Tieli Municipal Media Center fully built the "four-way force" construction path

Tieli Municipal Media Center fully built the "four-way force" construction path

With the strong leadership and support of the Tieli Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Tieli Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, strive to build management, hardware, channels, content "four-way force", and fully enhance the mainstream media public opinion guidance.

In-depth integration resources to create a new mode of management. Taking Tieli City Radio and Television Station as the core, integrate public media resources such as WeChat, Weibo, etc. The "three unity" working modes of the manuscript of the manuscript.

Implementing a competitive salary mechanism, 30% of employee allowance subsidies and year-end one-time bonuses as performance assessment funds, and shortcomings from financial subsidies. In the first half of 2021, through the full media platform, a total of 5,289 information was issued around the city’s key tasks and the propaganda work issued by the national provinces, including 562 TV news, 4,727 new media public accounts; 509 are released from the provincial and Yichun TV and new media ends.

The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the context of media integration.

The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the context of media integration.

Original title: The traditional publishing industry needs to pay attention to copyright issues with the fissile development of network and digital technology, the new media is increasing, and the traditional publishing industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenge. With the integration of traditional publishing and new media industry, not only put traditional newspapers, journals, books, audio-visual products, etc., launch electronic publications, develop network education products, and also widely applying website, Weibo, WeChat , Mobile clients and other carriers.

However, for the traditional publishing industry, the content is the fundamental, and the ability to produce quality content is always its core competitiveness.

"Content + Technology + Personalized Customized Service" is a new trend in the development of the new media era, promoting media integration development, while emphasizing technology leading and driving, we must always adhere to "content is king", putting content construction is very prominent Location, winning the development advantage in content advantages.

Traditional publishing industry has rich works, content and copyright resources, and the new media industry has a strong technology, platform and business model.

Both sides have a relatively advantage, there is also a more disadvantage, the traditional publishing and the new media industry is not only two camps, and the two links on the same industrial chain, copyright has become traditional publishing and new media industry cooperation Win-win bridge.

Copyright is the core of publishing an industrial value chain, in essence, the publishing industry is a copyright industry. At the same time, copyright is also the foundation resource of new media to survive and develop. On the basis of copyright and protect copyright, fully utilize the copyright resources, and truly translate the content resource advantage into industrial advantages, realize the value of content resources, the maximum economic interest, is the traditional publishing and new media industry integration development face to solve The problem.

Copyright issues For traditional publishing, a large amount of content resources accumulated for many years should be its most valuable core assets.

In order to maintain its own copyright interest, avoid unnecessary infringement, copyright ownership of content resources, strengthen copyright protection of content resources, has become an inevitable choice for traditional publishing industries. In the process of fusion development with the new media industry, traditional publishing needs to pay attention to copyright issues in the following aspects.

First, the type of content resources has a single type of content, and the digital copyright resource is scarce.

Although the traditional publishing agency publishes a large number of books, journals, audio-visual products such as content resources such as journals, the content resources of their works are often short, and the types of rights are more than one. Second, there is no clear copyright ownership, copyright protection is weak, leading to frequent copyright disputes. Since the lack of deep understanding of emerging markets, traditional publishing, online publication, digital publishing, etc. are usually ignored by the extension of copyright, and there is no comprehensive clearness of the copyright. The true belongings of resource copyright, which will have unnecessary copyright disputes. Third, the rapid development of new media has increased the difficulty of traditional copyright protection.

With the rapid development of the new media, each new media user may become a communication person of the copyright work, the digital works are more vulnerable to the traditional publishing form, and the new media infringement has the characteristics of unordance, concealment. Invading behavior is difficult to be confirmed, and infringement evidence is difficult to be collected, objectively increases the difficulty of traditional publishing agencies on new media copyright protection for their own content resources.

Fourth, lack of copyright rights protection power, and take the new media infringement.

Many conventional publishing agencies often have no legal rights in the new media field, and I don’t know how to maintain legitimate rights and interests in the new media field.

At the same time, infringement in the new media field shows the characteristics of technical strength, strong concealedness, and difficulty investigation and evolving, and the duration of copyright infringement is long, the cost is too low, leading to the power of traditional publishing agencies. Even some publishing agencies have taken place in the new media field, and they will directly take the attitude, and even give up the rights of rights, which not only causes huge economic losses, but also has a negative social impact. Protection proposals protecting copyright helps to promote innovation. The protection of intellectual property in the new media environment has become the most common concern in the field of intellectual property protection in the world.

Strengthen copyright protection, promote the integration of traditional publishing and new media, which is conducive to building a benign market competition order, and is related to the global and long-term interests of the development of the industry. In order to better promote the development of copyright protection work in the process of new media convergence, the author put forward as follows.

First, open up the cooperation space of copyright protection in the new media era, and achieve a win-win situation in the game. Explore the effective path to protect copyright in a new media environment, the author believes that the most effective method is actually cooperation, and should emphasize that cooperation is greater than protected. As mentioned earlier, the copyright should be a bridge in traditional publishing and new media industry cooperation.

For copyright protection in the new media field, traditional publishing institutions should not stay in the protection level, passively block the infringement of others, and should take the initiative to work together, that is, actively legally authorize new media to use their own content resources, and develop cooperation through various methods The space, expansion of cooperation channels, and the new media in the game, the collision achieves a win-win situation.

In the new media era, copyright issues are solved, and cooperation is a better choice, and it is also the lowest choice for copyright ownership and network service provider transaction costs. It has saved judicial costs and promotes high efficiency dissemination of content resources. User low cost acquisition content resources, taking into account social public interests.

Second, implement copyright management, with a digital copyright management information system, speed up content resource integration, and promote intensification authorization. The traditional form of traditional publishing institutions in my country is too single, habits of universal combat, and the reader is small, lacks a release plan. In the new media era, the development path of this small workshop will get more narrow, thus integrating content copyright resources, and the intensive development of sustainable development is an inevitable trend in the development of the publishing industry.

Traditional publishing agencies should clearly clear the copyright ownership of the content resources, implement copyright management, with the development and application of digital copyright management information systems, speed up high-quality content resource integration, optimize efficient use of content resources, form in the industry, have a strong impact in this field Force, the business-efficient advantage is published, reached a publishing industry cooperation alliance, unified industry standard, improve industrial chain division, and realize the integration authorization of content resources in new media environments, and then improve the overall quality and market competitiveness of the publishing industry.

Third, set up a special copyright management department to form a professional copyright management team. The complexity and professionalism of copyright management determines publishing agencies that need a professional copyright management team.

Publishing agencies can set up special copyright management departments, and departmental person in charge shall have rich copyright management experience. At the same time, the team components of the copyright management department need to have professional copyright knowledge and good legal literacy, and they can also hire copyright experts when necessary. Copyright protection and management is a long-term, complex, continuous job that requires a lot of capital, technology and talent. Only for normalization of content resource rights, the reasonable configuration of copyright content resources can be realized to realize copyright protection in traditional publishing and new media industry fusion development, realizing copyright value and economic interests of content resources. maximize. (Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. Liling) (Editor: Lin Lai, Liu Jia) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Their discussion: "Luo Shen Water" is broken, both inheritance is confident

Their discussion: "Luo Shen Water" is broken, both inheritance is confident

If you are surprising, Ruo Ruoyong, "Luo Shen Water Fu" dancer avatar, or the sleeves dance, or the sleeves are rotated, or the strength, or the whole dance, the whole dance makes the beautiful vision and amazing The visual effect of everyone is unified. Behind this has both a deep cultural heritage, and there is a perfect combination of technology and mirrors, and it is more dedicated to 26 hours of dedication. In addition to "Luo Shen Water", other programs of "Dragon Boat Festival" also make people sigh.

"Dragon Boate", "Lanling Wang into the" Tang Ying "" Tang Ying "," Life "," Beauty ", etc., etc., let the audience have a more profound understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival, but also to Datang Shengshi With a more specific impression, it is unlimited pride and confidence.

In fact, this is not the first brush screen in Henan Satellite TV.

From the Spring Festival, "Tang Dynasty", "Yuan Lan Wonderful Night" from the Lantern Festival, from the Ching Ming Festival, "Chunming Tour" to today’s "Dragon Boat Festival", on the basis of no traffic star, Henan Satellite TV ourselves Created traffic. If it is said that "out of the circle" is luck and occasion, then "breaking the circle" and red is the strength and inevitable. Looking at the show, it is not difficult to find that no matter whether Luoyang should Tianmen or Kaifeng Qing Mingyuan, whether it is Chinese medicine culture or traditional martial arts, whether it is food or apparel, all content has no exception, is a culture, resources and history of Henan Inheritance, it is an interpretation of Chinese traditional culture. It can be said that the real fire "out" is Chinese culture. As Henan Satellite TV is written on its official Weibo, "We must have some cultural heritage, but also have a full cultural confidence."

Fortunately, in recent years, from the "National Treasure" to "China", from "New, the Forbidden City" to "Book", we have seen a lot of similar programs.

These programs are on the basis of respecting history, respecting culture, using the craftsmen to explore the essence of traditional culture, to spread and carry forward the excellent traditional culture as their own responsibility, not only achieve the combination of historical and artistic dissemination, but also inspired the people in the audience. History, traditional culture is loved, and the Chinese culture has continued to go out. "The sacrifice, the dragon is in the sky. Pray, Guotai people An., Miyong Shangjiao. Product, Zhu Yong, the water is the media, the dance is the soul. Respect, the wind, the Shengshi Datang.

"This is a copy of the" Dragon Boat Festival "preview, these contents, there is a track in history and culture. We believe that the thickness of the traditional culture is rooted, using innovative form and ingenuity for traditional cultural cultural, we must It can make China’s five thousand years of civilization more brilliant, so that cultural self-confidence has become the most basic and longest force in the bottom of the heart. (Editor: Dong Xiaowei, Fu Long) Sharing let more people see.

Urumqi has improved food safety governance capacity in 2021

Urumqi has improved food safety governance capacity in 2021

Increase the intensity of food label rectification, implement the special clean-up and remediation of health food industry, increase the supervision and sampling verification Office … 2021, Urumqi will strengthen supervision measures, strictly consume responsibility, carry out dairy products, meat products, food additives, etc. 12 Special rectification of key foods, strict network food, small workshop, audience surroundings, farmer’s market, meal units, etc. Key regional food safety supervision.

It is understood that according to the relevant requirements of the 2021 Food Safety Work Conference, this year’s market supervision system must be "four most stringent" as the leader, strengthen "from the farmland to the table" every line of defense, and vigorously solve and improve food safety. The problems existing in the supervision, fully enhance the ability of food safety governance, and firmly hold the bottom line of the food safety.

At the same time, Urumqi will fully improve food safety governance capabilities through seven specific measures, which are special rectification of 12 kinds of foods such as dairy products, meat products and food additives. Implement special clean-up and remediation of health food industry, rural counterfeit and shoddy food remediation, campus food Safety guard, catering quality and dairy quality and safety improvement actions; strengthening key areas such as tourism scenic spots, pension institutions, etc. Increase the operation of the supervision and check-inspection and verification, the verification is 100%; urge the food production and operation unit to use "Che Ankang" Xinjiang cold chain food traceability management system, and the source can be chased, the process is controllable, the responsibility can be improved; Responsibility, strengthen demonstration leadership, and promote high quality development of production enterprises.

"In recent years, we have made our efforts to do a good job in food safety. The city’s food safety situation has stabilized, but the food safety risk hazard is objective. The concept of the rule of law, concentrate on the problem of problem hidden dangers, the people complained with more food safety issues, standardize production and operation behavior; increase the on-site inspection of food production and operation enterprises, farmer’s market, school cafeteria, and meal companies, severely punish violations Implement the supervision and notification mechanism, strengthen the implementation of food safety responsibilities; vigorously carry out legal regulations such as "Food Safety Law", training for food supervisors and food production enterprises, large food business units, and farmer’s training should be fully covered , Improve the ability to implement food safety according to law. (牛凤吾) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).

Real estate, home appliances, building materials have long been unable to communicate, and the foundation of the real estate industry chain can borrow a circle

Real estate, home appliances, building materials have long been unable to communicate, and the foundation of the real estate industry chain can borrow a circle

Red Weekly Special | Liang Apric’s reimbursement after the discoversion, the total reimbursement of a total of approximately billion yuan, released a stronger steady growth signal. From the historical law, comprehensive reduction has a positive role in the sales of real estate industry. In addition, recent regulatory layer release supports real estate financing signals, and real estate industry chains are expected or maintained smoothly. In this context, there is a collective rise in real estate industrial chains represented by real estate, building materials and home appliances, and investors can consider layout the corresponding index fund. Positive information concentrated release Real estate industry chain resuscitation This week A shares trend hot, after weighing on Monday, the Shanghai Composite Index continued to rise. Financial, real estate, consumption collective on disk, especially through deep adjustment of real estate industry chains, and long-lost explosive markets. In the first four trading days, the north to funds were even more than 40 billion yuan, boosting the market emotions.

From the historical law, comprehensive reduction has a positive role in the sales of real estate industry. Through the 2008, the three rounds of comprehensive reduction cycle in 2011 and 2015, the industry sales have been restored after the three rounds of comprehensive reduction, and the duration is about 1 year. In 2019, the first reduction of the sixth round reduction cycle in July 2021 was superimposed in the industry regulation, so the real estate industry benefit relatively limited.

In recent, the industry policy also has a sign of recurrence. Last Zhou Heng Big Announcement After the guarantee responsibility, the two will express the real estate industry, and the supply is clearly referred to meeting the development loan and purchase loans, supports the issuance of high quality housing enterprises, and the demand refers to the focus to meet the first suite, improve the housing Mortgage demand. This week’s high-rise representation of the real estate industry also mentioned that the commercial housing market will better meet the rational housing needs of buyers, promote the healthy development and benign circulation of real estate industry.

The multi-family funds of many household funds have affected the downstream of the industrial chain, and the policy is expected to care and norm the industrial chain whole. From the fundamental perspective, housing enterprises still face some repayment, start and investment expectations will be lagging behind next year and extension.

The building materials and home appliance sections downstream of the industrial chain are relatively more worthy. In terms of building materials, the domestic average price of float glass last week has risen by volume, and it is necessary to support it.

Cost-end fuel, pure alkaline transaction center is moved, superimposed prices have increased significantly; waterproof, coating and other consumer building materials will not change, the income growth of leading leaders in the third quarter is obvious, the income of the next few years is still It is the core logic. In terms of home appliances, the largest weight of the white electricity in October is basically returned to the epidemic. According to the relevant data, in October air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, 4.56 million units, 3.65 million units, increased by 6%, 9%, down 1% in the same period in 2019, and a negative impact of the epidemic.

Earning side, according to Sino Seorakon data, air conditioner, refrigerator, the average price of October before the washing machine increased by 9%, 15% and 10% year-on last year, the price of raw materials is gradually relieved, the product price increase is expected to be significant improve.

The performance of the stock performance is frequent in industrial chain. It is also the whole section of the real estate industry, sales, new start-up and other data pressure, building materials, home appliances, etc. since the beginning of the year. During the process of retroception; In terms of raw material prices also make the gross profit margins of the industry in the industry.

Since the industry competition pattern of different listed companies and the different product line layout, the stock price performance has significant differences. Taking the home appliance industry as an example, the individual white horse stocks decline sharply, the stock price is even near the waist.

In contrast, the Secondary Secondary Refers to Household Electrical Appliance Index has only 10%, which is only 10%, which can effectively disperse risk.

The home appliance industry has long been steady, and the past 10 years has increased by 10,000 home appliance indices, which is the third place in Shenwan.

Subsequent, home appliance quality faucet operation is robust, gradually digesting the price of raw material prices, the current profitability has been improved, and there is a certain rebound space in the industry. With the exponential adjustment and earnings digestive valuation, the current home appliance sector has returned to the mediation mediation. In terms of the building materials industry, there are many parts of the internal segmentation, such as traditional building materials such as cement, glass, have gradually been meticulous in the last three years. In addition, there are many consumer building materials, such as waterproof materials, gypsum boards, hardware, etc., their boom depends on the downstream real estate, and foundation. But even if the downstream demand has fallen, there is still an increase in industrial concentration. Therefore, in the past few years, the building materials industry also wins the real estate index.

For ordinary investors, listed companies in related industries related industries must pay attention to understanding of real estate data and policy changes, but also to observe changes in company demand, inventory turnover, raw materials, and industry competition patterns. There is not small difficulty. .

In the case of industrial chain resuscitation, you may wish to grasp the trend of the industry. (This article has been issued on December 11th "Red Week", and the content of the article only represents the author, does not represent the "Red Week" stand, mentioning stocks only for example analysis, do not do sales recommendations.) Editor: zj.

Trunker fighting | Zuo Zongtang in the northwest (30) 

Trunker fighting | Zuo Zongtang in the northwest (30) 

Dongxu Ten Years (1884) August 22, the Qing court electronically: "The law is in account for the city of Keelung, the Taipei government is tight.

Putang Yang Yuebin to help the Zuo Zongjian military affairs, that is This aims to divide Zuo Zongtang, Mutu, Yang Changsheng and other knowledge. "At this time, Zuo Zongtang is still on the way. After arriving in Fujian, he learned about the truth and made a range of correct deployment. After capturing Keelung on October 2, the French army enclosed Taiwan on October 23, causing the Taipei Prefecture.

Taiwan is the throat of the South and South Seaway, the relationship is very large, but because the law force is blocked, it is difficult to compete.

At the time of the fight against Taiwan, Zuo Zong was in painstaking and operational countermeasures. He urgently adjunished Wang Shizheng to the Fujian, the police Wang poetry and Chen Mingzhi rate "Yujing Aid Tower", playing a fisherman, choosing Luang, south of Luang, North Zhixi Hong Kong is the landing port, in the Night Adventures, Soon, Yang Yuebin has also passed the Taiwan Strait from Quanzhou, arriving in the southeastern shore of the southeastern shore, widely praised.

At the same time as the dedication of the Taiwan front line, Zuo Zongtang stepped up the coastal arming work to prevent the army to attack the West and suddenly committed the mainland. He ordered all the battles, respectively, respectively, the gold medal, Lianjiang, Dongyi, Meihua River, and strictly swayed. At the same time, delegate the secretaries of the stars, in the long gates, gold waves and other important entrances, vertical iron piles, traversal iron, no water.

And set up a machine, turn down at any time, so that I will go into the flight; once the enemy ship is committed, it will put it. In addition, the Meihua Jiang et al. All the above are all under the construction of the gun, and the gunship is arranged, and the soldiers are stationed, and they will be defended, and the enemy will be used. In order to arrange the long door, the gold medal stuff, Zuo Zongtang also ordered the 18th pier cannon to salvage the foot of the horse tail river; and the original artillery will be repaired.

After the argument, the command will immediately remove the seaport waterway, and set water in the coastal cloth, inform countries, the consular of the country, the country.

He visited along the river to see the arming case, the income, all the camps tested the gun, the cannon, the cannon, and the military capacity is very beautiful.

Regarding the income of the soldiers to Taiwan, the "Wang Kang Year Note" volume 1 records Zuo Zongtang "Supervisor Fujian Fun", one of which is written like this: Zuo Wenxiang in his later years, the flange is entered into the sea.

Out of Tianjin, Li Hongzhang and Zhili Governor Li Hongzhang disputes agreement, fen, Zhongdao predicaine: "Old, no longer went to the year, to Tianjin and Li Erqi ribbon, to Jiangnan has to have to have Zeng Jiu Raise.

"The popularity is called the strong beam to fight. It was the two rivers in the country. It is interpreted and handled.

Take care of: "The old nine recognizes my evil? I will not be old nine, the old nine brother is dead, I am the old nine brother (ie Zeng Guofan).

"Zeng Zengyi (Zeng Guofei understood it):" This trip is the sea, the Association is a small brother.

"Talk to Yan, ask the old nine-one life?:" MFO, murderers are hemp.

"Zuo Laugh:" I said that the old nine talents will win. "Zuo Zongtang arrived in Fuzhou," I am worried about my worries. "The day calls in the camp:" The baby is changing, and the food footshew shoes will be won today.

"It’s not full,:" The baby is in Fujian Province, the year of the year ":"

":" Today is not allowed to stay in the New Year, come out, the foreigners take the year to fight Xiamen, the baby is out, I am currently enemies.

"The Governor Yang Chang Yu, the foreigner is afraid of the middle hall, naturally, the middle hall can not go. Zuo Yan:" This words are reliable, I will play Zhejiang, I am afraid of Zhejiang, I am afraid of me, playing with me, sorrowful I am afraid of me, or I am afraid to play.

"First, the foreigners have no heavy soldiers from the city of Fujian Province. By the large brigade, the brigade is bursting Xiamen. It is not until the Xiamen 50 miles. It is used to see the Xiamen coastal mountains and the red banquet. : "China Zuo Zongbiansi is not bad.

"About Zuo Zong Pai Yang Yuebin led the secret to Taiwan’s things. When he sent Yang Yuebin to Taiwan, he was" confidential ", Yang Xin god, for a while, come to Zuo Zongtang’s" disease " .

Zuo Zongpei sent people to provoke.

Back to report: "Yang is serious, do not allow outsiders, only see ‘supply the bait on the side’." Zuo Zongtang suddenly realized, "Yang Yuebin has gone!" He used a "installment". On the way, Yang Yuebin is very similar to the sputum. After arriving at Taiwan, I played a "empty city" of a bluff, making the French people a horror: "I don’t know where this army came.

"In the heroic anti-attacking of my country’s military and civilians, France’s violations of Taiwan have been shameless.

However, because the Qing government’s sales countries surrendered, finally leading to the end of China’s unbeaten, France is not victory.

After the "Medium-French Tianjin Treaty" in the mid-purpose, Zuo Zong is full of indignation, and the Qing court is secretly Chen, "It is advisable to carefully, and the anti-soldiers are difficult to avoid".

Since then, he has repeatedly sparse, asking the Qing court to negotiate with France, immediately return Keelung and Penghu to maintain the integrity of the territory of the motherland.

After the end of the Mid-French War, the 73-year-old Zuo Zongtang is still planning the overall situation of the sea defense, especially the defense and construction of Taiwan. After playing "Please specialize in the Master of the Hai defense", followed by A "Taiwan defense, please transfer Fujian governor to be awarded to the Qing government," further to the Qing government, change the Fujian governor to Taiwan governor, specializing in Taiwan, and ultimately contributed to the implementation of Taiwan.

Tang Min: Promoting the new development pattern has three major grips

Tang Min: Promoting the new development pattern has three major grips

  China New Network Beijing December 5 (Reporter Liu Liang) International Finance Forum (IFF) Academic Committee "Under the new development pattern, there are three specific starters worthy of attention. First, let the industrial chain of production and life necessities, supply chains to the undeveloped area of ??the western region. He pointed out that the industrial chain of production and life necessities is a labor-intensive product, which is transferred to foreign countries.

Instead, these industries go abroad, it is better to go to the undeveloped regions of China. At present, there are three main advantages in the western region, including some labor can be utilized, while doing so can reduce the transportation and accommodation costs from the Western labor force due to far gatekeepers, and the goods manufactured in the west are also saving transportation costs through China-Europe. .

  The second is to make full use of cross-border e-commerce and new retail models to further open the international market.

He pointed out that although there is a sound that the traditional supply chain is now in the hands of foreign companies, but in fact, China can pass the innovative sales model, it will be moved as active.

In particular, we can make full use of new and retail, new models such as cross-border e-commerce, net red belt, and new models open up new hopes in China.

  The third is to pay attention to the large market of 1 billion low-income people.

He pointed out that there is currently 400 million middle class markets in China, but removes this part of the group, there is still 1 billion low- income people market. In his view, the market of this 1 billion low-income people has great development potential. In the next 15 years, there is a relatively part of the people will become a middle class, the market space is huge.

In order to fully develop the consumption potential of this part of the group, the key is to provide good products and products to achieve the civilization of products and services.

  How can I achieve the civilianization of products and services, he thinks there are two key points. First, remove unnecessary functions in existing products and services to greatly reduce product costs. The second is to aim at the pain points and just need to take a low income population, join these factors to the product. In particular, some products can be designed specifically for rural market groups. In his opinion, he is doing these markets, accounting for it, and there is a lot of development potential.

  (Tang Min, the State Council, and the DPM special in the Central Committee).

Suction electronic cigarette or cause osteoporosis

Suction electronic cigarette or cause osteoporosis

  Science and Technology Daily November 24th (Internship reporter Zhang Jiaxin) Recently, a new study on more than 5,500 adult electronic cigarette users found that the use of electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures were highly related, and electronic cigarettes may be opponents. Health is harmful, even if young people are no exception.

The results were published on the 22nd "American Medical Opening Magazine".

  Brittle fractures are defined as hip bones, spine or wrist fractures caused by slight trauma (such as from standing from standing height or lower).

  Since the e-cigarette has been launched, it has been sold as a more healthy alternative and smoking cessation assistance for traditional cigarettes. It contains propylene glycol, plant glycerol, and different levels of nicotine and additives, which produces steam with fragrant.

  This time, the University of Pittsburgh University Medical Center survey conducted a horizontal analysis of the US health and nutrition survey 2017-2018. They conducted a sample survey over more than 5,500 US adult men and studied the relationship between electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures.

  The results show that the crispy fracture of electronic cigarette users is higher than those who do not absorb electronic smoke. The researchers also found that compared with those who only suck the traditional smoke, the crispy fractures of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes were higher. Studies have shown that, over time, young electronic cigarette users may increase the risk of osteoporosis fractures. Therefore, investigators suggest medical institutions, and the potential risks of electronic smoke as brittle fractures should be suggested to include fracture risk into electronic smoke related medical insurance. The researchers said that this is the first time to investigate the relationship between electronic cigarettes and brittle fractures.

This discovery provides the researchers, medical policy makers and tobacco regulators, allowing them to understand potential links with the use of electronic cigarettes and bone health.

  Prior to this, some observational studies have reported the link between electronic cigarettes and various diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease and depression.

The first bulk billet double arch bridge in Anhui Province has been prototype

The first bulk billet double arch bridge in Anhui Province has been prototype

Hefei online news, on December 13, the reporter learned from the Hefei City Key Bureau that the tourism box beam top pushed the bridge in the Jinjiang Jinai bustling Avenue bridge, which marked the bridge surface construction of the bridge officially entered the right track. Today, the first public rail in the province has now prototype, and it has also created conditions for the construction of the main bridge construction of the Jianghuai Canal. Challenge: Novels in the style cannot be found in the construction of Jiangjiang Jinhuai Bustic Avenue Bridge Project, including the "three customs", including the continuous steel structure of the rail bridge across Fandier, crossing the river, the main bridge, the municipal bridge across the city Avenue steel box beam.

After 12 days of precision construction, Anhui Road and Bridge successfully completed the top push of the urban cross-FRAN Jian Avenue steel box, which is the largest urban steel box beam of the city in Hefei City, and the construction of the main bridge of Jianghuai Canal in the next stage. Condition. According to the planning, the bourgeoising bridge of the prosperous Avenue Bridge is 153 meters long, and the double-layer large arch bridge is combined in the province, and the arch is 44 meters to the current surface. The main bridge has two layers, a width of the upper bridge, and the lower bridge is 56 meters wide. "The bridge is complex, and there is no related bridge type in China, involving multiple system conversion.

Plus urban orbit and municipal road combination standards are not uniform, the coupling effect of the two-layer system is serious, the coupling effect of the municipal orbit is not easy. "The person in charge of the Anhui Luqiao project introduced that due to the same level of rail transit and municipal bridge, the steel structure is high. The styling, the stress and structural system is complex, the type of the bar material is more, the construction is difficult. Outlook: After this bridge lights, this bridge will be very nice to combine the double-layer special arch bridge for the uniform rail. The following is the ground bridge. Future pedestrians can walk on the bridge, and the Jianghuai canal is unbaust in the feet; the above is the same as the elevated bridge and the track bridge. Layers, the track train runs in the middle, the vehicle is quickly passing on both sides, not interferes enough. "Moreover, through the late landscape lighting project, this bridge will look very nice evening.

"Anhui Luqiao project head said.

In order to ensure the quality of the bridge construction, create a conscience engineering, the construction unit is constructed first on both sides of the municipal bridge, and then the intermediate rail bridge is used to ensure the accuracy of the orbital bridge.

The project department also adopts new technology, assembles "simulation" on the steel structure, and intuitively showed the position and error of assembled, according to the position and size of the error, the corresponding adjustment in the stake and the processing stage, and eliminate the error Before assembling, avoid assembled and then processed.

According to statistics, the total steel structure of the main bridge of the Jianghuai Canal is 11,728 tons, and the full bridge is a total of 627 rods.

At present, the main bridge steel structure processing and the lower structure of the bridge have been completed, and the upper steel structure has been hoisted in 319 rods, a total of 6065 tons, and the completion is 51% of the total project. Jinjiang Jihuai Bustic Avenue Bridge is full of kilometers, and it will be an important crossing in the main city of Feixi. Tournamental Jihuai Fantasy Avenue Bridge renderings. The bridge steel box beam top is completed. Hefei Newsletter All media reporter Wu Qi correspondent Huang Wuyi Li Fenglin Song Wei.

Take measures to take the beauty of the beauty of the "Shenyang mode" to build an ecological environmental protection barrier

Take measures to take the beauty of the beauty of the "Shenyang mode" to build an ecological environmental protection barrier

In 2020, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau took the pilot construction of the ecological protection red line supervision platform, "Green Shield 2020" special action and mine pollution-polluctive action, continued to strengthen the natural ecological environmental supervision capacity, guarding Shenyang "The Beauty of Ecology". As a national first ecological protection red line supervision platform construction and interconnection pilot, Shenyang actively promotes the construction of six key tasks, initially established the city, district (county) two level management level, opening the red line information inquiry, project access verification, etc. It is equipped with a mobile inspection terminal for all relevant branches to achieve online reception, inspection location navigation, inspection information collection, inspection data feedback.

At present, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau has completed 2020 ecological protection red line ecosystem service function and ecological sensitive fragility evaluation. In order to strengthen the dynamic supervision of the ecological protection, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau carries out the suspected human activities verification, organizes the completion of the city’s ecological protection red line on-site inspection, and the inspection work and ecological protection of the supervisory platform hardware and software and the red line 2 water source conservation observations, 20 The video surveillance equipment, 56 live inspection work of 56 biodiversity samples, fully completed the national pilot annual work task.

At the same time, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau creates a special action of the "Green Shield 2020", the special action of mine pollution, and constructing an ecological environmental protection barrier.

In the "Green Shield 2020" special action, Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau focuses on natural protection of collar sand sand, industrial and mining construction, core area buffer tourism facilities and hydropower facilities to carry out in-depth investigation, strengthen nature protection, Promote existing issues to rectify the sales number, and the provincial natural protected area has achieved clear. In advancing the special action of mine pollution, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau launched the mine enterprise policy investigation work, and established a comprehensive management account of "a mine-aortic".

Further increase environmental law enforcement supervision, ensure that all kinds of pollutants of mine enterprises have been discharged, strictly controlling mines, strengthening the daily supervision of mine companies. In the promotion of "Green Swai Mountain is the construction of Jinshan Yinshan" practice innovation base, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau actively explores the creation of the municipal "two mountain" bases, and in-depth tuning "green water Qingshan" transformation into "Jinshan Yinshan Yinshan" in-depth connotation And typical cases, organize all relevant districts and counties to carry out the municipal "two mountain" base declarations, organize experts to review, 3 villages that intend to naming meetings are the first batch of "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan Yinshan" in Shenyang. base.

In strengthening biodiversity, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau jointly launched a series of topics publicity practices around the "5 · 22 International Biological Diversity Day", popularizing biological diversity related knowledge, further enhanced people and nature harmony The awareness of getting along, making more people to understand the importance of protecting biodiversity.

Next, the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau will fully improve the national pilot construction of the red line regulatory platform, actively explore the "Shenyang Mode" supervised by the urban-level ecological protection red line supervision, and further strengthen the supervision of nature protection. (Editor: Wang Swun, Don Long).