617, the Beijing Stock Exchange was held and opened in the opening ceremony. The North Exchange is unveiled, and it is another important landmark incident of my country’s capital market reform and development. It is also a new starting point for the new three-board market to actively explore the new starting point of the Popular Financial Road with Chinese characteristics.


The Supreme People’s Court releases the 30th batch of 6 guidance cases

The Supreme People’s Court releases the 30th batch of 6 guidance cases

   Recently, the Supreme People’s Court issued the 30th batch of 6 guidance cases, mainly for civil contract related cases, to trial similar cases at all levels of the people’s courts.

  Guidance Case No. 166 "Beijing Longchang Weiye Trade Co., Ltd. Contract Dispatants" Malicious is obvious, serious violations of honesty credit do not fulfill the agreement, the people’s court requests whether to reduce whether the request to reduce the breach of contract in the liquidated contract lawsuit.

This case is based on the principles of fair principles and honest credit principles. The people’s court may not adjust the liquidated damages, and to effectively prevent the parties to avoid the implementation, "false reconciliation, true escape", protect the legitimate interests of the agreement, and guide the parties. Trustworthiness has positive significance. Instructional Case No. 167 "Beijing Datang Fu Co., Ltd. V. Shandong Baifu Logistics Co., Ltd. Traffic Contract Dispatants" An additional creditor that is not actually cleared, and the people’s court shall support it.

This case explains the premise of subrogation litigation main creditor’s debt destruction is the relative people actually fulfilled their clear obligations.

When the relative person did not actually perform a clear obligation, the main debtor claimed another lawsuit against the debtor without constituing repeated litigation.

The case established this referee rules to implement the relevant provisions of the People’s Court to implement the Civil Code, which has important significance correctly. Instructional Case No. 168, "CITIC Bank Co., Ltd. Dongguan Branch, Chen Zhihua and other financial loan contract disputes" The creditor claims the mortgage contract to bear the responsibility of breach of contract within the value of the collateral, and the people’s court shall support it. And clarified that the mortgage authority has failed to register that the mortgage is registered, and the compensation responsibility of the mortgress will be reduced accordingly.

The case solves the problem of mortgage and mortgage in the current trial practice, causing the right to mortgage, whether the mortgress should take responsibility and how to take responsibility and other legal applications. Guidance Case No. 169 "Xu Xin Chamber of Business Bank Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yanxi Branch Bank Card Dispute Case" Reduced loss liability, the issuance of the card does not provide evidence that the cardholder violates the information to properly keep the obligation, only with the cardholder identification information and transaction verification information, the people’s court does not support it. This case has guiding significance for the people’s courts to determine the risks and responsibility sharing of the network stolen brush, and to standardize the behavior of the credit card, guarantee the security of bank card transactions, and maintain the legal rights of the cardholders have positive effects. The Housing Lease Contract Correction Case and Housing Rental Contract Correction of Rao Guo Zuo Zuo Property is clearly signed by the parties. Although it is a administrative regulation, it has been identified as a dangerous house to be demolished. The business hotel that may endanger unordance to endanger the unfivight public and property is clearly damaged the public interest, violating the public order, and thus should be invalidated according to law. The referee rules confirmed in this case are in line with the spirit of the Civil Code and the "Jiubin Association" spirit, which is conducive to regulating the order of the building rental market, reducing the dangerous house to the rental market, avoiding major people and property damage accidents, and guiding contract parties and social public Compliance with laws, administrative regulations and rules and regulations in civil activities and daily lives, honestly and trustworthy in accordance with the law, carrying forward the socialist core values ??and the kindness of the guiding significance.

  Instrumental Case 171 "Zhongtian Construction Group Co., Ltd. Zhidong and the Construction Project Construction Construction Construction Contract Convention" It advocates that it is construed as the contractor to exercise the construction project priority to the contractor during the construction project price. The contractor exercises the priority of the construction project by the contractor’s prosecution exceeds the defense period, and the people’s court does not support it.

This case has guiding significance for the people’s court to accurately grasp the exercise of the premiere of the construction project price. related news: .

Shenyang Disease Control Center reminds: not necessary to go to the high-risk area and its city

Shenyang Disease Control Center reminds: not necessary to go to the high-risk area and its city

  For scientific and precision, do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, continue to consolidate the unprystable anti-optic results of our city, and resolutely prevent the entry of the epidemic, maintain the normal social order and the development of the social economy, on September 22, Shenyang CDC reminds the majority Citizen: Pay close attention to domestic exteriority, not necessary to go to the high-risk area and its city.

  There are unwell symptoms to pay close attention to the domestic epidemic dynamics. It is not necessary to go to the high-risk area and its city, especially do not travel to Harbin, Xiamen, Putian, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou City. If you want to follow epidemic prevention measures, consciously follow the scenic spots, stations, airports and other places to measure the temperature, check code, and consciously wear masks, follow the "limited, appointment, wrong peak" requirements, do not gather, not pile.

Pay attention to hand health, touch less public goods. Do a good job in protecting peace of mind.

Enter the business timeout actively cooperate with temperature measurement, check code, all-way wearing mask, keep a meter social distance, touches the elevator buttons, escalator and other public goods. Control shopping time, preferred electronic payment. Wash your hands in a timely manner.

  There is discomfort symptoms to seek medical attention in time. I have a fever, cough, swallow, fatigue, sniffing (taste), etc. The hospital’s hot door diagnosis is investigated, such as a medical history, the history of activities and the history of activities, and timely detection of new crown virus.

Taking medical processes to avoid riding public transport. Travel returns should be self-health monitoring 14 days vaccination new crown virus vaccine is an effective measures to prevent new coronal pneumonia, but also the responsibility and obligation of every citizen, please meet the conditions that are still not vaccinated to complete the whole process as soon as possible. National immune barrier.

  Risk continues to exist, the risk is around, and the general public should continue to tighten the epidemic to prevent this string, do personal health protection, scientific norms wear masks, especially ride public transport, and wear masks when they act in crowds. .

Continue to maintain safety social distance in daily life, no pile, no gathering, hard-to-hand, Chang Tongfeng, less meals, dining system, enter and enter public places should actively cooperate with body temperature measurement, check health code (trip code), etc., advocate healthy lifestyle .

Keep indoor cleaning, often open window ventilation, and strengthen air circulation. Differential nutrition is balanced, and there is no hustle. Guaranteed enough sleep, adhere to the right amount of exercise. Double holiday travel returns to self-health monitoring 14 days. (Reporter Fanhua) +1.

Shanghai Taiwan culture exchange: cross-strait compatriots shared "multi-beauty"

Shanghai Taiwan culture exchange: cross-strait compatriots shared "multi-beauty"

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 3 (Reporter Pan Qing) Recently, Zhang Yi, awarded by Zhang Yi, awarded the theme of "Shan Down", revealed the Shanghai Glass Museum. "Taihu Shi", "Taihu Stone", feeling the "self-cultivation" of life, is integrated into the "flameworks" integration of the Eastern New Ink in the Eastern New Ink … nearly 30 glazed art boutiques Let the two-strait glazed art lovers in the mutual.

A series of precious items, documents, manuscripts and other precious items with works, recorded the founder of the glazed workshop and Yang Huizhen, from the movie to the glass, from Taiwan to establish a glazed workshop to establish a Shanghai Liuli House, Shanghai Glass Museum The process also witnessed the efforts and achievements of two artists to give modern art vitality for the Chinese traditional cultural treasures.

"Zhang Yi often said that China’s culture should use the Chinese language to express, the Chinese story should use the Chinese emotions.

Glass is not just a material, which contains the historical blood and cultural emotions of the Chinese nation. "You personally serve as the curator’s Yang Huizhen said. Shanghai, the blue-crossing company, Shanghai, not only attracted the eyes of many Taiwanese artists and cultural workers, but also became one of the most frequently lined-free cities in the branches of folk cultural exchanges.

Focus on different themes, recently Shanghai has several two-strait cultural exchange activities. On October 31, Taiji Cultural Exchange Activity, which was the theme of "two sides of the Taiji", in the mobile phone area, and was held in Changshi District, Shanghai Minhang District. Tai Chi, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Dance … Cross-strait Taiji master "emissions" to discuss, with Wu Shiyou.

120 enthusiasts express their love for Tai Chi with flash.

On-site interviews, online forums invited two sides of famous to talk through the inheritance and development of Taiji culture.

The Chairman of the Minhang District CPPCC, Zhu Xuejun said that Tai Chi is the precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, rich in connotation, full of philosophy, has become a valid carrier of martial arts exchange between the Taiwan Straits.

It is hoped that the two sides of the martial arts people exchanged each other, learning each other, enhanced each other, promoting two sides of martial arts inheritance, revitalizing and promoting China’s excellent traditional culture.

The half-year "Let love see you, you and I will realize the large-scale love charity activities on both sides of the strait, receiving the near future. The event was jointly hosted by the Shanghai Little Blue Art Troupe, Shanghai Xiaoshi Art Troupe, Shanghai Putuo District Suzhou River Culture and Art Festival Organizing Committee.

With the theme of love, the exchange of music is attracted to music, chorus groups and enthusiasts actively participate in the two sides of the strait, gather nearly 100 music video works, and each selection passage is close to 3 million views.

In the end, 20 branch group works were finalized, of which Shanghai Taiwanese business school, Shanghai Xiaoshixing Art Troupe received first prize.

After 10 years ago, after graduating from the Birmingham Music Academy of England, Taiwan’s music man Lin Zhongqi chose to the mainland. He participated in the founding and served as a command-oriented happy horseman choir received the second prize in the event. "For children, music is the best nutrient.

"Lin Zhongqi said, I hope to have the opportunity to participate in the two-strait cultural exchange activities, let the children understand each other in the interaction and enhance emotions.

From the beauty of the glass of glazes, to the beauty of the Taiji, then go to the music of the music.

Digital colored Shanghai exchange activities not only drawn close to the emotional distance of both strait compatriots, but also to share the "multi-beauty" of cultural art.

(Editor: Cui Implement, Liu Jie) Sharing let more people see.

Succes "Nanan Honey" heeft het National Geographic Logo-certificeringsmerk goedgekeurd

Succes "Nanan Honey" heeft het National Geographic Logo-certificeringsmerk goedgekeurd

Southeast Network 16 november (Ben correspondent correspondent Daibi Hong Chen Shih-Ting) Een paar dagen geleden, "Nanan Honey"-succes keurde het nationale geografische logo-certificeringsmerk goed.

Nanan City in het hele regio Klimaat, uitstekende ecologische omgeving, plantenvari?teit, bieden gunstige omstandigheden voor de habitat- en fokbijen, gefokt een lieveling van goede kwaliteit.

Nanan Hoofdafherking van de honing bedekte Xiangyang Township, Honglai Town, Hongmei Town, Luo Dong, negen uit elke stad, Lafont Town, MEI-stad, de havenstad, 23 dorpen en steden, landbouw Bee Populations van meer dan 100.000, de deelname van co?peraties , Stamboom Boerderij bosbouw en ander nieuw lichaam en heeft meer dan 1.000 huishoudens, de jaarlijkse output van de stad van meer dan 1.500 ton honing, de jaarlijkse productiewaarde van maximaal miljoen yuan, is Nanan City, functies en voordelen van de toonaangevende industrieel geworden Boseconomie.

"’Nam Honey’-geografische aanduidingen van acquisitie, kunnen de zichtbaarheid en de markt van de markt nanan, schat, honing, zeer verbeteren, de verkoopmarkt uitbreiden en het concurrentievermogen van de markt verbeteren, en kan nan’an-boeren aanzienlijk bevorderen, vertrouwt dit zoete dorp. Revitalisering, rijk biologisch deel van de provincie economie, ontwikkeling van bosbouw als een economische motor Nanan een andere. "Nanan City Forestry Bureau Personeel Yang Wenge Two Director zei:" We krijgen GIS tegelijkertijd, moeten de kans grijpen, een goede kwaliteit te begrijpen, Controle ‘Nam Honey’ GI-producten, het merk begon het merk Nanan Forest Development te promoten. "In de afgelopen jaren, Nanan City Forestry Bureau om de merkontwikkeling te leiden, promotie van" toonaangevende ondernemingen + + basis + boerenco?peraties "Model om leidinggevend te worden Ondernemingen en boeren Forest Land Shares Cooperative Forestry Industry Kenmerken, Foster Forestry Enterprises 8, 71 Cooperatieven, Stamboom Boerderij 51. Focus op groter en bosproduct merk, de initi?le formatie van onderscheidende, kwaliteit en goede reputatie en hoge marktaandeel van merkproducten, meer bestaande "drie cijfers van een standaard" product 30 "Nine Cents Gok" "Sink Sweet", " Yin Fang "" Stone-Xiang "kruidenhandelsmerk 9.

Taiyuan City exposed five arrears of labor compensation cases

Taiyuan City exposed five arrears of labor compensation cases

  Original title: The city exposed five arrears of labor remuneration case on June 19, the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau announced 5 arrears of labor remuneration cases. The employers and responsible persons involved, have been included in the "blacklist" of the migrant workers’ wages, and in order to record the integrity file, implement joint discipline.

  Jilin Province Shunxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. arrears on labor remuneration case on April 21, Xiaodian District People’s Social Security Bureau received the label of the laborer, reflecting the existence of arrears of the Jilin Shunxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Labor remuneration problem. After investigation, the project general contracting unit is China Building A Group Co., Ltd., and the labor company is Shunxiang Company. Shunxiang Company arrears 86 workers’ labor compensation for 10,000 yuan. On April 22nd, the Xiaodian District People’s Social Security Bureau decided to the "Labor Security Supervision and Correction Correction Decision" according to law, and the company has not fulfilled.

On April 27, the China Construction One Administration has passed the full mat of the migrant workers. Taiyuan Weibo English Training School Arrears Labor Remuneration Case Taiyuan Weibo English Training School is located at the 5th floor of Maogai Tiandi, No. 79, Pixin North Street, Xiaodian District, the statutory representative is Changkai, and the direct responsible person is Chen Shujiang.

On November 29, 2019, the Xiaodian District People’s Social Security Bureau received a complaint of the laborer, reflecting the issue of labor remuneration in the school.

After investigation, the school arrears 26 workers’ labor remuneration totaled 10,000 yuan.

  On January 13 this year, the Xiaodian District People’s Social Security Bureau reached the "Labor Safeguard Monitoring and Correction Correction Decision" according to law, and the school has not performed, which is suspected of refusing to pay labor compensation crimes.

On March 20th, the Xiaodian District People’s Social Security Bureau moved the case to the Xiaodian District Public Security Bureau and pursued criminal responsibility. Sichuan Guobian Building Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. arrears the labor remuneration case Sichuan Guobu Industrial Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is Chen Qiang, and the direct responsible person is Wang Xiaobin. On January 14, the Yingze District Human Social Security Bureau received a complaint of the laborer, reflecting the company ‘s labor remuneration. After investigation, the company arrears 65 workers’ labor remuneration totals 10,000 yuan. On January 16th, the Yingze District Human Social Security Bureau decided to the company "Labor Security Supervision and Correction Decision" according to law, and the company has not fulfilled.

  Taiyuan Source Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Drawing Labor Remuneration Cases Taiyuan Source Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is located 220 rooms, H-seat, No. 3, Taiyuan School, Taiyuan, Shanxi, Shanxi, and a legal representative. On October 12, 2019, the Wan Berlin District People’s Social Security Bureau received a complaint of the laborer, reflecting the company ‘s arrears of labor remuneration. After investigation, the company arrears 33 workers’ labor remuneration totals 10,000 yuan.

On December 25, 2019, the Wan Berlin District People’s Social Security Bureau issued the "Labor Security Supervision and Correction Correction Decision", the company has not fulfilled.

  Shanxi Xinjin, Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., arrears of labor remuneration case, Shanxi Xinjin, Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is located on No. 6, Yunmeng Road, Mengfeng Village, Mengfeng Town, Qingxu County. The legal representative is Guo Junxi.

On December 11, 2019, the Qingxu County People’s Social Security Bureau received a complaint, reflecting the company’s arrears of labor remuneration.

After investigation, the company arrears 12 workers’ labor remuneration totaled 10,000 yuan.

On December 16, 2019, the Qingxu County People’s Social Security Bureau issued "Labor Security Supervision and Correction Correction Correction Decision". On December 30, 2019, after paying the person, the company was committed to the remaining labor remuneration to be established on March 31, 2020, but did not fulfill it.

On April 15th, the Qingxu County People’s Social Security Bureau once again reached the "Labor Security Supervision and Correction Correction Decision", the company has not fulfilled.

(Reporter Zhang Yong).

Qianyang: Sweeping between Chengyu

Qianyang: Sweeping between Chengyu

"Shuangcheng" faith, the city of the hub looks on the map, Ziyang is the Chengdu-Chongqing door hub, Xiying Chengdu, the east, the location is unique.

It can be used, only one Longquan Mountain will make Ziyang and Chengdu "Two days of the day".In Jiang Ring Instructor, the project manager of CITIC Construction Civil Engineering Team, in the 1990s, Zhuyang City, very few people, "riding a motorcycle on the road."In just 30 years, Xianyang traffic will change the ground, and a large number of traffic key projects have been built.Jiang Yi, participated in the construction project construction of the Ziyang Xinxin District, the wordxishan park, and the eyebrows and other construction projects: "I didn’t expect Ziyang to become a transportation hub.

"On December 20, 2019, Jiang Yi came to the Economic Zone Industrial Incubation Center project project.

"Here is not far from Tianfu International Airport, and has helped economic district to help economic districts to achieve 10 minutes directly to Tianfu International Airport, and directly reach the main urban area of ??Chengdu.

"Jiang Yan said. Since the implementation of Double City Economic Circle in Chengyu, the high-speed, rail transit, and air construction of Zanyang are connected to the" fast forward ". On December 31, 2020, it is high-speed The highway is officially opened.

This highway is directly about 110 kilometers, directly connects the Sichuan Tianfu New District and Chongqing Qijiang New District two national new districts. On June 27, 202, Tianfu International Airport officially opened. As the province, Ziyang is a recent city from Tianfu International Airport, and it is also a comprehensive advantage of "Chengdu District, Qianyang Cost". Thickness, the industrial industry of innovation is beginning to "three-wire" construction period, is the birth base of the country’s important export internal combustion locomotive and the birthplace of the first oil and electricity. We will welcome major opportunities such as the construction of double-city economic circles in Chengdu, and the advantage of the feature industry is constantly emerging.

In the factory area of ??Zhongxiao, Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd., a "Wan Guo Rail" leaders.

The rail, narrow rail, wide rail, etc. Almost cover the gap between all host locomotives. In 1992, China’s first locomotive exported to overseas, it was starting from here. Chief Technology Experts, Chief Technology Experts in CHIT II, ??in 1987, Southwest Jiaotong University graduated from technology research and development. From Liquid Drive Technology, AC Drive Technology, to Hybrid Technology, he is a few technologies, leaders and witnesses: "Rail Transit products face huge markets, company researchers have started pre-technical reserves and R & D.

"At the exit of the high-speed Ziyang High-speed Zhanyang, China, China’s" Di Valley "quietly rises.

In the production workshop of Sichuan Bornkak Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Bangjie, the production person in charge, was in front of the central screw takeout program, and his workbench hangs a table full of demand.

When the product demand is large, Chen Bangjie even overtime to 34 o’clock in the morning. After 2017, the Bonel Group’s main business transformed into an independent research and development, entered the industry, and the product involved in oral composite treatment machines, implants, etc. Li Dejun, general manager of Born Group Sichuan Bomera Xingtang Equipment Co., Ltd., still remembered that when you move, only office space, no production plant, and the office area is still stopped.

After a few years of development, he witnessed 86 oral cavity industry projects such as Aiqi Technology and Kava Group, including 120 "Qianyang" products of 26 companies, and the country’s largest dental equipment industry Total prototype. Behind China’s "Tagare" is gradually formed, it is a personalized policy support for the company in the supply of land supply, plant lease, tax subsidies, talent introduction, product inspection and testing.

Xianyang accelerates the construction of "5 + 1" modern industrial system, vigorously develops strategic emerging industries, and promotes the production of high-end extensions to specialized high-end extensions, and the living service industry has been upgraded to quality.

"人 原 乡", the city of Wenxiao, the original cultural square, and all the public will work out in the morning. Walking in the square, the Lijiang water source is not broken down to downstream, three bridges across the Lijiang River are closely connected to the old city and high-tech zones. Located in the Chengdong New District, the Wiku Mountain Park is the first Chinese character culture theme park. In the word library hosted in the top of the word library, the "lettering", "lettering", which is well-established by Huang Rui, a well-known resignation, Huang Rui; in the park, "人 原 乡" 东 周, Western Han Dynasty The allusions of Dong Hao fully showcase the cultural heritage of the city. In recent years, Jianyang is committed to building a three-dimensional park city, and nearly 100 urban mountain natural resources have been protected. At present, Zany has 60 parks, 5 squares, 6 venues, greatly expanding people’s casual space.

Under the concept of promoting small towns, the county is also more responsive to Oxy.

Yurong Express An Yue exit 500 meters, a "Baosen Lemon Tourist Area" integrating "Eating, Live, Tour, Picking, Picking Experience" is putting a rural tourist attraction. It is understood that the annual tourism reception volume has reached more than 30 million, with an annual tourism income of more than 20 million yuan. In 1929, the first lemon seedlings in Anyue County. Today, the size and production of Anyue lemon account for more than 80% of the country.

Locally relying on the lemon industry, Joint Chongqing Weinan to create a Chinese lemon industry cluster, build a modern high-efficiency specialty farm zone, farm boss demonstration zone. The foreign tourists who come to the Qianyang are also attracted by Anyue Stone of "Ancient, Multi, Jing, and Beauty". An Yue, which is located between Sichuan, has a long time for a long time, and more than 100,000 stone carved here have been sleeping for many years. In recent years, Anyue County is developing a national stone carving cultural ecological tourism industry in the infrastructure, scenic spot construction in the county, and strengthens Anyue Stone Engraving Research and Protection.

Under the strategy of Shuangcheng Economic Circle in Chengdu, Sichuan Yunwen Brigade also welcomed the new development opportunity.

At the handsome of Chen Yiyuan, the "Le to the Barbecue" in the three countries during the three countries, and the special passengers were captured by their fragrance, spicy, brittle, and hemp.

The food barbecue festival held every summer has also become a business card to create a local characterful gourmet cultural industry.

Vanaf de 100-jarige partijgeschiedenis is Maxism de lijn (gedachte horror)

Vanaf de 100-jarige partijgeschiedenis is Maxism de lijn (gedachte horror)

Marxisme is de fundamentele leidende ideologie van ons partnerschap, dat is de ziel en de banner van onze partij.

General Secretary Xi Jinping wees erop in de belangrijke toespraak op de 100-jarig jubileum van de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China: "Waarom is het Chinese Communistische Partij? Waarom is het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken, het is vanwege het marxisme!" Honderd Jaren, onder het marxisme de Chinese Communistische Partij leidt de Chinese mensen om te worstelen, de Chinese natie luidde de grote sprong in om op te staan, rijk en sterk, het realiseren van de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie in de GRON-omkeerbare geschiedenis, die het marxisme van de VN, het marxisme heeft bewezen, . Er is een Chinese natie die langer dan 5000 jaar lang in de wereld is vertraagd, is al heel lang in de voorhoede van de wereld.

Echter, na de moderne tijd wordt het achterwaartse feodale systeem echter boos, en de sterke vijand van China is voortdurend binnenvallen, en China is gevallen in de verrassingen van semi-koloniale en semi-feodale samenleving. De staat is beledigend, de mensen zijn fascinerend en beschaafd .

De Chinese natie is een geweldige natie met ambitie. In het aangezicht van ongekende rovers hebben de Chinese volk van de held nooit toch vol, vechten in de weg naar de redding, nogmaals, het tonen van de vasthoudende wil, maar allerlei nationale besparingsprogramma’s zijn ge?indigd. China heeft dringend nieuwe idee?n nodig om de redding beweging te leiden, die dringend een nieuwe organisatie vereist om de revolutionaire macht te condenseren.

Het Revolutionaire Cannon van oktober, stuurde het marxisme Leninisme naar China.

Onze partij is in het grote ontwaken van de Chinese mensen en de Chinese natie, en in de nauwe combinatie van marxisme-leninisme met de Chinese werknemersbeweging, schreef hij marxist geschreven op zijn eigen banner.

Onder leiding van het marxisme leidt onze partij de Chinese revolutie, de constructie, en de hervorming zal blijven winnen van de overwinning. In de logica van de geschiedenis wordt de ontwikkeling van de geschiedenis ontwikkeld in de trend van de ontwikkeling van de tijden, openen De grote weg, het cre?ren van een grote oorzaak, behaalde grote prestaties.

De Communistische Partij van China heeft het Chinese volk geleid om het meest grootse epos te schrijven in de geschiedenis van de Chinese natie, cre?erde het grote wonder in de geschiedenis van de menselijke beschaving. Honderd jaar geleden presenteerde de Chinese natie voor de wereld. Tegenwoordig presenteert de Chinese natie aan de wereld een bloeiende meteorologie, die in de richting van grote verjonging gaat met het tempo van niet te stoppen. Dergelijke prestaties en feiten zijn voldoende om het principe van de waarheid en de praktijk van het marxisme en de praktijk te verklaren, en de rij van het marxisme is diepgaand.

Het marxisme is te vinden in de wortels van China, het activeren van Chinese beschaving met de kracht van de waarheid, en de sleutel is dat onze partij altijd de wetenschap in de wetenschappelijke houding heeft behandeld en de waarheid nastreeft met de geest van de waarheid. Marxisme is de theorie van continue ontwikkeling. Marx, Engels is erg aandacht besteed aan het observeren van de nieuwe veranderingen in de analyse van de kapitalistische maatschappij, de nieuwe situatie van de proletarische revolutionaire beweging, de nieuwe trend van de wereldontwikkeling, enz., Constant reageert op de nieuwe onderwerpen.

Onze partij heeft zich nageleefd aan het marxisme en de ontwikkeling van het marxisme. Aan de ene kant hebben we altijd gehecht aan het basisprincipe van het marxisme; aan de andere kant, volgens de ontwikkeling van de tijd, volgens de Chinese revolutie, de constructie, Hervorming is eigenlijk in combinatie met de uitstekende traditionele cultuur van China, voortdurend promoten van Marx de Chinese chemische tijden, opgerichte Mao Zedong dacht, Deng Xiaoping theorie, gevormd "Drie vertegenwoordigers" Belangrijke denken, wetenschappelijk ontwikkelingsconcept, richtte het nieuwe tijdperk van socialistisch denken van Xi Jinping op. Het is de begeleiding van de wetenschappelijke theorie. In honderd jaar worstelen kan onze partij altijd historische trend begrijpen, in het tijden van de tijden staan, grijpen en verschillende historische kansen gebruiken en de ontwikkeling van de partij en de nationale ondernemingen bevorderen, springen Nieuwe stap.

Het marxisme veranderde van China, China heeft ook het marxisme ook verrijkt. Onze partij heeft een continue theoretische innovatie, theoretische creatie gecre?erd, laat het marxisme een sterke vitaliteit en krachtige vitaliteit in het hedendaagse China laten zien.

Op weg naar voren is er een ongekende kans, en het zal onge?venaarde risico-uitdagingen, met name de begeleiding van de theorie en het leiderschap van idee?n. Streef naar de nieuwe reis, we moeten zich houden aan het nieuwe tijdperk van Chinese karakteristieke socialistische nadenken, begeleidende praktijk, het bevorderen van werk, met de implementatie van compromisloos, vast en hard werken om nieuwe glorie te cre?ren, markeert de innovatieve theorie krachtige waarheid en macht van de partij .

Strikt strenge controle van de verbranding van cosmetica ponsen kinderen

Strikt strenge controle van de verbranding van cosmetica ponsen kinderen

Onlangs heeft mijn land de eerste reglementaire voorschriften aan die specifiek voor cosmetica van kinderen – de "Regeling op de administratie van Children’s Cosmetics". Het nieuws wordt uitgegeven, en vele netizens zijn hot geweest: "Het is het management" "this must have"! Het is te zien dat achter deze "aarding" verordeningen, de transactie van de mensen die het meest bezorgd over de zorgen. In de afgelopen jaren is de trend van cosmetica consumptie meer en meer duidelijk geworden. Children’s cosmetische categorie?n in de markt is voltooid, en het is bijna verschillend van volwassenen. Deze eis is niet moeilijk te begrijpen, ouders, ik hoop dat ik cosmetica voor kinderen te gebruiken om de zorg voor kinderen of het verbeteren van een aantal huidproblemen. Aan de andere kant, de impact van de schoonheid make-up, de ouders het initiatief nemen om te kopen of te voldoen aan de het verzoek van het kind om wat schoonheid cosmetica kopen, To "fashion", "beauty" doel te bereiken. Vanwege de specificiteit van de groep kinderen in groei en ontwikkeling periode, de structuur en fysiologische eigenschappen van de huid anders dan volwassenen, en in termen van normale cosmetica veiligheid grondstoffen, formuleringen, productieprocessen, labels, gebruik methoden en veiligheid kwaliteitscontrole. Naast seksuele eisen, moeten relevante specifieke eisen te worden voldaan.

Met andere woorden, cosmetica voor de kinderen een hogere drempel hebben of in kwaliteitsnormen of veiligheid. Echter, in de afgelopen jaren, de tekenen van "barbaarse groei" van de kinderen cosmetica-markt steeds meer gewezen op: van de "grote hoofd pop" incident veroorzaakt door vermeende babyhuidje, aan diverse "non-hormonen" "pure natuur" "food grade" -concept en label Overstroming een shopping website, ga dan naar de afdeling toezicht drug bloot illegaal om illegale ingredi?nten toe te voegen, heavy metal elementen boven de norm, hormoon gehalte te hoog is, kan schade aan de gezondheid van kinderen te brengen.

Er is ook een media-enquête bleek dat sommige fabrikanten zijn in de controle, enige "cosmetica" wanneer ze op te nemen, bewust de woorden "kinderen" te verwijderen, en voorkomen dat de standaard strengere controle, en zelfs de volwassen cosmetica wordt verpakt in kinderspeelgoed. ……. Een dergelijke, zodat de grote familie maakt zich zorgen.

Voor de kinderen de productie van cosmetica kwalificaties, technische specificaties, in "de veiligheid van cosmetica Technische specificaties" "Child Cosmetics Verklaring en beoordelen Guide" "Cosmetics Toezicht Beheer Regulations", de nieuwe versie van "Cosmetics Productievergunning Inspection Key Point" "Cosmetics Production Quality Management Regulations ( solver Views Draft) "" Cosmetics Registratie Kennisgeving Normatieve (Draft) " "Gerichte" specificatie ontbreekt.

In de verwachting van alle verwachtingen, de "Status van Children’s Cosmetics Toezicht en Management" zal worden ingevoerd in een tijdig, het vullen van het gat in het gebied van het kind cosmetica toezicht. Zijn zwaard verwijst naar de wortel van de wortels. Het zal een diepe "zuivering" te lanceren voor de cosmetica-industrie van de kinderen. Bijvoorbeeld, de eerste keer in de opgegeven "food grade" "food grade", "verbod", "verboden", die kan worden "verboden" voor de verkoop van producten voor, en het kan zijn "cool". Voor de reikwijdte van de cosmetica van kinderen, het maakt ook specifieke definities: cosmetica voor kinderen zijn gemaakt van cosmetische producten voor kinderen jonger dan 12 jaar (12 jaar oud), met het schoonmaken, hydraterende, koeling, zonnebrandcrème.

Deze vertegenwoordiger, de verkoop van alle make-up cosmetica in de toekomst, met inbegrip van lippenstift, oogschaduw, flash, nagellak, enz. "Tiger skin" van cosmetica. Children’s cosmetica verboden ingredi?nten zijn ook een kwestie van bijzonder belang voor de ouders.

In dit verband zijn de drie "niet toegestaan" van het kind cosmetica formule ontwerp is gespecificeerd: volgen het principe van "veiligheidsprioriteit, effici?ntie, formulering minimalism", niet toestaan van het gebruik van sproeten bleken, acne, haarverwijdering, desodoriseren, puin, anti-haar, haaruitval, permanent, enz. In de toekomst is het bedrijf actief in de productie, verkoop van cosmetica voor de kinderen, en zal ook worden getroffen door "precisie". Zo heeft de steekproef of risicobewaking gevonden kwaliteit van het product gebreken of andere problemen, die stoffen die de menselijke gezondheid in gevaar kunnen brengen bevat, en de drug toezichthouders in rekening worden gebracht om de productie op te schorten, Noodbedieningsprocedures controlemaatregelen en veiligheid in het geding waarschuwing informatie.

Cosmetica registranten, dossiers, en vertrouwde fabrikanten moet onmiddellijk stoppen productie, en herinnert eraan cosmetica die zijn opgenomen, en de betrokken exploitanten en consumenten op de hoogte te stoppen met werken en te gebruiken. Het behoort tot cosmetica de ge?mporteerde kinderen, volgens de wet, dan kunt u betaalt de bevoegde diensten om de import te schorten. Kinderen zijn een speciale groep die de toekomst van het moederland, de hoop van de natie draagt. Children’s producten zijn significant in relaties, de kwaliteit en veiligheid.

Cosmetica voor de kinderen, moet u ook gebruik maken "rode lijn", wear "aandraaien" om de productie operator: het formuleren van strikte strepen, verduidelijking van de standaard, verbetering van de productie drempel van de ondernemingen, het versterken van het toezicht op de secundaire van de zaak; stoeprand industrie chaos, effectief te zuiveren Children’s cosmetische industrie markt, met een goede munt om op de hoogte valuta te verwijderen.

Hierdoor wordt de verantwoordelijkheid van de gezonde groei van kinderen op een gezonde groei te realiseren.

Om een hoge-druk trend te formuleren, onlangs, de Staat Food and Drug Administration heeft opnieuw opgelost en de speciale actie van de reiniging van cosmetica "online net lines" worden duidelijk betrokken worden.

Strikt streng en strikt toe te voegen aan de trucs, namaak, het bestaan van de kwaliteit en de veiligheidsrisico’s moet "nu"! .

The leaders of the autonomous region and the Chinese Track and Field Association have been talking about

The leaders of the autonomous region and the Chinese Track and Field Association have been talking about

  Recently, the Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Head Lausan Danda increased the vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee, and the chairman of the China Track and Field Association chairman of the Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Examination Group甲 桑丹 增 代 代 代 代 自 区 西 西 西 西 西. 谢.. 谢 谢 谢……………………………

It is pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of recent, Tibet’s sports cause has achieved new development, new progress, track and field movement has become a "leader" of Tibet’s competitive sports. The plateau marathon has also become an important window to promote Tibet and show Tibet.

At the 14th National Games, Tibet Sports delegation achieved historical breakthroughs, and continued to optimize the development of competitive sports development, and continued to enhance strong power into the country’s performance.

It is hoped that the State Sports General Administration and the China Track and Field Association have given our district further support and help in building high altitude training bases and strengthening sports professionals.

  Duan Shijie said that in Tibet, the track and field movement, especially the endurance project is a long-term, for a long time, for a long time, for a long time.

The inspection team will carefully study the work in Tibet, and contribute sports for the new era of Tibet work.

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