Dexing Tianxia Gongzhu Ling: Series brand wonderful bright phase to build urban culture "new business card"

Gongzhuling Mascot (Prince Prince, Corn Princess) (Gongzhuling Municipal Party Propaganda Department for Figure) Gongzhuling is the core area of ??the world’s three gold corn belts, is an important hub in Beijing, Long, Hada, etc., has a giant panda As precious, black land and Asian reserves, natural sodium-based bentun soil resources, is an important Kuchief Base in the agricultural industry in the national and Jilin Province, which is the first part of the county economy in Jilin Province.

In 1977, Gongzhuling was located in 1985, from Huaide County, Zhuangde County, the city has a long history, and the legend of the cultural heritage. The legend of the kings 上海龙凤419油压 is full of magical colors.

The Gongzhuling Municipal Party Committee highly attached great importance to the construction of urban brands, in-depth mining, system planning, and the "German" word through the global, four angles from strategy, history, reality, demand, focus on building more influential and popularized city brands , With city brands to show the charm of Gongzhuling City, enhance urban soft strength and competitiveness, so that the city is more civilized, and more connotation.

At the scene, Wang Gang was interpreted on the cultural connotation of the spirit of the public, and he said that the city spirit of the Gongzhuling is "Shangde Ming Li Zhong Ling Yuxiu is open-minded and just honest."

As the "Shangde Mingli", as our own basis, "Zhong Ling Yuxiu" 上海金山夜生活 as our morality, reflecting our enterprising with "Open-minded", showing our inclusive heart with "integrity and honest", and clarify our Gonglin people Value orientation and pursuit. Li Yunxiang said, "Dexing Tianxia Gonglin" is created, and the city’s cohesiveness and heart force can enhance the attraction and radiation power of the city, and then enhance the city’s popularity, expand urban influence and appeal.

Next, Gonglings will use the new urban brand logo and image to spread, with open perspectives, advanced philosophy, through media, infrastructure, business activities, etc., promote urban brand marketing, enhance urban development connotation, and improve Gongzhuling The visibility, reputation and cultural soft power, fully construct a new city image. At present, Gongzhuling is invested in the implementation of "1126" development strategy, and actively builds a new medium-oriented medium in Changchun. Urban brand construction will gather to accelerate the development of development, add new highlights for urban construction and development, and inject new kinetic energy.

(Editor: Wang Hao Yue, 爱上海同城aish Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.


Deep till digital insurance solution, Xinmei mutual life, technology provides new templates for industry

Digital genes, fully realize technology to empower business, service, management; from fully in line to real-time dataization, build digital triangles. Through the digitization, it is achieved, and the results are achieved in three years, and the year earnings are achieved, and the seven-eight-life law of life insurance industry is broken.

Letter Mei take the model to provide model room reference, and the development of digital transformation in the industry. In the case of 最新上海贵族宝贝自荐区 interwoven, the insurance industry is also experiencing a digital baptism.

China’s insurance industry is ushered in many new changes: in supply, insurance technology, innovation changes in insurance business are constantly promoting the transformation and upgrading of insurance industry; in demand, cognitive risks, effective interaction, pursuit of experience, and take the initiative to consume The new normal of people’s insurance needs; 2020 outbreaks, further deepened people’s insurance value cognition and insurance awareness, and continuously promoting the development process of insurance digitalization.

5 years. Why can I achieve profitability in the establishment of more than three years, breaking life insurance seven-eight-in-laws. This is back from the technology Internet genes that will not open the United States and 上海长宁区水磨会所 always adhere to the customer (member) centered operation mode.


Focus on tea knowledge to help tea culture

In the survey, please wait.

If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page 2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo will open at the National Convention Center on October 22-25. On October 14, the 2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo Press Conference was held in Zijin City Academy, introduced the preparations for this Tea Expo, officially unveiled the Tea Executive.

  It is understood that this Tea Expo is hosted by China International Tea Culture Research Association, China Cultural Promotion Association, Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association, Shenzhen Huashen Industrial Co., Ltd.

  2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo, what highlights are worth paying attention? According to reports, 2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo is based on the platform advantage of the whole tea industry industry chain. It is widely invested in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, North China and even the national tea market, and continues to deep into the middle and downstream of the tea industry chain, absorbing the high-quality cross-border resources inside and outside the circle. Precision invitation to open the firepower, sink expansion, crack the industry hotspot, linkage expert big coffee, industry associations, to build the most all-characterization, precise demand docking, professional market business opportunities, and achieve efficient and interoperability.

  The exhibition area of ??this exhibition is 25,000 square meters, setting 1200 international standard booths, opening the 上海外卖品茶群 national famous tea area, Pu’er tea / Black Tea, Tea Aesthetics Zone, Old Tea Street, Zisha District, etc., etc. More than 800 well-known tea companies in the origin of the tea production area. The exhibits include six tea, tea sets, tea, purple sand, ceramic, mahogany, tea food, tea suits, tea packages and other tea industry full industry chain high-end products. AC collision between a variety of industries will bring 上海小巷子找乐子 more business opportunities to participate exhibitors, and ignite the development engine of Beijing-Tianjin tea industry. At the same time, 2021 Beijing International Tea Industry Expo is based on the last successful experience, fully optimizing exhibitors resources, and the professional merchants set up by Huachen team invites the team to rush to all parts of the country, fully mobilize high quality resources at home and abroad.

Chinese tea, great benefit, day month old tea warehouse, Yunnan Longquan, Fuhai Tea Factory, Mingze Tibetan, Minnan Ancient Rhyme, Wongshi, Icelandic Impression, Feng Yin, Changtai, Dry Cang, Smell, Sai Yun , Chenpi Village, Years, Years, Tianchi, Anhui Tea Group, Runsi, Tianzhihong, Yuxiang, White Master, Wanli, Dazi, Ancient Yulin, Ya Rai Tibet, etc. Tea brand tea companies will be amazed, and they will showcase tea. Jingdezhen Ceramics University Group, San Ding, Fang Lane Xiangcheng, Fan Jianrong, Wu Fangxi, Shi Zhipeng, Zheng Xiaojie, Zhou Rongjin, Zhou Wei, Liu Genlin, Haicai Zi Sand, Handson Road, Xu Yan, Xu Xunjun, Wang Yan, Dai Chunhua and other tea brands and purple sharpeners It will also bring all kinds of beautiful teaware, providing a tea making aesthetic feast for love tea.

  In addition, 2021 "Most Collective Tide" Traditional Culture Conference, 2021 China (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei) Tea Harvest Summit, CTE2021 China (Northern) Tea Education Forum, 2021 "Continued Tradition · Time to Keep Pace with Times" Guo Chao Culture Development Forum, etc. The event will also be held synchronously during the Tea Expo.


Draw the strength of the effort (People’s Forum) from cultural inheritance

  In the case of the economic development and the new day of the science and technology, there is a cultural phenomenon. Through the cultural relics tell the historical story, such cultural works cross time and space, conjugated ancient and modern, people’s favorite; at the same time, protect historical cultural relics, inheriting excellent traditional culture, and become a social consensus. The historical cultural relics concentrates the thickness of time, carrying the memory of the collective, and also connects the past and the future.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Without China’s five thousand years of civilization, we have our success today.

"From the active coordination, the Wuyi Mountain declared the world culture and the natural heritage, realizing the breakthrough in Fujian World Heritage, to rescue cultural heritage from the explosive package, so that the" South Zhoukou Store "Sanming Wanshou Shouyi Site is destroyed; from governance Mulanxi Let the millennium agricultural irrigation project rejuvenate new vitality, to actively study, promote the "Maritime Silk Road: Quanzhou History" to declare the world cultural heritage work … Xi Jinping, during the Fujian Work, coordinating cultural heritage protection and economic development, urban construction, Reflecting the dialectical wisdom of protection and development, more reflects the ideological consciousness of promoting the creation of China’s outstanding traditional culture.

Today, the streams are lingering in the ancient Safang Lane, 上海品茶你懂的 which is rich in cultivating from this hot soil, and people feel that this wisdom is difficult. The cultural relics are the testimony of history, and the protection of cultural relics is to protect history.

The cultural relics will remember historical memory, which makes the future generations can sneak think people, translocking history.

The Sanfang Qixiang, located in the center of Fuzhou, started from Jin, perfect in Tang Fifth, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, walked out of Lin Zexu, Yan Fu, Shen Wei, Lin Juemin and other important people, and the "half of China" history". The Forbidden Palace Cultural Relics Repairman carefully restores bronze, watch, woven embroidery, etc. The cultural relics are not stationary, from which you can hear the drums, see the rough, feel the pulsation of history 上海龙凤网交友论坛 and culture.

Such a look at the outstanding traditional culture, can bring cultural identity, ideological enlightenment, spiritual incentives, guide us to take today.

  In the education of party history, the red cultural relics record the red story of heroic sacrifice, tenacious struggle, and every time they let the people who have a spirit of the spirit. The Jinggangshan Revolutionary Museum showed a small suitcase used by the martyrs, the above 36 pushpins used to fix the scars after the owner of the Lord War, reflected a firm ideal belief; the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum showed The first radio station of the Red One, as if he heard the "嗒, 嘀嗒" sound of the transmitted telegram, and the military order of the war is like a mountain, united, and the Memorial Hall of the River, the 上海闵行区水磨论坛 Memorial Hall showed a side of the river, witnessed "100 Wanqi’s excellent river, "also passed the victory password" of the "military and civilian family" … From a red artifact, you can discover the flash story in the process of struggle for a hundred years. Can you truly touch what is sacrifice, what is stressed, you can I really feel the unchanging initiative of a hundred years.

  History and culture are not only about the past, but also more related to the future. Historical cultural relics let the abstract historical stories, ideological wisdom, value concepts can be present in front of people in terms of elevation, helping people touch, aftertaste, and realize excellent traditional culture.

Connection history and future, overall protection and development, let the cultural relics in the museum, exhibit the heritage in the vast land, writing in ancient books, activate the vitality of the Chinese excellent traditional culture, cultural condensation Heart integrity, injecting mental power for development.

  From the five thousand civilizations, we will learn from the cultural inheritance, we will have to innovate.


China Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch Deepening the Reform of Financial Supply Side Reform Helps the Development and Development of Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone

Corporate finance staff applied "shared shield" in the construction bank Suifen River Branch.

The construction bank Heilongjiang Branch is analog to optimize the electronic port network of foreign trade enterprises. Provide a new "shared shield" that 青浦油压全套 sets the customs electronic port key and the construction bank enterprise online banking key. Exchange companies can use the "shared shield", and they can handle online customs clearance, export tax rebate and other business, and online banking, corporate mobile banking and other financial services. In order to overcome the physical barrier caused by the epidemic, China Construction Bank Heilongjiang Branch relies on "Global Match" cross-border intelligent match platform to build a professional digital convention service, help domestic and foreign companies to realize cloud exhibitions, cloud docking, and cloud negotiation.

Since this year, there have been accumulated 12 Russian Quality Products Products Promotion, to more than 500 provinces, including Russian products and vendors. China (Heilongjiang) 爱上海同城论坛官网 – Russian Economic and Trade Cooperative Agriculture and Forestry and Fishing Cloud Exhibition Wait Co., Ltd. has been supported by government agencies, domestic and foreign financial institutions and exhibitors, attracting 94 high-quality Enterprise online exhibition, 294 enterprises registered to become buyers, accumulated 4931 times, collecting domestic and foreign procurement intentions over 100 million yuan.

According to the general manager of the construction bank Heilongjiang Branch, Zhang Yanchun, in order to meet the financial services needs of the trade zone, the construction bank Heilongjiang Branch specially introduced the "Guidelines Guidelines for the Financial Services of the Freedom Trade Test Area" in Heilongjiang, "in Harbin, Heihe Suifen River three districts Refactoring the upgrade specializing institution, and forms a financial service team and expert team of the Self-trade-off zone; Product 上海品茶网龙凤 service information, has been taught for more than 60 foreign exchange companies, dedicated to promoting the distribution of trade district policies and more market entities, providing beneficial CCB solutions for high quality development of the trade zone. (Wang Ying, Qin Yichao, Liang Qun) (Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


Guangzhou intends to express legislation: banquets

Guangzhou Haizhu is a community, many express being piled up in the land city Evening News full media reporter Dongliu take Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Zhang Yao "double 11" just passed, your courier received? Recently, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee issued an announcement, publicly requested the advice of the "Guangzhou Express Regulations (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Draft").

The deadline for comment is November 26. How to make the public enjoy fast, accurate, safe and convenient delivery service? The draft suggests that the new residential community, colleges and universities, etc., should reserve public service land installed in the installation of smart shipment.

The draft is also clear, there is no barbaric sorting, and the delivery express mail must be real name. The new residential community should reserve the installation of smart shipment box, the smart shipment box is convenient and fast, and is favored by many citizens. The draft suggests that the municipality and district people’s governments shall integrate the construction 爱上海419龙凤后花园 of smart shipment boxes and express delivery service places into urban and rural public service facilities. In order to facilitate the citizens to receive express delivery, draft, the new residential community, college, farmer’s market, wholesale market, commercial square, etc., should reserve public service land installed installation of smart shipment in accordance with user distribution. In the city, the people’s government in the city, in the development of the old community renovation project, the construction and transformation of express delivery service facilities and smart shipment boxes in the community should be supported.

Intelligent shipment box operation enterprises should have a service capability that is delivered to express mail, delivery business, should be filed for the postal management department 上海东皇娱乐会所 within 20 days from the date of providing the delivery service from the smart shipment box.

The draft also reiterated that the express delivery enterprise uses a smart shipment box to deliver the express mail, and the recipient’s consent should be obtained and inform the name, address, express delivery period of the smart shipment box and the timeout storage fee. Don’t delay the savage, delay, loss, damage to the courier, the vehicle, the traffic accident, what should I do if the delivery is affected? The draft proposes that the expressway is transported, and the delivery of the express delivery, the plot is slightly, the traffic police on-site disposal can be given first after completing the evidence; if you need to detain the vehicle, the driver should promptly notify the express delivery enterprise to transfer the 闵行水磨会所 express mail . The express delivery is a problem with a lot of people in violence.

The draft proposes that when the courier enterprise is sorted, it shall follow the type, time limit, separate processing, partition operation, standard operation, and timely processing information, to upload the network. The express mail is damaged.

If the residential sealing management is located, can the public also receive express delivery? The draft proposed that the express delivery enterprise should negotiate with the recipient to negotiate with the recipient to negotiate with the recipient’s negotiation method for information on the access to the recipient; If a person is negotiating, the express delivery company can do other addresses or back processes after constructing the sender’s opinion.

During "Double 11", some netizens encountered a period of express delays, loss and other issues. In this regard, the draft proposal: the user’s legitimate rights and interests are damaged due to shifts, loss, damage, or internal parts shorter, and users can require enterprises to compensate for enterprises to provide express delivery services. Real Name Send Express Do you have to ensure the safety of your delivery? The draft proposes that the express delivery enterprise shall establish and perform the express recovery system in accordance with the law. If you have doubtable delivery items, you should immediately stop sorting, transportation, delivery immediately.

The draft also clarified the relevant provisions of the delivery real name system.

When the express delivery company is charged, the sender requires the sender to show a valid ID (including an effective electronic ID), check the sender, and register the identity information. It is forbidden to sell batch blank courier forms or electronic single number to non-protocol users, and the maximum penalty of 30,000 yuan can be performed.

Under the real name system, how to protect user personal information security? The draft requires that the express delivery enterprise shall sign a confidential agreement with the employees, and may not use the position of the person to sell, disclose or illegally use the user’s personal information obtained during the service.

For personal sensitive information, express delivery companies should also take dendency, regularly destroying the express list, gradually reduce the use of paper mats and other protective measures. In terms of security assurance of express delivery practitioners, the draft proposed that users may not have personal attacks or personality insults to express employers; users are not allowed to complaints, and the complaint is a means to ask the express delivery enterprise and its employees.

If the violation constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility can be investigated according to law.


From November 12, Jiangsu Province e-social security card can be synchronized

Original title: From November 12, Jiangsu Province electronic social security card can be synchronously applied to the online form of electronic social security card as an entity social security card, and "the entity card corresponds to the one, the only mapping" is the effectiveness of the application of social security cards. certificate.

In order to make the cardholder more convenient to enjoy the electronic social security card service, according to the "Notice on Carrying out the Electronic Social Security Card Synchronous Application" (People’s Network Letter [2021] No. 20), our province will start electronics Social security card synchronous application work.

From November 12th, the third-generation social security card for the application, replenishment, replacement, renovation, and submitted by me after January 1, 2021, authorized or inform me that I will The national 上海kb social security card service platform simultaneously generates an electronic social security card, and the masses can use the electronic social security after the consent of the social security card official client and the requirements of the Social Security Card Cooperative Bank Client, and the Social Security Card Cooperative Bank Client. Card. At present, the channels of synchronizing electronic social security cards in our province are electronic social security card Alipay small procedures, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Postal Savings Bank, China Merchants Bank, Other Service Bank APP The channels and other channels are based on the situation of the national social security card service platform, gradually open the 上海嘉定300全套群 corresponding function, if there is any questions, can call 12333. (Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.


CPC Leadership Reviews Documents ON National Security Strategy, Military Honors Regulation, SCI

BEIJING, (Xinhua) – ThePoliticalBureauoftheCommunistPartyofChina 上海普陀区300块会所 (CPC) CentralCommitteemetonThursdaytoreviewdocumentsincludingtheNationalSecurityStrategy 上海千花论坛约会归来 上海宝山罗店有小巷子 (2021-2025), regulationsonawardingmilitaryhonors, andthe2021ad, generalsecretaryoftheCPCCentralCommittee ,, aholisticapproachtonationalsecurityshouldmanifest, andanewsecuritystructureshouldbeformed ,, thecountrywillcoordinateeffortstoprotectsecurityinmajorsectorsandregions, includingpolitical, economic, social, sci-tech, ssovereignty, security, anddevelopmentinterestsshouldalsoberesolutelysafeguarded, sonneltostriveforthecentenarygoalofstrengtheningthearmedforces,MyspaceToCloselyobservendstudytheDevelopmentOfScienceAndtechnologyThendAbroad, Conductin-DepthRearchonthecountryssci-Techstrategies, AndpromoteInnovation ..


A short message two places to solve the problem

"I didn’t expect to send a text message to the relevant departments of the city. The problem will soon be solved. When the key is to help our enterprises have passed the difficulties." On November 12th, the memories of the unparalleled business fault to solve the problem, China Xiao Bin, Minister Xiao Bin, Minister of Production Department, is still grateful.

Xiao Bin introduced that in late August, agricultural machinery sales entered the peak season. As a whole machine R & D and production unit, China has trails nearly 400 supporting enterprises in the province.

Since the summer, floods and epidemic have effectively affected the production of various parts, plus summer industrial restrictions, so that many supporting companies are in production or even 上海外卖工作室 discontinued.

"Because Changge City is seriously limited, the three important suppliers of our company will not be produced, please help and coordinate Changge City to support, 3 important suppliers are …" 8 In the end of the month, Xiao Bin’s 100,000 fired gave a text message to the relevant departments of Luoyang City. After receiving the appeal, as the person in charge of the Luoyang Municipal 松江大学城快餐服务 Industry and Information Bureau of the "10,000 people" liaison, immediately sent people to the Changge City Industrial and Information Telecommunications Bureau to understand the specific limit measures, and introduced it to it Group production situation.

"We have sent a letter overnight, and let the other party coordinate the 3 industrial chain key manufacturing supporting enterprises may be produced normally to ensure normal production." The person in charge said that Changge City attached great importance to it, timely coordination, The next afternoon, three companies all resumed production.

A SMS, less than 24 hours, the problem is solved in time, guarantees that the important accessories of the group will arrive in time, and Xiao Bin has a breath.

On November 8th, Luoyang City Optimized Business Environment and "Three One Group", "Three Agents", China Merchants, Industrial Clusters Cultivation Video Session, this "One Short Information, Two Lands] The case, becoming a topic that participates in personnel. "Service Enterprise is a service work overall situation.

"Deputy Secretary Luoyang Municipal Party Committee, Xu Yuxu, the Mayor Xu Yixin, said that the government should be a" store small two ", do" intimate people ", and go all out to help companies solve the pain point difficult problem. According to reports," 10,000 people Since the promotion of 10,000 companies, there have been 34 municipal leaders in Luoyang City, take the lead in the brackets, including 198 key enterprises, 1252 cadres package 1632 key companies. They focus on the development of enterprises, difficult to point, block points, pain points , Cracking financing, land, employment, coal-electric oil, etc.

In the event, Luoyang City continued to strengthen the "13710" working system, and then improve the organization leaders, subcontract the company, specialty service, the issue, supervision of the supervision, assessment reward and punishment, etc., focusing on the company reflecting the problem collection and handling, County (district) linkage to establish "two libraries one account" (Helpion Cadre ", key enterprise library, question desk account)," 1 + 2 "package enterprise system system system and issues to handle" four single system "(list, lead Single, a list, a list, ensuring that the issue is reported at any time, and the progress is real-time monitoring, and the results are promptly feedback.

Data show that as of now, Luoyang City collects 4366 issues, and has completed 3775. Ten thousand people help, develop increase amplifiers.

In the first three quarters of this year, the output value of 60 key enterprises in Luoyang City increased year-on-year, 23 profit growth in 39 industries, the total profit of industrial profits reached 100 million yuan, year-on-year growth%.

Xu Yuxin said that next step, Luoyang City will adhere to innovation as the leader, grasp the reform and enhancement, strong investment, high-quality resources, and promote "10,000 people" "three a batch" improvement Effect, it is supported by "Building a strong deputy center, forming growth poles, and new glory."

(Reporter Tian Yilong Henan Newspaper Fully Media Reporter Fan Kunpeng).


From the quantity of 阿拉爱上海乌托邦 the flow to the service this year "Double 11" to pull the consumption

  This year, "Double 11" pulls the consumption of new ideas – from the quantity of the stream to the service, the reporter Feng Qixin Wang Yuchen annual "double 11", this year is different.From the pre-sale of Wiya Live, "4 pm, 4 pm, save time to buy, don’t stay up late", "this year Jingdong 11 · 11 activities opened at 8 o’clock in advance", this year "double 11"E-commerce shopping festival, numerous businesses began to adjust strategies, boosted consumer demand by improving consumer experience, eliminating purchasing time, improving consumer satisfaction and happiness.Li Zhengbo, chief analyst of China International E-Commerce Center, said, "Double 11" has become one of the important windows of observation and grasp the trend trend of China’s consumption market.This year, the "Double 11" shopping festival has a new look in consumer service, market main body and commodities, and reflects the new trend of China’s consumer market development.

  Online shopping catering the time of consumption, the consumption of the era, this year, "Double 11", and the sales data of e-commerce platform continues the trend of the year.

At 0:00 on November 12, Tmall "Double 11" total transaction amount is 540.3 billion yuan.

Jingdong "Double 11" cumulative order amount has exceeded 349.1 billion yuan.

  However, it is also necessary to see that compared with previous years, the situation in my country’s consumer market is more complicated during the "Double 11" period this year.

Zou Yunhan, an Enridender, a Subjector of the National Information Center Economic Forecast, said that in the context of the pulse impact of consumption recovery, the e-commerce platform has adopted more pragmatic strategies. "This year ‘Double 11’ is closer to consumers more Good consumption is essentially, not the traffic competition between the merchants. " Overall, the consumer market has a recovery growth situation, showing powerful toughness, and consumption is still the main driving force for my country’s economic growth.

In the first September, the total retail sales of my country’s consumer goods increased year-on-year, an increase of 8% over the same period in 2019, and the final consumption expenditure in the third quarter of the third quarter of the contribution rate was%, and it also showed a high level. At the same time, since the near month, local distributed neoguan pneumonia epidemic has brought intermittent but significant impact on consumer recovery, especially to service consumption. Analysis of the influence of the epidemic on the "Double 11" consumption, Zou Yunhan believes that the epidemic leads to the wishes of consumption to the online transfer.

Currently, the epidemic will once again reduce the consumer demand under the year-end consumption season, while the online consumption or ushered in the "accident" growth time in the case of the slowdown of the e-commerce penetration.

However, it should also be seen that the epidemic has led to the differentiation of regional consumption, and the largest express delivery will be difficult to transport local transport and distribution in areas that have taken strictly controlled measures. Online shopping is also affected. Experts said that this year’s "Double 11" e-commerce growth environment is better than last year.

The domestic economic recovery process is more robust, and under the macro environment, the enterprise "survival" pressure is reduced, and the income of residents has maintained a gradual rebound, and the consumption capacity is restored from the same period last year. "Double 11" The growth foundation of consumption is more solid.

At the same time, since the income is not completely eliminated, the wishes of residents are more conservative, and online shopping, and the price-priced online shopping is more able to cater to the psychology of consumers "spend small money, do a big event".

  Merchants are more concerned about consumers "reduce the burden" in recent years, with consumption diversified development, a good consumption experience becoming one of the important factors of consumers to choose goods.

Pay more and more merchants to consumers.

Many merchants have begun to increase the sale of sales in centralized explosions, how to increase consumer attention and brand viscosity in product marketing and quality services.

  "There are two changes this year: First, the front of the front, such as Tmall, Jingdong, etc. Open the first wave of pre-sale; Second, the preferential rules are comparable." Zhong Yicheng Zhurhu consultant Yang Yuli said 2018 The year begins the "Double 11" complex preferential rules, which has been prepared. This year has a simplified trend. , The melon is divided into the original shopping allowance and the complex gameplay of the ‘Ganglou’; a lot of simplicity is simply introduced by the deductible coupon of 300 yuan, purchase a million yuan subsidy product.

"" The promotional purchase time is more reasonable, so that consumers can ‘purchase and happiness’. "Deputy Director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce] Bai Ming said. This year," Double 11 "has shown many new features, and is closely related to my country’s digital consumer market.

Since this year, under the influence of the platform supervision, under the influence of factors such as unfair competition supervision, promote the healthy development of the platform, and the orderly development is becoming an industry consensus. In this context, "greater strength to facilitate consumers" becomes the choice of many merchants, and the performance of live e-commerce performance is also catering to such trends. For consumers, the price advantage of live e-commerce bargaining capacity is more obvious. Many products have been carefully selected by e-commerce to reduce personal choice costs, and the shopping experience is more convenient. It is necessary to promote consumption, you need to continue to play the consumption 上海各区gm资源汇总 situation at the end of this year, Li Zhengbo said that the national issuance of the promotion will continue to operate, superimpose "Double 11" "Double 12" and other e-commerce shopping festival, ending at the end of the year The trip of the consumption season, the consumer market will continue to rise to a good situation, and the consumption is expected to achieve expected growth targets in the case of significant changes in the situation of the epidemic situation.

  Zou Yunhan believes that the current epidemic will have a certain impact on the consumption of recovery in this year. Next, the promotion of consumption will still start from consolidating consumer growth, enhance resident consumption capacity, and improve the wishes of residents, and give me a measures to form policy synergy. The fiery "Double 11" market will showcase domestic demand potential from a side, from the long run, all parties will continue to promote consumption. According to experts, we must further increase the intensity of employment policy, increase the stability of the aid, and research to improve the returning standard of unemployment insurance; to guide the optimization of the temporary rescue mechanism, use the foot township or street temporary rescue spare gold system Family or individuals who have been in trouble, relevant social assistance and security systems have been in trouble, relevant social assistance and security systems, and incorporate the temporary rescue range in a timely manner.

In addition, we must improve the rich car consumption support policy, speed up the development of the used car; promote the digital process of the service industry, vigorously promote the digitalization of living service industry, encourage individual industrial and commercial households or small and micro enterprises to carry out digital construction of community living service industry.