US media: If the company wants to continue to succeed in China, it is necessary to keep up with the times in the changing Chinese market.

US media: If the company wants to continue to succeed in China, it is necessary to keep up with the times in the changing Chinese market.

American "Forbes" magazine on November 11 Articles, originals: In many aspects of changing Chinese markets, advancing in many ways, as long as they have entered the Chinese market and maintain compliance operations, enterprises are tantamous to find modern version. " Ideal golden country.

But if you want to succeed in China, you need to speak Chinese, you need to have a good product, but also understand the local culture, political and social concepts.

Despite the long history, Chinese culture is not still constant. Its population structure, income levels and expenditures are increasingly changing.

These changes not only make China more attractive to Western companies, but also promoted China’s gradual adoption of the country-centered and active and confident policy – obviously designed to protect the future of the country.

In order to survive in the Chinese market, the brand needs to adapt and keep pace with the times with this country. China is seeking to become "more China." Tang Yadong, secretary general of the Chinese EU Chamber of Commerce, said: "Now you have to take out some things you want, otherwise they will not take you as a competitor that meets their interests and needs." The promotion of common prosperity policies also makes China Camp The commercial environment is more challenging.

But these are not enough to stop (global) investors. In the past year, about 60% increases in Gorgeous enterprises. In Chinese business, we must face many regulatory problems and changes.

This pair (enterprise) operates high requirements in China, which requires a high requirement to invest in the future. This kind of mentality-centered mentality is extended to the customer.

Compared with the previous previous, young consumers today look more attention to local brands, which is more likely to buy domestic goods than ever.

However, many (foreign) brands that have been operating in China for many years are often mistaken for Chinese consumers.

This suggests that integration into the market and makes consumers feel familiar, will benefit enterprises and may become the key to long-term survival in the Chinese market.

Brand should make local regulators and target customers feel "very friendly" or very friendly to China.

These means that companies need to follow in the Huaxian ‘s model, and do their utmost to integrate brands into a broader local culture. Fortunately, the Chinese market is huge and has the opportunity to create a variety of income sources. Although no one knows what the Chinese market will be in the next few years, it is obvious, if the company wants to continue to succeed in China, it is necessary to make a greater to adapt and keep pace with the times. related suggestion.

The first Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference opened in Haikou

The first Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference opened in Haikou

The First Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference.

People’s Daily NAG Hao Rong Photo is one of China’s important overseas Chinese, more than 39 million compatriots and overseas overseas compatriots and overseas Chinese, distributed nearly 60 countries and regions around the world. With the gradual advancement of Hainan’s self-trade and port construction, more and more talents have gradually poured into Hainan, including all kinds of talents who have returned to China, and overseas Chinese children.

It is understood that the General Assembly attracted the adventures of outstanding young people at home and abroad, study abroad, the research institute and the high-tech enterprise representative, gathered with talents and technologies at home and abroad, and built the world Qiong ‘s returning home business platform, building the world youth to focus Hainan The information, services and hatching channels of the trade-wide innovation and entrepreneurship, build Hainan Trade Port and the International Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Ecotics and International Youth Exchange Highlands, and continue to attract young people at home and abroad to participate in Hainan Self Trading Hong Kong Construction.

At the same time, we will make full use of the favorable opportunity of Hainan’s trade-off, publicize the system advantage of the relevant policies and "first trials", and focus on Hainan’s "3 + 1" leading the modern industrial system, promotion of Hainan High-tech Industry Development Layout and Cooperation need. During the General Assembly, "Youth Leaders, Hainan Trade Port," Waiting for important guests as a primary speech; holding the "Hainan Self-Traffic and Hong Kong Policy Promotion Promotion" The relevant person in charge of the President Zhang Yonghe Provincial Department of Health made a policy interpretation; holding the "Qiaohai Youth Investment Project Road", which is subject to a young entrepreneurial project in the Hainan. In addition, the results display activity and closing ceremony will hold a number of project signing ceremony, and synchronize "Hainan International Talents Introduction Partners", "International Cultural Exchange and Promotion Partners" and "Hainan Sea Technological Innovation Ecological Research Institute" unveiling And the issuance ceremony.

The event was guided by the Office of the Overseas China Office of the State Council, the Hainan Provincial Department of Overseas China, and the Hainan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Hainan University of Europe, Hainan University, Hainan Youth Federation, Hainan Overseas Study Commissioner Association, Hainan Province The Commission’s Free Trade Port Working Committee Office, Zhigong Party Hainan Provincial Committee, Hainan Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, Hainan International Economic Development Bureau, Beijing Sea Incubator Science and Technology Association jointly co-organized.

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The Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission on Zhengzhou’s 9 public officers is due to the serious accountability of the accountability

The Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission on Zhengzhou’s 9 public officers is due to the serious accountability of the accountability

  On July 30, 2021, Zhengzhou City broke out new coronal pneumonia aggregated epidemic situation.

After approval of the provincial party committee, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Zhengzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, established the joint investigation team, according to the law, according to law, according to law, investigated the loss of the loss of the loss of the epidemic situation, in the foundation, clarifying the responsibility, 9 Public officials are seriously responsible for accountability: Sun Xiaohong, deputy mayor of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, eliminating its current job. Fu Guirong, Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee Party Secretary, Director, was eliminated in its current job.

  The deputy director of the Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee, gave his Affairs Dacheng.

  Zhang Wei, Director of the Medical Administration Department of Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee, gave a serious warning dispute within its party.

  Ma Shun Huan, the Party Secretary of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, gives a serious warning within the party, the government downgrade, eliminating its current position. He Rui, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, the president, and the investigation and investigation of the case.

  Cai Chaoyang, Vice President of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, reviewed the case and took an indwent measures. Zhao Xiangli, Zhengzhou Sixth People’s Hospital infection prevention and control department, investigated and investigated and took an indwelling measures. Xu Yanli, the medical department of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, the investigation and investigation of the case.

The Rural Revitalization Symposium and "2021 National Nong’an Help Village Revitalization Competition" started in Beijing

The Rural Revitalization Symposium and "2021 National Nong’an Help Village Revitalization Competition" started in Beijing

Recently, the agricultural product safety industry helped the village revitalization symposium and 2021 National Nong’an Help Village Revitalization Competition. The launching ceremony was held in Beijing.

The meeting was jointly organized by the National Thousand County Engineering Office of Beijing Agricultural College, China Qian County Engineering Office, China Cooperation Trade Enterprise Association Green Industry Work Committee, Development China Forum, V5 Live Platform, China Ping An Insurance Company and other units. According to the person in charge of the event, the conference revolves around the "agricultural product safety industry to help rural revitalization and 2021 national farmholders to help the rural resolution", collect the industry wisdom, collision thinking sparks, fully interpret the agricultural product safety industry to help rural revitalization, promote quality and safety of agricultural products The establishment of the protection mechanism, promoting the quality improvement of the whole industry chain of agricultural products, established regional agricultural product brand image, development and growth of small and medium-sized "new farmers" enterprises, quickly expand new ideas, new methods, new paths, new ways, new ways, and new paths.

In order to cooperate with and help the country to win the poverty battle, implement a rural revitalization strategy, let more people eat safe agricultural products play a positive role.

(Editor: Xu Xiaohua, Li Weiqun).

The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the context of media integration.

The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the context of media integration.

Original title: The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues with the fissile development of network and digital technology, the new media is increasing, and the traditional publishing industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenge. With the integration of traditional publishing and new media industry, not only put traditional newspapers, journals, books, audio-visual products, etc., launch electronic publications, develop network education products, and also widely applying website, Weibo, WeChat , Mobile clients and other carriers.

However, for the traditional publishing industry, the content is the fundamental, and the ability to produce quality content is always its core competitiveness.

"Content + Technology + Personalized Customized Service" is a new trend in the development of the new media era, promoting media integration development, while emphasizing technology leading and driving, we must always adhere to "content is king", putting content construction is very prominent Location, winning the development advantage in content advantages.

Traditional publishing industry has rich works, content and copyright resources, and the new media industry has a strong technology, platform and business model.

Both sides have a relatively advantage, there is also a more disadvantage, the traditional publishing and the new media industry is not only two camps, and the two links on the same industrial chain, copyright has become traditional publishing and new media industry cooperation Win-win bridge.

Copyright is the core of publishing an industrial value chain, in essence, the publishing industry is a copyright industry. At the same time, copyright is also the foundation resource of new media to survive and develop. On the basis of copyright and protect copyright, fully utilize the copyright resources, and truly translate the content resource advantage into industrial advantages, realize the value of content resources, the maximum economic interest, is the traditional publishing and new media industry integration development face to solve The problem.

Copyright issues For traditional publishing, a large amount of content resources accumulated for many years should be its most valuable core assets.

In order to maintain its own copyright interest, avoid unnecessary infringement, copyright ownership of content resources, strengthen copyright protection of content resources, has become an inevitable choice for traditional publishing industries. In the process of fusion development with the new media industry, traditional publishing needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the following aspects.

First, the type of content resources has a single type of content, and the digital copyright resource is scarce.

Although the traditional publishing agency publishes a large number of books, journals, audio-visual products such as content resources such as journals, the content resources of their works are often short, and the types of rights are more than one. Second, there is no clear copyright ownership, copyright protection is weak, leading to frequent copyright disputes. Since the lack of deep understanding of emerging markets, traditional publishing, online publication, digital publishing, etc. are usually ignored by the extension of copyright, and there is no comprehensive clearness of the copyright. The true belongings of resource copyright, which will have unnecessary copyright disputes. Third, the rapid development of new media has increased the difficulty of traditional copyright protection.

With the rapid development of the new media, each new media user may become a communication person of the copyright work, the digital works are more vulnerable to the traditional publishing form, and the new media infringement has the characteristics of unordance, concealment. Invading behavior is difficult to be confirmed, and infringement evidence is difficult to be collected, objectively increases the difficulty of traditional publishing agencies on new media copyright protection for their own content resources.

Fourth, lack of copyright rights protection power, and take the new media infringement.

Many conventional publishing agencies often have no legal rights in the new media field, and I don’t know how to maintain legitimate rights and interests in the new media field.

At the same time, infringement in the new media field shows the characteristics of technical strength, strong concealedness, and difficulty investigation and evolving, and the duration of copyright infringement is long, the cost is too low, leading to the power of traditional publishing agencies. Even some publishing agencies have taken place in the new media field, and they will directly take the attitude, and even give up the rights of rights, which not only causes huge economic losses, but also has a negative social impact. Protection proposals protecting copyright helps to promote innovation. The protection of intellectual property in the new media environment has become the most common concern in the field of intellectual property protection in the world.

Strengthen copyright protection, promote the integration of traditional publishing and new media, which is conducive to building a benign market competition order, and is related to the global and long-term interests of the development of the industry. In order to better promote the development of copyright protection work in the process of new media convergence, the author put forward as follows.

First, open up the cooperation space of copyright protection in the new media era, and achieve a win-win situation in the game. Explore the effective path to protect copyright in a new media environment, the author believes that the most effective method is actually cooperation, and should emphasize that cooperation is greater than protected. As mentioned earlier, the copyright should be a bridge in traditional publishing and new media industry cooperation.

For copyright protection in the new media field, traditional publishing institutions should not stay in the protection level, passively block the infringement of others, and should take the initiative to work together, that is, actively legally authorize new media to use their own content resources, and develop cooperation through various methods The space, expansion of cooperation channels, and the new media in the game, the collision achieves a win-win situation.

In the new media era, copyright issues are solved, and cooperation is a better choice, and it is also the lowest choice for copyright ownership and network service provider transaction costs. It has saved judicial costs and promotes high efficiency dissemination of content resources. User low cost acquisition content resources, taking into account social public interests.

Second, implement copyright management, with a digital copyright management information system, speed up content resource integration, and promote intensification authorization. The traditional form of traditional publishing institutions in my country is too single, habits of universal combat, and the reader is small, lacks a release plan. In the new media era, the development path of this small workshop will get more narrow, thus integrating content copyright resources, and the intensive development of sustainable development is an inevitable trend in the development of the publishing industry.

Traditional publishing agencies should clearly clear the copyright ownership of the content resources, implement copyright management, with the development and application of digital copyright management information systems, speed up high-quality content resource integration, optimize efficient use of content resources, form in the industry, have a strong impact in this field Force, the business-efficient advantage is published, reached a publishing industry cooperation alliance, unified industry standard, improve industrial chain division, and realize the integration authorization of content resources in new media environments, and then improve the overall quality and market competitiveness of the publishing industry.

Third, set up a special copyright management department to form a professional copyright management team. The complexity and professionalism of copyright management determines publishing agencies that need a professional copyright management team.

Publishing agencies can set up special copyright management departments, and departmental person in charge shall have rich copyright management experience. At the same time, the team components of the copyright management department need to have professional copyright knowledge and good legal literacy, and they can also hire copyright experts when necessary. Copyright protection and management is a long-term, complex, continuous job that requires a lot of capital, technology and talent. Only for normalization of content resource rights, the reasonable configuration of copyright content resources can be realized to realize copyright protection in traditional publishing and new media industry fusion development, realizing copyright value and economic interests of content resources. maximize. (Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. Liling) (Editor: Lin Lai, Liu Jia) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Real estate, home appliances, building materials have long been unable to communicate, and the foundation of the real estate industry chain can borrow a circle

Real estate, home appliances, building materials have long been unable to communicate, and the foundation of the real estate industry chain can borrow a circle

Red Weekly Special | Liang Apric’s reimbursement after the discoversion, the total reimbursement of a total of approximately billion yuan, released a stronger steady growth signal. From the historical law, comprehensive reduction has a positive role in the sales of real estate industry. In addition, recent regulatory layer release supports real estate financing signals, and real estate industry chains are expected or maintained smoothly. In this context, there is a collective rise in real estate industrial chains represented by real estate, building materials and home appliances, and investors can consider layout the corresponding index fund. Positive information concentrated release Real estate industry chain resuscitation This week A shares trend hot, after weighing on Monday, the Shanghai Composite Index continued to rise. Financial, real estate, consumption collective on disk, especially through deep adjustment of real estate industry chains, and long-lost explosive markets. In the first four trading days, the north to funds were even more than 40 billion yuan, boosting the market emotions.

From the historical law, comprehensive reduction has a positive role in the sales of real estate industry. Through the 2008, the three rounds of comprehensive reduction cycle in 2011 and 2015, the industry sales have been restored after the three rounds of comprehensive reduction, and the duration is about 1 year. In 2019, the first reduction of the sixth round reduction cycle in July 2021 was superimposed in the industry regulation, so the real estate industry benefit relatively limited.

In recent, the industry policy also has a sign of recurrence. Last Zhou Heng Big Announcement After the guarantee responsibility, the two will express the real estate industry, and the supply is clearly referred to meeting the development loan and purchase loans, supports the issuance of high quality housing enterprises, and the demand refers to the focus to meet the first suite, improve the housing Mortgage demand. This week’s high-rise representation of the real estate industry also mentioned that the commercial housing market will better meet the rational housing needs of buyers, promote the healthy development and benign circulation of real estate industry.

The multi-family funds of many household funds have affected the downstream of the industrial chain, and the policy is expected to care and norm the industrial chain whole. From the fundamental perspective, housing enterprises still face some repayment, start and investment expectations will be lagging behind next year and extension.

The building materials and home appliance sections downstream of the industrial chain are relatively more worthy. In terms of building materials, the domestic average price of float glass last week has risen by volume, and it is necessary to support it.

Cost-end fuel, pure alkaline transaction center is moved, superimposed prices have increased significantly; waterproof, coating and other consumer building materials will not change, the income growth of leading leaders in the third quarter is obvious, the income of the next few years is still It is the core logic. In terms of home appliances, the largest weight of the white electricity in October is basically returned to the epidemic. According to the relevant data, in October air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, 4.56 million units, 3.65 million units, increased by 6%, 9%, down 1% in the same period in 2019, and a negative impact of the epidemic.

Earning side, according to Sino Seorakon data, air conditioner, refrigerator, the average price of October before the washing machine increased by 9%, 15% and 10% year-on last year, the price of raw materials is gradually relieved, the product price increase is expected to be significant improve.

The performance of the stock performance is frequent in industrial chain. It is also the whole section of the real estate industry, sales, new start-up and other data pressure, building materials, home appliances, etc. since the beginning of the year. During the process of retroception; In terms of raw material prices also make the gross profit margins of the industry in the industry.

Since the industry competition pattern of different listed companies and the different product line layout, the stock price performance has significant differences. Taking the home appliance industry as an example, the individual white horse stocks decline sharply, the stock price is even near the waist.

In contrast, the Secondary Secondary Refers to Household Electrical Appliance Index has only 10%, which is only 10%, which can effectively disperse risk.

The home appliance industry has long been steady, and the past 10 years has increased by 10,000 home appliance indices, which is the third place in Shenwan.

Subsequent, home appliance quality faucet operation is robust, gradually digesting the price of raw material prices, the current profitability has been improved, and there is a certain rebound space in the industry. With the exponential adjustment and earnings digestive valuation, the current home appliance sector has returned to the mediation mediation. In terms of the building materials industry, there are many parts of the internal segmentation, such as traditional building materials such as cement, glass, have gradually been meticulous in the last three years. In addition, there are many consumer building materials, such as waterproof materials, gypsum boards, hardware, etc., their boom depends on the downstream real estate, and foundation. But even if the downstream demand has fallen, there is still an increase in industrial concentration. Therefore, in the past few years, the building materials industry also wins the real estate index.

For ordinary investors, listed companies in related industries related industries must pay attention to understanding of real estate data and policy changes, but also to observe changes in company demand, inventory turnover, raw materials, and industry competition patterns. There is not small difficulty. .

In the case of industrial chain resuscitation, you may wish to grasp the trend of the industry. (This article has been issued on December 11th "Red Week", and the content of the article only represents the author, does not represent the "Red Week" stand, mentioning stocks only for example analysis, do not do sales recommendations.) Editor: zj.

Suction electronic cigarette or cause osteoporosis

Suction electronic cigarette or cause osteoporosis

  Science and Technology Daily November 24th (Internship reporter Zhang Jiaxin) Recently, a new study on more than 5,500 adult electronic cigarette users found that the use of electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures were highly related, and electronic cigarettes may be opponents. Health is harmful, even if young people are no exception.

The results were published on the 22nd "American Medical Opening Magazine".

  Brittle fractures are defined as hip bones, spine or wrist fractures caused by slight trauma (such as from standing from standing height or lower).

  Since the e-cigarette has been launched, it has been sold as a more healthy alternative and smoking cessation assistance for traditional cigarettes. It contains propylene glycol, plant glycerol, and different levels of nicotine and additives, which produces steam with fragrant.

  This time, the University of Pittsburgh University Medical Center survey conducted a horizontal analysis of the US health and nutrition survey 2017-2018. They conducted a sample survey over more than 5,500 US adult men and studied the relationship between electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures.

  The results show that the crispy fracture of electronic cigarette users is higher than those who do not absorb electronic smoke. The researchers also found that compared with those who only suck the traditional smoke, the crispy fractures of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes were higher. Studies have shown that, over time, young electronic cigarette users may increase the risk of osteoporosis fractures. Therefore, investigators suggest medical institutions, and the potential risks of electronic smoke as brittle fractures should be suggested to include fracture risk into electronic smoke related medical insurance. The researchers said that this is the first time to investigate the relationship between electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures.

This discovery provides the researchers, medical policy makers and tobacco regulators, allowing them to understand potential links with the use of electronic cigarettes and bone health.

  Prior to this, some observational studies have reported the link between electronic cigarettes and various diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease and depression.

Take measures to take the beauty of the beauty of the "Shenyang mode" to build an ecological environmental protection barrier

Take measures to take the beauty of the beauty of the "Shenyang mode" to build an ecological environmental protection barrier

In 2020, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau took the pilot construction of the ecological protection red line supervision platform, "Green Shield 2020" special action and mine pollution-polluctive action, continued to strengthen the natural ecological environmental supervision capacity, guarding Shenyang "The Beauty of Ecology". As a national first ecological protection red line supervision platform construction and interconnection pilot, Shenyang actively promotes the construction of six key tasks, initially established the city, district (county) two level management level, opening the red line information inquiry, project access verification, etc. It is equipped with a mobile inspection terminal for all relevant branches to achieve online reception, inspection location navigation, inspection information collection, inspection data feedback.

At present, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau has completed 2020 ecological protection red line ecosystem service function and ecological sensitive fragility evaluation. In order to strengthen the dynamic supervision of the ecological protection, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau carries out the suspected human activities verification, organizes the completion of the city’s ecological protection red line on-site inspection, and the inspection work and ecological protection of the supervisory platform hardware and software and the red line 2 water source conservation observations, 20 The video surveillance equipment, 56 live inspection work of 56 biodiversity samples, fully completed the national pilot annual work task.

At the same time, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau creates a special action of the "Green Shield 2020", the special action of mine pollution, and constructing an ecological environmental protection barrier.

In the "Green Shield 2020" special action, Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau focuses on natural protection of collar sand sand, industrial and mining construction, core area buffer tourism facilities and hydropower facilities to carry out in-depth investigation, strengthen nature protection, Promote existing issues to rectify the sales number, and the provincial natural protected area has achieved clear. In advancing the special action of mine pollution, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau launched the mine enterprise policy investigation work, and established a comprehensive management account of "a mine-aortic".

Further increase environmental law enforcement supervision, ensure that all kinds of pollutants of mine enterprises have been discharged, strictly controlling mines, strengthening the daily supervision of mine companies. In the promotion of "Green Swai Mountain is the construction of Jinshan Yinshan" practice innovation base, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau actively explores the creation of the municipal "two mountain" bases, and in-depth tuning "green water Qingshan" transformation into "Jinshan Yinshan Yinshan" in-depth connotation And typical cases, organize all relevant districts and counties to carry out the municipal "two mountain" base declarations, organize experts to review, 3 villages that intend to naming meetings are the first batch of "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan Yinshan" in Shenyang. base.

In strengthening biodiversity, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau jointly launched a series of topics publicity practices around the "5 · 22 International Biological Diversity Day", popularizing biological diversity related knowledge, further enhanced people and nature harmony The awareness of getting along, making more people to understand the importance of protecting biodiversity.

Next, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau will fully improve the national pilot construction of the red line regulatory platform, actively explore the "Shenyang Mode" supervised by the urban-level ecological protection red line supervision, and further strengthen the supervision of nature protection. (Editor: Wang Swun, Don Long).

Shenzhen City opened the first "no classification and no collection" ticket

Shenzhen City opened the first "no classification and no collection" ticket

Original title: The first "no classification and no collection" tickets were severely mixed, the garbage is poor, the garbage classification effect is poor, in early November, Jingbei South community in Luohu District, Shenzhen is still not warned by Huangbei Street. The rectification was punished, the garbage of the community was suspended, and the community property was also "eating" a ticket. Jingbei South Community has become the implementation of the "Regulations on the Classification Management of Shenzhen City", the city’s first residential community that is "not classified and does not charge" is also the first "no classification and no collection" ticket opened by Shenzhen.

  Jingbei South Community is an old community built in the 1980s, with a total of 49 industrial houses, living about 5,000 people.

The annual statistics responsible for collecting the garbage of the community have found that such a large community’s urban waste delivery volume has only 1 barrel, and the classification data is obviously not matching residence. In the face of this anomalous situation, Huangbei Street law enforcement personnel went to the community to conduct traceability and law enforcement inspections.

In the inspection, law enforcement officers have found that there is a case where the construction waste, green garbage, and kitchen waste in Jingbei South community have made many warnings for the property management office, but the problem is still not resolved. On November 7, Huangbei Street Joint Collection Enterprise decided to implement "no classification and do not charge" in the community, and on November 12th, it has issued a penalty decision, and the residential property is issued. A penalty for a fine of 2,000 yuan. "It is not good to do well." Wei Ming, deputy director of the Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Luohu District, pointed out that the community property company and residents will recognize the responsible persons and obligors of the management of garbage classification, respectively. There is a responsibility to do a good job in living garbage.

  Shenzhen garbage classification has been taken into the era of rule of law, and the "unsociated and non-harmonized" garbage classification mechanism has a law, and a fine is a refraction of the rigid means of Shenzhen to use the rule of law. It is the attitude of Shenzhen garbage classification and Bottom line. Article 40 of the Shenzhen Domestic Waste Classification Regulations stipulate that domestic waste classification, transportation, processing units or individuals have discovered that the received domestic garbage does not meet the classification standards, can require domestic garbage classification to deal with managers or collection, transport units Reclassification, not re-class, can refuse to collect, transport, process, and report to the city and district authorities. "Improved by penalty" is effective.

After the "unsociated and not charged the transportation", the power of the Beinan community property actively implemented the main responsibility of the living waste classification and delivery managers. After a series of rectification measures, the situation of garbage sorting in the community is greatly changed, the community property, residents The action now, and now there is about 10 barrels of the kitchen waste collection of the community. (Reporter Lin Qingli) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see.

The Village Task Force van de Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie Commissie in de Gongzhuling Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Insiratory

The Village Task Force van de Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie Commissie in de Gongzhuling Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Insiratory

In het begin was er geen zandsteen weg of cement weg in Huanghua City, en de regen, de regen, de regen, de infrastructuur, is een typische zwakte van het dorp.

Twee jaar geleden, de Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie Commissie een inwoner team stuurde uit te voeren precisie armoedebestrijding, onverharde weg upgrades tot zandsteen wegen en cement wegen, introduceerde de renovatie van de veiligheid en drinken, en uitgebreid Het dak basis, actief in de hart van de supermarkt, van de planning tot armoedebestrijding project, het onderwijzen van planten vaardigheden open verkoop van producten, in het kader van de promotie van de Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie Commissie, en Huanghua Chengzi Village heeft bereikt uitgebreide armoedebestrijding. Sprekend over de veranderingen in Huanghua Chengzi Village, arme mensen zijn blij om gelukkig te zijn. Hij zei: "De Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie zal helpen, de eerste is veranderd, in de eerste plaats de eerste is om water te eten, eet veilig water, dan is deze manier wordt gerepareerd, verbetering van het leven, het volgende leven is direct kreeg ik thuis. "" de armoede armoede-povertehmore is niet het einde, maar het nieuwe leven, het uitgangspunt van de nieuwe strijd. "de huidige Huanghuachengzi Village al is genomen uit de armen" hoed", hoe de uitbreiding van de armoede te consolideren resultaten? Hoe te landelijke woning effectief aan te sluiten? Uitgegroeid tot een belangrijk onderwerp in de voorkant van het toerisme Team van de Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie Commissie. The Village Task Force van de Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie Commissie in de Gongzhuling Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie Commissie gecombineerd met praktische, actief geleerd van de succesvolle ervaring van de nieuwe agrarische bedrijven in andere regio’s, en de bestaande resultaten ontwikkeling actief geconsolideerd, de vaststelling van de voordelen van de agrarische sector en de invoering van sociaal kapitaal en andere manieren om de kwaliteit van de agrarische sector te verbeteren. actief verkennen van de "discipline inspectie programma" dat de revitalisering van Huanghua stad Zhen Village bevordert.

Neem het momentum, doe een grote "schimmel project". Al in juni 2018 de Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie en resident team Commissie ging naar het gebied van de buitenlandse inspectie van industri?le projecten in het dorp tak team, in combinatie met de kenmerken van de bodem en de geografische voordelen van Huanghua Village, het ontwikkelen van zwarte schimmel aanplant demonstratie basis projecten, in de afgelopen jaren, Huanghua Chengzi Village Machi Project Hier krijg je een kleur, slechts de helft van een werf van het dorp, biedt plaats aan 40.000 booster stammen. In oktober van elk jaar, de schimmel begonnen om publiek te gaan, vanwege de goede kwaliteit, lage prijs, vaak opende de omvang van de schaal.

De inkomsten zal goed van jaar tot jaar, en de Gemeentelijke Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie en de Commissie grijpt ook de mogelijkheid, actief contact Gongzhulong Rural Commercial Bank en Chuncheng Rural Commercial Bank gedoneerd 200.000 yuan door de Gemeentelijke Charity Federation, helpen om de schat te planten industrie uit te breiden , uit te breiden inkomen, en verder te consolideren en uitputting. Resultaat.

Volgens de huidige trend en pre-uitgangssituatie, kan het totale vermogen is bereikt 3000-4000 pond in 2021, berekend volgens de prijs van 40 yuan kattig en de uitgangswaarde verwachting 160.000 yuan. Voor dit deel van het inkomen, heeft de Task Force had al plannen uitgaven, in aanvulling op de bouw van het dorp infrastructuur, de rest wordt gebruikt om de armoede in het dorp en ernstige ziekte te financieren.

De schimmel aanplant maakt niet alleen de collectieve pocket drum, maar opent ook nieuwe bronnen van inkomsten voor arme huishoudens die niet uit te doen gaan in het dorp.

Er zijn meer dan 10 dorpelingen in de schimmel basis, het hele jaar door, die allemaal zijn arm, zon Fengwen is een van hen.

"Muyou is een goede ober, en een aantal technici komen om ons te leren, ze zijn niet moe, en de een-jaar dorp kan meer dan 3.000 dollar in het dorp te geven. De dagen zijn niet zo strak." Innovatie mode, "loods film economie", vervolgt Land revitalisering.

The Village Task Force in combinatie met de uitvoering van de uitvoering van de "Million-mu Shed Military Construction Engineering, groente-industrie Improvement Project" en de provinciale overheid Office "op het versnellen van de ontwikkeling van de schuur film economie naar het inkomen van boeren te bevorderen, na zorgvuldige onderzoek, besluit ontwikkelen van een "Deductive Schuren" als een nieuwe groei punt van de groei van het inkomen van de landbouwers in de ontwikkeling van ‘aftrek van kassen’.

In het begin van 2021, de Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie en de Commissie voor Discipline Inspectie van de Gongzhuling stad toegepast voor speciale armoedebestrijding fondsen, met behulp van het dorp collectieve land 20 acres, de bouw van 14 plantaardige kassen, en gevestigde "Gongzhuling stad Heyuan Co, Ltd" , zich te ontdoen van het traditionele gezin business model, is de kas geplant om te implementeren-company based management en beheer van de markt.

Vóór de bouw van de schuur filmproject, heeft 20 acres land niet verspillen. Het dorp team besloot om de kosten van het planten van de eerste aanplant kosten volgens de plaatselijke bodemeigenschappen en de vraag van de markt, zonder dat de bouw van de schuur filmproject te beslissen. de groei periode is kort, en de overlevingskans is kort. High peterselie, de eerste koriander ingehaald met een goede markt, een nettowinst van meer dan 60.000 yuan, wordt verwacht dat de tweede nettowinst meer dan 20.000 yuan zal hebben. "Niet slecht, mijn oude dame kreeg 10 manden vandaag, verdiende 100 yuan!" Een zeventig jaar oude man bewoog de laatste korf van groene peterselie kwam op de grond en glimlachte. The Village Task Force is meer dan 30 in het dorp, geconcentreerde oogsten, het verhogen van de schaal, op het terrein van geld, zowel leiden de mensen hardwerkende, bracht ook voordelen voor arme huishoudens. In de zonsondergang, de culturele plein van Huanghua Chengzi Village is vol, en de dorpelingen die diner hebben gegeten hebben twisted zingen van liedjes op het plein, het spelen van basketbal, trekken thuis … Onder de zon zonsondergang, de dorpelingen gezicht met een mooie glimlach. (陈丽茹) (Editor: Wang Hao Yue, Xie Long) Sharing meer mensen laten zien.