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BEIJING, (Xinhua) – ThePoliticalBureauoftheCommunistPartyofChina 上海普陀区300块会所 (CPC) CentralCommitteemetonThursdaytoreviewdocumentsincludingtheNationalSecurityStrategy 上海千花论坛约会归来 上海宝山罗店有小巷子 (2021-2025), regulationsonawardingmilitaryhonors, andthe2021ad, generalsecretaryoftheCPCCentralCommittee ,, aholisticapproachtonationalsecurityshouldmanifest, andanewsecuritystructureshouldbeformed ,, thecountrywillcoordinateeffortstoprotectsecurityinmajorsectorsandregions, includingpolitical, economic, social, sci-tech, ssovereignty, security, anddevelopmentinterestsshouldalsoberesolutelysafeguarded, sonneltostriveforthecentenarygoalofstrengtheningthearmedforces,MyspaceToCloselyobservendstudytheDevelopmentOfScienceAndtechnologyThendAbroad, Conductin-DepthRearchonthecountryssci-Techstrategies, AndpromoteInnovation ..


From the quantity of 阿拉爱上海乌托邦 the flow to the service this year "Double 11" to pull the consumption

  This year, "Double 11" pulls the consumption of new ideas – from the quantity of the stream to the service, the reporter Feng Qixin Wang Yuchen annual "double 11", this year is different.From the pre-sale of Wiya Live, "4 pm, 4 pm, save time to buy, don’t stay up late", "this year Jingdong 11 · 11 activities opened at 8 o’clock in advance", this year "double 11"E-commerce shopping festival, numerous businesses began to adjust strategies, boosted consumer demand by improving consumer experience, eliminating purchasing time, improving consumer satisfaction and happiness.Li Zhengbo, chief analyst of China International E-Commerce Center, said, "Double 11" has become one of the important windows of observation and grasp the trend trend of China’s consumption market.This year, the "Double 11" shopping festival has a new look in consumer service, market main body and commodities, and reflects the new trend of China’s consumer market development.

  Online shopping catering the time of consumption, the consumption of the era, this year, "Double 11", and the sales data of e-commerce platform continues the trend of the year.

At 0:00 on November 12, Tmall "Double 11" total transaction amount is 540.3 billion yuan.

Jingdong "Double 11" cumulative order amount has exceeded 349.1 billion yuan.

  However, it is also necessary to see that compared with previous years, the situation in my country’s consumer market is more complicated during the "Double 11" period this year.

Zou Yunhan, an Enridender, a Subjector of the National Information Center Economic Forecast, said that in the context of the pulse impact of consumption recovery, the e-commerce platform has adopted more pragmatic strategies. "This year ‘Double 11’ is closer to consumers more Good consumption is essentially, not the traffic competition between the merchants. " Overall, the consumer market has a recovery growth situation, showing powerful toughness, and consumption is still the main driving force for my country’s economic growth.

In the first September, the total retail sales of my country’s consumer goods increased year-on-year, an increase of 8% over the same period in 2019, and the final consumption expenditure in the third quarter of the third quarter of the contribution rate was%, and it also showed a high level. At the same time, since the near month, local distributed neoguan pneumonia epidemic has brought intermittent but significant impact on consumer recovery, especially to service consumption. Analysis of the influence of the epidemic on the "Double 11" consumption, Zou Yunhan believes that the epidemic leads to the wishes of consumption to the online transfer.

Currently, the epidemic will once again reduce the consumer demand under the year-end consumption season, while the online consumption or ushered in the "accident" growth time in the case of the slowdown of the e-commerce penetration.

However, it should also be seen that the epidemic has led to the differentiation of regional consumption, and the largest express delivery will be difficult to transport local transport and distribution in areas that have taken strictly controlled measures. Online shopping is also affected. Experts said that this year’s "Double 11" e-commerce growth environment is better than last year.

The domestic economic recovery process is more robust, and under the macro environment, the enterprise "survival" pressure is reduced, and the income of residents has maintained a gradual rebound, and the consumption capacity is restored from the same period last year. "Double 11" The growth foundation of consumption is more solid.

At the same time, since the income is not completely eliminated, the wishes of residents are more conservative, and online shopping, and the price-priced online shopping is more able to cater to the psychology of consumers "spend small money, do a big event".

  Merchants are more concerned about consumers "reduce the burden" in recent years, with consumption diversified development, a good consumption experience becoming one of the important factors of consumers to choose goods.

Pay more and more merchants to consumers.

Many merchants have begun to increase the sale of sales in centralized explosions, how to increase consumer attention and brand viscosity in product marketing and quality services.

  "There are two changes this year: First, the front of the front, such as Tmall, Jingdong, etc. Open the first wave of pre-sale; Second, the preferential rules are comparable." Zhong Yicheng Zhurhu consultant Yang Yuli said 2018 The year begins the "Double 11" complex preferential rules, which has been prepared. This year has a simplified trend. , The melon is divided into the original shopping allowance and the complex gameplay of the ‘Ganglou’; a lot of simplicity is simply introduced by the deductible coupon of 300 yuan, purchase a million yuan subsidy product.

"" The promotional purchase time is more reasonable, so that consumers can ‘purchase and happiness’. "Deputy Director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce] Bai Ming said. This year," Double 11 "has shown many new features, and is closely related to my country’s digital consumer market.

Since this year, under the influence of the platform supervision, under the influence of factors such as unfair competition supervision, promote the healthy development of the platform, and the orderly development is becoming an industry consensus. In this context, "greater strength to facilitate consumers" becomes the choice of many merchants, and the performance of live e-commerce performance is also catering to such trends. For consumers, the price advantage of live e-commerce bargaining capacity is more obvious. Many products have been carefully selected by e-commerce to reduce personal choice costs, and the shopping experience is more convenient. It is necessary to promote consumption, you need to continue to play the consumption 上海各区gm资源汇总 situation at the end of this year, Li Zhengbo said that the national issuance of the promotion will continue to operate, superimpose "Double 11" "Double 12" and other e-commerce shopping festival, ending at the end of the year The trip of the consumption season, the consumer market will continue to rise to a good situation, and the consumption is expected to achieve expected growth targets in the case of significant changes in the situation of the epidemic situation.

  Zou Yunhan believes that the current epidemic will have a certain impact on the consumption of recovery in this year. Next, the promotion of consumption will still start from consolidating consumer growth, enhance resident consumption capacity, and improve the wishes of residents, and give me a measures to form policy synergy. The fiery "Double 11" market will showcase domestic demand potential from a side, from the long run, all parties will continue to promote consumption. According to experts, we must further increase the intensity of employment policy, increase the stability of the aid, and research to improve the returning standard of unemployment insurance; to guide the optimization of the temporary rescue mechanism, use the foot township or street temporary rescue spare gold system Family or individuals who have been in trouble, relevant social assistance and security systems have been in trouble, relevant social assistance and security systems, and incorporate the temporary rescue range in a timely manner.

In addition, we must improve the rich car consumption support policy, speed up the development of the used car; promote the digital process of the service industry, vigorously promote the digitalization of living service industry, encourage individual industrial and commercial households or small and micro enterprises to carry out digital construction of community living service industry.


Did not receive a nucleic acid test report? Disease control expert: No news is good news

On October 24, it was the next day in Yinchuan City to carry out a wide range of nucleic acid detection. 10 people mix, 5 people mix … When accepting samples, the public heard these new names. What 上海浦东水磨水磨会所 is mixed? Is it not accurate? Will it generate errors? Why did you have confiscated a test report? On October 24th, the reporter interviewed Wu Zhonglan, an expert in the virus test center of the autonomous regional disease prevention and control center.

She said that the test results are uploaded for a certain period of time, and there is currently no news may be good news. "Mixed is the swab that is collected by 5 people or 10 people, putting it in a collection tube, which can greatly improve the collection efficiency, ensuring that nucleic acid detection work is completed in a short time during the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the largest The degree reduces the risk of diffusion of neoguan pneumonia.

Wu Zhonglan said.

When the result of the mixing is negative, the sample is considered to be negative, and 10 people representing the mix will be safe; if positive, the relevant department will immediately isolate the 10 subjects of the mixed tube. And re-collect the single tube swab, 1 pair 1, and then 闵行区喝茶好地方 determine which one is positive.

Why didn’t I query a test result, Wu Zhonglan said that nucleic acid detection is from sampled to the results, usually take 24 hours.

At present, on the one hand, nearly 2 million nucleic acid detection is completed within 48 hours, the workload is large for the testing organization.

Although most of the results have been come out, it may be lagging behind information entry.

On the other hand, some citizens have not been over 24 hours last night, so the result is not found.

"Please don’t worry, if there is a problem relevant departments will take the initiative to contact us. If there is no notice, it means that the nucleic acid detection is no problem, no result is the best result." Wu Zhonglan said. Wu Zhonglan said that the Autonomous 上海徐汇会所 Regional CDC undertakes the analysis of the epidemic situation, the research risk, and the nucleic acid test results. Once the detection has an abnormality, the sample will be sent to the autonomous regional control center re-examination, and finally "a hammer sound". At present, the Autonomous Regional CDC has launched a 24-hour emergency duty, it is waiting to meet the challenge of the epidemic, and protect the people’s health.

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Aerospace Science and Technology Group: Promote the Space Spirit and Vigorously Implement Talents’ Strategy

[] A new generation of manned spacecraft test boat returns to the cabin strength, the day, the first Mars detector model shine, and a group of "star exhibits" represented by the Chinese space station assembly, the No. 5 moon detector is a group of "star extensions" Meet with the audience … At the 13th China International Aerospace Expo, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. combines the recent space engineering task hot and follow-up plan, selecting more than 170 aerospace science and technology achievements, through a variety of The form is to meet the public, and the aerospace technology group explore the vivid practice of the vast universe, the development of the space business, and build agency strong country.

  Behind the results of the results are inseparable from a high level of talent.

Over the years, the Aerospace Science and Technology Group has adopted the principle of talent talent, and vigorously implemented talents’ strong enterprise strategy. He formed a young generation of space experts. The new generation of young people continued to struggle to cultivate chains. The number, which represents a large number of high-level innovation teams. Talent – how much the rocket carrying capacity is constantly successful, how big is the stage of China’s aerospace. At this air show, a new generation of manned rockets, heavy-duty launch rockets, etc., the long-scale rocket "family" of 400 launches is unveiled, attracting the audience.

  Behind a rocket and a successful launch of a number of times in a batch of high-level innovative talents. As one of the most challenging and wide-driven high-tech fields in the world, aerospace should achieve high-level technology self-improvement, and in the final analysis of high-level innovation.

  As of the end of 2020, the agency degree in the staff, the graduate degree, accounting for the graduate degree, and the university’s undergraduate degree is%; the scientific and technological talents, the graduate degree accounts, and the university undergraduate degree accounts for%.

  In recent years, my country has successfully launched a new generation of green launch rockets represented by the Long March, Long March 7, and Long March, and the Long March series launched rocket pattern is more perfect. The capacity of carrying capacity is greatly improved. my country’s ability to enter space jumps to the world. . Since 2006, the first success of 2016, the Long March 5 launch rocket development history has been 10 years.

The development team is difficult, attacking hard, ten years of grinding a "arrow", breaking through a number of key technologies, mastering a group of new technologies with independent intellectual property rights … support with high-level science and technology talents, is China Aerospace Important guarantee for success. Spirit – the necessary magic weapon generation from the "two bomb one stars" to the manned space flight, from the Beidou Network to Burning Fire, the Space Spiritual Spirit is always the necessary magic weapons of China’s aerospace industry. Academician of the two hospitals is the wealth of the country, the pride of the people, the glory of the nation. In the aerospace sector, a batch of de highly expected old academicians, old scientists, the motherland, serve the people, pursue truth, and climb the peak, will be a ladder, the award, and become a good story.

  Aerospace Science and Technology Group has 31 Chinese Academy of Sciences, 31 academicians and 130 national experts.

The number of high-level talents is ranked in front of central enterprises.

  For more than half a century, the Space Technology Group Science and Technology Commission, the "July Medal" winner, the "July 1 Medal", the groundbreaking and basic work of the inertial navigation and automation, the rapid development of satellites, rockets, missiles and other fields Important support is provided.

  From 嫦娥 天 天 问 问 火 火 科 科 科 建 建 建 建 建 建 建 建 建 建 建 建 建 建 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 镇 一 一 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇 镇Mage. "Whether it is a manned space or a probe, no matter whether it is a satellite or Beidou, there are a few especially important: First, everyone is for national interests, all walks of life are supported; second, the key is still people.

There is a feature of the agencies and will definitely put the country’s task in the first place.

"Ye Pei Jian said. Ground-planted – Give full play to the development strategy for many years, the Aerospace Science and Technology Group Party Group adheres to the principle of party management talent, and vigorously implements the talents’ strategy, and creates Sun Jiandong, Baizu, Li Dong, Sun Zhip, etc. The team represented by the teachings, built a scientific and technological innovation team 上海外菜vx represented by 嫦, Shenzhou, Beidou and Long March. Review the past, the talent work of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group presents the following highlights: First, persistence "talent The high degree is the concept of career ", in the battlefield for major project owners, cultivates, uses good talents; the second is to adhere to the major project and major research and development projects, and the talent follows a batch; the three is paying attention to Thick young scientific and technological talents grow fertile soil, let youth’s backbone fight, as a pioneer; fourth is to promote the spirit of space, through a variety of forms, the older generation of money, and the older agency to overcome the difficulties and obstacles, and create the story of the aerospace base to the youth. Sharing in your youth.

上海高端外卖工作室群   Looking forward to the future, Wu Yan, chairman of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, said that it is necessary to translate the strong motivation to implement the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference into the power of talent work, and translate into the idea of ??high quality development of talents, transform into accelerating construction of aerospace Vivid practice, continuously create a new situation in the talent work of aerospace and technology groups.

  "In the future, we will further enhance the sense of responsibility, mission, and give full play to the strategic role of talents leading the development. All-round training introduces the use of good talents, continue to deepen talent development mechanism reform, and stimulate various talent innovation and create vitality, speed up 上海现在哪里有油压 Building a world-class space business group, fully open the new journey of the construction of the Space State. "Wu Yan said.

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Half month talks, "appearance is anxious" hit medical beauty

上海嘉定区桑拿休闲会所   In the half-month, the reporter Huang Yu Dong Xiaohong, with the public’s acceptance of medical beauty, the medical beauty consumption is gradually recognized by various groups, and the medical beauty service has also been cut from the past, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, etc., expands to hyaluronic acid, face-liftingPins, Heat Maji and other micro-plastic and more difficult fatal liposuctions, and increased high-level projects.More and more young people have accepted medical beauty surgery under the promotion of "appearance anxiety", and every holiday medical beauty institution will usher in service peak season.

However, the chaos of the medical beauty is repeated, which not only misleading youth values, but also seriously harms their health, improper operation, hurt, and pay attention to death.From the destruction of the death, the medical beauty industry complaints 4 years to increase the "2020 Chinese Medical Beauty Industry Insight" released by nearly 13 times showed that there are about 10,000 medical beauty institutions in my country, more than 80,000 stores illegal Carry out medical beauty projects.Even in the legal medicine, there are more than 15% of the existence of an over-range business.

  Hangzhou, a woman’s net red in July, infectious shock after liposuction surgery, transfer to ICU rescue invalid death.

Hangzhou Health and Health Committee notified that there is a lack of understanding of the surgery, improper operation in surgery, no time in operation, postoperative observation and treatment is not in time, and there is a causal relationship with patient death, and assumes full responsibility.

  Search in the Chinese referee document online, there are hundreds of case referee documents related to liposuction.

In March of this year, a woman who was a medical beauty institution in Hangzhou, and there was a heartbeat and breathing, and the brain died after several days of rescue by Tangjia Hospital.

And the beauty salon is renamed after April.

  In recent years, medical security issues have been exposed.

In the Half Month, the reporter was in a beauty shop in Jinniu District, Chengdu, found that it was suspected of carrying out medical beauty projects such as water jets, laser hair removal, and exceeding the scope of business license. Some seemingly formal private medical beauty institutions also involve illegal surgery, such as cutting off the nerve stovepipe.

"These are all secret operations, and the difficulty of fighting is very difficult.

"Sichuan Health and Family Planning Supervision Law Enforcement Corps Medical Supervision Law Enforcement Detachment Detachment Zhou Qin said. According to the statistics of China Consumers Association It is nearly 13 times in 2015.

  Triple Risk is endangered by young people’s physical and mental health. According to the survey, from 2014 to 2020, my country’s medical beauty market increased from 50.1 billion yuan to 17.95 billion yuan, the medical beauty consumer is mainly, 20 ~ 25 years old, the highest, 90 and 00, mainly Consumer groups.

  Li Jiaolun, a plastic surgeon, an affiliated Department of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said his service object is only 12 years old.

However, for adolescents, the triple risks brought by medical beauty cannot be ignored.

  First, physical health risks.

Yan Min, the person in charge of the clinical anesthesia center of Zhejiang Province, said that many medical surgery involve anesthesia link, but anesthesia is not a simple thing. Liposuction surgery is more risky. If the blood vessels are damaged during liposuction, fat fragment enters blood vessels to cause vascular embolism, pulmonary embolism, so that patients have respiratory distress syndrome, even if they are rescued, it will lead to irreversible health damage, which will cause patient death. The second is the misleading risk of values.

In a month, I saw that the reporter saw on a medical US e-commerce platform. "Improve the value change life" "Zero risk, painless" "lying down" and other medical gaps can actually have induced adolescents. Yang Jianhua, president of the Zhejiang Sociology Society, said that medical beauty platforms and institutions are not awake and demonstrating the risk of all kinds of medical and American projects, but exaggerating the publicity, transmitting the value of the upper value, put the beauty model, plus movie TV dramas, star endorsement , Net red economy curing, single and aesthetic triggered teen "appearance anxiety".

Some people are taken by the merchant’s marketing, and the medical beauty service is even integrated under the situation.

  In addition, "appearance anxiety" also reflects a lot of young people who only want to easily get successful mentality. A large number of online beauty anchors will bring illusions to some young people, think that as long as they become beautiful, they can find a shortcut to success.

  The third is the risk of illegal crimes.

In the half-month, the reporter visited some police stations in Chengdu. At present, there is a banner of the medical and American institutions, and the girls who graduated from the school. Then, they will repeatedly attract their medical surgery, and also help them handle loans, etc. After the operation, I will find a reason to say, causing a lot of young people who are involved in the world.

  Advance, some illegal medical institutions service boundaries extend, in the way of high commissions, toduce yourself to assist in the law of illegal activities. There is an intermediary to encourage the development of the school students to develop classmates to make a introduction fee, and they can make a single 3000 ~ 5,000 yuan. Some students will hook hooks to hook them in order to make money even taking fraud.

In addition to helping illegal institutions, slaughter, public security organs, also found that certain young people assisted the medical beauty institutions to flicker love beauty to handle "set loans".

  With a combination of the dynamic supervision and reorganization of the medical market, the medical and health supervision team of Chengdu Health and Health Monitoring, the Medical Health Supervision Brigade, the leader of the medical and health supervision team, to rectify and standardize the medical beauty market order, purify the medical beauty service environment, should increase the normalization of normalization.

  "At present, the grassroots law enforcement personnel are shortage, many times are moving strikes. For a period of time, it will take the head again." Lin Wei said, should establish a large data supervisory library for dynamic supervision, implement black and white list or credit score system, etc. .

  In response to the secret characteristics of illegal medical activities, market supervision, drug supervision, public security, Wen Travel, Net Letter and other departments are closely fitted.

"The supervision of the medical beauty industry often relies on administrative orders, this regulatory method is not sustainable, must rely on effective coordination mechanism to achieve comprehensive supervision." Hangzhou Health and Health Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement team said. Jiang Yi, vice president of Yingxing Group, said that the regulations should be improved, from the source to control the qualifications of the organization, guide the medical beauty business, improve the industry risk awareness and handling capacity. In the face of intensive "appearance anxiety", Yang Jianhua 上海宝山品茶 suggested that you should not be kidnapped by the so-called "color value standard", do not be wrapped in various marketing words, the whole society should cultivate a diversified aesthetic atmosphere, eliminate "beauty equality is equal to wealth" Soil of the species of values.

Editor in charge: Zhang Ling.


Building top vegetables affect the environment (around the 上海贵族宝贝sh1314 side)

  Some vegetables on the top of the roof, as well as watering.Community residential is a map of 19 buildings in Baishang Tang Community, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, with low floor residents in the top of the building, and use manure water, odor pungent, but also breed mosquitoes, causing mice.This is threatened for normal life and physical health of other households, especially the top house.

Some households complain to the property, community complaints, they express no law enforcement rights and cannot be handled.

Find the city management, they said that they only manage the construction, and could not manage the food.But the problem is to be resolved, hoping that 上海洗浴桑拿网 the relevant departments can coordinate processing to help residents clear the source of pollution as soon as possible.

  Baishang Tang Community 上海品茶信息 Residents (Editor: Liu Shuzhen, Xiao Xin) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.


Beijing Municipal Committee Theory Learning Center Group Learning to implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the 19th CPC

  On November 14, the Democratic Out of Beijing Municipal Committee Theoretical Center Group revisited the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC, organized collective learning.

Vice Chairman of the People’s Central Committee, Pang Lijuan, the main committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, presided over to learn and speaking.

  Pang Lijuan pointed out that the Nine-nine-ninth Plenary Session is an important moment of the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China, and it has a major historic meeting in the "Two One hundred Years" Struggle History History History History. The Plenary Associates the core of Xi Jinping, the core of the party, the core status of the whole party, establishes the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, reflects the common wishes of all ethnic groups of the whole party, developing the new era of party and national business, It has decisive significance to the process of promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation. The Committee considers the adopted "Resolution of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China", comprehensively systematically summarizes the major achievements and historical experience of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle. The Chinese people seek happiness, struggle, sacrificed and created for the initial mission of the Chinese nation, deeply revealing "Why can we succeed in the past, how can we continue to succeed in the future?" It is the mobilization order of the future time in the future.

  Pang Lijuan emphasized that the theoretical learning center group should play a demonstration role in the leadership, leading the city’s organizations and the majority of members quickly set off the CCP’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session, and put in-depth learning and implementation of the 19th China Plenary Session spirit as the current and future An important political task at a period is highly valued, carefully organized, and do a good job in learning and implementing the spirit of the conference.

Organizations and major members of all levels must effectively enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", the big "country", firmly moved the "two establishment" truly transformation into "two maintenance" ideas Consciousness, political consciousness, consciousness, and in the political action of the Thought, the Central Committee of Xi Jinping is highly consistent, promoting the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping in Beijing, China further forming vivid practice. First, we must always insist on accepting the leadership of the Communist Party of China and join hands with the new era. The History of Communist Party of the Communist Party of China also includes the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Participation in the History of Strong Struggle.

The people have always respirable with the national and nations, and they have a total of life, and the Chinese Communist Party is in the same boat, honor and disgrace. We must profoundly learn the major achievements of the Chinese Communist Party of the Communist Party. From the history of the party’s 100-year struggle, we will continue to promote the glorious tradition of intimate cooperation with the Communist Party of China, constantly consolidate the common ideological and political foundation, and vigorously promote the spirit of the great website. Forget the hardship of the suffering yesterday, the mission of today, the great dreams of today, do not bear the great dreams of tomorrow, use history as a training, create the future, brave, and help the country and the capital high quality development. Second, we must profoundly study the great experience in understanding the Communist Party of China, do not forget to work together, and constantly strengthen our own construction. "Ten insistence" deeply reveals the fundamental guarantee of the continuous success of the Chinese Communist Party and the people’s career, revealing the strength of the Communist Party of China, revealing the source of the Chinese Communist Party to master the root cause of history, revealing the Chinese Communist Party Always advance in the advanced nature and purity, always walking in the fundamental pathway of the forefront.

We have to understand that the party is a master, inheriting the Historical experience of the Communist Party of China, based on the position of the Capital Party, and pays the "three new" "three good" general requirements, focus on improving the overall function of the organization, and strives to build the high requirements for the new era. Quality Party Organizations, and do a good job in the Chinese Communist Party’s good staff, good helper, good colleagues. The third is to continuously improve the performance ability, improve the performance of the performance, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

To learn from the valuable historical experience of the Communist Party of China, we must understand the historical law and better 浦东全套油压店 grasp the historical opportunities, and strive to practice the responsibilities and mission of the Participants and improve the ability to perform the overall situation. To make a new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, leading the city to organize wisdom and strength to implement the party and the country’s political policy, decision-making deployment, in national 上海奉贤品茶 strategy and the capital economy The social development is responsible for actively, and better for the ruling party in the new journey, serving the country, serving the people, to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realizing the great revival of the Chinese nation, unremitting struggle ! Wu Wenyan, deputy main committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Yao Shukun, Zhang Qiwu, Zhang Li Bin, Li Wei, Wu Shengtang, Yang Jinlong, secretary-General Cang Yuxing participated in the study, the head of the municipal committee office, the meeting.


Hangzhou will promote 155 river construction during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period

  Recently, the reporter learned from the 101th Workplace Conference of Hangzhou City, Henan City Infrastructure Construction Management Center, I learned that Hangzhou will carry out water safety during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. , The comprehensive improvement of the four aspects of the water environment, water leisure, and water culture, the whole city has arranged a total of 155 river road construction tasks, with a total of 264 kilometers.

  Waterflows around the city, the waterfront, and now it has become an important business card in Hangzhou. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Hangzhou has 闵行水磨工作室 rectified the 148 rivers, some remediation of 14, a total of thousands of river remediation, adding green area 10,000 square meters, new increase in the riverside slow system length, dredging 2.31 million Cubic meters, newly built along the river interception tube, 104 pieces of drainage water flushing gate, open 51 breaking rivers. After the construction of a group of builds, it condenses the heart and craftsmen of the "river people" in the city.

  The meeting commended 25 comprehensive evaluation of 2020 rivers and rivers, "the most beautiful river people", introduced their job deeds, calling on the city’s river construction workers to learn to them, forming more than learning, and striving for excellence A strong atmosphere.

  New stage, new pattern, new task. During the "14th 上海武宁路kb名店 Five-Year Plan" period, Hangzhou river construction will improve the high quality construction as the theme, improve the flood control and drainage, water quality environment, the improvement of the river; Return to the city, complete the construction of river roads in key areas, and promote the development of key areas.

  "We will expand the whole country on the basis of deep cultivation. Through ‘Because River Shi Ce’ to create a highlight of the highlights, while improving the quality of the river, the comprehensive efficiency of the river, the service, humanities, and continues to build ‘get rich The relevant person in charge of the river, happiness river ‘. "The relevant person in charge of the city base center river construction management office will accelerate a plate of chess, integrated construction 上海干磨水磨服务区别 process, and improve the water and improve the environment, improve the sense of happiness of the masses. Satisfaction, for the construction of a socialist modern international metropolis, high levels, and striving for the construction of the high-quality development of Zhejiang to make greater contributions to the construction of the high-quality development of Zhejiang Province. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


China Wank Formulate Service "Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutral" Target Action Plan

爱上海新人验证交流区 [] Recently, Bank of China has formulated the "Bank of China" Carbon-Carbon Peak, Carbon Middle and "Target Action Plan", from organizational architecture, business development strategy, product innovation, green operation, pressure test, international cooperation, capacity building, technology Fifteen roadmaps have been drawn in detail, and the Bank of China is given to how to carry out green financial work.

  "Bank of China Service" Carbon Peak, Carbon Middle and "Target Action Plan" is implemented in the "Bank of China" 14th Five-Year "Green Financial Plan", which is China Bank to actively practice national low-carbon development strategy and help promote my country has implemented the embodiment of "30 · 60 goals". During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Bank of China plans to provide not less than 1 trillion yuan of funding support for the green industry, and achieve the growth rate of green credit. The proportion of public loans in the territory of public loans is less than 5 percentage points in the end of "13th Five", and strive to reach 10 percentage points. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Bank of China will accelerate the adjustment of industry credit structure, strengthen "high-energy consumption, high emission" (hereinafter referred to as "two high") industry balance control, and domestic social "two high" industry credit balances account for a decline in the year, Increase the credit support for green projects such as emission reduction technology upgrade, fossil energy clean and efficient use, coal-cost flexibility transformation. Since the fourth quarter of 2021, in addition to the contracted project, Bank of China will no 贵人传媒新上海419 longer provide financing to new coal mining and new coal power projects.

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Co-construction Technical Evidence Review Collaboration Mechanism of the Procuratorate of Zhangzhou and Tibet Changdu

"Cloud" conference ceremony site.


Xie Zuhong took the testification of the highest inspection and political department, the procuratorate of the procuratorate, the procuratorate of Zhangzhou and Changdu, "Technical Evidence Review Collaborative Mechanism of the People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Procuratorate of Zhangzhou City". This is a measure of the two-way procuratorial organs to implement the spirit of the 19th Sixth Plenary Session and the spirit of the Central National Work Conference. Jiang Jianping, Party Secretary of the Changdu Procuratorate, and Chief of the Procuratorate, expressed his gratitude to the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate and Zhangzhou City Procuratorate.

Zhangzhou City Procuratorate Party Secretary, the Procuratorate Changjiang Li pointed out that the Zhangzhou City Procuratorate should sign a co-construction mechanism as an opportunity to give full play to the forensic 上海贵族宝贝花千坊 technology advantage, provide accurate assistance to the Changdu City procuratorate to enhance the quality, efficiency and effect of the procuratorial case. It is necessary to highlight the high-level position, and effectively enhance the ideological consciousness of counter-mouth assistance;

Meng Shouping, deputy director of the highest inspection, political department The Supreme Inspection Political Department will work well in policy support, and the two land procuratorates must carry forward the spirit of mutual help and work together to promote this mechanism. Liu Wei, director of the Supreme Inspection and Procuratorate Technology Information Center, pointed out that the establishment of a co-construction mechanism fully reflects the support of the Fujian Provincial Procuratorate on Tibet’s Procuratorate, and also 上海品茶高端场子reflects the recognition of the procuratorate service to the prosecutive technical department service.

This is the practice and exploration of the integration of the procurator, is an inspiration for intellectual assistance and science and technology aid. This mechanism is very "real", from the small incision, it is deeply in-depth; very "accurate", from the actual number of cases of the Changdu City case, accurately solve the actual problem; very "fine", to make the work fine, use Small incision reflects a big act. (Qiu Namin Zheng Meimin) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.