Strict, we are waiting to meet the 13th level wind and cool weather

Strict, we are waiting to meet the 13th level wind and cool weather

At 18 o’clock on November 4th, the Turpan meteorological station upgraded the wind orange warning to a red warning. On the morning of the 4th to the 5th, the thirty miles of Daku City, Urumqi, will reach 13 or more, with sand Dust, cooling the weather. National Net Turpan Power Supply Company started the big wind holding red warning response, 17 sets of team, 261 emergency personnel, more than 60 vehicles, 24 hours in the job, Yan Qi, waiting to meet the wind and cool weather. At 19 o’clock on the same day, the National Network Turpan Power Supply Company held the first emergency consultation of the high-wind power-saving red warning, adhere to people-oriented, comprehensive deployment of emergency repair personnel and material allocation, arrange safety supervision, inspection, communication, and output change On the post, stop the wind affecting the regional construction work plan, reasonable risk.

Organizational scheduling staff strengthens important section, important customer power line operation monitoring, and do a good job in emergency preparation under the situation. In response to important customers such as government agencies, hospitals, heating and water supply companies, the company organizes three party members of the two counties, and inspects the configuration of the alternate power supply. Notice to do a good job in the enabled power of the backup power supply, and implement grid management of power supply. In case of power services in case of sudden failure. On the evening of the 4th, the Daheji along the Takson County, Ai Dinghu, Ai Dinghu, who had an eleventh level of 11 or more, accompanied by different degrees of dust and weather, and the wind caused 6 to 7 degrees Celsius in the two counties, the lowest temperature reached minus 4 Celsius.

Before and after the wind, the National Network Turpan Power Supply Company held four high-wind emergency warning consultations, strictly implemented the national network Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., the relevant work requirements of the Turpan City government, the corresponding emergency duty, on-site station, equipment special patrol, emergency repair and other work, etc. Repair, re-arrange, require all departments and units to do a good job in field fault repair and safety control, and ensure that the power grid is safely stable. During the wind, the company cumulative the company’s accumulated car, 15 of the high-altitude operation vehicles, 55 repair personnel, and handle the winding equipment failure caused by the wind, and the abnormal situation 2 times, assisted the customer to deal with the drop insurance blow and other faults 2 times. After the wind is weakened, the organizational allocation specializes on 27 transmission lines, 24 substation and 32 important distribution lines. (Shen Zhiwei, Han Fengyang) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.

Taiyuan City expands the residential clinic chronic disease guarantee range newly increased 15 chronic diseases

Taiyuan City expands the residential clinic chronic disease guarantee range newly increased 15 chronic diseases

  Original title: The city has expanded a new number of chronic diseases for residential clinics. June 2, the reporter was learned in the news conference of the "Rapid Impressions" in the city’s medical insurance field, and the city will expand urban and rural Residents’ outpatients were guaranteed by chronic diseases, and 15 diseases such as chronic heart failure were added. In order to further improve the medical security level of urban and rural residents, optimize the simplified auditing procedures, effectively improve the service capacity of medical insurance, and the city has recently introduced "Notice on Standardizing the Critical Popularity Diseases and Payment Standards of Urban and Rural Residents". Provide more convenient and high-efficiency outpatient chronic disease guarantee services for the city’s 20.2 million cuisine, township residents. On the basis of the scope of the outpatient and slow disease of the original urban and rural residents in our city, it will expand 15 diseases in the outpatient of urban and rural residents, adding chronic heart failure, etc. Insurance of the masses’ clinic in medical treatment needs. For urban and rural residents’ clinic, the city will implement quota and non-quarantine treatment guarantee policies, in response to the actual clinical treatment path and resource consumption of each disease, combine the actual ability of medical insurance funds, adhere to the appropriate and sustainable principles, After organizing medical experts, after many meeting, science, accurately developed the treatment standards for various disease types, and established the treatment of the treatment withdrawal mechanism in accordance with the unified exit standards in the province. How to declare the newly added residential clinic? The relevant person in charge of the medical insurance department of our city said that from July 1 this year, the city relies on the medical insurance online service hall and WeChat public account, and the online declaration channel is opened. After the clinic chronic disease, the eligial chronic disease treatment can be enjoyed within 20 working days of the eligial clinic, and you can enjoy the clinic for chronic diseases; the non-quota clinic Chronic disease review is subject to the next day, you can enjoy the treatment next day.

  In addition, the city has also opened special personnel to handle the path.

For special situations, 70 years old or more, the old man and the inconvenience, etc. "Compared to the original policy, the new policy not only expands the chronic diseases of outpatient clinics, but re-assessing the payment standards for each sick species, optimizing the standard access standards, but also established an exit mechanism.

"The relevant person in charge of the medical insurance department of our city said," More important is to achieve the time limit of the application of the approved time limit.


Tianjin: Autumn Collection Qiurong is busy at the time

Tianjin: Autumn Collection Qiurong is busy at the time

Original title: Autumn harvest autumn farm is busy yesterday, from Tianjin Agricultural Rural Cultural Committee learned that in order to ensure the autumn grain particles return, a kind of good winter wheat, the city agricultural rural community actively organizes farmers to grab the current sunny weather, Fully accelerate autumn reception speed.

According to reports, as of yesterday afternoon, the city rushed to thousands of mu of autumn grain, and the machine collection was fully accelerated. Wuqing, Jinghai, Duzhou, Baoyu, Ninghe and other autumn grain, autumn grain, early day, early return, comprehensively increase the time of agricultural machinery operation.

In order to overcome the wet problems of the plot, the relevant departments actively contact the manufacturer to modify the ordinary combine harvester as a crawler, and all autumn food blocks can be harvested.

At the same time as the autumn grain, the autumn speed is also accelerating, as of yesterday afternoon, the city coeen the winter wheat 10,000 acres. The city is dispatched with thousands of deep-cultivation machines, seeds and other agricultural machinery.

Tianjin conscientiously implemented the strategy of "Tibetan Full, Tibetan Food", and fully promoted high standard farmland construction. By the end of 2020, the city has built a high standard farmland 3.7 million mu, this year, built 260,000 mu, the total area reached 3.96 million acres. In order to ensure food security, we will promote the green development of modern urban agriculture in our city.

According to expert assessment, through high standard farmland construction, the average of cultivated land in the project area increased by 1 to 2 levels. The average increase of 100 kilograms per acre, and the application amount of fertilizer pesticides can be reduced by% and% respectively.

(Reporter Chen Zhongquan) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Tao Jian) ??sharing makes more people see.

Tibet Changdu consolidate expansion to extract the poverty achievement – farmers and herdsmen have a living

Tibet Changdu consolidate expansion to extract the poverty achievement – farmers and herdsmen have a living

  Boli Township, Jiangda County, Tibet City, located in the deep mountain gorge in the Jinsha River Basin, and the national intangible cultural heritage "Polo Zexing" is circulating here. In recent years, Bolu Township has built a woodcut base, and established Missorian National Handicraft Co., Ltd. to promote poverty. Muo has been working in the company for nearly 4 years, and you can also busy at home.

"There are more than 4,000 yuan per month." Relying on woodcut crafts, he has five or six thousand yuan in income for a year. The improvement in many people’s lives is the epitome of Changdu Consolidation Expands and Its Village Rensities with Rustic Revitalization.

  Yao Qiang, deputy mayor of Changdu, introduced that in April this year, Changdu bidedly organized more than 10,000 cadres in the city, counties, townships, villages, and entered the households, and launched the "Five Fourth Fourth" Rural Revitalization. Activities, in order to further consolidate the expansion of the poverty results to find a practical countermeasure, the continued income of the farmers and herdsmen is also a foundation.

  At present, Changdu has established a prevention of regenerative dynamic monitoring and help mechanism.

For the poverty alleviation and unstable households, the edge is easy to cause a serious difficulty, regular inspection, dynamic management of serious difficulties, due to illness, etc.

At the same time, Changdu further consolidates the level of guarantee for basic medical, housing safety, and rural drinking water safety. In recent years, Changdu has continued to carry out the poverty population employment and consolidation training and enhance the employment capabilities of the masses.

Supporting the construction and management of farmers, small water conservancy, rural roads, farmland remediation, soil and water conservancy, rural roads, farmland remediation, soil and water and water, industrial park, forestry grassland infrastructure, and is widely taken. At the same time, increase the labor output of the poverty poverty population, guide the poverty poverty population, and transfer employment in multi-form. (Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren).

Their discussion: "Luo Shen Water" is broken, both inheritance is confident

Their discussion: "Luo Shen Water" is broken, both inheritance is confident

If you are surprising, Ruo Ruoyong, "Luo Shen Water Fu" dancer avatar, or the sleeves dance, or the sleeves are rotated, or the strength, or the whole dance, the whole dance makes the beautiful vision and amazing The visual effect of everyone is unified. Behind this has both a deep cultural heritage, and there is a perfect combination of technology and mirrors, and it is more dedicated to 26 hours of dedication. In addition to "Luo Shen Water", other programs of "Dragon Boat Festival" also make people sigh.

"Dragon Boate", "Lanling Wang into the" Tang Ying "" Tang Ying "," Life "," Beauty ", etc., etc., let the audience have a more profound understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival, but also to Datang Shengshi With a more specific impression, it is unlimited pride and confidence.

In fact, this is not the first brush screen in Henan Satellite TV.

From the Spring Festival, "Tang Dynasty", "Yuan Lan Wonderful Night" from the Lantern Festival, from the Ching Ming Festival, "Chunming Tour" to today’s "Dragon Boat Festival", on the basis of no traffic star, Henan Satellite TV ourselves Created traffic. If it is said that "out of the circle" is luck and occasion, then "breaking the circle" and red is the strength and inevitable. Looking at the show, it is not difficult to find that no matter whether Luoyang should Tianmen or Kaifeng Qing Mingyuan, whether it is Chinese medicine culture or traditional martial arts, whether it is food or apparel, all content has no exception, is a culture, resources and history of Henan Inheritance, it is an interpretation of Chinese traditional culture. It can be said that the real fire "out" is Chinese culture. As Henan Satellite TV is written on its official Weibo, "We must have some cultural heritage, but also have a full cultural confidence."

Fortunately, in recent years, from the "National Treasure" to "China", from "New, the Forbidden City" to "Book", we have seen a lot of similar programs.

These programs are on the basis of respecting history, respecting culture, using the craftsmen to explore the essence of traditional culture, to spread and carry forward the excellent traditional culture as their own responsibility, not only achieve the combination of historical and artistic dissemination, but also inspired the people in the audience. History, traditional culture is loved, and the Chinese culture has continued to go out. "The sacrifice, the dragon is in the sky. Pray, Guotai people An., Miyong Shangjiao. Product, Zhu Yong, the water is the media, the dance is the soul. Respect, the wind, the Shengshi Datang.

"This is a copy of the" Dragon Boat Festival "preview, these contents, there is a track in history and culture. We believe that the thickness of the traditional culture is rooted, using innovative form and ingenuity for traditional cultural cultural, we must It can make China’s five thousand years of civilization more brilliant, so that cultural self-confidence has become the most basic and longest force in the bottom of the heart. (Editor: Dong Xiaowei, Fu Long) Sharing let more people see.

Trunker fighting | Zuo Zongtang in the northwest (30) 

Trunker fighting | Zuo Zongtang in the northwest (30) 

Dongxu Ten Years (1884) August 22, the Qing court electronically: "The law is in account for the city of Keelung, the Taipei government is tight.

Putang Yang Yuebin to help the Zuo Zongjian military affairs, that is This aims to divide Zuo Zongtang, Mutu, Yang Changsheng and other knowledge. "At this time, Zuo Zongtang is still on the way. After arriving in Fujian, he learned about the truth and made a range of correct deployment. After capturing Keelung on October 2, the French army enclosed Taiwan on October 23, causing the Taipei Prefecture.

Taiwan is the throat of the South and South Seaway, the relationship is very large, but because the law force is blocked, it is difficult to compete.

At the time of the fight against Taiwan, Zuo Zong was in painstaking and operational countermeasures. He urgently adjunished Wang Shizheng to the Fujian, the police Wang poetry and Chen Mingzhi rate "Yujing Aid Tower", playing a fisherman, choosing Luang, south of Luang, North Zhixi Hong Kong is the landing port, in the Night Adventures, Soon, Yang Yuebin has also passed the Taiwan Strait from Quanzhou, arriving in the southeastern shore of the southeastern shore, widely praised.

At the same time as the dedication of the Taiwan front line, Zuo Zongtang stepped up the coastal arming work to prevent the army to attack the West and suddenly committed the mainland. He ordered all the battles, respectively, respectively, the gold medal, Lianjiang, Dongyi, Meihua River, and strictly swayed. At the same time, delegate the secretaries of the stars, in the long gates, gold waves and other important entrances, vertical iron piles, traversal iron, no water.

And set up a machine, turn down at any time, so that I will go into the flight; once the enemy ship is committed, it will put it. In addition, the Meihua Jiang et al. All the above are all under the construction of the gun, and the gunship is arranged, and the soldiers are stationed, and they will be defended, and the enemy will be used. In order to arrange the long door, the gold medal stuff, Zuo Zongtang also ordered the 18th pier cannon to salvage the foot of the horse tail river; and the original artillery will be repaired.

After the argument, the command will immediately remove the seaport waterway, and set water in the coastal cloth, inform countries, the consular of the country, the country.

He visited along the river to see the arming case, the income, all the camps tested the gun, the cannon, the cannon, and the military capacity is very beautiful.

Regarding the income of the soldiers to Taiwan, the "Wang Kang Year Note" volume 1 records Zuo Zongtang "Supervisor Fujian Fun", one of which is written like this: Zuo Wenxiang in his later years, the flange is entered into the sea.

Out of Tianjin, Li Hongzhang and Zhili Governor Li Hongzhang disputes agreement, fen, Zhongdao predicaine: "Old, no longer went to the year, to Tianjin and Li Erqi ribbon, to Jiangnan has to have to have Zeng Jiu Raise.

"The popularity is called the strong beam to fight. It was the two rivers in the country. It is interpreted and handled.

Take care of: "The old nine recognizes my evil? I will not be old nine, the old nine brother is dead, I am the old nine brother (ie Zeng Guofan).

"Zeng Zengyi (Zeng Guofei understood it):" This trip is the sea, the Association is a small brother.

"Talk to Yan, ask the old nine-one life?:" MFO, murderers are hemp.

"Zuo Laugh:" I said that the old nine talents will win. "Zuo Zongtang arrived in Fuzhou," I am worried about my worries. "The day calls in the camp:" The baby is changing, and the food footshew shoes will be won today.

"It’s not full,:" The baby is in Fujian Province, the year of the year ":"

":" Today is not allowed to stay in the New Year, come out, the foreigners take the year to fight Xiamen, the baby is out, I am currently enemies.

"The Governor Yang Chang Yu, the foreigner is afraid of the middle hall, naturally, the middle hall can not go. Zuo Yan:" This words are reliable, I will play Zhejiang, I am afraid of Zhejiang, I am afraid of me, playing with me, sorrowful I am afraid of me, or I am afraid to play.

"First, the foreigners have no heavy soldiers from the city of Fujian Province. By the large brigade, the brigade is bursting Xiamen. It is not until the Xiamen 50 miles. It is used to see the Xiamen coastal mountains and the red banquet. : "China Zuo Zongbiansi is not bad.

"About Zuo Zong Pai Yang Yuebin led the secret to Taiwan’s things. When he sent Yang Yuebin to Taiwan, he was" confidential ", Yang Xin god, for a while, come to Zuo Zongtang’s" disease " .

Zuo Zongpei sent people to provoke.

Back to report: "Yang is serious, do not allow outsiders, only see ‘supply the bait on the side’." Zuo Zongtang suddenly realized, "Yang Yuebin has gone!" He used a "installment". On the way, Yang Yuebin is very similar to the sputum. After arriving at Taiwan, I played a "empty city" of a bluff, making the French people a horror: "I don’t know where this army came.

"In the heroic anti-attacking of my country’s military and civilians, France’s violations of Taiwan have been shameless.

However, because the Qing government’s sales countries surrendered, finally leading to the end of China’s unbeaten, France is not victory.

After the "Medium-French Tianjin Treaty" in the mid-purpose, Zuo Zong is full of indignation, and the Qing court is secretly Chen, "It is advisable to carefully, and the anti-soldiers are difficult to avoid".

Since then, he has repeatedly sparse, asking the Qing court to negotiate with France, immediately return Keelung and Penghu to maintain the integrity of the territory of the motherland.

After the end of the Mid-French War, the 73-year-old Zuo Zongtang is still planning the overall situation of the sea defense, especially the defense and construction of Taiwan. After playing "Please specialize in the Master of the Hai defense", followed by A "Taiwan defense, please transfer Fujian governor to be awarded to the Qing government," further to the Qing government, change the Fujian governor to Taiwan governor, specializing in Taiwan, and ultimately contributed to the implementation of Taiwan.

The first bulk billet double arch bridge in Anhui Province has been prototype

The first bulk billet double arch bridge in Anhui Province has been prototype

Hefei online news, on December 13, the reporter learned from the Hefei City Key Bureau that the tourism box beam top pushed the bridge in the Jinjiang Jinai bustling Avenue bridge, which marked the bridge surface construction of the bridge officially entered the right track. Today, the first public rail in the province has now prototype, and it has also created conditions for the construction of the main bridge construction of the Jianghuai Canal. Challenge: Novels in the style cannot be found in the construction of Jiangjiang Jinhuai Bustic Avenue Bridge Project, including the "three customs", including the continuous steel structure of the rail bridge across Fandier, crossing the river, the main bridge, the municipal bridge across the city Avenue steel box beam.

After 12 days of precision construction, Anhui Road and Bridge successfully completed the top push of the urban cross-FRAN Jian Avenue steel box, which is the largest urban steel box beam of the city in Hefei City, and the construction of the main bridge of Jianghuai Canal in the next stage. Condition. According to the planning, the bourgeoising bridge of the prosperous Avenue Bridge is 153 meters long, and the double-layer large arch bridge is combined in the province, and the arch is 44 meters to the current surface. The main bridge has two layers, a width of the upper bridge, and the lower bridge is 56 meters wide. "The bridge is complex, and there is no related bridge type in China, involving multiple system conversion.

Plus urban orbit and municipal road combination standards are not uniform, the coupling effect of the two-layer system is serious, the coupling effect of the municipal orbit is not easy. "The person in charge of the Anhui Luqiao project introduced that due to the same level of rail transit and municipal bridge, the steel structure is high. The styling, the stress and structural system is complex, the type of the bar material is more, the construction is difficult. Outlook: After this bridge lights, this bridge will be very nice to combine the double-layer special arch bridge for the uniform rail. The following is the ground bridge. Future pedestrians can walk on the bridge, and the Jianghuai canal is unbaust in the feet; the above is the same as the elevated bridge and the track bridge. Layers, the track train runs in the middle, the vehicle is quickly passing on both sides, not interferes enough. "Moreover, through the late landscape lighting project, this bridge will look very nice evening.

"Anhui Luqiao project head said.

In order to ensure the quality of the bridge construction, create a conscience engineering, the construction unit is constructed first on both sides of the municipal bridge, and then the intermediate rail bridge is used to ensure the accuracy of the orbital bridge.

The project department also adopts new technology, assembles "simulation" on the steel structure, and intuitively showed the position and error of assembled, according to the position and size of the error, the corresponding adjustment in the stake and the processing stage, and eliminate the error Before assembling, avoid assembled and then processed.

According to statistics, the total steel structure of the main bridge of the Jianghuai Canal is 11,728 tons, and the full bridge is a total of 627 rods.

At present, the main bridge steel structure processing and the lower structure of the bridge have been completed, and the upper steel structure has been hoisted in 319 rods, a total of 6065 tons, and the completion is 51% of the total project. Jinjiang Jihuai Bustic Avenue Bridge is full of kilometers, and it will be an important crossing in the main city of Feixi. Tournamental Jihuai Fantasy Avenue Bridge renderings. The bridge steel box beam top is completed. Hefei Newsletter All media reporter Wu Qi correspondent Huang Wuyi Li Fenglin Song Wei.

Tibet Dongba Residence: Witness Multi-National Culture

Tibet Dongba Residence: Witness Multi-National Culture

  The picture shows the interior of Dongba.

Yan Wenjuan took along the Nujiang River Valley. After a rugged Mountain Township, I suddenly saw a broad place in the deep canyon, and dozens of houses were spread on the oasis, like the gods of the world.Here is Dongba Township, Zuoong County, Changdu, Tibet Autonomous Region, famous Tibet with unique residents.Recently, China’s new network reporter came to the interview.Dongba Township was one of the important stations of the ancient Tea Horse Road, which is very suitable for materials distribution and transfer.Historical records, Dongba Township has five or six big males, rushing on the ancient tea road, east to Kangding, Dali, west to Lhasa, and even go to Yadong and other places, engage in long-distance trafficking.

Dongba rural people came out of antlers, Cordyceps, Musk, Fritillaria, and then transported tea, brown sugar, cloth, etc. from Sichuan, Yunnan, and walking between the canyon.

Renminbi wordt beter en beter in Taiwan (Taipei Fax)  

Renminbi wordt beter en beter in Taiwan (Taipei Fax)  

  "Kan ik de betaling van het vasteland Unionpay-kaart poetsen?" Deze verslaggever nam een ??taxi in Taipei, vroeg de kaart om de kaart in de auto te betalen. De bestuurder van de bestuurder van het rijden van het rijden is vernieuwd.

Ik heb geleerd dat de verslaggever uit Beijing kwam. Hij zei dat het vasteland economie nu is, veel Taiwanese zijn bereid om de Renminbi te verzamelen, wachtend op zijn waardering, de winkel is ook welkom om te betalen met RMB.

"Kijk naar Taiwan, de economie is niet goed, de Taiwan-munt is geen geld waard!" 1. De winkel wordt ook gebruikt in Taiwan, en de RMB is ook zeldzaam in Taiwan. Hoger en hoger.

Borstel zilveren kaartenconsumptie, geleidelijk normaal; betaling met contant geld, bedrukt met het vasteland open land header Avatar is ook de favoriet van Taiwan Merchants; zelfs het vasteland van het vasteland voelen de kracht, omdat in Taiwan bloem ". Tegenover een belastingwinkel in Taipei, is een supermarkt voor zaken. Veel van de Luke kwamen uit de belastingvrije winkel en het team kwam naar de supermarkt. De verslaggever liep de winkel in om te ontdekken dat het geheim van de winkel superieur is, is om de favoriet van de Luke Shopping-teller, de Sunbread en de ananas-heldere en andere terrestria’s op te zetten, en je kunt rechtstreeks met de Renminbi betalen.

Een geschenkdoos met een prijs van 210 yuan, de reporter gebruikte de RMB 53. Wat onverwacht is, is dat de winkel ook wordt gebruikt om de Renminbi te gebruiken.

  In een grote plastic zak is het gevuld met 1 yuan en 5 yuan.

Ter gelegenheid van Luke Shopping ervoer ik echt het gevoel van ‘thuis om terug te keren ".

  De winkel introduceerde dat de winkel zoals hij in Taipei is. Hoewel de Renminbi in de laatste winkel nog steeds in te wisselen in nieuwe Taiwanese munten, moeten banken over het algemeen een vergoeding ontvangen, maar de omzet is omhoog en het zal geen compensatie. "Oud om te veranderen, is het niet moeilijk?" Vroeg de verslaggever. Hij glimlachte en zei dat hij niet al te ge?rriteerd was. "Hoe kan een groot aantal Luke komen, hoe kan deze God van de geest?".

  2. Men zal 1 miljoen besparen "Naast het uitgewisseld in nieuwe Taiwan-munten, heb je ooit rechtstreeks aan de bank gedacht om de Renminbi te redden?" Vroeg de verslaggever.

De winkelier wil zeggen, misschien kun je het proberen. Vandaag is RMB ook "geurig" van de financi?le instellingen van Taiwan geworden. Sinds het begin van het jaar is er een golf van RMB-borgboom op het eiland. Op dit moment kunnen 46 banken in Taiwan RMB, uitleen- en overmakingsbedrijf aanvragen.

De verslaggever kwam naar het hoofdkantoor van de Zhaofeng International Business Bank, en hij zag de Renminbi-aanbetalingskorting in de opvallende positie van het bedrijfsleven. Bijna poort bij de ingang van alle banken op de Xinyi Road, er zijn renminbi-afzettingen. De eerste commerci?le bank is nog meer in een dubbele gewoonte, en de banner van "Renmin, vinden de eerste". De huidige waarderingstrend van de Renminbi, laat de mensen die contant geld ontvangen, meer bereid zijn om in hun handen te knijpen.

Na een groot aantal open land zijn er meer tempels, en de kooplieden ontvangen de renminbi, en ze zijn ook de eerste golf van vuur. Het is om de zakelijke kansen te zien, en Yuan Big Bank neemt de leiding in aankondiging van de Renminbi drie maanden om de rente te storten, de drempel is slechts 10.000 yuan, schokkende de markt. Nadat Yongfeng Bank spannender is, speelde vervolgens 3 maanden 3 maanden gespeeld, de 3e maand verstrekt ultrahoge winst, en de grote explosieve deur.

  Omdat de rentevoetwedstrijd van alle banken, de mensen "geleidelijk" deponeert. Omdat de "Centrale Bank" van Taiwan bepaalt dat er geen limiet is van bankbiljetten, zijn er mensen die RMB 1 miljoen duren. 3. Het bedrijf profiteerde ook vanaf het begin van het liquidatiemechanisme met twee strelen. Het accepteert ook rechtstreeks de Renminbi als een supermarkt, en het is ook een grijze zone van het eiland. De Renminbi wordt steeds beter en beter op het eiland en de controle over de Renminbi is ook ontspannend.

Naast het enthousiasme van de bank zijn de Taiwanese mensen ook handiger bij het hanteren van RMB-bedrijf.

  In het verleden voerden de mensen cross-bank reserves uit in het eiland, dat dicht bij de hand was, maar het tijdstip van uitwisseling is erg traag. Taiwan "Golden Management Association" zei dat na het lanceren van het platform met vreemde valuta in de toekomst, de RMB-overmaking van het eiland de overzeese agentbank niet nodig heeft. Op de ochtend van Taipei kan de Bank of Taipei opgeleverd en de Kaohsiung-vestiging al het geld ontvangen, voldoet aan de uitwisseling en besparen de vergoeding van honderden dollars. Verbeter de effici?ntie van publieke en ondernemingen om fondsen te gebruiken, wat een tijdige regen op het vasteland is.

Qiu zei ooit tegen de media, hij deed de verwerking van zaken op het vasteland. Twee, de meeste goederen werden geregeld met nieuwe Taiwan-munten of dollar, zeer verontrust. De volgende Deskny eiste het RMB-loon, als een baas, hij moest nadenken over het inwisselen, dit jaar, de RMB-wisselkoers is een keer per jaar, en er zijn veel uitwisselingsoverdrachtskosten in een jaar.

Tegenwoordig is de leningbusiness van Renminbi op het eiland Taiwan en de overdracht op het eiland is ook handig. Zijn opties hebben meer, en er is veel dagen. Sommige opmerkingen zijn van mening dat de grote en kleine Taiwanese bedrijven zoals Mr. Qiu in totaal duizenden zakelijke activiteiten op het vasteland hebben. Het dubbele handelsvolume van twee strekken was in 2012 dicht bij $ 170 miljard. De financi?le behoeften van de financiering van de grensoverschrijdende stroom en de rijkdom grensoverschrijdende configuratie hebben een enorme vraag naar de ontwikkeling van RMB offshore-bedrijf in Taiwan. Een aantal beleggingsbanken in Taiwan verwacht dat Taiwan’s RMB-aanbetaling tegen het einde van dit jaar naar verwachting 100 miljard yuan tot 150 miljard yuan zal bereiken.

Dit maakt Taiwan meer dan Singapore en wordt de op één na grootste RMB overzeese depositemarkt als tweede alleen aan Hong Kong.

  De Britse "Financial Times" is van mening dat Taiwan het tweede RMB-offshore-centrum is geworden, niet alleen de bron van nieuwe RMB-liquiditeit, maar ook na het einde van de Taiwanzee, na het politieke verlies van de politiek, stabiliseren de autoriteiten van Taiwan Straatrelatie, verdieptovergangen economisch contact is belangrijker.

The Central Military Commission issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of Major Leaders and Party Committee"

The Central Military Commission issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of Major Leaders and Party Committee"

The PLA News Central Military Commission recently issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Supervision of Major Leaders and Party Committee" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). "Opinions" adhere to the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking in Xi Jinping, in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping’s strong thoughts, from the strengthening of the leadership of the army and the party’s construction, to implement the party’s party’s political responsibility as the main line, to improve the army party The internal supervision system is the foot, and the main leadership and party committee supervision make system specifications. The issuance of the "Opinions" is implemented, and the intensive power operation constraints and supervision, cracking on major leadership and similar supervision and challenges, with effective supervision to control "key few" to control the "key minority", promote comprehensive from severe administration, and strictly govern the army It is of great significance in the development of deep development.

6 parts of the "Opinions", clearly strengthened the significance, guiding principles, key content and specific measures for the supervision of major leaders and party committees, emphasized the outstanding political supervision, focusing on comprehensive and implementing the presidential responsibility system of the military committee, fulfilling preparations 6 aspects of the duties, etc.; distinguish between major leadership supervision, foreign party committees supervision and three levels of supervision of the lower party party committee, and propose 21 supervision measures; clearly establish four working mechanisms that promote the coordination of supervision and implementation. And the implementation of the implementation of the organization leadership promoted supervision work.