Shen Xiaoming presided over a special meeting of the Provincial Party Committee to study the development of the biomedical industry in Hainan

Shen Xiaoming presided over a special meeting of the Provincial Party Committee to study the development of the biomedical industry in Hainan

The meeting analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing the development of the biomedical industry in Hainan, emphasized that it is necessary to grasp the laws of industrial development, clarify the direction of industrial development, make good use of Hainan free trade port policy, Lecheng’s first trial policy and drug listing license holder system, and introduce High -level Chinese and foreign joint ventures and high -end products have focused on promoting medical devices and children’s medication and south medicine tablets in medical beauty, dental medicine and other fields. It is necessary to improve the work promotion mechanism, compress the main responsibilities of cities and counties and parks, promote the linkage of industrial promotion departments and industry supervision departments, improve supporting policies, optimize regulatory measures, vigorously introduce foreign capital, strengthen the training and scientific research results of medical talent teams, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, high levels, and high levels, and high levels, high levels, and high levels, and high levels and high levels. Market -based construction and operation of public R & D service platforms, set up the biomedical industry development fund, strongly support the creation of new drugs, actively integrate resource forces, and form a strong joint force to promote the development of the biomedical industry. Original title: Shen Xiaoming presided over a special meeting of the Provincial Party Committee to study the development of Hainan’s biomedical industry. Feng Fei Xu Qifang participated.

Dialogue Boao | Chen Lai, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Studies of Tsinghua University: Sort out Wenmai to inherit the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port Cultural Construction

Dialogue Boao | Chen Lai, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Studies of Tsinghua University: Sort out Wenmai to inherit the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port Cultural Construction

Hainan Nettra, Hainan Client April 22 (Reporter Chen Aijing Wang Changyun Xu Jing) The Boao Forum for Asia was held in Boao, Hainan from April 20th to 22nd. Hainan Radio and Television General Taiwan International Communication and Rong Media Center specially planned the high -end interview column of the "Boao Boao". The host Chen Aijing invited guests to visit the forum to report the dynamics and latest views of the forum in time to convey the sound of Boao to the world. On the evening of April 21, Mr. Chen Lai, the dean of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Studies and the librarian of the Central Literature and History Research Museum, was a guest in "Boao Boao" and accepted an interview with Chen Aijing, the host of Hainan Radio and Television. Mr. Chen Lai, a well -known contemporary philosopher and philosopher, is currently a member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the dean of the Chinese Academy of Tsinghua University, deputy director of the Academic Committee of Tsinghua University, professor, doctoral supervisor, member of the Degree Committee of the State Council, and the Ministry of Education. Member of the Social Science Committee and member of the National Ancient Books Collection and Planning Group. He is also the president of the National Society of the Chinese Philosophy of the Chinese Chinese Philosophy, the vice chairman of the International Confucian Federation, and the chairman of the Confucius Foundation of China.

In 2012, he was appointed as a librarian of the Central Cultural and History Research Museum. The main research direction is Confucian philosophy, Song and Yuan -Ming Cleanment, and modern Confucian philosophy. Its research results represent the world’s leading level in the field.

In the 29th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee in 2015, Mr. Chen Lai was invited to serve as the lecturer in Huairentang, Zhongnanhai. Mr. Chen Lai was invited to attend the Boao Forum for Forum for the first time, and participated in the topic discussion as a guest forum guest. During the guest "Dialogue Boao", Mr. Chen Lai was cited by ancient times to the present, introducing what is the category of Chinese studies, the category of Chinese studies, and the reason for the popularity of Chinese studies, firm cultural self -confidence, etc., and put forward suggestions on the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port Cultural Construction. For more interview content, please watch the video of "Dialogue Boao" program "Chen Aijing Dialogue Chen Lai".

"Dialogue Boao" series of high -end interview programs, on the video number of the General Studio of Hainan Radio and Television, Hainan Network Radio and Television, Viewing Hainan Client, Today’s Headline, Kuaishou, Sina Weibo, Central Radio and Television Terminal "CCTV", CCTV News The client, "learning strong country" Hainan learning platform and other all media publications.

[When] the transformation carried ingenuity to create "Shanxi boutique" (under)

[When] the transformation carried ingenuity to create "Shanxi boutique" (under)

Times "Shanxi boutique" public brand, 2025, "Shanxi boutique" brand logo products and services to reach 200. "Six new", to focus on competitive industries and specialty products, focusing on cultivating industry-leading backbone enterprises, small and medium enterprises "hidden champions", a modern industrial clusters as the main "Shanxi boutique" group.

"Shanxi fine," not the government have the final say, but look at the quality of the product, see the consumer acceptance, depending on the market outlook. "Shanxi boutique" public opinion to promote high-quality brand restructuring and development. " Market Authority province two Guoxin An inspector said the first batch of "Shanxi quality" selection, preliminary plan early next year.

Federation is now being established brand building, set up certification Union, to develop "" Shanxi boutique "building plan", first carry out the construction and organization system, to prepare the foundation for the next step of the introduction of quality.

"Shanxi boutique" in accordance with the high standards and strict certification, management system and strong regulation, form 200 or so with independent intellectual property rights, high market share products and services brand.

+ + Third-party certification of government regulation.

By strict certification and establish a group with independent intellectual property rights, excellent quality, good brand effect, significant economic and social benefits of regional public brand.

Strong regulation means taking "a randomized double open" regulatory approach, from the standard, three strengthen supervision and inspection, to form promoted or demoted, survival of the fittest regional public brand for dynamic management of the implementation of certification and certificate tracking.

The role of "Shanxi boutique" Forced enterprise formation, and encourage them to continue to improve the standard of the product.

By building quality, improve product quality, service quality, only quality improvement, and to be more competitive. Therefore, the "Shanxi boutique" is hidden behind a high-quality development, but of the whole process of quality improvement, Forced to come and lead by "Shanxi fine."

"Shanxi boutique" will encourage enterprises to continuously upgrade the quality of products.

"Shanxi boutique" to a broader international market, 90% of general purpose, less than 5% of the standard, only for the German market. German Institute for Standardization has launched a number of 30000 standard, the standard every 10 years, there are nine become EU standards, there are two international standards, ranking first in all the national standards bodies. 5 to 10 years, Shanxi restructuring and development of the window period, critical period, as the "Shanxi boutique" Common brand building, will solve the problem of the province of products and services brand influence to a large extent, the core competitiveness is not strong problem, will also have more and more become a brand in Shanxi, Shanxi, and even China’s gold card. (Meng-ting).

"De aardbevingspreventie en rampenvermindering, ik wil het doen"

"De aardbevingspreventie en rampenvermindering, ik wil het doen"

Doe goed in "10.000", voorkomen "in het geval dat Tangshan Aardbeving Slachtoffers Herdenkingswandmuur bestaan ??uit een stuk van graniet graniet leisteen, 44 jaar geleden, de naam van elk slachtoffer in de aardbeving van Tangshan is gegraveerd op deze leisteen. De oostkant van de muur is uitgerust met een totaal van 307 woorden.

Deze 307 woorden, het Tangshan Shiculong Ramp Reduction Bureau Plan Management en de directeur van de Ramp Relief Materials kunnen naar beneden komen.

"Ik werkte 3 jaar in het Aardbevingspark van Tangshan Aardbeving Ru?nes, wat heel bekend is.

Na de institutionele hervorming zijn de functies van ons Bureau meer, en de branders van elke persoon zijn zwaarder, maar we zijn veilig om het leven en het eigendom van de mensen te beschermen. "Sinds het begin van het werk in 1996, de WEPTO en aardbeving werkten, is dit meer dan 20 jaar. In 2012 kwamen we Chao naar de toediening van Tangshan Aardbeving.

"Miljoenen in Tangshan City, ik ben een van de weinige mensen die niet veel anti-aardbevingspreventie en rampvermindering hebben," zei hij. Niet alleen de 51 in het Tangshan-schokbestendige en rampenverminderingsbureau is in de redacteur, of het nu gaat om aardbevingspreventie en rampenvermindering, iedereen is trots op hun loopbaan. Voor een grote natuurlijke kracht is de kracht van mensen enigszins verwaarloosbaar.

Zhang Bao, Secretary of the Party Committee van het Tangshan Shicpy en Ramp Reduction Bureau, zei dat ze ‘de grote boom moeten slaan "en" respectabel ". Opgericht van de Tangshan-aardbevadering in 1978, hernoemde het aardbeving van Tangshan City Aardbeving en Ramp Reduction Bureau, en toen zijn er vandaag een paar generaties er voor staan, en de eerste ontwikkelingen ontsluiten ertoe om een ??nieuwe situatie te cre?ren bij de productie van aardbeving Preventie en rampenvermindering. In 2015 voltooide het land de eerste batch van de nationale aardbevingspreventie en de stedelijke acceptatie, de stad Ramp, Tangshan City en Yangjiang City, de provincie Guangdong, werd de eerste batch van nationale aardbevingspreventie en demonstratiesteden van rampenverkochten in de Chinese aardbevingsadministratie. Deze prestatie is niet eenvoudig. Om de acceptatie door te geven, begon Tangshan City een pilot creatief werk van aardbevingspreventie- en rampenvermindering demonstratie te cre?ren en het werkgehalte geleidelijk uit de initi?le demonstratiegemeenschap werd uitgebreid en het landbouwproject leidde geleidelijk uit naar de Demonstration County, Demonstration City .

Tijdens het cre?ren van nationale aardbevingspreventie en demonstratie van rampenvermindering, implementeerden de Tangshan City Aardbeving Ramp Reduction Bureau "11977" -project, namelijk: een kenmerkend werkidee, een stevig werkdoel, stel de negen categorie?n in om projecten, zeven vooruitgangspaden te maken, Verbetering van zeven mod-modus bereiken.

Zhang Xue Wen, directeur van de Archives Room, Aardbeving en Geological Disaster Defense, toonde de resultaten van "11977" -project: meer dan 6.000 volumes van het bestand (volume, schijf), meer dan 23 miljoen woorden, bewerkt in "Tangshan City Created Nationale aardbevingspreventie en rampenvermindering Demonstratie City Information Compilation ".

"Deze materialen hebben volledig aangetoond ons proces van het cre?ren van nationale aardbevingspreventie en rampenverminderingsdemonstratiesteden, aardbevingspreventie- en rampenvermindering-inspanningen en schokbestendige en mitigatieresultaten." Zhang Xue Wen zei dat naast de archieven van mensen, party-leden-bestanden, werkbestanden , eerbestanden, deze archiefkamer Deze materialen zijn deze materialen. In hetzelfde jaar heeft Tangshan City de ‘voorschriften over het aardbevingsramp-reductiebeheer van Tangshan City’ ge?mplementeerd ge?mplementeerd in 2011 ge?mplementeerd tot de "Tangshan City Aardbeving Ramp Reduction Regulations" en formeel geobserveerd. Twee lokale voorschriften werden ontwikkeld en Zhang Xuewen is een deelnemer.

"Onze brainstorm is een groot aantal consulten aan de Society bij alle lagen van het leven van de gemeenschap.

Omdat wetgeving de stem van alle lagen van het leven moet vertegenwoordigen, vertegenwoordigt het reguliere begrip.

"Zhang Xue Wen zei. Vanaf 2012 tot 2018 werd dit collectief beoordeeld als een geavanceerde eenheid van het Aardbevingsvervoer en de rampvermindering in China voor 7 opeenvolgende jaren." Het laat Tangshan aardbevingen niet slap zijn. "

"Directeur van de Tangshan Aardbeving Ramp Reduction Bureau zei:" Cre?er een nationale aardbevingspreventie- en rampdemonstratiestad, geschreven het prachtige Chinese hoofdstuk van Tangshan aardbevingspreventie en rampvermindering, en het is een nieuw startpunt geworden voor Tangshan Aardbevingspreventie en ramp afname. "Op 16 januari 2018 werd de toediening van Tangshan Aardbeving omgedoopt tot het Tangshan Shicvrij Ramp Reduction Bureau.

Dit is geen eenvoudige hernoame, het nieuw gevestigde bureau heeft een grote aanpassing in zijn plicht, waardoor de begeleiding van het begeleidende aardbevingspreventie- en rampenvermindering van de provinciale niveau te vergroten, het langdurige mechanisme van aardbevingsbestendige rampverlichting en publiciteit en publiciteit en Onderwijs, plattelandsfaciliteiten Seismisch fortificatiebeheer en volledige sociale aardbevingspreventie en rampontlasting, de 13-gerelateerde boekhouding van de vaardigheden, de training, enz. Dit heeft ook de sociale managementfuncties mogelijk gemaakt van aardbevingspreventie en rampenvermindering in Tangshan City.

Na de institutionele hervorming ging het Tangshan Shicpy en Ramp Reduction Bureau nog steeds vooruit op de weg van aardbevingspreventie en rampenvermindering. In 2018, onder hun inspanningen, organiseerde Tangshan City met succes de nationale eerste aardbevingsconferentie; in 2019 werd de China Tangshan International Emergency Management-conferentie met succes gecontracteerd.

"14th Five-Year Plan" Traffic Meteorological Protection Plan: Establish and improve the modern traffic meteorological protection service system

"14th Five-Year Plan" Traffic Meteorological Protection Plan: Establish and improve the modern traffic meteorological protection service system, November 17th news (Reporter Zhang Wuyue) my country’s weather disaster frequently, every year due to severe traffic accidents, serious traffic blocks, traffic facilities have occurred, giving people life and property Safety and economic and social development have brought serious impact.

Recently, the China Meteorological Bureau jointly issued the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport, the National Railway Bureau and the State Post Bureau, "The 14th Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"), clear to 2025, focus on roads, railways, Inner river water transport, maritime transportation, multimodal transport five key directions, basically form a comprehensive traffic meteorological service pattern of multi-sectoral coordination, collaborative deployment, collaborative implementation, collaborative guarantee.

"Planning" requires that all departments should conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important instructions of meteorological work and transportation work, to ensure the construction of the comprehensive transportation system of the service, establish and improve the demand, point-to-face combination, characteristics, highlight, deep integration The modern traffic meteorological support service system has strongly supported the construction of strong transportation.

"Planning" pointed out that to construct traffic meteorological precision monitoring system, design traffic meteorological observation network layout program, establish and improve traffic meteorological observation system, enhance traffic meteorological observation equipment guarantee; carry out the risk of traffic meteorological disaster, and investigate the influence of harsh weather traffic, Prepare traffic meteorological disaster risk zones; create high quality traffic meteorological services system, enhance influence traffic meteorological services supply, development of scene-based distribute traffic meteorological protection services; enhance traffic meteorological service support capacity, strengthen traffic meteorological observation information specification processing Ability, build a national integrated traffic meteorological data set and traffic meteorological business support system; promote traffic meteorological technological innovation, strengthen traffic meteorological intelligence aware technology and equipment development, development of traffic meteorological forecasting warning technology, strengthen traffic meteorological standardization system construction; strengthen " A band all the way "Integrated transportation meteorological protection, enhance land transport traffic and logistics meteorological integrated services and maritime traffic meteorological protection capabilities.

"Planning" is issued to deepen meteorological, public security, transportation, railway, and postal five departments.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, five departments will strengthen organizational leaders, establish and improve the inter-departmental joint meeting system, explore the establishment of "Government + Department + Enterprise" traffic meteorological service model and guarantee the investment mechanism, and form a multi-sector participation national traffic Innovation teams in meteorological fields boost traffic meteorological services high quality development.

"Party Building + National Unity"

"Party Building + National Unity"

Guizhou Zunyi Daozhen County Luolong Town Daitang Village Party Group Comprehensive Service Center is closely surrounded by the overall goal of the industry, ecological and livable, township civilization, effectiveness, and promotes the "Party Branch + Tourism Association + Multi-social organization" linkage Work mode, relying on the "Three Three Work Laws" of the Party Group Service Center, launched the party building "Summer Resort, Qingliang Datang" brand, collaborate related individual enterprises to build tourism employment, vegetable industry, casual recruitment, summer cool, etc., fully play The Party Group Integrated Service Center is closely related to the people’s advantages, and it is closely dependent on the masses of all ethnic groups and hugs. On the weekend, the colorful special training class in the Party Group Integrated Service Center will attract many tourists. The "traditional etiquette" course in this issue also makes tourists and friends feel new and interesting, but also inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture. And custom ceremonies lay the foundation.

Dawang Village, Luolong Town, Joint Daozhen County Education Sports Bureau, Daozhen County Youth Activity Center launched a tourism literary and art curriculum column, launched the party group service station, 仡 仡 folk, national dance and other activities, strengthen national unity and promotion and guidance, create A good atmosphere of national unity.

The Dawang Village of Luolong Town continues to increase the promotion and education of national unity and progress, continuously carry out national characteristic cultural activities, establish typical, with a point to create an atmosphere. Continuously innovate the active carrier, give full play to the advantages of group group, encourage 96 national types of social organizations to effectively share the benefits of national solidarity resources, stimulate the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of all ethnic masses to participate in the activities, form a strong atmosphere of national unity and creation. Today, rural tourism makes Datang Village villagers to neglect "tourism", and eat "tourism" income, and become the most real industry of local villagers to get rich income. (Editor: Wang Zifeng, Tang Song).

Temporarily cancel the driver’s drawing: Uber in Kyiv’s restoration service

Temporarily cancel the driver’s drawing: Uber in Kyiv’s restoration service

According to a report on April 25, according to the Wall Street Journal, Uber recently said that the company will not be drawn in the Ukraine capital Kyiv, which will not allow the driver to keep the full fare.

The company did not stated how long it would be canceled.Uber’s global average rate in the 4th quarter of last year was 20%.Uber also stated that it will provide 10,000 ride services to Kyiv’s government employees and necessary staff.In the past month, Uber has been providing free ride services for refugees from the Ukrainian border to Poland.Uber’s largest competitor Lifte is not operating in Ukraine, but there is indeed employees in the country. Lifte said it is providing financial support for it.

"Gecentraliseerde maaltijden + les post-class delay" om het levensonderhoud van de gelukkige mensen te verbeteren

"Gecentraliseerde maaltijden + les post-class delay" om het levensonderhoud van de gelukkige mensen te verbeteren

Op 11 juni werd de derde experimentele basisschool in Donggang District, de provincie Shandong, negen educatieve cursussen, zoals voedsel- en gezondheidseducatie erin, waardoor studenten goede gewoonten kunnen ontwikkelen in het proeven van lunches.

Om het kind te beschermen om voedingslunch te eten en het probleem van de ouderschapsoverdracht op te lossen, voerde de Rizhao City volledig twee diensten uit van de "gecentraliseerde maaltijd" en "Class Delay".

Donggang District geconci?ntieus ge?mplementeerd en gecombineerd gecentraliseerde maaltijden en post-class services, georganiseerde schooloptimalisatie naschoolse serviceprogramma’s, terwijl ze studenten in de middag rust, uitgebreid banencounseling uitvoeren, klassieke lezing, puzzelspel, culturele en sportieve activiteiten service-projecten ontmoeten de diverse ontwikkelingsbehoeften van studenten.Volgens de statistieken, vanaf nu, realiseert Donggang District de volledige dekking van de verplichte onderwijsschool van 8 Verenigde Eten op het platteland, die voldoet aan de eetbehoeften van 19856 primaire en middelbare scholieren, en in totaal 10.000 studenten hebben genoten van 10.000 studenten Class Service, boekhouding voor het aantal studenten van%.

Shi Family Photo.

China refined oil prices three consecutive rises in some regions No. 92 gasoline entered the "Nine Yuan Times"

China refined oil prices three consecutive rises in some regions No. 92 gasoline entered the "Nine Yuan Times"

  China’s refined oil prices welcomed three consecutive rises.

  According to the China National Development and Reform Commission on the 30th, according to the recent changes in oil prices in the international market, according to the current mechanism for oil prices of refined oil products, from 24:00 on May 30, 2022, domestic auto and diesel prices have increased by 400 yuan per ton (respectively. RMB, the same below) and 390 yuan. At the equivalent price increase, on average, the nationwide, No. 92 gasoline, No. 95 gasoline, and No. 0 diesel have been adjusted, Yuan, and Yuan respectively.

This is the ninth raising of China’s refined oil prices in the year, and consumers continue to increase oil costs.

Parting 92 gasoline will enter the "nine yuan era per liter).

  Zheng Mingya, an analyst of Zhuochuang Information, pointed out that after the implementation of the policy, consumer travel costs increased slightly.

Taking a house with a fuel tank capacity of 50L as an example, the full box of 92 gasoline will be more than before.

  Taking a small private car with a monthly run of 2,000 kilometers and a fuel consumption of 8L 100 kilometers as an example, the next time the price adjustment window is opened (24:00 on June 14, 2022), the cost of consumer oil will increase by about 25 yuan.

  From the perspective of the logistics industry, the Steyle heavy truck with a fuel consumption of 38L 100 kilometers per month is used as an example. Before the next price adjustment window is opened, the fuel cost of a single vehicle will increase by about 627 yuan. Looking forward to the market outlook, Zhuochuang Information refined oil analyst Yang Xia pointed out that in the future, the oil market will focus on two points: first, the Fed’s monetary policy continues to tighten, the difference between interest rate hike expectations and actual landing; Whether the oil price plan can have an expected effect.

In comprehensive analysis, in the future, international oil prices may show a high shock trend, and domestic refined oil retail -limited prices may deposit "four consecutive rises". Since the beginning of this year, China’s refined oil prices have been "nine rises and one decline". After the rise and fall, the cumulative cumulative steam and diesel have risen per ton of 2330 yuan and 2245 yuan, respectively.

At the price increase, the No. 92 gasoline, No. 95 gasoline, and No. 0 diesel rose to Yuan, and Yuan, respectively. (End) (Editor: Xin Jing, Yang Xiaona) Share more people to see recommended reading.

[Evaluation Line] The sound of the river: "Lie flat" cannot "lie down", "dynamic clearing zero" is the magic weapon to make victory

[Evaluation Line] The sound of the river: "Lie flat" cannot "lie down", "dynamic clearing zero" is the magic weapon to make victory

  At present, the global epidemic is still at a high level, the virus is constantly mutating, and the ultimate direction of the epidemic has great uncertainty.

The Chinese government has formulated and implemented the general policy of "dynamic clearing" from its own national conditions. Due to the time, prevent and control measures are constantly adjusted to ensure the health of the people’s lives, and the continuous and stable development of the economy and society with good prevention and control results.

In fact, it proves again and again that the "lying" resistance method of "lying down" with the virus cannot be "lying to win", and it will pay a painful price. "Dynamic clearance" is the magic weapon for preventing and controlling the epidemic. The right to life is the greatest human rights. China insists on putting people’s life safety and health first.

A paper published by the "Liuye Dao" magazine in March states that during the period of the new crown pneumonia, the world’s excess death is estimated to be 18.2 million, and the excess mortality rate is every 100,000; ; China’s excess mortality is only 100,000 people.

Scientific research shows that the average mortality of Omikon’s mutant strain is 7 to 8 times that of ordinary flu, and the disease mortality rate of elderly people over 80 years of age, especially over 80, is nearly a hundred times more common influenza.

Since March of this year, the prevention and control of China’s epidemic has undergone a severe test of prevention and control and has achieved staged results. This is due to the general policy of adhering to the scientific "dynamic clearing zero". President Biden announced through the White House official website that the cumulative number of newly crown pneumonians in the United States exceeded 1 million, marking "a tragedy milestone", which is the tragic end of the United States "lying down". Global economic performance shows that "lying down" has no benefit economic improvement.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, China has taken the lead in controlling the epidemic and realizing resumers. In 2020, it became the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth. GDP exceeded 110 trillion yuan, an increase of % year -on -year. In the first 4 months of this year, the total value of foreign trade imports and exports increased by percentage. The achievements of China’s epidemic prevention and control not only maintained their own industrial chain supply chain to maintain strong toughness, but also maintained the stability and smoothness of the global industrial chain supply chain with practical actions. On the contrary, the United States, which is "lying flat", not only has more than 1 million new crowns, but economic data is not as expected.

Related data show that in the first quarter of this year, the US GDP decreased by about %; the GDP increase of 19 member states in the euro zone was reduced by % compared to the previous quarter.

  From the perspective of public sanitation, the whole population is the susceptible crowd of Omikon’s mutant strains. In the absence of any protective measures, the average infected person can infect individuals. After the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, although some Western countries have the world’s leading medical technology, they have chosen "lying", the number of hospitalizations and death cases has increased, and the number of infections has continued to maintain a high level.

The number of new crowns in the United States exceeded 1 million, and more than 200,000 children lost their parents or guardians due to the epidemic. my country has a wide range of regions, a large population, insufficient medical resources, and unbalanced resource allocation.

If you choose to "lie down" and let the virus epidemic and spread large -scale transmission, it will inevitably increase the risk of infection of susceptible people, and it will inevitably form a large -scale rebound. "Lying flat" is not advisable, "lying down" is impossible.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control work is in a critical period and stages. We must strengthen our confidence and adhere to the general policy of "dynamic clearance". In order to win, the maximum prevention and control effect can be achieved at the minimum cost, and the dual victory of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. (Music).