Tianzhou No. 3 freight spaceship will launch recently

Tianzhou No. 3 freight spaceship will launch recently

Tianzhou No. 3 freight ship boat arrow combination vertically into the transmitting area.China Manned Space Engineering Office for map People’s Network Beijing September 16th (Reporter Zhao Zhuqing) According to China Manned Space Project Office, Beijing Time September 16, 2021, Tianzhou No. 3 Freight Ship and Long March 7The carrier rocket assembly has been transferred vertically to the transmitting area.At present, Wenchang aerospace launcher facilities have good state of equipment, follow-up will work according to various functional inspections, joint tests before launching.

This means that the fourth launch task in my country’s space station construction phase is near his eyes.The reporter learned that the task of "express brother" in Tianzhou No. 3 is mainly to send the materials needed by Shenzhou-No. 13 multiplier.(Editor: Zhao Zhuqing, Gao Lei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey Chai Yunzhen: anti-US aid, special hero, first-class battle hero

Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey Chai Yunzhen: anti-US aid, special hero, first-class battle hero

Chai Yunzhen, male, Han nationality, born in November 1926, in December 1949, Dumdess December 2018 Dedicated, Sichuan Yuechi, Sichuan Yuechi County Finance Bureau original county-level clove cadres.

The battle hero of the nine deaths and a lifetime has participated in the War of the Liberation, and the Anti-American Aid Dynasty, known as "Huang Jiguang", is one of the "Who is the most lovely person" prototype.

In 1951, he killed more than 100 people in the anti-US aid, and killed more than 100 people.

In 1952, the disabled demobilization returned to the country farm, never mentioned their own achievements, giving a lifetime for the party and the people. Character Chai Yunzheng (October 26, 2016), Male, Han, Sichuan Yuechi County Datoff, the Chinese People’s Volunteers First Level Fighting Hero, Volunteers Special Society Winner, North Korea First Class Free Independence Medal Winner.

He has served as a 14th team of the forty-five divisions of the 14th Master of the Volunteers. In October 1950, Chai Yunzhen took the volunteer army to the front line of North Korea. In May 1951, Chai Yunzhen was in the Johnno, the three-northwestern bus, and the mission of the defending of the enemy in the north, and then transferred to Baotou Municipal Forces Hospital.

The injury returned to the hometown hometown, and the troops lost contact with the troops. Deng Xiaoping is fully assisted, and Jin Rui has been looking for a few decades. After 33 years of hard search, in 1984, Yuechi County, Deng Xiaoping Hometown, Guang’an City, Guang’an City, was found in 1985, was invited by Jin Japan, and he visited North Korea and .

On December 26, 2018, the first-class battle hero Chai Yun Zhen was died, and the year was 93 years old. In the Korean Military Museum, I showed a "Magoon" in the Korean Military Museum, and recorded the fighter in the fifth battle of the United States, the fifth battle of the United States, and killed more than 100 people. Hero deeds in the position.

  Chai Yunzhen "Martyrs in the Exhibition Hall in the Korean Military Museum (Source: China Air Force Network) However, this original soldier who was originally sacrificed was sent back to domestic treatment because of the injury, and lost to the troops. Contact, follow-up returning home for more than 30 years in the rural grassroots.

In October 1985, the hero warriors found in 33 years of unremitting, with the 35th anniversary of the Anti-US Aid 35th Anniversary Activity, walked into the Museum and walked into the Volunteer Military Traveler Exhibition Hall.

When I walked to my "maographing", the time seems to stop turning, and his legendary experience, in North Korea, in China, people in the heart of the peace of love … 01 Linda Feng’s life and death facing the enemy’s big In order to ensure the successful transfer and adjustment of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Command, the East Line Main Corps, the Volunteers, the main soldiers of the Volunteers, the 45th division must rush to the Jiangyuan Zhigi area to build a work, stick to Position, blocking the enemy for 10 days. Portsfeng is a strategic place in Zhigi, to ensure that the completion of the enemy task and the implementation of the Volunteer Strategic Deployment, must keep the first line of Ports. Under the support of the aircraft, the cannon, the tank, with its black group, "flock tactics", from 6:00 on June 4th, several offensive to Judafeng, all of which were defeated by our military. The battle is carried out until the afternoon, the enemy re-organizes strength to attack.

Because the enemy’s strength is disparied, the enemy finally occupied the 9-year-off-offset position and approached to the 3 battalion command. The enemy is not convinced, and immediately launched a violent retaliation. From May 30 to June 6, 1951, 45 divisions were exploded in Portsfeife (picture source: China Air Force Network) Chai Yunzhen did not retreat, he was alone with the enemy to die, finally, in a tall When the enemy battle, his right hand refermed by the other side, on his body, there are many injuries on the waist. After retreating the enemy, he also fainted in the blood. In that battle, Chai Yunzhen and his comrades have achieved a very great record. They captured three hills and knocked out the enemy 2 bunker, annihilated more than 200 people, and smashed the enemy command. This has a key role in consolidating my array.

After Chai Yunzhen, the reinforcement team has recovered the position and sent him to the rear.

In a confused, Chai Yunzhen remembered that he was transferred several places, the commander of Peng (Demai), the military commander of Qin (Kiwei) came to see him. When you wake up, you have lying in the rear of the inner Mongolia grassland. The North Korean war is mixed, and the original battalion of Chai Yunzhen is shot, the troops are replaced by defense, and I can’t contact it for a while. It is nearly a year, and Chai Yunzhen serves to arrange from the hospital. Demon returns to Sichuan Yuechi old family farmers.

According to the troops, the old firem only told the villagers to come back from Korean battlefield, and there were nothing to disclose.

02 calmly face the late glory Chai Yunzhen, I don’t know, in recognition of his heroic deeds, the Volunteers Headquarters awarded him "Special Society" "First Level Fight Heroes", but because the name of the instrument registered, "Zhen" was mistaken. "Positive", the troops have been looking for "Chai Yunzheng", the medal has been unattended, and it is more than 30 years. Time has been in 1980, Jin Ji Cheng mentioned Chai Yunzhen when he met with Deng Xiaoping, and Jin Richeng said that he would say that he was face with Chai Yunzhen, so he was written in this article, but before, the two directions have been found. He 33 years.

On September 23, 1984, "missing" 33 years of Chai Yunzhen finally returned to the station in the son and two staff members, since then, this hero’s deeds spread throughout the north and south, and this news is also biography At the Korean, North Korea also invited him to participate in the 35th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteers.

However, just like it alone in the past, Chai Yunzhen once again refused the troops, and he quickly returned to his hometown.

In the face of everyone’s praise, the commendation meeting of social honor is held. The medal in the army of the army is lying quietly. At 33 years, it is finally hung up to his owner’s chest.

In October 1985, Chai Yunzhen also served as a member of the Chinese People’s Volunteers, went to North Korea to participate in the 35th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteers to fight, Jin Ji Cheng, a medal to him, and took a photo with him.

After returning to China, Jingqiwei, who is the former 15th Army, the commander of the Beijing Military Region, specially set the banquet. During the seat, Qin Kiwei asked: "Do you have any requirements for the organization?" Chai Yun Zhen shakes: "My soldiers I sacrificed, and I left me. I live in the world, I should do something for my comrades. .

I have no requirements on the organization. "Chai Yunzhen has repeatedly received the intimate interview of Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin and other party and national leaders, and got the original ministerial concern.

On July 6, Chai Weirong and Chai Ping came to Yuechi County Martyrs Cemetery, putting "July Medal" in front of Chai Yunzhen. (Comprehensive: China National Defense News, Sohu, China Air Force Network) Editor: Yuan Danhua.

Taiyuan City expands the residential clinic chronic disease guarantee range newly increased 15 chronic diseases

Taiyuan City expands the residential clinic chronic disease guarantee range newly increased 15 chronic diseases

  Original title: The city has expanded a new number of chronic diseases for residential clinics. June 2, the reporter was learned in the news conference of the "Rapid Impressions" in the city’s medical insurance field, and the city will expand urban and rural Residents’ outpatients were guaranteed by chronic diseases, and 15 diseases such as chronic heart failure were added. In order to further improve the medical security level of urban and rural residents, optimize the simplified auditing procedures, effectively improve the service capacity of medical insurance, and the city has recently introduced "Notice on Standardizing the Critical Popularity Diseases and Payment Standards of Urban and Rural Residents". Provide more convenient and high-efficiency outpatient chronic disease guarantee services for the city’s 20.2 million cuisine, township residents. On the basis of the scope of the outpatient and slow disease of the original urban and rural residents in our city, it will expand 15 diseases in the outpatient of urban and rural residents, adding chronic heart failure, etc. Insurance of the masses’ clinic in medical treatment needs. For urban and rural residents’ clinic, the city will implement quota and non-quarantine treatment guarantee policies, in response to the actual clinical treatment path and resource consumption of each disease, combine the actual ability of medical insurance funds, adhere to the appropriate and sustainable principles, After organizing medical experts, after many meeting, science, accurately developed the treatment standards for various disease types, and established the treatment of the treatment withdrawal mechanism in accordance with the unified exit standards in the province. How to declare the newly added residential clinic? The relevant person in charge of the medical insurance department of our city said that from July 1 this year, the city relies on the medical insurance online service hall and WeChat public account, and the online declaration channel is opened. After the clinic chronic disease, the eligial chronic disease treatment can be enjoyed within 20 working days of the eligial clinic, and you can enjoy the clinic for chronic diseases; the non-quota clinic Chronic disease review is subject to the next day, you can enjoy the treatment next day.

  In addition, the city has also opened special personnel to handle the path.

For special situations, 70 years old or more, the old man and the inconvenience, etc. "Compared to the original policy, the new policy not only expands the chronic diseases of outpatient clinics, but re-assessing the payment standards for each sick species, optimizing the standard access standards, but also established an exit mechanism.

"The relevant person in charge of the medical insurance department of our city said," More important is to achieve the time limit of the application of the approved time limit.


The first Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference opened in Haikou

The first Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference opened in Haikou

The First Hainan Free Trade Hong Kong Qiaohai Youth Development Conference.

People’s Daily NAG Hao Rong Photo is one of China’s important overseas Chinese, more than 39 million compatriots and overseas overseas compatriots and overseas Chinese, distributed nearly 60 countries and regions around the world. With the gradual advancement of Hainan’s self-trade and port construction, more and more talents have gradually poured into Hainan, including all kinds of talents who have returned to China, and overseas Chinese children.

It is understood that the General Assembly attracted the adventures of outstanding young people at home and abroad, study abroad, the research institute and the high-tech enterprise representative, gathered with talents and technologies at home and abroad, and built the world Qiong ‘s returning home business platform, building the world youth to focus Hainan The information, services and hatching channels of the trade-wide innovation and entrepreneurship, build Hainan Trade Port and the International Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Ecotics and International Youth Exchange Highlands, and continue to attract young people at home and abroad to participate in Hainan Self Trading Hong Kong Construction.

At the same time, we will make full use of the favorable opportunity of Hainan’s trade-off, publicize the system advantage of the relevant policies and "first trials", and focus on Hainan’s "3 + 1" leading the modern industrial system, promotion of Hainan High-tech Industry Development Layout and Cooperation need. During the General Assembly, "Youth Leaders, Hainan Trade Port," Waiting for important guests as a primary speech; holding the "Hainan Self-Traffic and Hong Kong Policy Promotion Promotion" The relevant person in charge of the President Zhang Yonghe Provincial Department of Health made a policy interpretation; holding the "Qiaohai Youth Investment Project Road", which is subject to a young entrepreneurial project in the Hainan. In addition, the results display activity and closing ceremony will hold a number of project signing ceremony, and synchronize "Hainan International Talents Introduction Partners", "International Cultural Exchange and Promotion Partners" and "Hainan Sea Technological Innovation Ecological Research Institute" unveiling And the issuance ceremony.

The event was guided by the Office of the Overseas China Office of the State Council, the Hainan Provincial Department of Overseas China, and the Hainan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, Hainan University of Europe, Hainan University, Hainan Youth Federation, Hainan Overseas Study Commissioner Association, Hainan Province The Commission’s Free Trade Port Working Committee Office, Zhigong Party Hainan Provincial Committee, Hainan Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, Hainan International Economic Development Bureau, Beijing Sea Incubator Science and Technology Association jointly co-organized.

(Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Things asked EU-China dialogue Martin Jacques: Why China is a success "civilized nation" of?

Things asked EU-China dialogue Martin Jacques: Why China is a success "civilized nation" of?

  China News Service bureau chief correspondent in Germany, the recent dialogue BEIJING, Vice President Peng Dawei famous British scholar, author Martin Jacques. The picture shows the connection screen.

China news agency reporters Peng Dawei and She Liru on controversial topics such as "human rights", the West never really try to understand how the Chinese practice its concept of human rights. This is due to both the very different historical traditions, dating back to the era of Confucius.

In the doctrine of Confucius, the individual is not the center of the world, people pay attention to the collective, the collective can be a family, it can be a wider range of collective, until the whole of China. Only when you are in a group, a society which, the individual will have meaning. In my opinion, most of the bickering surrounding the issue of human rights are based on the hope that the West would like to convey its thinking to the Chinese, but the latter did not accept.

Doing so means that these people do not really need to understand China, because in the end they still believe they are right, China is wrong.

If you frequently shouted "You only need to shine our way" to China, then talk about how to understand China? In both honesty and humility, western performance during the epidemic are undoubtedly fail. (Criticism of China’s fight against SARS way and later disputes about the virus traceable) really is just a shame for differentiation and divert attention excuse. How China has made the fight against SARS is a success? First, the Chinese government has a very good, very clear strategy of combating the disease. Second, and the West has never been explored point is that the human factor is very important.

Chinese people have a very strong cohesion and solidarity of society, this tradition deeply implanted among nationalist consciousness of the Chinese nation. This is also why the United States in the fight against SARS in performance so bad – the United States does not attach importance to China’s collective concept.

  Peng Dawei: the White House and Republican politicians are keen to attack China on issues such as the new crown traceability, which has nothing to do serious research, but a virus as a weapon of sophistry? Martin Jacques: This is one kind of an attempt to divert attention, the US performance was abysmal during the epidemic, while the Chinese were very prominent, politicians have to sell to cover up the fact that, while this approach has brought to the West crisis on the level of international relations.

The United States and the entire Western combating the disease is so weak, that they can only have repeatedly turned to the problem of viral origin. I think the role of Western governments and media in which this is sad – not every one is like this, but there is too much government and too many media are keen to dump pot. Peng Dawei: How do you see the leadership of the Communist Party of China Hundred Years of Chinese renaissance? Martin Jacques: This cut is part of the entire Chinese people, each Chinese people have made a contribution to China today.

Of course, in order to achieve all this, we have to have a high level of political leadership, the Communist Party of China happens to be leading such a force.

From 1949 to 1978, and then to today, changes in China’s ordinary people can not imagine, it is very great. In my opinion the Communist Party of China is the world’s most successful modern human political organization, and far ahead of other parties.

West often take the CPSU comparison, but the Communist Party of China and the Soviet Communist Party not comparable. Communist Party of China in the self-innovation, reinvention has done very well, in fact they not only reshape the party, but also reshaped China. Ruling status is not granted, the party must advance with the times, always look to the future.

Chinese culture is very good at focusing on the future.

Communist Party of China inherited the characteristics of the thinking of Chinese culture. This is why the Communist Party of China always lead the country itself and the woods. Deng Xiaoping’s market reforms introduced from the role of economic policy. After a lot of personnel, said it was "westernized", but on the contrary, China created a new and unique system, get rid of the shackles of the development of the elements of reform and opening up, develop itself into the global market.

For China’s reform and opening is a very confident way of thinking, because the choice of the outside world, China and the world have to compete capitalism, in the face of competition from the (then) much richer, much higher level of education West nation. This is a very critical decision, the West was not many people believe that China can succeed, but China is still a strong self-confidence to select the open. Peng Dawei: You advance for China to achieve common prosperity What do you think? Martin Jacques: This is a recent development of very great interest. At present, the West’s reactions are based on an almost instinctive anti-Chinese attitude in the drive – conditioned to think that this is "negative."

However, the West and China are also facing the same problem of rich-poor divide. Despite a very strong voice, but the United States did not do anything to eliminate its huge inequalities. This problem also exists to varying degrees in Europe.

Since the 1980s, the prevailing neoliberal cause inequality continued to spread. China is now trying to find countermeasures.

Internet addiction is the same problem. These problems are real and must be deal with, propose solutions. (China news agency reporter Peng Dawei) (Editor: Liu Yuanyuan, on behalf of Xiao Ling).

Tianjin: Autumn Collection Qiurong is busy at the time

Tianjin: Autumn Collection Qiurong is busy at the time

Original title: Autumn harvest autumn farm is busy yesterday, from Tianjin Agricultural Rural Cultural Committee learned that in order to ensure the autumn grain particles return, a kind of good winter wheat, the city agricultural rural community actively organizes farmers to grab the current sunny weather, Fully accelerate autumn reception speed.

According to reports, as of yesterday afternoon, the city rushed to thousands of mu of autumn grain, and the machine collection was fully accelerated. Wuqing, Jinghai, Duzhou, Baoyu, Ninghe and other autumn grain, autumn grain, early day, early return, comprehensively increase the time of agricultural machinery operation.

In order to overcome the wet problems of the plot, the relevant departments actively contact the manufacturer to modify the ordinary combine harvester as a crawler, and all autumn food blocks can be harvested.

At the same time as the autumn grain, the autumn speed is also accelerating, as of yesterday afternoon, the city coeen the winter wheat 10,000 acres. The city is dispatched with thousands of deep-cultivation machines, seeds and other agricultural machinery.

Tianjin conscientiously implemented the strategy of "Tibetan Full, Tibetan Food", and fully promoted high standard farmland construction. By the end of 2020, the city has built a high standard farmland 3.7 million mu, this year, built 260,000 mu, the total area reached 3.96 million acres. In order to ensure food security, we will promote the green development of modern urban agriculture in our city.

According to expert assessment, through high standard farmland construction, the average of cultivated land in the project area increased by 1 to 2 levels. The average increase of 100 kilograms per acre, and the application amount of fertilizer pesticides can be reduced by% and% respectively.

(Reporter Chen Zhongquan) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Tao Jian) ??sharing makes more people see.

The Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission on Zhengzhou’s 9 public officers is due to the serious accountability of the accountability

The Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission on Zhengzhou’s 9 public officers is due to the serious accountability of the accountability

  On July 30, 2021, Zhengzhou City broke out new coronal pneumonia aggregated epidemic situation.

After approval of the provincial party committee, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Zhengzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, established the joint investigation team, according to the law, according to law, according to law, investigated the loss of the loss of the loss of the epidemic situation, in the foundation, clarifying the responsibility, 9 Public officials are seriously responsible for accountability: Sun Xiaohong, deputy mayor of Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, eliminating its current job. Fu Guirong, Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee Party Secretary, Director, was eliminated in its current job.

  The deputy director of the Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee, gave his Affairs Dacheng.

  Zhang Wei, Director of the Medical Administration Department of Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee, gave a serious warning dispute within its party.

  Ma Shun Huan, the Party Secretary of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, gives a serious warning within the party, the government downgrade, eliminating its current position. He Rui, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, the president, and the investigation and investigation of the case.

  Cai Chaoyang, Vice President of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, reviewed the case and took an indwent measures. Zhao Xiangli, Zhengzhou Sixth People’s Hospital infection prevention and control department, investigated and investigated and took an indwelling measures. Xu Yanli, the medical department of the Sixth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou City, the investigation and investigation of the case.

The world is boosted by literature, photography, art, calligraphy

The world is boosted by literature, photography, art, calligraphy

The 18th World Middle School Student Summer Games will be held in Jinjiang, Fujian, Fujian in October 2021. In order to create a good atmosphere of "Welcome to the World Transach, National Central Transportation", the next day, on July 31, the World War II and the Ministry of Executive Committee, the Quanzhou Literary and Federation of Literature, etc., "together, more Color" theme literature , Photography, art, calligraphy and other four contributions.

It is understood that in this literary contribution activity, essay genre is poetry, prose, poetry 50 lines, prose does not exceed 3,000 words, and the entry must be original, first hair; photography calling activities, the number of contestants is not limited, The entry must also be original, first, entrants must ensure that the overall and components of the entry have independence, complete, clear, no dispute copyright; calligraphy contributions require the work to be limited to the brush calligraphy, the work product uses rice paper maximum no more than six Fax (180cm × 97cm); Art Call for Papers requires works including Chinese paintings, oil paintings, watercolors, prints, etc.

(Xu Yaling) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhong Xia Liuhua).

The Rural Revitalization Symposium and "2021 National Nong’an Help Village Revitalization Competition" started in Beijing

The Rural Revitalization Symposium and "2021 National Nong’an Help Village Revitalization Competition" started in Beijing

Recently, the agricultural product safety industry helped the village revitalization symposium and 2021 National Nong’an Help Village Revitalization Competition. The launching ceremony was held in Beijing.

The meeting was jointly organized by the National Thousand County Engineering Office of Beijing Agricultural College, China Qian County Engineering Office, China Cooperation Trade Enterprise Association Green Industry Work Committee, Development China Forum, V5 Live Platform, China Ping An Insurance Company and other units. According to the person in charge of the event, the conference revolves around the "agricultural product safety industry to help rural revitalization and 2021 national farmholders to help the rural resolution", collect the industry wisdom, collision thinking sparks, fully interpret the agricultural product safety industry to help rural revitalization, promote quality and safety of agricultural products The establishment of the protection mechanism, promoting the quality improvement of the whole industry chain of agricultural products, established regional agricultural product brand image, development and growth of small and medium-sized "new farmers" enterprises, quickly expand new ideas, new methods, new paths, new ways, new ways, and new paths.

In order to cooperate with and help the country to win the poverty battle, implement a rural revitalization strategy, let more people eat safe agricultural products play a positive role.

(Editor: Xu Xiaohua, Li Weiqun).

Tibet Changdu consolidate expansion to extract the poverty achievement – farmers and herdsmen have a living

Tibet Changdu consolidate expansion to extract the poverty achievement – farmers and herdsmen have a living

  Boli Township, Jiangda County, Tibet City, located in the deep mountain gorge in the Jinsha River Basin, and the national intangible cultural heritage "Polo Zexing" is circulating here. In recent years, Bolu Township has built a woodcut base, and established Missorian National Handicraft Co., Ltd. to promote poverty. Muo has been working in the company for nearly 4 years, and you can also busy at home.

"There are more than 4,000 yuan per month." Relying on woodcut crafts, he has five or six thousand yuan in income for a year. The improvement in many people’s lives is the epitome of Changdu Consolidation Expands and Its Village Rensities with Rustic Revitalization.

  Yao Qiang, deputy mayor of Changdu, introduced that in April this year, Changdu bidedly organized more than 10,000 cadres in the city, counties, townships, villages, and entered the households, and launched the "Five Fourth Fourth" Rural Revitalization. Activities, in order to further consolidate the expansion of the poverty results to find a practical countermeasure, the continued income of the farmers and herdsmen is also a foundation.

  At present, Changdu has established a prevention of regenerative dynamic monitoring and help mechanism.

For the poverty alleviation and unstable households, the edge is easy to cause a serious difficulty, regular inspection, dynamic management of serious difficulties, due to illness, etc.

At the same time, Changdu further consolidates the level of guarantee for basic medical, housing safety, and rural drinking water safety. In recent years, Changdu has continued to carry out the poverty population employment and consolidation training and enhance the employment capabilities of the masses.

Supporting the construction and management of farmers, small water conservancy, rural roads, farmland remediation, soil and water conservancy, rural roads, farmland remediation, soil and water and water, industrial park, forestry grassland infrastructure, and is widely taken. At the same time, increase the labor output of the poverty poverty population, guide the poverty poverty population, and transfer employment in multi-form. (Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren).