Brain interface technology, adding flowers, science and technology helps strong brain technology in action

Brain interface technology has been regarded as a technical leading direction of the future world.

The strong brain technology team from Zhejiang 上海后花园交友论坛 followed the pulse of the times and has been committed to solving the problems in our daily lives with non-invasive brain interface technologies.

Recently, the integrity of the Xiamen Disabled Persons and Xiamen Disabled Welfare Foundation will help · Ai Man Xiamen Disabled Intelligent Bionic Hands Funded Project Exhibition Activities will be held in the Xiamen Disabled Federation.

Chen Qiiong, Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, and Chairman of Xiamen Construction Work, Chen Qiiong, Xiamen Disabled Persons’ Welfare Foundation, Director, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, Lai Zhuhui, Secretary of the Municipal Disabled Persons, Wu Mingzhe, Municipal Disabled Persons Fu Xiaochun, the deputy director of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and the deputy director of the 爱上海同城419 Municipal Love Office, the Vice President of the Municipal Charity Federation, Zhu Feng, the senior vice president of Zhejiang Strong Brain Company, Yang Chengjun, general manager, and the disabled representatives to attend Activity. Chen Qiiong said: Improve the level of rehabilitation of disabled people, and has always been highly valued by the Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government.

By implementing the intelligent bionic hand, it is better to help the disabled person, but also make their lives better, but more importantly, let them re-enter the social construction. At present, brain interface technology can be widely used in the disabled field, and is the common well-being of human society. Yang Chengjun, General Manager of Zhejiang Strong Brain Technology Co., Ltd., in combination with the results 嘉定区419哪家服务好 of the project, and the on-site observation experience and the recipients have a comprehensive report show. At the scene, the recipient representative tells the difficulties in the past life and expresses the changes brought by the adaptable Brainrobotics smart bionic hand. He finally hugs his child, which also makes the guests very movement. In the context of brain-machine interface technology, strong brain technology teams can apply development achievements to the disabled areas are very moving. In development, the spirit they don’t forget is worth learning. The relevant person in charge of the Published Purchase of Xiamen City said that the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation will continue to promote science and technology to help the disability, let the science and technology to help the disability and charity activities, promote the high-quality development of high-quality development of the disabled in the 14th Five-Year Women’s disabled, helping more people to open life . Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.


Chengdu, the first Jin Quanguo sixth national urban resident population of megacities

  Recently, the "Seeking Truth" magazine in 2021 the first 18 announced the "economic and social development charts: seventh national census large, large urban population basic information" provided by the National Bureau of Statistics. According to the National Bureau of Statistics indicated, more than 10 million urban resident population of the city as a large city, urban resident population of more than 500 million 10 million less for the city of mega-cities. According to statistical data and the explanation that my country’s current mega-cities are Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin City 7 (sorted by the number of urban population). Previously, the Ministry of Housing announced at the end of 2020, "Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook 2019" shows that in line with China’s "megacities" standard total of Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and other six cities. At present, Chengdu city resident population of 13.34 million, ranked sixth in the country, the first Jin large cities. In addition, there megacities 14, respectively, Wuhan, Dongguan, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Foshan, Nanjing, Shenyang, Qingdao, Jinan, Changsha, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Dalian (sorted by population District), Wuhan urban resident population 995 million, or just under the threshold distance megacities 50,000. City resident population growth is an important observation data of urban development, it reflects the level of a city’s economic development potential, the city attractive. Seventh national census data show that Chengdu city’s resident population of 20,937,757 people, compared with the sixth national census in 2010, an increase of 5,818,917 people, an increase of%% average annual growth.

  "From a demographic point of view, to become mega-cities, mean more urban appeal." Vice president of China Population Association, Chairman of the Commission for Social Development Research Institute 上海后花园花千坊 of Southwest University of Finance Professor Yang Chenggang said, still attract more people gathered in Chengdu "this will further strengthen the formation effect." "become megacities, also means a stronger radiation capacity." Yang Chenggang analysis, "information infrastructure, transportation and other high-speed development, information dissemination, increasingly efficient allocation of 上海闵行水磨验证 resources, population movements also accelerating, which will allow Chengdu show more radiation. "from a global point of view of urban development experience, become megacities, may be the beginning of a new leap forward, it may also face new challenges. If you can not effectively deal with social governance lags behind economic development, resources and environment carrying greater pressure, a negative impact on regional development unbalanced uncoordinated and other issues, will the city. Chengdu how to deal with this? Establish a new development concept, leading the high-quality urban development.

Chengdu is the "Park City" and the first mention of the demonstration area, people-oriented, the concept of green development has been firmly established.

Some experts suggested that the park urban construction, but also more emphasis on the role of talent, introduced into the phoenix nest, in addition to policy support, but also strive to reinforce the industrial base in order to gather industry professionals. At the same time more effort in terms of public resources allocation efficiency, capacity building and other public services.

  With the power of good technology. At present, Chengdu is vigorously building smart city, "pay special attention to, technology is only a means, not an end, do not let technology become a slick ‘superfluous’ and should begin planning and design, to fully take into account the reality practical. "the proposed combination of feelings involved in a number of cities wisdom of urban construction, excellent knowledge on science and technology, founder of Sun.

  Let governance as fine as embroidery.

The community is urban governance "last kilometer", residential community governance "last 100 meters." Become mega-cities of Chengdu, more needs to be a high level of community governance, deal with test city "fine" governance.

(Reporter Cheng Wenwen) [Responsible Editor: Xu Meida].


CCTV network comment "traffic star" can not be positive energy

  For a long time, the entertainment circle has become more conceived. From Zheng Shuang to Wu Yifan to Zhang Zhezhen, some so-called "flowers" "collapse", constantly break through the social moral bottom line and even the legal red line, causing this life "morality "The voice of criticism, not only brought extremely negative impact on the entire entertainment industry, but also caused a bad social impact.

  Invoise the "traffic star" and the capital behind it are keen to create and operate the cultural culture, and encourage the temptation of the young people who do not 上海水疗品茶 count the Call, harvesting, pay attention to the economy, instillation of goldenism, enjoyment, consumption At first, other adverse concepts, misleading adolescent values. In this context, all kinds of speculation methods such as control, butcher, mutual tear, human meat, etc., constantly breeding and contributing to network violence, polluteing network ecology, young audience, letting "the rice" step by step " Ambulus. In the absence of the cause, in the integrated factors such as traffic economy and capital operation, these years, a batch of colorless acts, the popularityless young idol surged, they often do not pay attention, fight against the label The short-term use of the map, but the "traffic" Bo Tian price contract, the collection of thousands of pets, carrying the magnesium lamp far more than the 上海静安高端水磨 ability range, and squeezed the survival and development space of the power artist, "inferior currency removal The hidden danger of good currency is increasing. Art has a morality. The star artist is a public figure, a line of words, one fell, and is about social values, life-view-oriented, should always be a ruler of German, a "traffic star", and self-discipline self-love. The focus is regarded as a pressure, and the high traffic is converted into power, and consciously act as a responsibility to promote the main melody, spread positive energy, guide the correct value, and truly take the lead and demonstration, so that traffic is returned to the way.

  When the tide returns, I know who is in naked swimming. Today, the flow star model ecology has become more and more difficult, passionate and addressed in the "flow" tide, the stars will only be a "meteor", "flow" will be eliminated after the tide.

Only maintaining the awe of the industry, sincerity, sinking the audience, singing, and continuously enhances its "soft power", and 上海夜生活按摩 strives to create a representative "hard work" to get a long-lasting professional vitality. (CCTV website commentator)? .


China European class is over 10,000 columns this year (new data new points)

Original title: China-Europe class is over 10,000 columns (new data new points) August 31, X8015 China European class (Wuhan) loaded auto parts, electronic products, daily necessities, and epidemic prevention materials in Wujiashan Station The flute is started, and the 100,000 columns of this year will drive to Duisburg, Germany.

  "China European class will maintain a strong growth situation.

"The person in charge of the Freight Department of China 上海水磨服务 National Railway Group Co., Ltd. In order to ensure the supply chain stability of the international industrial chain, the domestic international double cycle has made a positive contribution. Data show that in August this year, China-EU class has opened 10030 columns, sending a container universal box, an increase of 32%, 40%, respectively. The round-trip comprehensive heavy box rate is reached, and the annual opening of the year is over 10,000 months over 2 months last year.

  - Behind the annual opening of more than 10,000 years, is management optimization, efficiency improvement, and the port is greatly improved. "We continue to optimize the workflow, compressing the stage dressing time, improve the efficiency of work, and do a good job of the ‘digital port’ system application. Sino-European class in the port of 上海虹口品茶 Allah Mount Port is 4,000 columns." China Railway Ala Mushankou Station Gao Qiang, deputy director of the workshop. Since this year, Allah, Halluas, Manzhouli and other ports have implemented an expansion renovation project, effectively improved the ability of China and Europe. From January to August, the West, China, and East Channel opened in Europe, the European class increased by 37%, 15%, and 35% respectively.

The railway department is also actively cooperating with port regulators, implementing facilitating customs clearance initiatives, improving customs clearance capacity and operating efficiency, and effectively compressing transportation time.

  - Behind the annual opening of the annual opening, is the quality and quality improvement of the product, and the resilience stabilized link service is 上海品茶论坛网址 solid. "Can you deliver your product to your customers on time, which is very important to us.

"Long Ji Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd." Wang Bo calculates the pen account, the railway department is the specialized photovoltaic product specialty, but more than half of the transportation mode is shortened, but also saves a lot of warehousing costs, " China European class has greatly reduced the impact of the epidemic on business operations, which has become the normalized logistics method of our delivery of European customers. "Since the beginning of this year, strengthen the demand for logistics and foreign trade enterprises, and dynamically master logistics demand, and the railways are accurately developed. In Henan, the first Italy Milan to Henan Zhengzhou Zhongtu Class successfully arrived in the Pari Station, Zhengzhou departure China European class The destination site increased to 10; in Fujian, the first "Da Hongwei", China European class traveled from Wuyishan Land Harbor to Russia Moscow, promoting "Wanli Tea" integration into the "One Belt"; in Shanxi, Paris, France, direct Turkish plum The Chinese European class is the first time, and the goods are covered with metal products, agricultural products, and mechanical and electrical equipment. At present, China-European class has paved 73 running lines, and there are more than 170 cities in 23 countries, transportation. The goods have more than 50,000 kinds of goods, achieving cooperation between domestic and abroad, reducing corporate logistics costs, providing transportation support for the economic and social development along the national and regional economic and social development along the line.

  - Behind the annual opening of more than 10,000 years, is a key guarantee, the operational procedure, and highlights the big country in international cultural affaires.

  "For the anti-vlotrophism, China-EU class has achieved express delivery, and it is going on.

Liu Yingbin, deputy director of the Cargo Department of Nanchang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Medical materials such as protective clothing. The person in charge of the Freight Department of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. said that the Guo Rail Group integrates international cooperative epidemic prevention materials into the scope of the key guarantee of China and Europe, and implements priority, priority, priority. Epidemic prevention and control During the period, China-European class has accumulated 12.8 million pieces of epidemic prevention materials, 10,000 tons, and a positive contribution to international cultural affairing cooperation. "As my country’s economy continued to stabilize, stabilized, China and Europe class transport demand will Keep high operation. "The person in charge said that the railway department will strengthen the China-European class transportation organization, optimize the flight plan, improve the layout of the overseas channel, speed up the construction of information integration platform, and continue to promote high quality development of China-European class. (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xianina) Share let more people see the recommended reading.


European companies continue to favor the Chinese market

[] The 52-year-old Sterfan Dobotki is the well-known textile material supplier of Austria’s well-known textile materials.

Recently, the chemical fiber products of Langjing Group ride on the Chinese European class from Vienna, the capital of Austria, rushing to China. For Dogotki and his company, this freight train is more like "special", all 41 containers full of Lanjing Group’s products, worth approximately 1.8 million euros. These "Austrian manufacturing" will take more than 10,000 kilometers from the train and eventually arrive in Shanghai. More Botzki said China is the most important international market of Lanjing Group. With the gradual recovery of China’s economy, Lanjing Group has continued to increase the amount of goods from China and continues to optimize the Chinese market.

  Since the emergence of new crown pneumonia, the quantity of China-EU growth has grown against the trend. As of July, it has taken over thousands of columns per month for three consecutive months. It has achieved growth in two consecutive years, and the epidemic prevention and control, complex remodeling and Stabilized global supply chain and other aspects continue to play. China European class has become an increasing epitomial of China and EU economic and trade in the era. On the one hand, under the context of global trade difficult recovery,上海十大kb名店 European companies continue to transport local product products to China, grabbing China’s demand, the opportunity to recover, China’s market potential; on the other hand, European multinational companies continue to expand in China Investment, in the epidemic conditions, use practical actions to China’s economic economy, and continue to deepen the trust tickets in the openness.

  At the end of May, Europe’s largest car enterprise German Volkswagen Group announced that China’s investment of 2.1 billion euros and vigorously promoted the development of electric vehicle business. Feng Shan, CEO of Volkswagen Group (China), said that this investment will further deepen the localization of the Volkswagen Group and the sustainable mobile trip strategy. Further opening of the Chinese market will also bring more opportunities 上海嘉定足浴你懂得 to the public.

  In July, the French Dagne Group announced that the investment of 100 million euros "plus code" in China, focusing on the ability of local research and development, and industrialization in time. "The epidemic does not block the Chinese government to further promote the pace of opening up the new round of open.

We see the implementation of foreign investment laws, providing a rule of law guarantee for the promotion of higher levels, a series of successful experience in the self-trade test area has been further replicated, and the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area is constantly expanding.

"Li Jian, senior vice president of global global, said that it can also believe in the development potential of the Chinese market, will continue to take root in China, gradually expand investment and increase scientific and technological innovation.

  In mid-August, Germany’s well-known Forklift Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions Suppliers Kaider Group founded the foundation of the new plant construction project in Jinan, the plant area of ??10,000 square meters, which plans to put into production in 2022. CEO Gorden Risk, CEO, said that China has quickly recovered from new crown pneumonia epidemic. As one of the fastest growing markets in global growth, the Chinese market plays a key role in the company’s business strategy. Kaihao will also use the potential of China’s important market. Berlin Business and Technical Partner CEO CEO Stord Franzk said that we look forward to strengthening cooperation with China in the fields of digital medical, electronic education, future travel, energy storage and smart cities. "China will play a trainer role in the process of recovery in the world economy.

"The Chief Economist of the Swiss Economics Association said. All the text, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines, such as" Economic Report "or" Economic Reference Network ", copyright It is the economic reference newspaper, and it is not possible to publish and play in any form without writing in writing.


China ASEAN land is directly to be fully opened

  Since the completion of the China ASEAN Self-trade zone in 2010, many border ports with Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos, and many border ports in Yunnan, Myanmar and Laos.

However, in the investigation, the reporter saw that there are still some "hardware" and "software" issues in Southeast Asia, accelerating the improvement of road networks in this area, and have an important role in promoting economic development and China ASEAN cooperation. The road appearance will happen to open Thailand, there are two roads to be very eye-catching, one is centered on Bangkok, in the north and China Kunming, in the south, in Singapore, in the south.

The other is "central axial road", from the middle of Thailand, the eastern side of Laos, the Western and Asia 2 highways are connected to Myanmar’s brine, the mountains of the Andaman Sea. The two roads cross Thailand have become the "aorta" of the current road network in Southeast Asia, and is also the traffic situation in China and Southeast Asian land. Due to the many rivers, the level of economic development is relatively lagging behind, the road construction in Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam has been relatively lagging. The reporter not long ago passed the car to the capital of Shayuuri, and the road to the road was an important branch of the Kunman Highway. It is also the most important road in Laos. More than 500 kilometers of distances have been 16 hours, and the ship has to pass the ship through the Mekong. However, the busy scene of the repair path and the bridge seen along the journalist showed that the face of this road will happen in the past two years. At that time, from Kunming to Vientiane will be more convenient, and from Vientiane, enter Thailand, you can connect to the road network in Southeast Asia, driving Laos and the economic development of Northeast Thailand. In the west side of this highway, the Kunman Highway has shown a busy scene. In June this year, the last bridge on this road – Thailand’s clear hole will open to the car, and the car will not have to sit in the river. After the way to upgrade the road to the north and south, the pressure is not smooth to the road to the road.

Currently, from Hanoi to Vientiane to drive a whole day.

The central Thailand will lead to the No. 16 road of the East River, Vietnam, and some road sections need to be repaired or expanded. This road is connected to the road of Asia No. 1, the Vietnamese coast. It can lead to Nanning in the north. You can go to Ho Chi Minh City in the south. . At present, China’s highway to Myanmar is mainly entered by Burma, but after the Kunman Highway is completed, it is expected that the transportation of goods from Myanmar will increase. Posa Pannikang, Dean of the Logistics and Supply Chain School of Thailand, said that the reporter of this reporter said that the road from Thailand’s Maeka to Myanmar is an extremely 爱上海后花园1314 important strategic position. Once, it can be Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar are connected together, to the West Da Andham Sea, to the South China Sea. In the Thai border city, the reporter learned that there are many foreign trade transportation in China and Burma. "Bangkok Post" reported that Myanmar has recently canceled the import and export ban of some goods. It is expected that the cross-border trade volume of Makos and Mao cotton this year will rise from nearly 40 million baht in 2012 (about $ 1330,000) To 100 billion baht (about $ 33 billion). The hub is active to drive the periphery in Southeast Asia, Thailand and Malaysia. Thailand is the hub of Southeast Asia, the Thai road is living, which is conducive to driving road transport in surrounding countries. Currently, Thailand is positively promoting 上海松江水磨实体店 the South Economic Corridor and the East and West Economic Corridor. The Thai government has planned to plan to fund the trillion baht (about $ 73.3 billion) to expand the transportation system. More than 80% of them will be used in high-speed rail construction,% will be used in highway construction. Currently, this plan is considering by the Parliament. Pannikang said to the reporter: "Thai government plans to upgrade all major highways into four lanes or more within 7 years, and will upgrade about 2000 kilometers old road, repair to Myanmar, Laos, also 3 new highway networks will be built. "The United Nations Social Traffic Division of the United Nations Social Traffic Division, and Thailand told this reporter, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand are currently considering establishing a new road connection between the capital and major harbor. Myanmar also upgrades the Asian No. 1 road in its territory with help of India to enhance communication with India.

  Pannikang told this reporter that funds were still the main problem of road construction.

At present, highway projects such as Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos are mainly funded by international organizations such as Asia Development Bank.

Solving funding issues also requires trying to attract more foreign-funded participation, while considering turn major highways into toll roads. Cross-border transportation can reduce logistics costs. At present, Vietnamese vehicles can drive directly to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanning and Kunming, China vehicles can open to Vietnam Hanoi and Hai defense. Yuexiang open direct transportation, the vehicles in the two countries can also enter the other counter, directly sending the goods to the owner’s "door". However, due to the agreement on convenient transportation, China’s Myanmar and Zhongtai have not yet opened direct transportation.

The goods in China and Myanmar are only traded in the border port of the two countries, and China Thai is the same.

Although Zhongtai two trucks can enter Laos, but to the other side of the border, they must change the car to the other party, which brings great inconvenience to the transportation of cargo products such as vegetables.

  In addition, the procedures and standards of customs, quarantine, safety inspections and documents are different, and the transportation time and logistics cost are not high. "Because the road conditions are different, the A country stipulates that the maximum load capacity of the truck is 15 tons, and the B country has 10 tons. A full-loaded car enters B country, only rent a warehouse storage over 5 tons of goods, logistics costs It is higher. "Pannikang said. He Dong You said in an interview with this reporter that "open land borders and domestic roads are used in national transportation, and the relevant support systems of many countries are still new, cross-borders are not well perfect. In addition, vehicles are different from airplanes and ships Once entering the country, it can be more freely actions will bring more impact on the local market. "(This newspaper Bangkok April 14th) Reviews the interconnection of the Daochong Economics China ASEAN Free Trade Area is the entire regional economy The important foundation of integration is also related to the components of the future in the world economy. The interoperability construction is directly related to the deepening of cooperation between China ASEAN Saitage Area.

Asia has excellent performance in the World Economic Stage in recent years, and regional cooperation with East Asia, especially the economic and trade cooperation in China and ASEAN. At present, the economic and trade in the Asia-Pacific region is entering the comprehensive integrated phase, multiple bilateral and multilateral free trade negotiations or have been launched, or ready to start.

These negotiations can ultimately make trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region more convenient, which will depends to deepen how it will deepen the built sales area such as China ASEAN. From this perspective, the issue of China ASEAN Free Trade Area is solved in the deepening process, and the foundation of the Internet is consolidated, accumulating more experience and more cooperative confidence, will promote other free trade negotiations. And guiding effect.

  It can be imagined. When Malaysia’s trucks can smoothly transport the fruits such as durian directly to a city in China; when China’s tourists can drive their own cars to the Thailand to travel; when neighboring China And the people can share more dividends of more cooperative development … The outerflowing effect of the China ASEAN’s self-trade zone will definitely go to the economy, negotiations on the Asia-Pacific region, and have a profound impact on politics and safety patterns.



General Secretary has just been here to "develop green economy, confidence is more enough!"

Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. Li Xinyu is in front of the workbench. People’s Daily reporter Wu Chao took the 90s after the girl Li Xinyu hidden the excitement, "General Secretary stopped to my workstore, and greeted everyone.

He carefully looked at the big screen, very amiable. "When the General Secretary learned that our company averaged 32 years old, he encouraged us to continue to play the strength of young people.

"Li Xinyu said," Next we will encourage the spirit of the General Secretary to promote the spirit of the nail, contribute to intelligent transformation. "National Energy Group Yulin Chemical Co., 上海虹口桑拿会所 Ltd. was established in March 2012. In recent years, the company has adhered to the road of green development, forming a complete industrial chain from coal to methanol to polyolefins and various chemical products, and actively explores high New road from low carbon emissions and carbon dioxide circulation in the carbon industry.

In the company’s intelligent control room, Chairman Zhang Xiansong gave General Secretary to the company how to develop circular economy coal comprehensive utilization. In the control room display area, degradation of plastics, medical supplies, daily necessities, "These are not simple! They are all degradable products that are converted from coal.

"Zhang 夜上海论坛新419 Xian Song said that this row of degradable samples also attracted the attention of General Secretary." The development of coal energy development should be transformed, and the road to green and low-carbon development. This will neither exceed the limits of resources, energy, and environment, and help to achieve carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization goals, adapt to the requirements of building human fate communies, and care for our Earth’s home.

"When Zhang Xian Song’s total organism produced by the company, the general secretary means that the general secretary said deeply.

"General Secretary mentioned many mentioned to protect the environment, green development, to develop the direction for our company. Next, we will continue in the epitaxial, make up the chain, strong chain, and improve 阿拉爱上海女生自荐 energy conversion efficiency.

Zhang Xiancheng said.


Bosch Changsha production line intelligent play "new pattern" will build 15 5G application scenarios this year

Engineers put on the AR head showing that the head can operate on the output of the production line equipment without interfering with the operator, the production line does not stop the operation, and the industrial worker is automatically inspected. On the 17th, the reporter saw this scene at Bosch Auto Parts (Changsha) Co., Ltd.. "This is one of our 5G application scenarios. This year we will complete 15 5G application scenarios." Zhang Shi Changsha Manufacturing Director Zhang Lisheng revealed. sn品茶论坛上海 After completing the first industrial production line in the province at the end of 2016, in recent years, Bosch Changsha combined with 5G technology, and played the "new pattern" in the production line intelligent transformation – construction 5G project.

The above 5G application scenarios are AR human-computer engineering inspections, and there is one of the four 5G application scenarios that have already landed in Bosch Changsha. In the past six years, Bosch Changsha’s intelligent process is divided into three stages. The logistics of production lines, data interconnection, intelligence and transparency is achieved in the first two stages. It is currently being carried out in the third stage, mainly construction industrial resolution. Solution ecosystem. Zhang Bicheng introduced, this will be a solution based on 5G, AI, data mining, covering the ecosystem of the product delivery of the product from the product design to after-sales, raw materials.

At present, after three stages of transformation, Bosch Changsha’s production line is already a first-line, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. The production cost is reduced.

"Before comparing the transformation, Bosch Changsha produced a car motor. The production throttle is reduced from seconds. The workers needed by a production line from 11 people to 2 people, and the average product average pass rate is also increased by 1000 ppm. 1 million. In the part, only 300 is unqualified. "Zhang Bicheng said. The reporter learned that with the continuous advancement of 15 5G application scenarios, Bosch Changsha will have steadily improved.

It is estimated that by 2023, Bosch Changsha will realize the full 上海品茶一对一 coverage of the factory, construction factories, workshops, production lines, and workstation four digital twin solutions. (Reporter Li Guangjun correspondent Zhang Hui) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Luo Shuai).


Dexing Tianxia Gongzhu Ling: Series brand wonderful bright phase to build urban culture "new business card"

Gongzhuling Mascot (Prince Prince, Corn Princess) (Gongzhuling Municipal Party Propaganda Department for Figure) Gongzhuling is the core area of ??the world’s three gold corn belts, is an important hub in Beijing, Long, Hada, etc., has a giant panda As precious, black land and Asian reserves, natural sodium-based bentun soil resources, is an important Kuchief Base in the agricultural industry in the national and Jilin Province, which is the first part of the county economy in Jilin Province.

In 1977, Gongzhuling was located in 1985, from Huaide County, Zhuangde County, the city has a long history, and the legend of the cultural heritage. The legend of the kings 上海龙凤419油压 is full of magical colors.

The Gongzhuling Municipal Party Committee highly attached great importance to the construction of urban brands, in-depth mining, system planning, and the "German" word through the global, four angles from strategy, history, reality, demand, focus on building more influential and popularized city brands , With city brands to show the charm of Gongzhuling City, enhance urban soft strength and competitiveness, so that the city is more civilized, and more connotation.

At the scene, Wang Gang was interpreted on the cultural connotation of the spirit of the public, and he said that the city spirit of the Gongzhuling is "Shangde Ming Li Zhong Ling Yuxiu is open-minded and just honest."

As the "Shangde Mingli", as our own basis, "Zhong Ling Yuxiu" 上海金山夜生活 as our morality, reflecting our enterprising with "Open-minded", showing our inclusive heart with "integrity and honest", and clarify our Gonglin people Value orientation and pursuit. Li Yunxiang said, "Dexing Tianxia Gonglin" is created, and the city’s cohesiveness and heart force can enhance the attraction and radiation power of the city, and then enhance the city’s popularity, expand urban influence and appeal.

Next, Gonglings will use the new urban brand logo and image to spread, with open perspectives, advanced philosophy, through media, infrastructure, business activities, etc., promote urban brand marketing, enhance urban development connotation, and improve Gongzhuling The visibility, reputation and cultural soft power, fully construct a new city image. At present, Gongzhuling is invested in the implementation of "1126" development strategy, and actively builds a new medium-oriented medium in Changchun. Urban brand construction will gather to accelerate the development of development, add new highlights for urban construction and development, and inject new kinetic energy.

(Editor: Wang Hao Yue, 爱上海同城aish Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.


Draw the strength of the effort (People’s Forum) from cultural inheritance

  In the case of the economic development and the new day of the science and technology, there is a cultural phenomenon. Through the cultural relics tell the historical story, such cultural works cross time and space, conjugated ancient and modern, people’s favorite; at the same time, protect historical cultural relics, inheriting excellent traditional culture, and become a social consensus. The historical cultural relics concentrates the thickness of time, carrying the memory of the collective, and also connects the past and the future.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Without China’s five thousand years of civilization, we have our success today.

"From the active coordination, the Wuyi Mountain declared the world culture and the natural heritage, realizing the breakthrough in Fujian World Heritage, to rescue cultural heritage from the explosive package, so that the" South Zhoukou Store "Sanming Wanshou Shouyi Site is destroyed; from governance Mulanxi Let the millennium agricultural irrigation project rejuvenate new vitality, to actively study, promote the "Maritime Silk Road: Quanzhou History" to declare the world cultural heritage work … Xi Jinping, during the Fujian Work, coordinating cultural heritage protection and economic development, urban construction, Reflecting the dialectical wisdom of protection and development, more reflects the ideological consciousness of promoting the creation of China’s outstanding traditional culture.

Today, the streams are lingering in the ancient Safang Lane, 上海品茶你懂的 which is rich in cultivating from this hot soil, and people feel that this wisdom is difficult. The cultural relics are the testimony of history, and the protection of cultural relics is to protect history.

The cultural relics will remember historical memory, which makes the future generations can sneak think people, translocking history.

The Sanfang Qixiang, located in the center of Fuzhou, started from Jin, perfect in Tang Fifth, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, walked out of Lin Zexu, Yan Fu, Shen Wei, Lin Juemin and other important people, and the "half of China" history". The Forbidden Palace Cultural Relics Repairman carefully restores bronze, watch, woven embroidery, etc. The cultural relics are not stationary, from which you can hear the drums, see the rough, feel the pulsation of history 上海龙凤网交友论坛 and culture.

Such a look at the outstanding traditional culture, can bring cultural identity, ideological enlightenment, spiritual incentives, guide us to take today.

  In the education of party history, the red cultural relics record the red story of heroic sacrifice, tenacious struggle, and every time they let the people who have a spirit of the spirit. The Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum showed a small suitcase used by the martyrs, the above 36 pushpins used to fix the scars after the owner of the Lord War, reflected a firm ideal belief; the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum showed The first radio station of the Red One, as if he heard the "嗒, 嘀嗒" sound of the transmitted telegram, and the military order of the war is like a mountain, united, and the Memorial Hall of the River, the 上海闵行区水磨论坛 Memorial Hall showed a side of the river, witnessed "100 Wanqi’s excellent river, "also passed the victory password" of the "military and civilian family" … From a red artifact, you can discover the flash story in the process of struggle for a hundred years. Can you truly touch what is sacrifice, what is stressed, you can I really feel the unchanging initiative of a hundred years.

  History and culture are not only about the past, but also more related to the future. Historical cultural relics let the abstract historical stories, ideological wisdom, value concepts can be present in front of people in terms of elevation, helping people touch, aftertaste, and realize excellent traditional culture.

Connection history and future, overall protection and development, let the cultural relics in the museum, exhibit the heritage in the vast land, writing in ancient books, activate the vitality of the Chinese excellent traditional culture, cultural condensation Heart integrity, injecting mental power for development.

  From the five thousand civilizations, we will learn from the cultural inheritance, we will have to innovate.