Luzhou Naoyin Forestry System Three -generation Forestry People Welcome to Dragon Boat Festival Luzhou News Luzhou Information

Luzhou Naoyin Forestry System Three -generation Forestry People Welcome to Dragon Boat Festival Luzhou News Luzhou Information

  In order to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the nation and create a joyous and peaceful Dragon Boat Festival atmosphere, on the morning of May 31, the Municipal Forestry Bureau and the Municipal Forestry Development Center, the Municipal Forestry Investment Company and the Huangfushan State Forestry Farm carried out the municipal straight forestry system. The theme series of festivals · Dragon Boat Festival.

  "May 5th, in the Dragon Boat Festival, the leaves of 粽“ “, glutinous rice fragrance; hanging puppets, with incense bags …" In this special festival, the city’s straight forestry system old and young three generations of forestry people gathered together to welcome the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival. Essence The first is to watch short videos. By watching the "Origin of the Dragon Boat Festival" and "Dangzi" video, remember the story of the Dragon Boat Festival, remembering traditional customs, and patriotic spirit. The second is handmade sachets.

Everyone started, young people helped the elderly to wear needles, and the elderly taught young people to fly the needle to walk around. With tacit understanding, after a while, the small and exquisite, colorful and different shapes of the form were presented in front of them. The third is the bun dumplings competition. Everyone wrapped up the dumplings with great interest, with fast -eyed hands, flexible palms, flexible movements, and the scene filled with a strong Dragon Boat Festival atmosphere.

The fourth is to pay tribute to retired veteran and front -line forest guards. Everyone presented the rice dumplings and carefully sewing sachets to retired veteran comrades and front -line forest guards, which brought closer the distance between the three generations of forestry people in the old and Chinese and young generations.

(Sun Huayu).

New space for development and dissemination of film festivals

New space for development and dissemination of film festivals

  No matter how the media changes and how technology changes, the film is always an indispensable part of people’s spiritual life.

As the "festival" of filmmakers and fans, the development prospects of the film festival are broad and bright in digital technology changes, which are new space for the film to further develop and spread.

More and more film festivals try the "offline+online" festival model, through cloud viewing, online communication, video interaction and other methods to better serve the filmmakers and the film industry, encourage audiences to participate in sharing, promote the film, promote the film Cultural exchanges have further expanded the diverse presentation and wide spread of the film festival.

  5G increases the information dissemination rate and effectively avoids bad experiences such as playing stuck and network latency. 4K+5G live broadcast technology has been applied at the opening ceremony of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival. Since then, the Beijing International Film Festival, the Chinese Golden Rooster Baihua Film Festival, and the Pingyao International Film Exhibition have also adopted live technology. The innovation of live broadcast technology not only makes the content more visual impact, but also further breaks the limitation of time and space, so that more audiences can experience the charm of large -scale ceremonies in the situation, and expand the participation and spread of the film festival.

  Many new media platforms rely on their own characteristics to create more opportunities for film enthusiasts.

For example, the online live broadcast -opening comment area and barrage can express their feelings in real time. Different comments and barrage appear at the same time, greatly enhancing the "companionship" during watching, and strengthening the social attributes of online movie viewing. Online voting is also an effective form of interactive participation.

In 2021, the 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards solicited the Lord’s Visual Poster for the public, and the online voting effectively caused the audience to pay attention to the film festival.

Among them, the poster "Ms. Chicken Cooring", which is more in line with the aesthetic of the Internet, is far ahead, and then develops into extensive dissemination of emoticons, which has shortened the relationship between film festivals and ordinary audiences.

  Just as we use voice and videos to communicate with relatives and friends far away from other places in the New Media era. The film festival held an online film master class, and the face became online, the method changed, the essence did not change, and the door of the film classroom opened for more audiences. At the film festival of the Chinese Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award in 2021, Xie Fei, director of "Hunan Girl Xiao Xiao", and Teng Wenji, director of "The Ribs of Life", and the teachers and students of Xiamen University There was an online conversation.

The movie preservation and restoration forum as a series of activities also adopts the "online+offline" method.

  In the past film festivals, a movie can only be screened. Although the particularly popular film will be released, it is also difficult to fully meet the enthusiasm of the movie watching. Today, online movie viewing has achieved strong supplements. The "Cloud Film Festival" of the 11th Beijing International Film Festival is fully upgraded. The audience can watch boutique films with themes of building a century -old party, Winter Olympics, global classics, etc. in the "Cloud North Film Festival" area, as well as more from the world Exclusive screening of high -quality new films. Beijing Radio and Television Station also opened the 11th Beijing International Film Festival TV show. Fans have more movie viewing options, and "living room theater" entered millions of households.

  Clouds and movie views give the audience more autonomy.

Fans can choose videos freely according to different sectors, and they can be paused at any time. After watching the movie, they can also participate in the discussion with topics. The "Cloud North Film Festival" also designed cutting -edge reports, stars recommendation, film master class and other links, so that audiences can also experience the fun of participating in the film festival online.

Today, with the joint efforts of art institutions, video platforms, and curators, online film festivals with different scale and positioning have also emerged. For example, the Chinese Film Architecture Hall cooperates with the video platform to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Comment. No matter how the media changes and how technology changes, the film is always an indispensable part of people’s spiritual life.

As the "festival" of filmmakers and fans, the film festival has a wide prospects and bright development prospects. Regardless of the innovative live broadcast technology, expanding communication channels, or holding the cloud film festival, the changes of the film festival should be based on serving filmmakers and serving the audience. Relying on the platform and technological advantages, innovation and screening and activity are available, and the advantages of offline and online are complementary. The coverage and influence of the film festival will be new to a new level. (Text/Li Xiaohong Wang Ziyan).

Two cotton technology in Xinjiang has won national invention patents

Two cotton technology in Xinjiang has won national invention patents

On the 27th, Tian Liwen, a researcher at the Institute of Economics and Crops of the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, received two national invention patent authorization certificates. The two patented technologies not only ensure that Xinjiang machines have met high -quality cotton standards such as cotton fiber length, comparison strength, and neatness, but also solve the problem of the boss of Xinjiang’s cotton -padded mulch pollution, which has greatly improved the quality of cotton picking in Xinjiang.

These two technologies are "a high -quality new Xinjiang machine cotton production method" and "the production method of plastic -free cotton gauze with cotton -mixed cotton". At present, the annual application area is more than 20 million acres. Mao Shuchun, a well -known cotton expert in my country, said that the two patents were recognized by the industry as a major technical invention of Xinjiang machine cotton production production.

Aiming at the problems such as cotton leaves, bell shells, and stalks in Xinjiang machine, and the problems of cotton fiber length and intensity due to mechanical damage during the cylinder, the Tianliwen team from varieties, strains, mulms, cooked agents , Optimized design such as machine mining time and processing technology, and the development of Xinjiang high -quality machine -made cotton production methods.

In 2018, Tian Liwen’s team was demonstrated in the cotton -planting county in North and South Xinjiang. The results showed that the fiber length, ratio and neat degree of cotton produced by this method were significantly improved than the cotton produced by this method, and the heterosexual fiber and impurities decreased significantly. Internal quality is improved, and the problem of decline in cotton pads in Xinjiang machines caused by ground film pollution is also solved.

"Cotton yarn is affected by the residual film, which will lead to an increase in the break rate, increased cotton knot and impurities, which will directly affect the strength of the yarn; the mixing of the residual membrane into the fabric will cause increased fabric defects, uneven dyeing, and even white spots.

"Tian Liwen said. For this reason, Tian Liwen’s team optimized design from cotton planting, picking, seed cotton processing, cotton yarn raw materials, and spinning gauze to develop cotton -free cotton yarn production methods with cotton. By 2017, the Tian Liwen team conducted test demonstrations in Xinjiang Yagol Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. and its cooperative enterprises and cotton planting bases. The results show that the use of this method to plant, pick and process machines, cotton content, mulch content in the sesame cotton, ground membranes The content and the number of blocks are greatly reduced; after the cotton yarn woven, no dyeing, color defects and white dots are not found.

"The cotton yarn produced by this technology is used for weaving. The fibrous fiber residue in 20 kg cloth can be controlled below 15, which has exceeded the requirements of cotton yarn in high -end customers.

Wang Jun, deputy general manager of Aksu Xinhao Textile Co., Ltd. said.

(Wang Yongfei) (Responsible editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Share more people see it.

"Migratory Bird’s Canteen" welcomes distant guests

"Migratory Bird’s Canteen" welcomes distant guests

Recommended reading Gansu Province Zhangye Color Danxia under the white-snowdown, trailing, colorful, look extra beautiful, beautiful. 2021-12-1309: 2613, as the main activities of 2021 (22nd) Hainan International Tourism Island Happy Festival, 2021 (6th) Hainan World Leisure Tourism Expo, 2021 (7th Hainan International Tourism Food Expo, 2021 (Second) Hainan International Tourism Equipment Expo is held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

2021-12-1116: 23 December 4, 2021, from the high-altitude overlooking the Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, the red river, the curved and orderly lines are like the texture of the earth, colorful, magnificent, magnificent, 2021-12-1010: 572021 On December 9, the armed police officers and soldiers conducted through cloud ladder training.

2021-12-1010: 07 "Star Avenue" 2021 final fourth game will land on CCTV-1 on December 11th, and log in to CCTV-3 on the next 12th. After the fierce competition of the third "Star Golden Qu", the "Flowers and Sound, Watches must win" the speech team, and directly entered the fifth game under the leadership of Zhang Liang. 2021-12-0913: 21 Liangtui Ancient Village is ancient village, a residence of rivers, and 260 existing buildings. There is a flavor in the light of winter warm sun, ushered in tourists from all over the country. 2021-12-0911: On December 8, 2021, the first rehearsal of "Campus Football Operation" is the theme of "Campus Football Operation", and let students contact football from the football distance through the football operation. Feel the happiness of football, welcome the arrival of World Football Day on December 9th 2021-12-0910: 54 Hebei Baoding Wangdu County Nantuan Primary School, students practicing and playing drums. The primary school is interested in hobbies, set up Asai vectors, roller skating, curling, paper-cut, painting, dance, etc. 2021-12-0909: 36 December 7, 2021, dock workers dine in Lianyungang Port Container Terminal "Love Station". 2021-12-0809: 512021-12-0714: 32 December 6, 2021, in Donghai County E-Hai County, Jiangsu, Jiangsu Province E-commerce Logistics Center, courier employees are changing packaging skills competitions. 2021-12-0710: On December 6, 2021, the Operation of the Music (Danjiang) to Jia (Musi) high-speed railway built by China Railway 12th Bureau Group. 2021-12-0709: 52 December 6, 2021, Shanghai Concert Hall Outdoor Square, Ginkgo, "Golden A", attracting the public to call.

In the late autumn, Shanghai Street is colorful, autumn picturesque 2021-12-0709: 37 Chinese dream is a national dream, and it is also a dream of every Chinese. Dreams have never been inherited by historical inheritance, and there is more context.

From the Xinhua Xia Xia Xia Xianxia, ??an ancient new weather in the new era, we used to be brilliant, and once blunt. 2021-12-0614: On December 5, 202, December 5, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Industrial Park, pine forest-sur-Isolated Dormings, beautiful, attracting many tourists to come and entertain. 2021-12-0610: 4612, 5, "Run Bar" Children’s Youth Theme Fitness Activity – 2021 Anhui U Series Roller Sliding League Finals held in Hefei Binhu Wheel Slide, the province 10 city team 221 Name athlete.

2021-12-0610: 45 Years of a group of laplic gullets and heron birds assembled in the Northern Hong Kong Water Area, Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. The county’s ecological environment continues to improve, and each year, the category and quantity of wintering migratory birds have increased year by year, and many migratory birds have slowly become "bird". 2021-12-0609: 33 December 5, 2021, Hebei Jixi County plum boxing teenager is rectifying large martial arts programs "Meiai Shengshi", let Plum Boxing into the broad masses of the people. 2021-12-0609: 32 Winter Day, Jiangsu Province Tianquan Lake "water forest" color is colorful, under the morning fog and blue sky white clouds, beautiful pictures. 2021-12-0514: 29 In recent years, Sihong County has vigorously develops high-tech enterprises around new materials, electronic information, etc., built 84 national high-tech enterprises, 249 national technology SMEs, and emerging industries show vigorously. .

021-12-0311: 07.

één prijs 100.000! Shanxi Finance Solution Service Industry Development Puzzle Big Move

één prijs 100.000! Shanxi Finance Solution Service Industry Development Puzzle Big Move

People’s Network Taiyuan op 8 juli (Sang Liyuan) "Vanaf 2020 is het bedrijf van de Service-industrie toegevoegd aan het nationale statistische platform 100.000 yuan." Vandaag worden we uitgegeven rond het hoofdkantoor van de provinciale overheid van Shanxi. Wat betreft verschillende maatregelen om de service te versnellen Stabiliteit van de industrie restauratie "(hierna" verschillende maatregelen "genoemd), wordt de SHANXI-provinciale ministerie van Financi?n ge?ntroduceerd door Huang-tempel. Be?nvloed door de nieuwe coronale pneumonie van dit jaar, is de ontwikkeling van de Shanxi-service-industrie ongekende problemen ondervonden. Hoe de service-industrie te bevorderen, versnelt de voltooiing van de service-industrie door de service-industrie te bevorderen om de voltooiing van de voltooiing van de dienstindustrie te versnellen. Het is vooral belangrijk en urgent. Op 2 juli: "Verschillende maatregelen" hebben officieel ingevoerd, deze beleidsmaatregelen hebben in totaal 23 inhoud.

Er zijn 16 financieel, inclusief het versterken van de ontwikkeling en bescherming van de dienstindustrie en het cultiveren van de belangrijkste markttiteiten.

Volgens rapporten: "Eenmalige beloningen 100.000 yuan" genoemd in "maatregelen", voornamelijk rond "een kleine hoeveelheid geld, kleine ranking, verordening" om de classificatie en begeleiding en de service van de ondernemingen van de dienstindustrie te versterken, en er een te ondersteunen Actieve teeltbatch, transformatie en verbetering, geleiding om een ??batch te promoten, waardoor nieuwe industrie?n, nieuwe indelingen, nieuwe modellen, aanmoedigende serviceindustrie?n, en het aanmoedigen van diensten in de dienstindustrie aanmoedigen.

Volgens de statistieken van de MAAND van Shanxi Finance, vanaf het einde van juni heeft het algemene publieke budget-inkomen van de provincie 100 miljoen yuan voltooid, wat% van het begin van het jaar is, in dezelfde periode vorig jaar, waardoor het afgelopen jaar is ingediend 18 miljard yuan, en de fiscale inkomsten en uitgaven zijn zeer gemarkeerd.

Tegelijkertijd blijkt de gegevens die door de statistische afdeling worden verstrekt, dit jaar, dit jaar, dit jaar, het bedrijf van de Service-industrie over het algemeen meer dan 1.100 had, volgens elke beloning, ongeveer 100.000 yuan, over het toekennen van fonds miljard, fondsarrangement, provinciaal implementeren en gemeentelijke beoordeling, waaronder: Provincie Niveau-last is 30%, en het gemeentelijk niveau is 70%.

Huang-tempel zei dat om ervoor te zorgen dat dit beloningsbeleid op zijn plaats is, het SHANXI-provinciale ministerie van Financi?n wordt gelanceerd door het fiscale budget volgend jaar, en omvat de provinciale last aan het financieel budget. Op deze basis implementeert u op deze geest de geest van de kennisgeving, moedigt u de afdelingen City en County Finance aan om hun inspanningen te vergroten, ondersteunende dienstverleners om de ontwikkeling te versnellen en bij te dragen aan de hervatting van de stabiele groei in de SHANXI-service-industrie. (Editor: Sang Liyuan, Chang Huizhong).

"Fire Phoenix" is warm "Genzang

"Fire Phoenix" is warm "Genzang

Vrijwilligers Wang Shuyi gaf de studenten in de Engelse les.

Ye Zi Pei gaf studenten aan de muziekles.

Kinderen in de klas.

Kinderen in de klas. Na het leren van het nieuws dat de "Fire Phoenix" -onderwijs, de Tibet Kangxiong Township Tibetan Tibetaanse Tibetaanse Tibetaanse Tibetaanse Tibetaanse kinderen spontaan een "levering" organiseerde en trok de leraren en studenten van het zorgteam naar de speeltuin, springende een gelukkige dans en Stuur een kaart vol zegeningen en bedankt.

  "Toen de kinderen worden omringd door ons, kunnen we niet anders dan huilen." Zorg voor leraar Li Shuwen zei dat hoewel de tijd van het onderwijs niet lang is, het een diepe leraar in elkaar is geweest. Vriendschap eten.

  Li Shuwen en Wuhan Industrial and Commercial College "Fire Phoenix" Aid Education Care Team en Party Geschiedenis die de Kangxiong-stad presenteert, die wordt onderwezen door het kleine team, gelegen in het oosten van Renb County, Shigati, met een gemiddeld zeeniveau van meer dan 4.200 meter, de berg is steil, de geulen zijn verticaal, de township is er alleen deze basisschool.

Vanwege de relatief achterwaartse economische omstandigheden, heeft de school geconfronteerd met het probleem van leraren, met name de speciale leraren zoals Engels, muziek en andere onderwerpen en dringende ondersteuning. In oktober dit jaar, na het begrijpen van de onderwijsproblemen in Kangxiong Town, Li Shi, plaatsvervangend secretaris van het Wuhan Institute of Industry and Commerce, Li Shuwen, het management van de School of Management, en de vier studentenvrijwilligers, van Wuhan, Crossing 3.911 Kilometers, ervaring 60 toen de Trek van het uur werd behandeld, kwam ik naar Kang Xiong Town Central Lager School om een ??reis te openen naar de liefde van de "Genzang Flower".

  Na het volledig begrijpen van de lokale lesensituatie en studentenvraag, passen de leraren en studenten van het zorgteam Engels, muziek, kwaliteitsuitbreiding aan, enz. Om ervoor te zorgen dat elke klasse interesse in studenten kan brengen, is het niet gemakkelijk om te accepteren.

Daarom bereiden ze zich vaak voor op de les om te laat op de avond. Omdat ze zich niet kunnen aanpassen aan lokaal alpine, droog klimaat, hebben sommige mensen een urticaria, en sommige mensen hebben een lippen om te bloeden … maar iedereen heeft deze niet in hun Harten, niet druk in de klas het is om de voorbereidingen in de residentie uit te wisselen. Zorg voor vier arme studenten in Kangxiong-stad, met ouders wisselden het leren van hun kinderen, en stuurden medeleven.

Vrijwilligers zijn onder de indruk van de vijf jaar oude student Tensz.

Donza is er meer vanbinnen, maar het leren is heel serieus, de moeder trekt hem met moeilijkheden en het levensonderhoud van het gezin vertrouwt voornamelijk op de moeder om aan te pakken.

De meubels van zijn familie zijn uiterst eenvoudig, en de meeste wakker is de toekenning van de muren van Mount Everest.

  Tijdens deze tutor hebben zorgzame teams ook een werkstation Micro-education in Kangxiong Town Central Lager School. Ye Zi Pei zei dat in de toekomst het zorgzame team langdurige hulp kan uitvoeren in de vorm van online lesgeven.

De lesactiviteiten van het "Fire Phoenix" -onderwijsonderwijszorg-team zullen doorgaan als een normale vrijwilligersdienst, meer hulp brengen voor de groep zuiver en mooi, enthousiast voor kennis.

  Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net Reporter Li Huayi Correspondent Sun Huanhuan Yu Wenqian Hu Tingwen Zhang Yan East Photo (Editor: Chang Bangli).

"Bouw een station als een huis in het huis"

"Bouw een station als een huis in het huis"

Dit jaar werd de constructie van 100 economische praktische en handige service, het nieuwe dienstverband, het Wrantor Station, eerst vermeld in de Gansu-provinciale overheid om een ??van de praktische items van het volk te zijn.

Deze regering wordt gedomineerd, de vakbond wordt gearresteerd en de relevante afdelingen nemen deel aan het station, wat moet ik hebben gebouwd? Op 1 maart hield de Gansu-provinciale algemene Unie een symposium en lanceerde de bouwtaak met 14 staten, Lanzhou New District General Union en Transportation, Postal Industrial System Union Collective Meeting. "Het is noodzakelijk om het land op te zetten voor de vrachtwagenchauffeur, de koerier, de TelebeaMer, en een station te bouwen als een huis" "om de hoofd te gebruiken, om comfort, warme, nauwgezette service te bieden, de nieuwe arbeiderswerknemers en Outdoor-werknemers hebben een gevoel van thuis "… de klok is om 19 uur gearriveerd, het symposium blijft nog steeds voortdurend, en het verslag van de deelnemers rapporten en suggesties, de plaatsvervangend directeur van het Permanent Comité van het Comité van Gansu Provincial , WU Mingming, een beoordeling en voer de werkvereisten voor.

Sinds 2016 gebruiken Gansu Trade Unions Workers ‘Cultural Palace and Service (Help) centra en winkelcentra, restaurants, ziekenhuizen langs de straat, de bouw van buitenarbeiders.

In 2018 heeft de Gansu-provinciale algemene Unie een "driejarig actieplan" voorgesteld in de constructie van duizenden ziekenhuizen, gezamenlijk vervoer, financi?n, mobiele, olieverkopen en andere instellingen en ondernemingen van meer dan 300 gestandaardiseerde stations. In januari dit jaar, op de vier vergaderingen van het 13e nationale volkscongres van de provincie Gansu, diende het werkverslag van de provinciale overheid het doel van het bouwen van "100 stations", en de provinciale algemene vakbond onmiddellijk inzette, de actie van de provincie.

Het is gemeld dat 14 staten en Lanzhou New District, de provincie Gansu, onder de steun van de lokale partijcommissies en regeringen, in het verzamelgebied van nieuwe arbeidsmiddelenwerknemers, zoals benzinestations, logistieke parken en voorbereidende voorschriften. Lanzhou, Jiuquan, Baiyin, Pingliang en andere stadstaat, met de vraag naar rust, drinkwaterdouche en tegenover de arbeider.

Het symposium is niet alleen de eerste provinciale planningsvergadering in de constructie van het opstartstation, en het is ook een "mobilisatieorder" die streeft ernaar om de dekking en het werk van nieuwe werknemersorganisaties van arbeidsorganisaties en werkdekking te bereiken.

Bao Junzong, Party Group, Party Group, Party Group of Gansu Province, zei dat het noodzakelijk is om de kwaliteit van het leven van werknemers te verbeteren, om de kwaliteit van werknemers te verbeteren, om de kwaliteit van het leven te verbeteren en de nieuwe dienst van de handel te verbeteren en de nieuwe dienst van de handel te verbeteren Unie, toon nieuw.

Fuzhou, Fujian, hosted the first World Dragon Boat League

Fuzhou, Fujian, hosted the first World Dragon Boat League

Recommended reading on June 3, 2022, Jiangsu Baimahu Farm Co., Ltd. harvested wheat scenes, like a "Sanxia" mechanized battle map.

2022-06-0317: 47 On June 2, 2022, Taiyuan Township, Nanfeng County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province carried out the Dragon Boat Folk Customs activities such as fragrant bags, tapping, buns, and five-color rope to welcome the arrival of traditional festivals.

2022-06-0221: 13, May 28, 2022, Hule Old Street, Millennium Ancient Town of Ningguo City, Anhui Province, villagers and tourists sat around the long table to share the special food of the Dragon Boat Festival. As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, Hule Old Street "Inherit the non -heritage culture to create an artistic countryside -our Dragon Boat Festival series intangible cultural heritage exhibition has begun, attracting tourists to participate in the experience of the strong folk customs of the ancient town. 2022-06-0111: 29 2022, May 31, 2022, Jiangsu Huai’an Experimental Primary School Organizing the upcoming sixth-year students took different teams of graduation photos to set a happy campus life. 2022-06-0110: 35 On May 29, 2022, trains on the Jiaoliu Railway Line wearing the golden wheat fields harvested by Wangzhuang Village, Vietnam.

2022-05-3110: 54 On May 30, 2022, the sixth National Science and Technology Worker Day, at the Yantai Coast Belt Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Yantai, Shandong, scientific researchers devoted himself to studying and calming down. Grand 2022-05-3016: 53 The Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Hubei, is even more magnificent under the reflection of the sunset.

2022-05-3016: 50 at the critical period of the winter wheat raising flowers, Wen’an County carried out a full coverage of wheat control rule, and the coverage of the control of the control of the control reached 100%. This year, the area of ??wheat breeding in the county reached 10,000 acres. 2022-05-2310: In the early summer of the early summer, the Lingzhi Lake Scenic Area, the group of egrets, pool herons, night herons and other herons to build nests, inhabit, and reproduce.

2022-05-2310: 40 Since the East China Sea entered the Fuxing period on May 1st, all the Yuhuan fishing vessels entered the port for ship repair, mechanical maintenance, and fishing gear renovation "three repair" to prepare for the fascism in the second half of the year. 2022- 05-2310: On May 22, 2022, the Sea Rice Performance Festival is in Qingdao, Shandong, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, Kashgar, Xinjiang, Xinjiang Kizilukir Kiz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Second Division, Heilongjiang Tieli, Zhejiang Taizhou Seventh province The ground opened one after another.

2022-05-2310: 33 On May 16, 2022, many world-first-level species and national first-class protection animals-green head ducks were found. 2022-05-1710: On May 13, 2022, the Shandong Yixian County Customs Working Committee and the County Disabled Persons’ Federation jointly organized the first launching ceremony of the 32nd National Disabled Persons Assistance Day and "Love-Chinese Good Man from the China".

The book was published by the China Federation of Literature and Cultural Federation Press, which vividly tells the touching story of the national model of helping disability and disabled, and the Communist Party member Shin Xingfen for decades. 2022-05-1500: 00 In the early summer, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal transportation of coal, stone, steel, wood and other cargo ships shuttled through, and the stream of rivers are not interesting 2022-05-1311: 37 At present, Wen’an County has established a demonstration of the transformation of the human manufacturing industry in Zuozhuang Town There were 19 traditional industrial agglomeration zones such as the district "" Daweihexiang wire and cable production gathering area ", with 693 entry companies, with a settlement rate of 90%. 2022-05-1311: On May 11, 2022, after a rainfall, the Great Wall of Jinshanling County, Pingping County, Chengde City, Hebei Province.

2022-05-1211: 02 May this year is the second publicity month in the country. The Xinjiang Kashie Border Management Detachment Red Qilafu Border Police Station organized police to go to the front-line ranch of the border, and the construction units arrived in the border. Ping Ping Ping Police Propaganda Campaign with the theme of the Civil Code 2022-05-1110: 55 On May 6, 2022, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, is located in Xiangyang Moon Bay Wetland Park in Xiangyang Hanjiang National Wetland Park. A beautiful ecological scroll. 2022-05-0813: At the end of 224, at the time of preventing and controlling the epidemic prevention and control of Lixin County, Anhui, the volunteers of Lixin Agricultural Bank of China were in the battle. Help residents of the community register a QR code, auxiliary sampling code, and maintain order. In the past few days, it has provided more than 10,000 residents to provide epidemic nucleic acid information collection services. 2022-05-0810: On May 5, 2022, the Great Wall of Jinshanling, Chengde City, Hebei Province.

At the beginning of the summer season, the Great Wall Scenic Area of ??the Jinshan Ridge is green, lush and beautiful, and beautiful like a picture. 2022-05-0610: 00.

Building ideals and beliefs The foundation of the foundation to establish the correct concept of political achievements in the new era and the new journey of the new era and the new journey of the new

Building ideals and beliefs The foundation of the foundation to establish the correct concept of political achievements in the new era and the new journey of the new era and the new journey of the new era.

  Our newspaper, Beijing, March 1st. Spring 2022 The Central Party School (National Academy of Administration), a young and middle -aged cadre training class, opened on the morning of March 1 in the Central Party School.

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the CPC Central Committee, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, emphasized at the opening of the class that young cadres are the hope of the development of the party and the state. If you do the correct concept of political achievements, you will have a good ability to practice, carry forward the spirit of responsibility and struggle, implement the party’s mass line, refine the political character of the party loyalty, establish the feelings that live up to the people, pursue a noble and pure ideological realm, for the party and the people Career hard work and dedication, leaving no regrets in the new era and new journey.

  Wang Huning, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Central Secretariat, attended the opening class.

  Xi Jinping emphasized that ideals and beliefs are the foundation of the party and the party and the party members and cadres. Young cadres take good class, the most important thing is to take good care of Marxist beliefs, struggle for communism’s great ideals and socialism with Chinese characteristics. Only party members and cadres have the world with their minds and ambitions, and do not forget their original mission, integrate the ideals of life into the cause of the party and the people, and strive for the happiness of the people as their greatest happiness, can they have a noble and fulfilling life.

Firm the ideals and beliefs, and must be believed to believe it, and then believe it. Firm ideals and beliefs are not for a while but for a lifetime. It is necessary to practice and enlightenment often. Xi Jinping pointed out that young cadres must keep in mind that cleanliness is blessing, greedy is the truth of disaster, and often compare the party’s theory, route policies, policies, party rules, party discipline, and original mission. , Always self -service, strictly adhere to the rules of discipline and law.

Keeping the anti -corruption and defense line, the most important thing is to keep the heart, start from the small section of the matter, be honest, the self -reliance, diligence "thought dust", "greedy harm", and often break the "thieves in the heart" There is no delusion in the inside to ensure no delusion.

  Xi Jinping emphasized that the cadres must keep the defense line of refusing corruption and defense, and must be defined layer by layer.

We must keep the political relationship, always tighten the string of politics, and make a particularly sober mind in the face of the right and non -governmental principles. Essence

It is necessary to keep the power of power, always maintain awe of power, adhere to the right to use fairness, use rights in accordance with the law, for civil rights, and integrity.

To keep the relationship, the communication must have principles and rules, and continuously purify the social circle, the circle of life, and the circle of friends.

We must keep the life customs, cultivate healthy interests, advocate simple life, and maintain the true nature of the Communists. To keep the family, strict tutoring and family style, you must lead by yourself, but also to see a little tighter and diligent in your relatives and children. Xi Jinping pointed out that the establishment and decisive role of establishing and practicing the correct concept of political performance is party spirit. Only by the strong party spirit and abandoning selfish thoughts can we ensure that the performance of the political achievements cannot be deviated.

Communists must keep in mind that creating blessing for the people is the biggest achievement.

When we plan to promote work, we must adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, adhere to the people -centered development ideas, adhere to the development of the development of the people, the development of the people, and the people shared by the people, and make good facts to the people’s hearts.

What is a good thing is to consider from the needs of the masses, not subjective judgment, and not simplified or one -sided. Wherever the people need, they can make good facts wherever they can create performance. The performance is good or not, depending on the actual feelings of the masses, and the masses will be judged.

Some things are good practical things. You cannot just look at the needs of the masses, but also depends on whether there will be sequelae and whether you will "solve a problem and leave ten regrets."

  Xi Jinping emphasized that achieving the second century -old struggle goal, we must adhere to the basic line of the party and adhere to the economic construction as the center, but in the new situation, you cannot wear new shoes and take the old road. We must fully, accurately, and comprehensively implement the new development concept. Accelerate the construction of a new development pattern and promote high -quality development.

The performance is all done, and the real and dry performance can be true and true. Facing the new situation and new tasks, party members and cadres must really do their best, pragmatic work, practical moves, practical results, good achievements, and resolutely eliminate the implementation of slogans, formats, and packaging.

For the top priority, we must stand up to stand and grasp quickly. For long -term tasks, we must maintain strategic fixed force and patience, and insist on a blueprint to paint to the end.

It is necessary to strengthen precision thinking, to plan the overall situation and meticulous and precise in operation, and make the work solid and in place with embroidery. Xi Jinping pointed out that young cadres need to be competent for leadership work, and there are many skills to master. The most fundamental ability is theoretical literacy. Marxist positions, opinions, and methods are the housekeeping skills of work. It is a powerful ideological weapon to guide us to know the world and transform the world. Party members and cadres must strengthen theoretical learning and thick theoretical skills, consciously use the new era of party innovation theory in the new era to observe the new situation, study new situations, and solve new problems, so that all tasks can be promoted in the correct direction and in accordance with objective laws.

We must adhere to the combination of theory and practice, pay attention to the true knowledge and realization of the truth in practice, and strengthen the ability to hone and grow. The key is to be open -minded, and be a "elementary school student". If you do n’t understand, ask, ask shamelessly, avoid subjective judgment, do n’t understand pretense. Xi Jinping emphasized that only by the whole party continued to carry forward the spirit of responsibility and struggle, can they achieve the grand goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Responsibility and struggle are a spirit, and the most needed is selfless character and fearless courage. The selfless person is fearless, and the fearless person can take responsibility and fight. Responsibility and struggle are a responsibility.

Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, should carry forward the historical initiative, take the initiative to attack in the face of opportunities, do not hesitate, or not to wait; in the face of difficulties, do not push or escape; actively respond in the face of risks, do not flinch, do not dodge.

Responsibility and struggle are a pattern, which is even more valuable to adhere to the overall situation and consciousness to take the overall situation. We must think of the "big of the country", stand on the global and strategic consideration of problems and affairs, and all work must be based on the premise of implementing the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. Long -term interests.

  Xi Jinping pointed out that in recent years, we emphasized that we must prepare a great struggle with many new historical characteristics. It is precisely such an ideological preparation that we can calmly cope with a series of risks. Numerous facts tell us that only with the spirit of winning the brave on the narrow road and daring to fight and be good at struggle, can we win dignity, take the initiative, and effectively safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development benefits. Young cadres must stand up and charge in front of the struggle and see the world in the struggle.

  Xi Jinping emphasized that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have carried out a series of centralized study and education. One important purpose is to education and guide the entire party in mind what the Communist Party of China is and what to do, and always maintain the party’s flesh and blood.

To implement the party’s mass line, we must first have feelings for the masses and truly treat themselves as a member of the masses and the masses as their own affairs. It is necessary to thoroughly study and accurately grasp the characteristics and laws of mass work in the new situation, improve the work methods of the masses, and improve the level of work. Letter and visits are the masses who come to the door. You must find out the wishes and demands of the masses through the letters and visits channels, find the job gap and insufficient work, and improve it, improve, and better serve the masses.

Leading cadres should learn the network, understand the web, use the net, understand the wishes of the masses, collect good suggestions, and actively respond to the concerns of netizens. It is necessary to pay close attention to the development of new business formats, adhere to the combination of online and offline, and do a good job in the ideological guidance and consolidating service of new employment groups.

  Chen Xi presided over the opening of the class, saying that the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping contained the ardent expectations of young cadres, and pointed out the direction of the efforts of the healthy growth of young cadres. It is necessary to learn more about the ideological significance of "two establishment" in the new era of internships in the new era of internships, and to deeply understand the "two establishment", effectively transform into a high consciousness of "two maintenance", transform into a new journey of forge ahead, build exercises, build merits The strong motivation of the new era, worked hard and moved forward, and welcomed the 20th National Congress of the Party with practical actions.

  Ding Xuexiang and Huang Kunming attended the opening of the class. In the spring of 2022, the students of the Central Party School (National Academy of Administration) attended the opening class.

[Review line] Yellow River Network comment: Don’t forget the national humiliation, Yuan Dream China

[Review line] Yellow River Network comment: Don’t forget the national humiliation, Yuan Dream China

This year is an 84th anniversary of the Nanjing Masshache tragedy.

At 10:00 on December 13, the National Memorable Ceremony of the Nanjing Massacre in 2021 was held.

Before and after December 13, Jiangsu will organize 18 mass mission activities in the theme of "Don’t forget the National Shame, Dream China".

(Source: Xinhua Net "The eighth country of public sacrifice will hold 18 commemorative activities in Jiangsu") ") On December 13 this year, it is the eighth Nanjing Massacre National Fighting Day.

The National Secretary, for Nanjing, for China, is a symbol of humiliation, and it is also a scar that never abuses. The establishment of the national public sacrament is to keep in mind the deep disaster caused by the aggression war to the Chinese people and the people of the world. This is not only the best respect for history, but also the best comfort to the dead compatriots! It is also our Chinese attitude we let the people of all countries in all countries and peace! We must remember history, don’t forget the national humiliation, use history as a training, stronger, realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, let the people of all countries and peace of peace.

Remember history, don’t forget the national humiliation. On December 13, 1937, the Japanese invasion of China captured Nanjing. In this month, the Chinese people in Nanjing City were killed, the mountain river broke, and the home broke.

This is the memory of blood and tears.

In order to mourn the victims in the Nanjing Massacre and all the death-making compatriots killed by Japanese aggressors during the Japanese Imperialist War, 2014 Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress will be established as a Nanjing Massacre in December 13 in the legislative form. National public festival day. The establishment of the national public festival is to remember the past, and it is more condolence to the people, and the measures to meet the public opinion are intended to remember the history, told the Death, and wake the people. Do not forget the national humiliation. Today, we live in a peaceful age, but the traces left in the history still appear in front of us, and the fire is bombarded to smash the crowd, sound, two, one, one hundred, one thousand people … Down.

This massacre, violates basic humanitarian, is a brutal cleaning that shocked the world.

Today, whenever we read this bloody page, we will still stab their hearts deeply.

We must remember history, don’t forget the national humiliation, can not forget the history of the anti-war 14 years, the humiliation of the mountain river, the tragedy of the river, the fullness of the sore; every Chinese, you must keep this in mind this unimery History, with the name of the country, the suffering of Yesterday and tomorrow’s dreams, the eternal life does not forget history, keep in mind the national public festival day. Strive for strong map, dreaming of China. Today, the wheels of history have entered 2021, but the anti-Japanese war suffering and blood tears are still in our hearts, the history of the Chinese nation’s grief and anti-antibiotic intertwined history is always in the heart of each Chinese.

While revisiting this humiliation history, we should keep in mind the great history of blood and life, learn and inherit the martyrs, the patriotic feelings of the martyrs, and the people who are responsible for death, the unyielding nationality, not afraid The heroes of violence, bloody, perseverance, perseverance, strong win belief, strong ideals and beliefs in their ordinary and ordinary jobs, increase knowledge skills, temper Germany It has achieved the power of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Don’t forget the national humiliation, dreaming of China.

This year, the national public festival series has two characteristics, one and the content is highlighted.

The second is to interact under the form of the protruding line.

Opposing war, cherish peace, is what the world is needed. At present, the world is facing a large change in the past 100 years, the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, so that the narrow national interestism, the populism accelerates, and the economic inverse globalization is more intensified. To this end, we must not only remember history in the national public sacrificial day, don’t forget the national humiliation, but also in daily life, stronger, round dream China, let the great revival of the Chinese nation soon, let the peace of the salary Let the people of the world to enjoy and peace. This is not only the best respect for history, but also the best comfort to the dead compatriots! Xing Yunpeng Xu Yang.