Around three weapons "broadsword" It may be apocryphal Song

Original title: the breakdown of the three weapons Fangtianhuaji Riboud, the broadsword Guan Gong, Zhang Fei Zhangbashemao …… which is more powerful? Recently, Chengdu Sport University doctoral tutor Professor Hao Qin Temple Museum in the "soldiers to the front – from <Big Three Kingdoms exhibition> see three weapon list" in the title lecture for the public to restore the original appearance of the Three Kingdoms period weapons and combat functions, with about three real war hero story. Hao Qin believes that the impact on the evolution and development of weapons Han three largest iron weapons replaced bronze weapons Qin, followed 上海闵行区按摩店 by the emergence of large-scale Han Chinese and Hungarian War cavalry clusters. Then there are six main standard weapons: melee weapons have short swords, knives, hooks inlay; Buji assault with a long weapon was spear, halberd; crossbow cold war era weapons first strike weapon. Is a kind of sword stab attack as the main function of the short-soldiers, it is one of the oldest weapons in ancient China.

First Qin and the Han early mainly bronze swords, iron swords after the Western Han Dynasty.

Sword gradually replaced by eye-iron knife after the Western Han Dynasty, only ranked sixth in the three countries arsenal.

Relative to the sword, the ring Knife late to the Han dynasty to appear, but in the Han Dynasty archaeological finds unearthed around the country in more than a.

When military 长宁区419会所电话 operations, infantry usually armed with a shield (or hook insert) in one hand and wield stabbed. Insert the hook is a hook from the evolution of the shield, the shield complex combination of weapons, unique to the Han Dynasty, is usually used in conjunction with knives, swords and other weapons.

Appeared hook insert is designed for restraint, "Bu" word killer design. After a sprig killer cross beam is hook, hook insert holders who can cut stab opponents. After the Han and Jin, Ji gradually withdraw from the battlefield, insert the hook also will be extinct. Because of its peculiar shape, it is ranked fourth in the three countries arsenal. "Broadsword" Song is likely to be apocryphal, in fact, is similar with the spear when Guan Yu Yan Liang cut weapons and eye-stab knife. Qin Hao introduction, 上海水磨干磨 spear, lance, beryllium, spear are all the same type of weapon used to kill the enemy for war horses and infantry fighting.

"Three Kingdoms" records: "(off) Yu saw (Yen) Liang Hui cover, making good on the Spurs among Peoples, also cut its first, Shao Zhu Jiang monensin when the person." Combination of archaeological material, kill Guan Yu Hao Qin think Yan Liang, first with lance, spear, halberd weapon to stab a class Yan Liang stabbed his horse, and then ring the first knife cut its first also. Ji is in second place in the Han army major standard weapon, spear and Ge are assembled with thorns, peck, hook, push and other functions, war horse, infantry fighting vehicles and war are applicable.

Because the shape of "Bu", which is also known as BU word halberd, the main assault weapon Han Hun army.

As the Han Chinese farming nation by law 23-year-old joined the army, the Knights have to learn to ride a horse without stirrups operations, after experiencing the pain of rigorous training to armed Hercules, defeated the Huns cavalry charge.

The most famous Three Kingdoms Cao Cao cavalry corps under the command of five thousand "Butch ride."

Ranked first in crossbow is the most powerful long-range strike weapons, ancient war, war is the most important weapon of victory. Divided bow shot with crossbow shooting. Bow shot is a combination of a bow and arrows, with fast speed, simple production, both step and exit the vehicle can exit archery characteristics. Ancient Chinese compound bow effective range of up to one hundred meters or more. Crossbow crossbow arm is installed on the basis of the bow, crossbow, knife hanging, Mount Hope and other devices, which is characterized by long range, up to 200 meters, is the unique offerings weapons of Han Hun with the holy grail.

It is simple, easy to aim, the disadvantage is the slow rate of fire, Zhang crossbow requires strong waist and legs and upper body strength. It cited a catapult full strength in about 27-30 kilograms, which is already very difficult for a modern ordinary people, and therefore generally only suitable for infantry use. Peak production period is the invention of the Three Kingdoms crossbow Zhuge Liang’s "Zhuge crossbow", yet no archaeological discovery.

According to the "Westergren Spring" it reads: "(Zhuge Liang) and gains and losses Liannu, that the Supreme Commander, iron as vectors, vector eight inches long, a crossbow arrow all ten hair." Hao Qin speculated that Zhuge crossbow while maintaining the crossbow long range, high accuracy, strong advantages of mass destruction, but also to overcome the shortcomings of the slow rate of fire crossbow, thus effectively improving the combat with infantry troops of Shu Han. (All media Sichuan Daily Reporter Wu Ping) (Editor: Yuan Han Ling, high Hongxia) share to allow more people to see.


Half month talks, "appearance is anxious" hit medical beauty

上海嘉定区桑拿休闲会所   In the half-month, the reporter Huang Yu Dong Xiaohong, with the public’s acceptance of medical beauty, the medical beauty consumption is gradually recognized by various groups, and the medical beauty service has also been cut from the past, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, etc., expands to hyaluronic acid, face-liftingPins, Heat Maji and other micro-plastic and more difficult fatal liposuctions, and increased high-level projects.More and more young people have accepted medical beauty surgery under the promotion of "appearance anxiety", and every holiday medical beauty institution will usher in service peak season.

However, the chaos of the medical beauty is repeated, which not only misleading youth values, but also seriously harms their health, improper operation, hurt, and pay attention to death.From the destruction of the death, the medical beauty industry complaints 4 years to increase the "2020 Chinese Medical Beauty Industry Insight" released by nearly 13 times showed that there are about 10,000 medical beauty institutions in my country, more than 80,000 stores illegal Carry out medical beauty projects.Even in the legal medicine, there are more than 15% of the existence of an over-range business.

  Hangzhou, a woman’s net red in July, infectious shock after liposuction surgery, transfer to ICU rescue invalid death.

Hangzhou Health and Health Committee notified that there is a lack of understanding of the surgery, improper operation in surgery, no time in operation, postoperative observation and treatment is not in time, and there is a causal relationship with patient death, and assumes full responsibility.

  Search in the Chinese referee document online, there are hundreds of case referee documents related to liposuction.

In March of this year, a woman who was a medical beauty institution in Hangzhou, and there was a heartbeat and breathing, and the brain died after several days of rescue by Tangjia Hospital.

And the beauty salon is renamed after April.

  In recent years, medical security issues have been exposed.

In the Half Month, the reporter was in a beauty shop in Jinniu District, Chengdu, found that it was suspected of carrying out medical beauty projects such as water jets, laser hair removal, and exceeding the scope of business license. Some seemingly formal private medical beauty institutions also involve illegal surgery, such as cutting off the nerve stovepipe.

"These are all secret operations, and the difficulty of fighting is very difficult.

"Sichuan Health and Family Planning Supervision Law Enforcement Corps Medical Supervision Law Enforcement Detachment Detachment Zhou Qin said. According to the statistics of China Consumers Association It is nearly 13 times in 2015.

  Triple Risk is endangered by young people’s physical and mental health. According to the survey, from 2014 to 2020, my country’s medical beauty market increased from 50.1 billion yuan to 17.95 billion yuan, the medical beauty consumer is mainly, 20 ~ 25 years old, the highest, 90 and 00, mainly Consumer groups.

  Li Jiaolun, a plastic surgeon, an affiliated Department of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, said his service object is only 12 years old.

However, for adolescents, the triple risks brought by medical beauty cannot be ignored.

  First, physical health risks.

Yan Min, the person in charge of the clinical anesthesia center of Zhejiang Province, said that many medical surgery involve anesthesia link, but anesthesia is not a simple thing. Liposuction surgery is more risky. If the blood vessels are damaged during liposuction, fat fragment enters blood vessels to cause vascular embolism, pulmonary embolism, so that patients have respiratory distress syndrome, even if they are rescued, it will lead to irreversible health damage, which will cause patient death. The second is the misleading risk of values.

In a month, I saw that the reporter saw on a medical US e-commerce platform. "Improve the value change life" "Zero risk, painless" "lying down" and other medical gaps can actually have induced adolescents. Yang Jianhua, president of the Zhejiang Sociology Society, said that medical beauty platforms and institutions are not awake and demonstrating the risk of all kinds of medical and American projects, but exaggerating the publicity, transmitting the value of the upper value, put the beauty model, plus movie TV dramas, star endorsement , Net red economy curing, single and aesthetic triggered teen "appearance anxiety".

Some people are taken by the merchant’s marketing, and the medical beauty service is even integrated under the situation.

  In addition, "appearance anxiety" also reflects a lot of young people who only want to easily get successful mentality. A large number of online beauty anchors will bring illusions to some young people, think that as long as they become beautiful, they can find a shortcut to success.

  The third is the risk of illegal crimes.

In the half-month, the reporter visited some police stations in Chengdu. At present, there is a banner of the medical and American institutions, and the girls who graduated from the school. Then, they will repeatedly attract their medical surgery, and also help them handle loans, etc. After the operation, I will find a reason to say, causing a lot of young people who are involved in the world.

  Advance, some illegal medical institutions service boundaries extend, in the way of high commissions, toduce yourself to assist in the law of illegal activities. There is an intermediary to encourage the development of the school students to develop classmates to make a introduction fee, and they can make a single 3000 ~ 5,000 yuan. Some students will hook hooks to hook them in order to make money even taking fraud.

In addition to helping illegal institutions, slaughter, public security organs, also found that certain young people assisted the medical beauty institutions to flicker love beauty to handle "set loans".

  With a combination of the dynamic supervision and reorganization of the medical market, the medical and health supervision team of Chengdu Health and Health Monitoring, the Medical Health Supervision Brigade, the leader of the medical and health supervision team, to rectify and standardize the medical beauty market order, purify the medical beauty service environment, should increase the normalization of normalization.

  "At present, the grassroots law enforcement personnel are shortage, many times are moving strikes. For a period of time, it will take the head again." Lin Wei said, should establish a large data supervisory library for dynamic supervision, implement black and white list or credit score system, etc. .

  In response to the secret characteristics of illegal medical activities, market supervision, drug supervision, public security, Wen Travel, Net Letter and other departments are closely fitted.

"The supervision of the medical beauty industry often relies on administrative orders, this regulatory method is not sustainable, must rely on effective coordination mechanism to achieve comprehensive supervision." Hangzhou Health and Health Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement team said. Jiang Yi, vice president of Yingxing Group, said that the regulations should be improved, from the source to control the qualifications of the organization, guide the medical beauty business, improve the industry risk awareness and handling capacity. In the face of intensive "appearance anxiety", Yang Jianhua 上海宝山品茶 suggested that you should not be kidnapped by the so-called "color value standard", do not be wrapped in various marketing words, the whole society should cultivate a diversified aesthetic atmosphere, eliminate "beauty equality is equal to wealth" Soil of the species of values.

Editor in charge: Zhang Ling.


Hang the task on the wall in the heart

Strengthening communication and cooperation Promoting the "Tax Report" in recent years, the Kashgar Road Taxation is initiative to interrupted the street management committee, regularly carry out the coordination meeting of the "Tax Protection Tips", combined with the actual research, implementation of tax reduction policy and refinement Service problems, solid work.

In order to improve the taxation and social security basic knowledge of the relevant 上海闵行发廊足浴 personnel of the street management committee, in March this year, the Kashgar Road Tax Office conducted a personal income tax converging training and social insurance premium knowledge on the joint tax of the street management committee of the jurisdiction. Training, etc. "We also plan to carry out such activities in September, allowing the liaison to update relevant knowledge in real time, can better promote residents in the community." Ye Guoqing said.

Strengthen business contacts, but also to strengthen organizations.

In the past two years, the Kashgar Road Tax Office actively strives to support the street management committee and use the street management committee to take advantage of the tax service. Through the daily patrol of the street management committee, not only can the taxpayer’s tax registration, change, etc., but also follow-up to understand the taxpayer of the registered outside the area.

"Some registered taxpayers outside our jurisdiction, through such interconnection interaction, we can master first-hand information and provide more convenient services to taxpayers.

"Urumqi High-tech Zone (New Urban) Taxation Bureau Kashgar Road Tax Care Zhang Shasha said. Accurate and efficient running value-added tax increasing tax rebate" acceleration "In March this year, Kashi Road Taxation is Aechi Creative Technology (Urumqi) Ltd. issued an electronic revenue refund of 11.31 million yuan, realizing Urumqi’s first advanced manufacturing enterprises enjoying the value-added tax increasing tax rebate. Through the preliminary data screening, the Kashgar Taxation is in advance to meet VAT in advance. Enterprises with increment returning to tax refund policies, and organize taxpoints in the door to conduct one-on-one counseling.

"The previous work is very adequate, and streamlined the certified materials, and completed the tax rebate for only 4 days before and after.

Timely alleviate our funding pressure, further expand the production and boost confidence.

In the late stage, we plan to build an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of calcined sand production lines, comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market. "Amazofty Science and Technology (Urumqi) Co., Ltd. Liu Yang said.

In recent years, the Kashgar Road Tax Office pays attention to taxation services, and actively do a good job in the increase of tax rebates.

First, find out the number, precise counseling, form a full process, point-to-point service, ensure the taxpayer know the policy, and enjoy it in time.

Second, strict processes, efficiently, use large data to verify enterprises, tax deduction, etc.

The third is actively coordinated to ensure that the tax payment will be reported.

In accordance with the principle of convenient and efficient principles, the Kashgar Road Tax Office will continue to refine the service. Through the mesh management service method, the national benefits and enterprises and profit-safe tax policies are more timely and accurately conveyed to each taxpayer’s payer.

"Next, we will strive to build a service taxpayer’s pay-centered person-oriented, with 上海外卖服务自带工作室 the electronic reform of the invoice, with the smart tax of the tax collection as the driving force, to stimulate the market subjectivity in the better tax business environment, and enhance high Quality development kinetic energy.

"Ye Guoqing said. (Ma’an Ni) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).


Building top vegetables affect the environment (around the 上海贵族宝贝sh1314 side)

  Some vegetables on the top of the roof, as well as watering.Community residential is a map of 19 buildings in Baishang Tang Community, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, with low floor residents in the top of the building, and use manure water, odor pungent, but also breed mosquitoes, causing mice.This is threatened for normal life and physical health of other households, especially the top house.

Some households complain to the property, community complaints, they express no law enforcement rights and cannot be handled.

Find the city management, they said that they only manage the construction, and could not manage the food.But the problem is to be resolved, hoping that 上海洗浴桑拿网 the relevant departments can coordinate processing to help residents clear the source of pollution as soon as possible.

  Baishang Tang Community 上海品茶信息 Residents (Editor: Liu Shuzhen, Xiao Xin) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.


Daxing Town, Lushan: Jinshi Huangju competes to bloom village spending

Hualong Network – New Chongqing Client November 13th (correspondent Zhu Dawang Zhang Juilian) "When you 上海浦东新区按摩 pick it up, don’t pinch the petals, don’t break the branches …" Recently, the author walked into Chongqing City Mountain Daxing Town Wanmin Village Jinshi Huaju Planting Base

In the flower field, several villagers were carefully wing to pick the golden silk.

Like everyone, Zhang Chengling and her husband are also working in the base. They are responsible for picking, one person is responsible for transportation, doing very hard.

"The golden silk is blooming in this day. It is also busy at home. It is better to help it in the base. For 8 hours a day, the live children are not heavy, there are more than 60 yuan of income every day, but also Can participate in the shares dividend, very good.

"The villager Zhang Chengling told the author, the golden chrysanthemum industry 上海外卖工作室预约 in the doorstep has earned money, and there is a good life. The villagers are tightening the picking gold silk emperor. Correspondent Zhu Dawen photographed the Wanmin Village, Daxing Town Zhenmeijiang Township, Meijiang River flows in the village.

How to use high quality soil and climatic conditions to develop a special industry? At the end of 2018, the Wanmin Village and District Chinese Medicine Hospital reached an industrial support agreement, using the "Sanshi Integration" to establish "Chongqing Lushan District Wanmin Rural Integrated Service Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as company), three major elements of production, circulation, credit Combining, developing Chinese herbal medicines in the village. In May 2019, the company was trying to play 50 acres in the two groups of Wanmin Village. Relying on the original foundation, this year, Wanmia Village has expanded about 15 mu of planting area with wasteland. Golden Golden Coli Emperor is overflowing. Correspondent Zhu Da-liang photo "We officially started the first batch of picking work, mainly picking colorful flowers, quality and better flowers." Wu Qiubao, the total party secretary of the Wanmin Village, introduced 600 pounds of flowers in an acre, after drying About 60 catties, the current average price is probably 200 yuan per catty, and the market prospect is broad.

Wu Qiuba told the author, Jinshi Huangju used the original ecological planting method, prohibiting the use of fertilizers, pesticides, etc., which effectively guaranteed product quality.

In addition, the construction of irrigation facilities, production facilities, drying rooms, etc. It immediately can work immediately after fresh flowers, so that Jinshi Huangju truly realized industrial management. The villager put the golden silk into the box. Correspondent Zhu Da-liang, due to the massive labor of Jie Huangju from breeding, division, picking, drying, etc. help.

"We mainly adopt the shares red + labor output model, but the villagers can not only get to the base governance, but also get a land contractor. If the villagers are in practice, the annual income will increase by 4,000 to 5,000 yuan." Wu Qiubai said.

After nearly three years of exploration, the Jinshi Huang Huangju, which has homologous, has become the characteristic industry in the village. The industries in the village are becoming more and more prosperous, and rural development has also had new motivation.

The staff is sorting the gold silk emperory. Correspondent Zhu Da-liang photo "Next, we will make full use of the interiors of the village, increase the planting area, absorb more villager work, and strengthen the training of daily management and planting, ensure the quality of the gold silk, increase the village collective income, and achieve industries And the village collective economy is 上海300全套群 jointly developed. "Wu Qiuba told the author, the village plans to introduce more Chinese herbal varieties next year, and distribute seedlings for the villagers, let more villagers participate in the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, broaden the villagers’ income and get rich channels, better help Country revitalization. Dear users, "Chongqing" customers have officially revised to upgrade to "New Chongqing" client.

For subsequent use, please scan the QR code above and download the new version in time. More quality content, more convenient experience, we are waiting for you in "New Chongqing"! .


48 expert Dafa Coffee Cloud gathered together to play the strongest sound of the discipline

Original title: 48 expert big coffee clouds gathered together to play discipline construction strongest 48 discipline construction field expert big coffee, 34 exciting live courses, more than a thousand colleges and related units, 110,000 online Watching … On August 6th, the 2020 discipline construction high-end forum (cloud lecture hall) "came to an end, the 2020 discipline construction of the 2020 discipline construction, the Joint Collection of the School Student Education Magazine, Peking University Subject Construction Office, and China Zhizhu. The multi-pointer of the subject topic, the systemified course program has attracted the extensive attention of the discipline construction and even the education sector. 2020 discipline construction high-end forum (cloud lecture hall) invited 38 colleges and universities and departments, leaders of the department, and the leaders of the hospital construction, the experts of the construction of the subjects, the main holdings of the guests, the co-focused discipline, through "cloud exchange" The hot difficulties in discipline construction, collision, integration, stirring thinking, reaching a consensus, jointly seeking solutions, and issued the strongest sound of discipline construction. 上海私人订制品茶 The topic of the forum reports the construction and connotation development of focus discipline, the contents of the era, comprehensively implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, closely combined with the hotspots of the new era of college discipline, there is a summary and thinking of "13th Five", and The Planning and Prospect of "14 Five-Year Plan" has both discipline theory research, and there is specific practice exploration.

The Structure of Discipline Construction Theory is discussed on the connotation, structure, subject ecological system construction and discipline assessment of the construction of modern universities. The topic of "Development Plan for Discipline" covers the overall planning, resource allocation, governance system reform, model innovation, 嘉定油压群 and talent training, thinking about the future development of discipline; "Discipline Construction Exploration and Practice" The discipline boundary and discipline cross, discipline layout model, disciplined resources allocation specific strategy, advantage discipline development, talent training in the practice path of discipline construction, challenges and opportunities facing the discipline construction practice, university discipline innovation service system, discipline construction management Service, etc.

In addition, there is a sharing of vivid cases of various types of colleges and universities at home and abroad.

Experts combine the experience of discipline construction in different types of colleges, from international first-class universities, first-class disciplines to high-level universities, provincial colleges, new undergraduate colleges, and layered branch, and stratification. There are comprehensive universities, there are also practices of industry colleges, the disciplines, including multi-disciplines such as literature, reason, work, and doctors, and focus on the knowledge structure, organizational model, etc. of new business, artificial intelligence, etc. In-depth discussion. He Fei, deputy director of the Beijing University Discipline Construction Office, mentioned in "Yunhuo", this forum reports have five highlights: First, the level is high, the scene is more, the big coffee is gathered; the second is high, and the stand is far away. The third is that the content coverage is wide, and the different sections, different works, different links, and the different people are helped; the fourth is that the expert report has guiding significance for different types, different levels of schools; The content of the report is convinced, causing a warm discussion. "It is a high-end forum named in the name of the name." (Xiaomei) (Editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Sun Hongli) Share more people to see.


After "double reduction", students are arranged in writing? Is there a new change? Henan implementation plan

  The Dahe Net reporter Li Xiajing "double reduction" is coming, the students go home without having to stay up late, there is more time to rest.

After class delay service, the burden of tutoring homework is also reduced by parents.

However, when enjoying the benefits of "Double Reduce", some parents worry about the problem of students learning.

How to improve education teaching quality for this situation? Student written homework? Is there a new change? On November 18th, the Henan Provincial Department of Education Heavy issued "Implementation Plan for Further Improvement of Educational Teaching Quality in Henan Province" (hereinafter referred to as "program"), the teaching, operation and examination of the compulsory education stage is all-round. New plan. When the classroom is committed to teach, how to change the difficulty, change the difficulty, adjust the progress, promote the reform of classroom teaching, and improve the quality of education teaching? "Program" pointed out that to optimize teaching methods and teaching links, explore discipline-based curriculum integrated teaching, carry out research, project, and cooperative learning.

Each year, promote a group of excellent teaching results, select a group of teaching reform demonstration zones, and model schools. In response to the quality of education and teaching of parents, the "program" clearly requires, implementing national curriculum programs and curriculum standards, opening the opening of the national regulations, and actively promoting young scientific connection, strictly follow the curriculum standard zero-starting point, To teach your education, you must change the difficulty and adjust the progress when you will increase or decrease.

  How to get quality education resources for rural schools? According to the "Program", the rural school must implement the new infrastructure project, promote the integration and normalization of information technology and education teaching. Strengthen the construction and application of the special classroom, famous teacher class, famous school network classroom, with rural weak schools and teaching points as the help focus, promote the sharing of quality education resources. Collection, develop rich quality online education teaching resources, free to provide high-quality topic education resources and covering learning resources in various grades. Select a batch of information technology teaching reform experimental districts, experimental schools and information teaching, and guide teachers and students to use free online quality education resources. Homework 丨 strictly control written homework in junior high school, the average completion time is not over 90 minutes "program", strictly control the total amount of written homework, and all local schools 上海高端水磨品茶 should strengthen the supervision of the total number of school homework, and ensure that primary school, second grade Family written operations, the average completion time of the three to sixth grades of primary schools is not more than 60 minutes, and the average completion time of the written operation in junior high school does not exceed 90 minutes.

Weekend, cold summer vacation, legal holidays also 上海奉贤新茶群 control the total amount of written homework. How to furnrate your job? "Program" mentioned that the school should encourage layering, elasticity, and personalized operations, resolutely overcome machinery, invalid operation, and eliminate repetitability, punitive homework.

Educational administrative departments of various localities should regularly organize outstanding job selection and display exchange activities to form a high-quality job resource to build a sharing mechanism. What role played in the operation guidance? "Program" pointed out that the school should guide teachers to earnestly fulfill their job guidance responsibilities, and guide primary school students to complete written operations in the school, and the junior high school students complete most written operations in the school.

It is strictly forbidden to arrange or change to the parents, which is strictly forbidden to ask parents to change the operation. Teachers should have a full change of the students’ homogens, they must not require students to self-improvement, and make feedback in time, strengthen the discussion, carefully analyze the student, and do a good job of counseling, especially to strengthen the student of learning. Counseling help.

  Teachers and parents should urge students to take the initiative to complete the remaining written homework, guide the child to work, to carry out appropriate stories and reading activities. Individual students should not be written in writing, and should be dted on time.

  Examination 丨 Improve the recruitment system reform is strictly forbidden to announce students’ performance and ranking "program" to point out, to improve the reform of enrollment system. Comprehensive implementation of the compulsory education school exemption from the admission policy, adhere to the "citizenship", serious enrollment work discipline, and regulate the school enrollment behavior, resolutely curb the problem of "choosing school fever", tip enrollment. How long does it take time? Can you rank? "Program" is particularly mentioned that the Ministry of Education and Henan Province on the relevant requirements of the compulsory education school examination management, strict pressure reduction test times, elementary school, second grade, no paper test, obligatory education Other grades from school per semester At the end of the final exam, the junior middle-aged and middle-aged first-class exams can be appropriately arranged for a period of time. The scientific application test results, the test scores are implemented, it is strictly forbidden to announce students’ achievements and ranking, and do not adjust the students according to the results of the exam. Effectiveness 丨 Strengthening the quality monitoring of education to publish the "program" to the evaluation results, and we must improve the education evaluation system in deepizing education evaluation reform.

Exploring green evaluation, value-added evaluation, improving learning process evaluation and exam results in primary and secondary schools, and strictly prohibit the evaluation of school and teachers. How is effective? To develop the implementation rules of Henan Compulsory Education Quality Evaluation, establishing a three-level joint-time, and county-based, county-oriented quality evaluation mechanism, implement county (city, district) and school self-assessment, municipal review, province The method of grade evaluation is issued regularly on the evaluation results of the three levels of counties, schools and students. All localities must actively explore the quality monitoring assessment system for each subsection section and data analysis based classroom teaching diagnostic feedback mechanism, and guide the first-line teachers to improve teaching and improve the quality of education. After class, the school is 5 days a week, how do you guarantee the post-class service time at least 2 hours a day? "Program" pointed out that the "5 + 2" mode of the post-class service, that is, 5 days a week, at least 2 hours a day, the end time is connected to the local get off work time.

The school provides delayed hosted services for students with special needs. Self-study classes can be opened at night. The school should be based on the post-class service, revise the improvement of the education and teaching management system, and can make the arrangement of the teacher to implement the "elastic upper and lower production", protect teacher learning, preparation time and rest right, and effectively alleviate the work burden of teachers.

  At the same time, the "program" also emphasizes that the school must improve the post-class service implementation plan for "one school", encourage schools to provide "menu" after-school service projects and content for students and parents.

  What is the service funding after class? What kind of rights can teachers who can enjoy after-school service? According to the "Program", we must formulate the post-school service funding guarantee method, adopt financial subsidies, service charges or charges, etc., to ensure that funds are raised in place.

Post-class service funds are mainly used to participate in teachers and related personnel subsidies for post-class service.

The performance of teachers attending the post-class service should be an important reference to the distribution of science appraisal, commendation rewards and performance salary. (Editor: Since the quiet, Huang Sha) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


British "no protocol Delax" may increase

[] The candidate 上海花千坊官方网 for the British New Prime Minister, the pound, but the pound is "falling." Behind this is the possibility of UK "no protocol demon" has risen sharply.

  Among the popular candidates of the British ruling party, the party, the "off the European" occupied half-Wanjiang.

They have no differences in the issue of "Deutum", and they all believe that the UK should 虹口区那里有水磨场子 realize the "Deterto" commitment decided by 2016 national referendum as soon as possible.

But on how to "de-Europe" issues, it is divided into two factions, and the "No Agreement is Op", and the other is advocated to reach the "Deteran Agreement" in the EU.

  In the most optimistic politicians, Boris Johnson has promised that if he is elected as a conservative party leader, take over the British Prime Minister, then the UK must be prepared on October 31 "No Agreement Dea", even with EU It is not possible to reach a new agreement, he will also lead the UK as scheduled "Deuts"; "Europe"; before the conservative party parliament, the leader of the court, also said that "No Agreement Dea" will be supported when "necessary". On the other hand, the Chairman of the European Commission said that the EU will not renegotiate the "De" agreement with the British Prime Minister Tresa Mei.

  The two parties of "hard touch" allow the possibility of "no protocol Deu" rising.

Irish Prime Minister Varaderka judged that the Risk of UK "No Agreement Dea" is getting bigger and bigger, and the new prime minister may try to negate (it has been negotiated with EU) "De" agreement. Although the possibility of "no protocol Deep" is increasingly warmed as the new prime minister, the British is really "hard removal" and facing multiple blocking.

  The first is the party.

There have been many high-level party members in the conservative party, oppose "no protocol."

The financial ministers Harmond warned that a Prime Minister’s Prime Minister’s Prime Minister’s Prime Minister will be difficult to maintain his confidence in his parliament. You know, a candidate will win in the competition of the conservative party new leaders, we must be supported by Members of the Party Parliament, which includes members within the party against the "no protocol". " The new prime minister candidate in the conservative party, the current foreign ministers Jeremy Hunter also said that no matter whether there is an agreement, it will be opposed on the commitment of the "destination" in the specific date. " Members who have no protocol Deep "dismiss them, triggering the national election, and" trying to drive the ‘no protocol to dewheet "will be’ political suicide ‘."

Hunt has made it, if you have elected a new prime minister, will make another "off" agreement because it is the only feasible solution. The second is the British economy.

Currently, long-term "de-Europe" uncertainty has hit the UK’s service industry trade. The latest survey data released by the British Industrial Federation shows that in the past three months, the UK professional service industry and consumer service industry’s optimism of trade status is weakened, and the company’s "non-agreement de-Europe" under the new pride leadership. The prospect is nervous.

  The third is the parliament. Previously, the British Parliament had voted, and the "Deo" has been made in the case of "Deutum" in the absence of an exit protocol.

Regardless of who is a new prime minister, the Parliament is a powerful constraint of its "Deep" policy.

The following Councils may not trust the prime minister to choose "No Agreement Deep", which triggers the advance election.

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Beijing Municipal Committee Theory Learning Center Group Learning to implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session of the 19th CPC

  On November 14, the Democratic Out of Beijing Municipal Committee Theoretical Center Group revisited the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC, organized collective learning.

Vice Chairman of the People’s Central Committee, Pang Lijuan, the main committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, presided over to learn and speaking.

  Pang Lijuan pointed out that the Nine-nine-ninth Plenary Session is an important moment of the 100th birthday of the Communist Party of China, and it has a major historic meeting in the "Two One hundred Years" Struggle History History History History. The Plenary Associates the core of Xi Jinping, the core of the party, the core status of the whole party, establishes the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics, reflects the common wishes of all ethnic groups of the whole party, developing the new era of party and national business, It has decisive significance to the process of promoting the great revival history of the Chinese nation. The Committee considers the adopted "Resolution of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China", comprehensively systematically summarizes the major achievements and historical experience of the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year struggle. The Chinese people seek happiness, struggle, sacrificed and created for the initial mission of the Chinese nation, deeply revealing "Why can we succeed in the past, how can we continue to succeed in the future?" It is the mobilization order of the future time in the future.

  Pang Lijuan emphasized that the theoretical learning center group should play a demonstration role in the leadership, leading the city’s organizations and the majority of members quickly set off the CCP’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session, and put in-depth learning and implementation of the 19th China Plenary Session spirit as the current and future An important political task at a period is highly valued, carefully organized, and do a good job in learning and implementing the spirit of the conference.

Organizations and major members of all levels must effectively enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", the big "country", firmly moved the "two establishment" truly transformation into "two maintenance" ideas Consciousness, political consciousness, consciousness, and in the political action of the Thought, the Central Committee of Xi Jinping is highly consistent, promoting the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping in Beijing, China further forming vivid practice. First, we must always insist on accepting the leadership of the Communist Party of China and join hands with the new era. The History of Communist Party of the Communist Party of China also includes the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Participation in the History of Strong Struggle.

The people have always respirable with the national and nations, and they have a total of life, and the Chinese Communist Party is in the same boat, honor and disgrace. We must profoundly learn the major achievements of the Chinese Communist Party of the Communist Party. From the history of the party’s 100-year struggle, we will continue to promote the glorious tradition of intimate cooperation with the Communist Party of China, constantly consolidate the common ideological and political foundation, and vigorously promote the spirit of the great website. Forget the hardship of the suffering yesterday, the mission of today, the great dreams of today, do not bear the great dreams of tomorrow, use history as a training, create the future, brave, and help the country and the capital high quality development. Second, we must profoundly study the great experience in understanding the Communist Party of China, do not forget to work together, and constantly strengthen our own construction. "Ten insistence" deeply reveals the fundamental guarantee of the continuous success of the Chinese Communist Party and the people’s career, revealing the strength of the Communist Party of China, revealing the source of the Chinese Communist Party to master the root cause of history, revealing the Chinese Communist Party Always advance in the advanced nature and purity, always walking in the fundamental pathway of the forefront.

We have to understand that the party is a master, inheriting the Historical experience of the Communist Party of China, based on the position of the Capital Party, and pays the "three new" "three good" general requirements, focus on improving the overall function of the organization, and strives to build the high requirements for the new era. Quality Party Organizations, and do a good job in the Chinese Communist Party’s good staff, good helper, good colleagues. The third is to continuously improve the performance ability, improve the performance of the performance, and contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

To learn from the valuable historical experience of the Communist Party of China, we must understand the historical law and better 浦东全套油压店 grasp the historical opportunities, and strive to practice the responsibilities and mission of the Participants and improve the ability to perform the overall situation. To make a new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, leading the city to organize wisdom and strength to implement the party and the country’s political policy, decision-making deployment, in national 上海奉贤品茶 strategy and the capital economy The social development is responsible for actively, and better for the ruling party in the new journey, serving the country, serving the people, to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realizing the great revival of the Chinese nation, unremitting struggle ! Wu Wenyan, deputy main committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Yao Shukun, Zhang Qiwu, Zhang Li Bin, Li Wei, Wu Shengtang, Yang Jinlong, secretary-General Cang Yuxing participated in the study, the head of the municipal committee office, the meeting.


Available in the boat memory in the sound, Shanghai urban temperament

Original title: Search for the boat memory in the audiovisual heritage, the Shanghai urban temperament, on October 25th, the "World Audio-like Heritage Day" arrived, "Rowing World" in "Audio-like Heritage" – World Audiovisual Heritage in 2021 Day Theme Campaign and Shanghai Sports Museum Cultural Salon First Speaking 爱上海水磨哪家服务好 in Shanghai Sports Museum Rowing Hall. This event was jointly hosted by the Shanghai Sports Museum and Shanghai Audiovisual Information Museum. Li Jianxin, vice president of the China Racing Association, representatives, representatives of new and old roses in Shanghai, and Shanghai cultural recorders, etc., attended and participated in the round table.

The event lives through "Shanghai Sports" Tudon, 上海虹口有kb的足浴店 Video Number and "Shanghai Sports Release" government microblogging. Shanghai is the starting point of modern sports into China. It is also a "cradle" of Chinese rowing sports.

Cultural Salon Site, 2020 National Racing Championships, 2021 Shanghai Railout Open and Shanghai Rowing Athletes in the Tokyo Olympics, the wonderful performance at the Shaanxi National Games, etc. In addition, as an important historical testimony of my country’s sports development, the precious sports images of the boat movement of the boat movement by the city’s photographers around the world have also been present on the spot, and it is also vivid while it is very pleasant. Racing Movement and Shanghai ‘s Intoxional End.

  It is worth mentioning that the book "Yacht in Shanghai – Shanghai Rowing Movement" is unveiled at the scene.

This book has begun to plan from the second half of 2020, and it has been completed in one year.

Nearly 40 people were interviewed, combined with the modern fashion of Shanghai rowing sports, and reviewed the historical incidents of Shanghai rowing, reflecting the rowing movement in Shanghai, from there. The historical context of the essence, showing the history of the Shanghai rowing man, and the historical inheritance of the hard work. In addition, the Shanghai Sports Museum and the Shanghai Audiovisual Data Museum jointly signed a memorandum of cooperation. In the future, the two sides will launch Shanghai 100-year sports historical imaging, passing the spirit of sports, showing Shanghai urban temperament.

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